Spark Lite 3G Help Guide
Spark Lite 3G
Help Guide
© ZTE 2017
L110 Ver 1.0 July 2017
Get to Know Your Phone
LED indicator
Front camera
Volume keys
Power key
Touch screen
Home key
Back key
Menu key
Headset jack
Flash lamp
Volume keys
Power Key
Back cover
Adding a memory card (optional)
The microSDHC memory card can be installed or removed
while the phone is turned on. You need to unmount the
microSDHC card before removing it.
Insert your SIM card
To avoid damage to the phone do not use SIM adaptors. Only
insert a standard micro SIM from your service provider.
1. Insert your fingernail into the slot at the bottom left of the
back cover and lift it up gently.
2. Insert the micro SIM card with the cut corner as shown
SIM slot
The microSD memory card is an optional accessory
3. Align the gold connectors on the phone and the battery
and insert the battery.
4. Replace the back cover.
Charging the Battery
The battery comes partially charged so connect the charger to
charge the battery fully.
Use only ZTE-approved chargers and cables. The use of
unapproved accessories could damage your phone.
Always insert the charger lead carefully.
Check the plug and socket are aligned correctly.
Do NOT use excessive force which may damage the USB
Be careful to avoid tripping on the lead whilst it is plugged in.
Physical damage to the USB port is not covered by warranty.
1.Connect the charger to a standard AC power outlet.
2.Disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged.
Power On and Off
Press and hold the Power Key to turn on your phone.
When already on, press the Power Key to light up your
Press and hold the Power Key to open the options menu.
Touch “Power off”.
For general usage of the Android operating system there are
many guides available on line.
Pull down from the top of the screen twice to access the Quick
Settings panel and press the cog wheel at the top for Settings.
All Google apps use the three dots for Options in the app.
Press Options or long press on the Homescreen to add
widgets or change the wallpaper to customise your device.
Drag and drop an app from the apps tray to the Homescreen
as a quick shortcut to the app.
New apps downloaded from Play Store will be added to the
Homescreen automatically.
Pull down twice from the top of the screen and
press the Settings icon or go Apps > Settings
Switch Wi-Fi on and off. Scan
and join Wi-Fi networks.
Switch Bluetooth on and off.
Connect to Bluetooth devices.
Data usage
Switch Data on or off. Check
your data usage details.
More – Flight Switch off all radio functions for
use on aircraft.
Default SMS
You can change your default
SMS app if required.
Tethering &
Control USB & Bluetooth
tethering and your Wi-Fi
Configure Virtual Private
Hard key
Swap the Back and Recent apps
keys if required.
Set your display brightness,
sleep time, wallpapers etc.
Prompt &
Language &
Factory data
Timer Switch
Date & time
Set your Ringtone,
Notifications, vibrate and other
Change interruption and
notification prompts for
different features
Check available storage on your
device. Check SD card if fitted.
Check battery level and see
what is using your battery
Review and control Apps,
memory, running processes
Delete installed apps (note
stock apps cannot be
Configure location based
services. Touch Mode for GPS
Set lock screen security,
encryption modes and
Manage your Gmail and other
Control handset, keyboard,
spelling language options.
Backup to Google and perform
a Factory Reset.
Schedule your device to switch
on and off automatically.
Manually set date & time
options and set date & time
Enable features such as large
font, text to speech etc.
About phone
Connect to Google on line
printing services.
Check phone model, software,
version, IMEI status etc.
Switch to sleep mode (turn off the
The display will automatically dim and turn off
after a pre-set period of time (see Settings >
Display) to save power and prevent inadvertent
operations such as making phone calls in your
pocket. It is also good practice to manually switch
off the display after use. Press the Power key to
turn your screen on or off during normal use.
Wake up your phone
After the phone switches to sleep mode the
screen will be turned off and locked. Press the
power key to wake up your device.
1. Press the Power key to turn on the screen.
2. Slide the
icon up to unlock the screen.
If you've set an unlock PIN, pattern or password,
you need to draw the unlock pattern or input the
password to enter the main interface.
Secure your device
Go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock to apply a
lock screen to your device. Locking your device
will prevent unauthorised use.
Make and answer calls
Make a call from the Dialler
On the home screen, touch the
button to
open the Dialler. Touch a recently called number
or press
to open the Dial Pad and touch
to make the call.
Make a call from Contacts
On the home screen, touch the Contacts
icon, touch the desired contact and touch the
phone number to make a call.
Make a call from Call log
On the home screen, touch the
button, the
recents tab shows recent calls. Touch the phone
icon to make a call.
Make an international call
On the home screen, touch the
button >
to display the dial pad. Press & hold the “0”
key to get the “+” symbol for international calls.
Enter the country code, area code and phone
number, dropping the leading zero as normal.
Dial from Messaging
1. On the home screen, touch the Messaging icon
2. Touch a message or conversation to select it
3. Touch the
icon at the top of the phone to
Answer a call
Your phone will ring or vibrate (depending on your
current settings) for an incoming call.
- Slide the
icon from middle to right to
answer the call.
- If you are using another application press the
Answer or Reject button displayed at the top of
the screen. If you inadvently dismiss this panel,
pull down the Notifications Panel to retrieve the
Answer Call panel.
- If the earphone is inserted, press the key on the
earphone to answer the call.
Reject a call
Slide the
the call.
icon from middle to left to reject
End a call
Touch the
button to hang up the call.
Adjust the volume
In a call, you can raise or lower the volume by
using the volume keys.
Turn the speaker on or off
In a call, touch the
button to turn on the
speaker, and touch it again to turn off speaker.
Add a multi party or Conference
In a call, touch
for Options then Add call. Dial
a number and touch the phone icon to add one
call and put the current caller on hold. Press
Options > Merge to join the two (or more) parties
Use touch tones during a call for
automated call systems
Touch the
button to open the dial pad to
enter numbers during a call.
You can place calls from the Phone app
, the
Contacts app
, or other apps or widgets that
display contact information. Wherever you see a
phone number or call icon, you can usually touch
it to dial.
The contacts interface can be divided into the
following tab pages:
- All Contacts: View the list of contacts.
- Favorites: Display the numbers you usually call.
All of your contacts are displayed alphabetically in
a scrollable list. Slide your finger up or down to
scroll through the list.
Add new contact
1. In Contacts, touch the add contacts icon
at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
2. Select a memory location.
3. Input all contact information. Slide up to move
to the next field.
4. Touch the
icon to save your contact.
Batch delete
1. In Contacts, touch the
and then select
Delete contact.
2. Touch the contacts you want to delete or touch
, then touch the Done.
Edit contact details
1. In Contacts, touch the contact whose details
you want to edit.
2. Touch the
3. Edit the contact information.
Search contacts
1. In Contacts, touch the
2. Type a key word of a contact name. The phone
will automatically list all matched contacts.
Add a contact to Favorites
You can tap the contact you want to add to
favorites in the contact interface, and then touch
in the upper right corner to add it to
Favorites directly.
Import/Export contacts
1. In Contacts, touch the
to select
2. You can select SIM card, Phone, Phone storage,
SD Card.
Share a contact
You can share a contact with someone.
1. In Contacts, tap the contact you want to share.
2. Touch the
and then touch Share.
3. Select application with which to share
(Bluetooth®, Gmail, MMS, SMS and EMAIL).
Using Google Contacts
When you are signed into your Google account (ie
Gmail) all your existing Contacts are downloaded
and synced to your device. Also if you add a
Contact to your device, for example by importing
from your SIM card or entering a new Contact
manually, it is automatically synced to your Google
account and stored securely on line. You can
manage your Google Contacts through the Gmail
app on line or using the handset Contacts app as
previously described.
Use Contacts to block an incoming
If you want to block incoming calls from a
particular number you need to be signed in to
your Google account and have the Contact stored
in your Contacts list.
Go to Contacts > Select the required Contact >
Press the pencil icon to Edit the Contact > Press
the Options icon
> Select All calls to voicemail.
In Messaging, you can send or receive text
messages and multimedia messages.
On the home screen or in the All Apps screen,
touch the Messaging icon to open.
Send messages
1. In Messaging, touch the + button
2. Input your desired telephone number .
You can also touch the
button to select a
contact from the People and then touch Done
icon to add a contact.
3. You can touch the + button to attach pictures,
videos or audio file, and the phone will convert
the message to a multimedia message.
4. Input some text in Type text message. You can
touch the
to select:
- Common Phrases: Insert a quick text.
- Contact: Insert a contact.
- Subject: Add a message subject.
5. Touch the
icon to send the message.
Receive messages
1. In idle mode, you will be reminded about the
new messages in the notification area. Slide down
to open the notification panel to view.
2. Touch the message.
3. Enter text to reply to the message. Touch the
icon to send the message.
4. Touch the
icon at the top of the phone to
directly call back. Touch & hold the text to pop up
the Message options menu, you can Copy,
Forward, Lock/Unlock or Delete the message, etc.
Message thread
The messages from one contact or number will be
aligned in one message thread in chronological
order. You can manage these threads in the
messaging interface.
Touch one thread on the Messaging screen; touch
to select:
- Subject: Add a message subject.
- Common Phrases: Insert a quick text.
- Contact: Insert a new contact.
Message Settings
In Messaging, touch Options
and then touch
Settings to perform relevant settings.
You can use Gmail to read and write email from
any mobile device or browser. All your email is
always up to date and available no matter where
you check it from.
On the home screen or in the All Apps screen,
touch the Gmail icon to open Gmail.
Set up an Gmail account for the
first time
You need to set up an Gmail account when you
use Gmail for the first time.
1. If you already have a Gmail account, enter the
Gmail address and password.
2. Otherwise, touch to create a new account and
follow the prompts to create a new Gmail
Your phone can connect to the Internet via your
mobile phone operator or over a Wi-Fi network.
When a Wi-Fi network is configured and available
the device will automatically choose the Wi-Fi
connection to reduce your mobile data usage.
Turn Data Off
Pull down twice for the Quick Settings Panel.
Touch the Network signal icon (Your carrier).
Touch the Cellular data switch to switch off.
Or the same setting is also available from Settings >
Data usage > Cellular
Turn on/off Wi-Fi
1. In the All apps screen, touch Settings > Wi-Fi.
2. Touch the switch to turn it ON or OFF
3. You can also pull down the Quick Settings Panel
and touch the Wi-Fi icon to switch Wi-Fi on or off.
Connect to Wi-Fi
1. In the All apps screen, touch Settings> Wi-Fi.
2. Turn on Wi-Fi.
3. Your phone will automatically search for all
nearby Wi-Fi networks.
4. Select the network you would like to connect to
from the list.
- If you’ve selected an open network, your phone
will automatically connect to it.
- If you’ve selected a security network, you need
to input the password.
Via the Bluetooth® function, you can exchange
data with other Bluetooth devices that are within
a short distance.
Turn on/off Bluetooth
1. On the home screen, touch
and then
touch Settings.
2. Touch Bluetooth®, and slide the ON/OFF button
to turn it on or off.
1. Touch Bluetooth® when it is on to automatically
search for devices. Your phone will scan for and
display all Bluetooth® devices it finds.
2. Touch the ID of the desired device.
Send files via Bluetooth
To send files via Bluetooth , do as follows:
1. Select a file or item, such as a contact or a
media file from an appropriate application or File
2. Open it, choose
then touch the
3. Search for and pair with a Bluetooth®-enabled
Change your phone’s Bluetooth name
1. On the home screen, touch
and then
touch Settings.
2. If the Bluetooth® function is not turned on, turn
it on.
> Rename
3. Touch Bluetooth®, then touch
this device to edit the name of your device, then
touch Rename.
4. Touch the name of the phone to toggle it to
Visibility timeout so that other Bluetooth devices
can find your device.
Connect to a Computer to transfer
Transfer audio, video and picture files between
your handset and your computer.
Connect your handset using the USB data lead
First time, select Install driver on the handset
notifications window.
On your PC, use Windows Explorer to open the CD
Drive: USB_Driver, then double click Setup to
install the handset drivers.
Subsequently, select Media Device (MTP) from the
notifications window, which will open the handset
in Windows Explorer.
On your MAC, download and install Android File
Connect your handset using the USB data lead
Select Media Device (MTP) from the notifications
window, which will open the handset on your
Flight mode
In areas where the use of mobile devices is
restricted, you can activate the Flight mode to
disable phone function but still use other
functions of your phone such as calendar, music
and games. You will not be able to make/answer
calls, send/receive messages in Airplane mode.
1. On the home screen, touch
and then
touch Settings > More.
2. Check the box for Flight mode. The phone will
turn off all wireless connections when Airplane
mode is enabled.
On the home screen, you can press and hold the
Power key, then select Airplane mode.
Audio profiles
and then touch Settings > Sound&
notification >
Phone ringtone: Select the ringtone to sound
when you receive a call.
Default notification sound: Select your default
notification ringtone.
Vibrate: Set the phone to vibrate and play a
ringtone for incoming calls.
Dial pad touch tones: Check to play a sound when
you touch dial pad.
Touch sounds: Check to play a sound when you
touch buttons, icons and other onscreen items.
Screen lock sounds: Check to play sounds when
locking and unlocking the screen.
Vibrate on touch: Check to vibrate when touching
soft keys and on certain user interface
Touch Settings > Display.
Brightness level: Adjust the brightness of the
Wallpaper: Choose a wallpaper.
Sleep: Choose the delay before the screen
automatically turns off.
Using micro SD Storage
To copy files between a PC and your phone’s SD
card, you should set the SD card as USB mass
1. Connect your phone to your PC with the USB
2. Turn on USB storage.
During this time, you can’t access the SD card
from your phone, so you can’t use applications
that rely on the SD card, such as Camera, Gallery
and Music.
Check space on the SD card
1. On the home screen, touch
touch Settings.
2. Touch Storage.
and then
Erase the SD card
1. On the home screen touch
and then touch
2. Touch Storage > Erase SD card.
Accounts and sync
Adding your accounts
1. Touch Settings > Accounts > Add account.
2. Touch the account type you want to add.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your
account information.
Most accounts require a username and password,
but the details depend on the kind of account and
the configuration of the service you're connecting
Depending on the kind of account, you may be
asked to configure what kinds of data you want to
sync, name the account, and other details.
When you're finished, the account is added to the
list in Accounts & sync. Depending how you
configured the account, email, contacts, and other
information may start syncing to your device.
You can choose the language your phone displays.
On the home screen, touch
and then touch
Settings > Language & input > Language.
Date & time
You can set the format of date and time.
On the home screen touch
Settings > Date & time.
and then touch
About phone
You can check the phone’s status, battery use,
software version, etc.
On the home screen touch
Settings > About phone.
and then touch
Experiencing Multimedia
Your phone has a camera, which can be used to
take photos. You can set the photo you’ve just
taken as wallpaper, a contact photo or send it
through MMS/Bluetooth or Gmail.
Take photos
1. In the All Apps screen, touch the Camera icon to
open the camera.
2. Aim the camera lens at the subject and make
any necessary adjustments.
Touch the three dots for Options
4. Tap the
icon to take the photo.
Go to the Gallery app to view all your pictures.
Your phone can record video clips.
1. In the All Apps screen, touch the Camera icon to
open the camera.
2. In Camera mode slide the screen from the left
hand side to see Camera or Video icons.
3. Touch the Video icon
to change to video
mode then touch the video icon at the bottom to
start and stop recording.
4. Press three dots for available Options.
Go to the Gallery app to view all your videos.
The Gallery categorizes your pictures and videos
by storage location and stores these files in folders.
Tap a folder to view the pictures or videos inside.
Music Player
You can listen to music saved on the memory card
with the music player.
Open the music player
First copy music files to a mounted memory card.
In the All Apps screen, touch Music to open.
Listen to music
Touch the Song you want to play to start playing it.
Sound Recorder
You can record audio files through sound recorder.
Open the sound recorder
Before opening the sound recorder, please insert a
memory card.
In the All Apps screen, touch the Sound Recorder
icon to open it.
Record audio files
1. Put the microphone close to your mouth and
to start recording.
2. Touch
to stop recording.
3. Touch the name of the recording to play back
the recording.
FM radio
With the FM Radio, you can search for radio
channels, listen to them, and save them on your
Note that the quality of the radio broadcast
depends on the coverage of the radio station in
your area.
The wired headset that comes with your phone
works as an antenna, so always connect the
headset when using the radio. When you receive
an incoming call while listening to the radio, the
radio will be turned off.
To tune in, plug your headset into your phone.
In the All Apps screen, press the FM Radio icon to
open it. The FM radio scans and saves available
stations automatically.
-Slide left or right to change the frequency.
to scan FM presets.
to search through the
frequencies up or down.
- Press the Volume Keys to adjust the volume.
- Press the Headphone icon
to select Speaker
More Applications
Use the Chrome browser to view web pages and
to search for information on the web.
Open Chrome
1. On the home screen or in the All Apps screen,
touch the
2. First time you need to Accept and Continue,
and can add an account if you want to sync and
share your browsing Bookmarks and History
between different devices.
3. Touch the text field at the top to input a web
address and search directly from the URL field.
You can touch the
> Bookmarks to select the
bookmark you want to open.
Browse web
After opening a web page, you could slide your
finger on the screen to view other parts of the
Browse options
When you’re browsing web pages, touch the
to select:
You can perform more operations such as
Bookmarks, Save to bookmarks, Share page, Find
on page, Request desktop site, etc.
You can choose settings that will affect how page
content is displayed and privacy and security
preferences to suit your browse style.
In Chrome touch the
settings interface.
> Settings to enter the
File manager / Explorer
In the All Apps screen, touch the File Explorer icon.
You can view all files saved in the phone or on the
memory card.
In the All Apps screen, touch the Clock icon to set
Alarms, World time, Stopwatch and Timer
When Clock is running, it switches to screen saver
mode after a few minutes. Simply tap the screen
or a phone button to wake the phone up again.
To return to the home screen, touch the Home
Adding an Alarm
1. Touch
within the Clock app
2. Touch the
icon at the bottom of the
3. Touch the clock to set the hours and minutes,
select am or pm then press OK.
4. Touch Repeat to select days of the week to
activate a repeating alarm.
Turning on/off an Alarm
On each alarm quickly enable or disable the alarm
by touching the On / Off switch to select the
correct state.
World Time
Press the Globe icon to add a new world time
location (City)
Select the Timer function. Touch Play to start the
timer. Press Stop to stop the alert. Press +1 to add
1 minute, press + to add a new timer event.
Select the Stopwatch function. Touch Play to start
the Stopwatch. You can Record the time, Pause
the time or Share the results.
In the All Apps screen, touch the Calculator icon.
On the Calculator screen, slide the screen to the
right or left to switch between Advanced panel
and Basic panel.
Touch the Calendar icon in the All Apps screen.
Creating a new Event
1. On the calendar screen, touch
and then
touch New event.
2. Enter the event name and location.
3. To set the duration for the event, touch From
and To.
4. Enter the event time zone and description.
5. If you have more than one calendar, select the
calendar where you want to save the event.
6. Select the Repetition.
7. Set the time of the reminder in Reminders.
8. Touch Done.
On the calendar screen, touch an event to view its
Changing your calendar view
On the calendar screen, touch the date at the top
and choose Day, Week, Month, or Agenda.
Swipe to scroll vertically or horizontally. In the Day
or Week views, spread your fingers apart or pinch
them together to zoom in or out.
Displaying and synchronizing calendars
Initially, all calendars that you create or subscribe
to in GoogleTM Calendar on the web are available
to synchronize and display in Calendar on your
phone. You can select which Google calendars to
keep synchronized and which to show.
1. On the calendar screen, touch
touch Calendars to display.
and then
2. Touch which calendars you would like to be
3. If you have more calendars you would like to
synchronize and display, touch Calendars to sync,
then touch the checkbox next to the calendar(s)
you would like to synchronize, touch OK, and then
you are returned to the Calendars to display
screen where what you chose is now displayed
and where you can choose which to display in the
With Downloads, you can manage logs of files you
have downloaded from the web.
Touch the Downloads icon in the All Apps screen.
Manage applications
You can view and manage applications installed in
your phone.
Install new applications
You can install applications from the Play Store or
from elsewhere. When installing applications that
are not from the Play Store, make sure the
software is suitable for your phone.
Installing applications from the Play
1. On the home screen or in the All Apps screen,
touch the Play Store icon.
2. Search for the applications you want to install.
3. Select Install (for free items) or Buy.
4. If you select Install, the item will start
downloading immediately.
5. If you select Buy, enter your credit card
information. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Installing applications not in the Play
1. Copy the application to the SD card and find the
file from File manager.
2. Check Unknown sources.
3. Touch the file and complete the installation
according to the wizard.
Uninstall applications
Uninstall applications in the Play Store
1. On the Play Store screen.
2. Touch the application to uninstall.
3. Touch Uninstall and complete the uninstall
process according to the wizard.
Uninstall applications not in the Play
1. On the home screen, touch
and then
select Settings > Apps.
2. Scroll the list and touch the application you
want to uninstall.
3. OR from the All Apps screen touch and hold an
App icon then drag to Uninstall on the home
Technical Specifications
Size and Weight
125 × 64.6 × 10.4 mm.
113g with battery
3G UMTS 850, 2100 MHz
HSPA 21Mbps data
2G 900, 1800 MHz
4” WVGA, 480 x 800 ,
Capacitive touch.
2.0MP Rear, 0.3MP Front
CPU & Memory
Quad core 1.3GHz CPU
with 512MB RAM.
4GB ROM with approx 1GB
user space.
Expandable external
storage microSD(HC)™ up
to 32GB
Operating system
Android 5.1
1400mAh Li-ion user
3-4 hrs with AC Charger
Up to 320 hours (ideal
Up to 5.5 hours (ideal
Bluetooth, Wi-fi
802.11b/g/n, 3.5mm jack
NAHJ, micro USB
SIM Card
Micro SIM, 3FF format.
How do I
check the
Settings > About phone > Build
How do I
reset to
Settings > Backup & reset >
Factory data reset
How do I
check the
SMS service
Messaging > Options >
Settings > Manage SIM Settings
How do I
Messaging > Options >
configure the Settings > Manage SIM Settings
How do I
Apps > Email, or Menu >
Settings > Accounts
How do I
Contacts to
or from my
SIM card?
Contacts > Options >
Import/Export > Follow the
directions on screen
How do I
Settings > More > Cellura
Networks > Preferred network
How do I
select a
Settings > More > Cellura
Networks > Network operators >
Search networks
How do I
enable USB
Settings > More > Tethering &
portable hotspot > USB
tethering. (Connect as CDROM
to install drivers)
How do I
Settings > More > Cellura
Networks > Access Point
Names > Options > New APN to
add new APN
How do I
enable Flight
Long press on the power key >
Flight Mode
How do I
clear my
Chrome > Options > History>
Clear Browsing Data
How do I
check Call
Calls > Options > Settings >
Calls > Call forwarding
How do I
check for
Apps > System updates
How do I get
Search for ZTE New Zealand on
Facebook or email
[email protected]
How do I
change the
Settings > Sound & notification >
Phone ringtone
The battery
Possible network coverage issue.
Check the signal level. With only 1
or 2 bars, the phone has to work
harder to maintain network
contact. Limit multi-media to save
power. The battery may be worn
The handset
turns on by
An alarm or calendar event
switches the handset on
No incoming
or alarm
Hold the power key to check the
phone is not in silent mode.
The handset
switches off
The handset is charging in the
off state. Press and hold the
power key to switch the handset
I cannot
charge the
Check the ringtone and ring
volume settings.
Confirm the charger is properly
Remove the battery, clean the
contacts and check it is inserted
correctly. The battery may be
worn out.
You can charge your handset
from any standard USB port.
Try another lead if you have
access to one.
I cannot
connect to
Turn Bluetooth on. Set visibility
to Show. Make sure the
pass-code is correct. Possible
compatibility issues. Not all
functionality is supported
between different Bluetooth
devices and standards.
My data
usage is
Check Settings > Data usage to
determine which apps are
consuming your data.
No SIM Card
Check a valid SIM card is
Enter PIN
You have set a SIM PIN. Please
enter your SIM PIN code
Enter PUK
Contact your Service Provider to
get the PUK code
Enter Unlock
Contact your Service Provider to
obtain the network unlocking
code (fees may apply to unlock
your device)
Declaration of RoHS
We’re determined to reduce the impact we have
on the environment and take responsibility for the
earth we live on. So this document allows us to
formally declare that the L110, manufactured by
ZTE CORPORATION, fully complies with the
European Parliament’s RoHS (Restriction of
Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95/EC, with
respect to all the following substances:
(1) Lead (Pb)
(2) Mercury (Hg)
(3) Cadmium (Cd)
(4) Hexavalent Chromium (Cr (VI))
(5) Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)
(6) Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)
Our compliance is witnessed by written
declaration from our suppliers. This confirms that
any potential trace contamination levels of the
substances listed above are below the maximum
level set by EU 2002/95/EC, or are exempt due to
their application.
The L110 manufactured by ZTE CORPORATION,
meets all the requirements of EU 2002/95/EC.
Disposal of your old phone
1. When the wheelie bin symbol is
attached to a product, it means the
product is covered by the
European Directive 2002/96/CE.
2. All electrical and electronic
products should be disposed of
separately from normal household
waste via designated collection
points provided by government or
local authorities.
3. The correct disposal of electrical
and electronic products will help
protect the environment and
human health.
Please return your old device to
any Mobile Muster collection point
or use the Mobile Muster freepost
bag provided with your new
handset. Mobile Muster diverts all
returned devices from landfill and
recycles the component materials.
Product Safety Information
Do not use your
phone while driving
Don’t use while
Keep your phone at
least 15 mm away
from your ear or
body while making
To prevent possible
hearing damage, do not
listen at high volume
levels for long periods.
Small parts may
cause choking.
Don’t dispose of your
phone in fire.
Your phone can
produce a loud
Your phone may
produce a bright or
flashing light.
Avoid contact with
anything magnetic.
Avoid extreme
Keep away from
pacemakers and
other electronic
medical devices.
Turn off in restricted
areas such as hospitals
and airports
Avoid contact with
liquids. Keep your
phone dry.
Do not attempt to
disassemble your
Turn off when near
explosive materials
or liquids.
Don’t rely on your phone
as a primary device for
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