” Portable DVD Player
Instruction manual
-------------------------------------------------------------------------12 month manufacturer's warranty
Guide to the device...................................................................... 2
Safety precautions........................................................................ 3
Package contents.......................................................................... 6
Optical discs.................................................................................... 7
Connections..................................................................................... 8
Remote control............................................................................... 11
Basic operation............................................................................... 13
Special features.............................................................................. 18
System setup................................................................................... 20
Troubleshooting............................................................................. 22
Specifications.................................................................................. 23
Guide to the device
DVD player view
DC IN9-12V
6. VOL7. VOL+
16. STOP
20 21
23.DC IN 9V-12V JACK
In power on mode, press the MODE button to switch between the AV in or DVD mode. In DVD
mode, press DVD/USB/SD key repeatedly to switch between the DVD,USB or SD/MMC mode
if the disc, USB device and memory card are all available. P ress AUDIO key repeatedly to select
available audio channels if the media played support this function.
Note: Due to production improvements, the appliance may differ slightly from the diagram
shown. Diagrams in this instruction manual are for reference only.
Safety precautions
To prevent fire or shock hazard, DO NOT expose
this appliance to rain or moisture.
High voltage warning
Dangerous high voltages are present inside this
enclosure. To avoid electric shock, DO NOT open
the cabinet; refer servicing to qualified personnel
This player is classified as a CLASS 1 laser product.
To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not
try to open the appliance.
Do not attempt to dismantle the appliance. You may
become exposed to invisible laser radiation if the
product is open or the interlock is failed or defeated.
Avoid direct exposure to beam.
Instruction Manual
1. To ensure the proper operation, all the safety
and operating instructions should be read
carefully before connection and operation.
2. Retain instructions – Keep this manual in a safe place for further reference.
3. All warnings on the product and in the instruction manual should be adhered to.
4. All operating and use instructions should be followed.
Safety caution
1. The appliance is intended for household use only, and not for commercial or industrial use.
2. This appliance shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing water and no object filled with
liquids such as vases shall be placed on the appliance. Dry location use only.
3. Do not expose the appliance, batteries or discs to extreme temperatures, excessive moisture,
rain or sand. Never use this device in high temperature or in high humidity. The
best operating temperature is between 5°C~40°C.
4. No naked flame sources such as lighted candles should be placed on the appliance.
5. Do not place the unit on unstable surface to prevent from falling. Do not place the unit on top
of any other appliance.
6. Do not place the appliance on or near a hot gas flame, electric element, and heaters or in areas
subjected to direct sunlight.
7. Place the appliance where there is good air ventilation. Any ventilation holes should not be
impeded by covering with items, such as newspaper, tablecloths, curtains etc.
8. Do not put the device near magnetic field, e.g. speaker. The normal function of the product
may be disturbed by strong Electro-Magnetic Interference. If so, simply reset the product to
resume normal operation by switching it off from the mains outlet and then switching it
back on after several minutes.
9. Do not operate the player if it is not working normally or has been damaged in any way. Turn
the unit off, unplug it from the power source and consult service personnel. Do not
attempt to service this unit yourself.
10. Do not listen to headphones at high volumes. The excessive sound pressure from headphones
can cause hearing loss.
11. Please observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of packaging materials, exhausted
batteries and old equipment.
12.Button Battery Warnings
• CAUTION: Do not ingest battery, Chemical Burn Hazard.
• The remote control supplied with this product contains a
coin/button cell battery. If the coin/button cell battery is
swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours
and can lead to death.
• Keep new and used batteries away from children.
• If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop
using the product and keep it away from children.
• If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek
immediate medical attention.
• If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery, immediately go to a hospital emergency
• Examine devices and make sure the battery compartment is correctly secured, e.g. that the
screw or other mechanical fastener it tightened.
• Dispose of used button batteries immediately. Flat batteries can still be dangerous.
• Tell others about the risk associated with button batteries and how to keep their children safe.
• Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for additional treatment information.
Power supply
1. Do not operate the product with wet hands. Doing so may cause electric shock.
2. Always turn the power off and remove the adaptor from the outlet when the appliance is not
to be used for a longer period of time and before cleaning.
3. Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by
items placed upon or against them.
4. Do not let the power cord hang over the edge of a table or bench top or touch any hot surface.
5. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged cord or after the appliance has been dropped or
damaged in any manner. If damage is suspected, do not attempt to repair or disassemble the
appliance by yourself. Contact qualified service personnel if you need help.
Operation and position
1. Do not connect accessories, which are not defined by the manufacturer to the player.
2. Do not increase the volume when the player is just playing at very quiet sections. This could
damage the speaker if very loud passages start all of a sudden after the quiet section.
3. Press the player’s buttons gently. Pressing them or the screen too hard can damage the player.
4. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation
of the product and to protect it from overheating and malfunction, and these openings must
not be blocked or covered.
5. Do not drop the unit or expose this product to harsh impacts. This is a complicated electronic
device that cannot withstand shock from drops.
6. Protect the player against weather influences, moistures and high temperature. Do not use the
player in an extremely dry environment, as this can lead to static discharge, which can damage
the player.
7. Keep the appliance away from rain and any moisture.
8. Keep the player clean and never store it next to a heat source or in dirty, humid or wet places.
Do not expose the player and the remote control to direct sunlight.
9. Ensure that your earphones are inserted into the player before it is switched on. Inserting them
afterwards can potentially damage the earphones and the player.
10. Earphone cables may be hazardous to young children. Store the product carefully when it is
not in use.
11. Keep “Earbud” earphones out of reach of small children.“Earbud”earphones may be swallowed
if they are placed in mouth.
Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than herein may result in
hazardous radiation exposure or other unsafe operation.
Service and maintenance
1. Servicing - Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may
expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service
2. Damage Requiring Service - Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to
qualified service personnel under the following conditions:
a. When the AC adaptor or Car adaptor is damaged.
b. If liquid has been spilled, or objects have fallen into the product.
c. If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
d. If the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. Adjust only
those controls that are covered by the operating instrustions as an improper adjustment of
other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified
technician to restore the product to its normal operation.
e. If the product has been dropped or damaged in any way, and when the product exhibits a
distinct change in performance, this indicates a need for service.
Cleaning and care
1. Always turn the power off and unplug it from the outlet before cleaning.
2. Never spray or pour liquids directly on the screen or plastic casing, and clean with a dry towel
3. Do not clean the unit with strong chemical agents or abrasive cleaners.
4. Do not allow residue or liquids to enter any part of the appliance as this may cause risk of
5. Be sure to remove the disc from the player before packing for moving.
Package contents
Please make sure the following items are included in package. If any item is damaged or missing,
contact your dealer.
Main Unit
Remote Control
Car Adaptor
AC Adaptor
AV Cable
Instruction Manual
Items not shown:
Statutory notice
Warranty card
Optical discs
Disc requirements
This DVD player supports playback of the following discs
Disc Mark
Content Type
Disc Size
Max. Playback
DVD-Video Discs
(Moving picture)
133 min (SS-SL)
242 min (SS-DL)
266 min (DS-SL)
484 min (DS-DL)
Audio Compact Discs
Still Picture
74 min
This unit can play CD-R and CD-RW discs that contain JPEG picture files. This unit doesn’t
support the discs, which are not listed above (e.g., PC CD-ROM, CD-Extra, CD-G, CD-I, etc.)
Disc care and maintenance
Optical discs (DVD, VCD, CD) contain high-density compressed data and need proper handling.
Handling a disc
1. Hold a DVD/VCD/CD disc by its edge.
2. Avoid touching the recorded side of the disc. To remove a DVD/VCD/CD from its storage case,
press down on the center retention mechanism of the case and lift the disc out.
3. Do not subject discs to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity, or high
4. Do not bend or press disc.
5. To reduce the risk of scratches, always put disc back in its case after use. Store disc vertically in
a cabinet.
6. Do not place stickers or labels on either side of a disc.
Cleaning a disc
1. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe off any fingerprints and dusts from the playing surface of the disc.
2. Wipe in a straight line radically from the center to the outside edge of the disc. Small dust particles
and light stains will not affect playback quality.
3. Never use chemicals such as record sprays, anti-static sprays, benzene, or thinners to clean a disc.
Doing so will damage the surface of the disc permanently.
Before connecting
1. Ensure that the player and other external equipments to be connected are switched
off before commencing connection.
2. Read the instructions carefully before connecting other external equipments.
3. Ensure that you observe the colour coding when connecting audio/video cables.
Connecting external TV
Your player comes equipped with an AV output jack. Use this feature to connect the
player’s signal to external equipment (e.g. TV, monitor). Please refer to the image as
below to connect them;
1. Connect the 3.5mm - RCA cable to the AV output on the unit and the audio/video
inputs on the Television (Red to Red, White to White and Yellow to Yellow).
2. Turn the unit on by switching the power button to the On position.
3. Change the television to the correct audio/video input setting.
4. Audio and the video played through the unit will now be seen and heard on the
connected television.
DC IN 9-12V
Using the AV in function
This product has an AV in jack on the side of the unit; it can be used as a monitor after
connecting the product to other DVD player by the supplied AV cable. Press the Mode
button to change to AV in mode after all connecting.
Connecting headphones
A stereo earphone jack has been provided on the player for private listening. To use
this jack, plug in the earphones (not included) with a stereo mini-jack 3.5mm plug
to the earphone jack and adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.
1. When headphones or earphones are connected to the earphone jack, the main
speakers will be automatically muted.
2. Be sure that your player is set at a low volume level before connecting the headphone.
3. Increase the volume gradually for comfortable listening.
Listening at high volume for a long period could cause hearing loss.
Connecting power supply
AC adaptor operation
Before connecting the supplied AC adaptor to the wall outlet, ensure that all other connections
have been made.
Insert the small plug of the supplied AC adaptor firmly into the DC IN9V-12V jack on the right side
of the player, and then insert the adaptor into an available AC 100-240V~50-60Hz wall outlet.
Warning: Only use the supplied adaptor. Failure to do so may cause a fire or damage to the player.
Never make or change any connections with the power switched on.
1. Do not connect the adaptor to a power outlet other than which is indicated here and on the
label as this may result in the risk of fire or electric shock.
2. Do not handle the plug of adaptor with wet hands. Doing so may cause electric shock.
Car adaptor operation
Before connecting the supplied car adaptor, ensure that all other connections have been made.
Insert the small plug of the supplied car adaptor firmly into the DC IN9V-12V jack on the right side
of the player, and then insert the other end into the Cigarette lighter socket.
1. Disconnect this car power adaptor when the unit is not in use for long period of time.
2. DO NOT plug the car adaptor to any automobile cigarette lighter in DC24V. Only the DC12V of
the automobile cigarette lighter socket can be used. Connecting the car adaptor to a power
supply with a different voltage can damage the unit.
3. The Car adaptor is for in-car use only.
Battery operation
The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery. Fully charge the built-in battery before using it for the
first time. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery when the player is not in use.
After charged, disconnect the AC adaptor, and then switch on the player. The unit will be operated
with Battery Pack. The playback time has about 2hours after the full charging, the playback time
may vary depending on different disc and volume level.
Note: The player will not be operated on battery power when the AC/ Car adaptor is connected.
Charging the Battery Pack
To charge the built-in battery, just connect the adaptor to the player and a specified wall outlet.
(The built-in battery can be charged whether the unit is operating or powered off, and the Charge
indicator will in red when charging. The indicator will change to green light when the battery is
fully charged.
The built-in rechargeable battery can be used for approximately 300 charge-cycles without any
noticeable change in performance.
When the built-in battery power is low, the empty battery icon will appear on the screen and
indicate the player will be turned off automatically soon; you need to connect the AC adaptor
for power supply.
Only use the AC adaptor and Car adaptor supplied.
Never dispose the battery in fire or heat up.
Do not use the unit in high temperature or near heat sources.
Danger of explosion exists if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same
or equivalent type. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel only.
5. While using the built-in battery, the environmental temperature should be 5°C to 35°C.
6. To get the longest service life of the built-in battery, charge it at indoor-temperature.
7. The built-in battery in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated. Do
not disassemble or incinerate the battery or put it in heat above 65°C.
Remote control
Preparation of the Remote Control
The remote control requires on CR2025 type 3V lithium battery, to extend the battery life of
the original battery, a small plastic spacer tab has been inserted between the battery and the
battery terminal. In order to get your remote control working initially,pull the tab from the battery
compartment. Place the remote control on an even surface and insert the supplied button cell
into the remote control as follows.
1. Push the button towards left.
2. Pull the battery loader out.
3. Insert the battery into the receptacle make sure the polarity matches the
marks inside the component.
4. Insert the receptacle into the remote control.
Cell data
Battery type: 1x CR2025, 3 V
Service life: approximately 1 year (for normal use and room temperature)
Using Of Remote Control
Point the remote control towards the sensor window on the main unit when
operating.The remote control works best at a distance less than 5 m and at an
angle of up to 30 degree to the front of the unit. No obstacles may stand in
the way between remote control and infrared sensor and do not place the remote control in
direct sunlight. If the remote control fails to work even when it is operated near the player,
replace the battery.
Notes on batteries
If the remote control is not used for a long period of time, please remove the battery from the
Do not heat batteries or dispose of them in fires.
Do not dismantle, deform or modify batteries.
Buttons of the remote control
1. MUTE: Press the key to mute the audio of the player. Press it again to activate the sound.
2. 0-9 & 10+Number Keys: Use the Numeric buttons to input a DVD chapter or CD track (invalid for
some discs) and press PLAY/PAUSE button to confirm.
3. Goto: Goes to a specific time index/title/chapter.
4. Setup: Press it to go to the Setup menu directly in any time(except the AV mode).
5. DIRECTION BUTTON: Press direction buttons
to move the cursor in the menu upward,
downward, to the left, or to the right, respectively.
6. RETURN: During DVD play, press the key, will go to main menu.
7. PLAY/PAUSE / ENTER: Press it to play or pause the audio/movie playback. Confirms the selection
or press it to select the file to play.
8. STOP: Short press to stop the audio/video/photo playback.
9. Fast Forward / Fast Rewind: Skips forward, consecutive short presses to go to 5-level speed(2X->
. backwards, consecutive short presses to go to 5-level speed(2X->
4X->8X->16X->32X ->PLAY);Skips
4X->8X->16X->32X ->PLAY).
10. USB/CARD: Press the key to switch between DVD, CARD and USB modes.
11. SLOW: Press to select the different Slow motion.
First press and hold the button to select the 1/2 speed; follow the same action to select the different
1/4 speed; 1/8 speed; 1/16 speed; and normal speed to go to the 'PLAY' status.
12. ZOOM: For the DVD disc, short press to access the zoom function, you can select the 2X, 3X, 4X,
1/2, 1/3, 1/4. For the photo disc, press it to switch between the zoom 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%,75%,
50% and normal status.
13. SUBTITLE: Short press to Changes subtitle mode.
14. DISPLAY: During playing press DISPLAY, TFT panel will display the title/track number of playing disc.
15. TFT ON/OFF: Press it to switch on/off the TFT LCD panel.
16. PROGRAM: Press to program a loaded disc to play chapters and titles or tracks in a specified order.
17. N/P: Press this button to switch the system of the DVD Player(AUTO, PAL or NTSC). Each time
when press this button, the system switch to another one.
18. ANGLE: Press and hold to access different viewing angles on supported DVDs.
19. TITLE: Press to view the title menu on a loaded DVD.
20. PBC: During VCD/SVCD play back, press PBC to select mode of play back PBC ON, PBC OFF.
21. MENU: Press to view the main menu on a loaded DVD
22. LANGUAGE: Press to change the language when playing the dics support multi-language.
23. REPEAT: Press repeatedly to cycle through repeat options for the loaded disc.
24. A-B REPEAT: Marks an arbitrary section to be repeated.
25. VOLUME-/+: Press to adjust the volume.
26. PREV/NEXT: Press to play previous chapter/title/track. Press to play next chapter/title/track.
27. R/L: When playing back a VCD, this button cycles through and mono (left channel), and mono (right
channel) playback.
Basic operation
Depending on the discs, some operations may be different or restricted.
Do not put any objects other than disc on the disc tray. Doing so may cause the player to malfunction.
1. If a “ ” mark appears on the screen when a button is pressed, it means the function is not available
at the moment on the current disc or at the current station.
2. Depending on the conditions of the recording equipment or the CD-R/ RW (or DVD ± R/RW, MP3,
Picture CD) disc itself, some discs cannot be played on this player due to the configuration and
characteristics of the disc, or due to the condition of recording and authorized software that was
Disc error messages
If there is a problem with the format of the loaded disc, then the disc cannot be played correctly.
1. The region code of the disc does not match the player’s region code.
2. The parental rating level of the disc is higher than the parental rating level setting of the player.
The player will not play the disc.
3. Bad/No disc: The player is equipped with automatic disc quality detection software. If the player
detects a disc that is damaged or has a format problem, it may play the disc at a lower quality or
stop playing completely, depending on how serious the damage is.
DVD disc production quality may vary and some discs may deviate from the industry standard.
Some incorrectly formatted discs may still play, however, the playback and operational quality
of the disc may be substandard.
Playable discs
This player will play CD, VCD, DVD, CD-R/RW and DVD ± R/RW etc. discs.
Note: If you have trouble with playing a certain disc, remove the disc and try a different one.
Improper formatted disc will not be played on this player.
Turn on/ off the player
Slide the Power switch on the right side of the player to “ON” position to turn on the player after
connecting the mains power supply. Slide the Power switch on the player to “OFF” position to turn
off the player completely.
Note: If the player will not be in use for a long period of time, slide Power switch to the “OFF”
position and unplug the portable DVD player from the power source.
Selecting the different mode (DVD/USB/CARD)
When the playback is in the stop mode, press the USB/CARD button on the remote control or the
unit to select DVD or USB or SD play mode if certain disc or memory devices are connected. When
a USB mass storage device is simultaneously inserted, the USB device can be recognized.
Playing discs
1. Slide the Power switch on the player to “ON” position to turn on the player.
2. Open the disc cover and insert a playable DVD or CD disc, Make sure the label side is facing up,
and then close disc cover.
3. The player will scan the disc, and then the playback will start automatically.
If a disc menu appears on the screen, see “Using the disc menu” for details.
4. If the disc is locked by parental control, you must enter your password (see “SYSTEM SETUP”
section for details).
5. During the playback, press the STOP button to stop playback.
6. Sliding the Power switch on the player to “OFF” position will turn off the player.
7. Press the PBC button on the remote control to activate or deactivate the PBC function. PBC
playback allows you to play Video CDs (VCD version 2.0 only) interactively.
8. Press the MUTE button on the remote control to turn on or off the sound.
9. Press the Go To button on the remote control to select the play time
10. Short press the LANGUAGE button on the remote control to select the audio soundtrack
languages; (one DVD recorded with this multiple languages has this function, some recorded
DVD may not have this function). Press the ANGLE button to use the picture angle while
playing a DVD disc that has been made with multiple angles. Only the DVDs shot with multiangle scenes have this function.
11. Press the REPEAT/PROG on the remote control button to re-setup the playing order.
Using the disc menu
Depending on the disc, a disc menu may appear on the screen once you load the disc.
1. From the file / folder list menu, using Direction buttons (UP/DOWN) to select the desired
playable file and press the ENTER button to start playback.
2. If the desired file is saved in a folder, press Direction buttons (UP/DOWN) to select the saved
folder and press the ENTER button to open the folder.
Return to the root menu or title menu
During the disc playback, press the MENU button to return to the disc’s root menu or title menu
(depending on disc). For the MP3, Picture disc, press it to go to the file or folder list after pressing
the MENU button or stop button. Use Direction buttons (UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) or Numeric
buttons to select a play option. Press the ENTER button to confirm and start playback.
Play/Pause the playback (DVD/VCD/CD/MP3)
During the playback, press the PLAY/PAUSE button on the remote control to pause the playback
and sound will be muted. Press it again to resume playback.
Volume control
Press the VOL +/ VOL - button on the player or the remote control to increase or decrease the
volume level.
To switch off the volume temporarily by pressing the MUTE button on the remote control, playback
will continue without sound, press it again or press the volume button to activate sound;
Selecting a track/ chapter/ title (DVD/ VCD/ CD)
Press the PREVIOUS  or NEXT  to skip to the previous or next title/ chapter/ track.
Stop playback (DVD/ VCD/ CD)
During playback, press STOP button to stop playing the disc.
Fast forward / Fast backward searching (DVD/ VCD/ CD/ MP3)
During playback, press
or button on the remote control repeatedly until the desired speed
is reached for fast searching within a track/chapter/title (forward or backward).
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button will enter normal playback directly.
2X —> 4X—> 8X —>16X—>32X—> Normal
Note: The function is invalid on some discs. Not support the photo playback.
Slow Motion Playback (DVD, SVCD, VCD)
Press the SLOW button on the remote control when pictures moving, you can enter Slow
Motion Playback mode.
Press the SLOW button on the remote during playback. Press the button again on the
remote to play at the next speed. Slow Motion Playback has four speeds: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16,
and normal playback with each consecutive press of the button, the play speed decreases.
If you press button for five times, Slow Motion Playback cycles back to normal playback.
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to resume normal playback.
Repeat A-B (DVD/ VCD/ CD/ MP3) playback
Using this feature to repeat the playback of a specific section of a track/chapter (loop).
Press the Repeat A-B button on the remote to set the desired start point of the section to be
Press the Repeat A-B button on the remote again to set the desired end point of the section
to be repeated.
The section “A-B” will now be played repeatedly as a loop.
Press the Repeat A-B button the third time to cancel the repeat A-B feature and
resume normal playback.
Repeat playback (DVD/VCD/CD/ MP3 disc)
You can play a chapter/ title/ all/ track on a disc repeatedly. Press Repeat button on the remote
control repeatedly during playback to select a desired repeat mode.
Depending on the kind of disc (DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 or Video photo discs), you have different
repeat modes.
Program playback
For DVD/VCD disc
1. During playback, press the PROGRAM during the playback mode.
2. Use navigation buttons to scroll through the different fields. Use numeric keypad to enter valid
title/chapter number. Maximum of 20 sequences can be programmed.
3. Select Play and then press ENTER to start playback.
4. To clear the whole program, select Stop and press ENTER.
Note: MPEG4 program playback is not supported.
Zoom (DVD/ VCD)
Press the ZOOM button on the remote control repeatedly to change the video image during
During DVD, VCD playback, each successive press of ZOOM will change the level of magnification.
While at ZOOM 2X, 3X, 4X, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 and normal; use the
Direction buttons (UP/ DOWN/ LEFT/ RIGHT) on remote control or the unit to view the other
parts when the photo is magnified (2X, 3X, 4X, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 mode can be operated).
During the slideshow mode of the JPEG CD or JPEG file in the USB device, press
the ZOOM button on the remote control to zoom in or zoom out the photo. Press
the ZOOM button repeatedly to select the zoom level, the screen shows the zoom
level, includes the 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 75% and 50%. When a picture is magnified,
you can press the Direction buttons (UP/DOWN/ LEFT/ RIGHT) on the remote control
to view other panel parts of the magnified picture.
Zoom may not work on some disc. The picture quality decreases as the picture size increases.
Selecting subtitle languages (DVD)
While playing a DVD disc that has been mastered with multiple subtitles, press the subtitle
button repeatedly to select the desired language of the viewable subtitle.
Note: Only DVDs recorded with multi-language subtitles have this function.
Changing the audio soundtrack languages (DVD)
Press the Language button on the remote control repeatedly during playback to select different
audio languages.
Note: Only DVDs recorded with soundtrack languages have this function. Some recorded DVD
disc or video files without this function.
Changing the audio channel (CD/MP3/VCD)
Press the Language button repeatedly during playback to select available audio channels
provided by the VCD disc (Left Mono, Right Mono, Mix-Mono or Stereo).
Information display
During playback, press the DISPLAY button repeatedly to show the disc playback information on
the screen (video format, time, title and chapter etc.)
Note: Depending on the kind of disc (DVD, VCD, CD or Data discs), different information will be
shown on display.
Numeric buttons
Use the Numeric buttons to input a DVD chapter, VCD or CD track (invalid for some discs) and
press the ENTER button to confirm.
Select ”1-9”, press the numeric button directly;
Select”10-99”, press the “10+” button to select the number on ten digits, the number increase
along with the number of the button press, press the number directly to select the number on
unit digit.
Using the search feature (DVD/VCD/CD)
Note: The function is invalid on some discs.
1. Playing DVD disc
Search by title, chapter or time; Stop the playback at a specific point, and then press the GOTO
button: The search window appears on the screen.
Use navigation buttons to select a search option:
• Title: Enter the title number using the numeric keypad.
• Chapter: Enter the chapter number using the numeric keypad.
• Disc Time: Use navigation buttons to select a field (minutes, seconds). Use the numeric keypad
to enter the field values.
2. Playing VCD disc
• Disc Time: Use navigation buttons to select a field (minutes, seconds). Use the numeric keypad
to enter the field values.
• Track: Enter the track number using the numeric keypad.
3. Playing CD disc
Use navigation buttons to select a search option:
• Disc Time: Use navigation buttons to select a field (minutes, seconds). Use the numeric keypad
to enter the field values.
• Track: Enter the track number using the numeric keypad.
Special features
MP3/WMA Playing
The MP3/WMA disc has a directory structure as shown in the picture.
Press the Direction key to choose the root directory and then press the ENTER button to
enter into the sub directory. Press the Direction key to choose the desired track and then
press the ENTER button to enjoy the music or movie.
If you want to return to the upper menu, press the Direction key to choose the
icon and
press the ENTER button.
Photo/picture CD Playback
The PICTURE CD disc has such a directory structure as shown in the following picture.
Press Direction key to choose the desired picture and then press the ENTER button to enter
into the sub directory. Press Direction key to choose the desired picture and then press the
ENTER button on the remote control to view the picture. Press Menu if you want to return to
the menu.
Image rotation
In picture play state, press the Direction key to rotate the picture.
Connect to USB
You can play or view the supported data files, such as the MP3/WMA, Video files in AVI files,
photo in JPEG. Copy the desired files in your USB device, and insert the USB device into the
USB port on the right side of your portable DVD player. The portable DVD player supports
the USB device up to 8GB flash memory. (Note: not all USB devices can be read well. Not all movie
files in your USB device can be played well.)
When the disc playback in stop mode, press the USB/CARD button on the remote control, and
then press the direction button of the UP/DOWN to select the USB, press the ENTER button to
switch to USB mode. And then select the file you want to play by pressing the direction button.
USB interface
All the function is the same to play a disc.
Note: the USB IN port is compatible with flash memories; it is not warranted the compatibility with
MP3 players using owner software.
Connect to SD/MMC Memory Card
1. Plug a SD or MMC card into the SD/MMC Memory Slot.
2. Switch unit to Card Mode by pressing the USB/CARD button
3. Use the Directional buttons to select videos or images. Press the Enter button to play.
4. The portable DVD player supports the memory card device up to 8GB flash memory.
Please do not insert in the wrong direction, or it will be corrupted. Always stop the playback or
change to other mode before removing the USB/Memory card device.
Rotate the screen
The screen can be rotated right 90 degrees and rotated left 180 degrees, when it is rotated left
180 degrees, it could be pressed down and turn into tablet mode.
System setup
To access the setup menu, press the setup button on the remote control. You will be given four
sub menu options to choose from. Each option is described below. Use the arrow keys to navigate
between the options.
The general menu allows you to modify basic setting such as language. The general options
are as follows:
- TV Display: Adjust the screen aspect ration between 4:3 Pan Scan/4:3 Letter Box/16:9
- Angle Mark: Display a mark on the screen when multiple angles are available
- OSD Language: Allow you to change the menu language
- Screen Saver: Display a screen saver when the portable DVD has not been used for a period
of time
- Last Memory: Reverts back to the same spot on a DVD if the portable DVD is turned off in
the middle of a program
- MP3 Lyric: Set Mp3 Lyric Mode on or off
If you want to show the Lyric, please load the Lyric and the music as the same name in the
USB or Memroy card before performing this function. Choose an MP3 file, for example “love
music. mp3”.
Download the corresponding lyrics with extension “.lrc” from the Internet or create it with a Lyric
file editor.
Rename the lyrics file. Make sure that the lyrics filename is the same as the music file name. For
example “love music.lrc”
The Audio menu allows you to change the audio setup of the portable DVD
- Speaker
Downmix: Set downmix to LT/RT, Stereo or V SURR
Post DRC: Set Post DRC to on, off or auto
(Post DRC means reducing the volume, guarantee the volume is below the maximum output
of the speaker. “on” means reducing all volume beyond the maximum output of the speaker.
“auto” means reducing the volume beyond the maximum output of the speaker in sound
effects processing.)
The video menu allows you to change the display properties of the portable DVD
- Quality
Sharpness: Adjust the screen sharpness between LOW/MID/HIGH
Brightness: Adjust the screen brightness
Contrast: Adjust the screen contrast
Gamma: Adjust the screen gamma
Hue: Adjust the screen hue
Saturation: Adjust the screen saturation
- Panel Quality: Setup the video quality
- Panel Display: Setup panel display to 16:9 or 4:3
The preference menu option allow you to adjust the default DVD disk setting. (This setting only
available when no media inside the unit)
- TV Type: Set TV type to PAL, AUTO or NTSC
- PBC: Set PBC State to on or off
- Audio: Set the default audio language
- Subtitle: Set the subtitle language
- Disc Menu: Set the disc menu language
- Parental: Set a maximum rating for disks that can be played without a password
- Password: Set a parental lock password(The default password is 136900)
- Default: Return the portable DVD to factory default.
Carry out the problem-solving measures described in the following section before contacting
Customer Support. Do not attempt to repair the DVD player by yourself.
Turn off the DVD player immediately as soon as you suspect a malfunction. Unplug the power
plug and check whether the DVD player is unusually warm or whether smoke is rising from it.
Other possible causes for problems:
Static discharges or other external interferences can cause the DVD player to malfunction. When
this happens, disconnect the power plug from the mains socket and plug it back in.
If the problem persists, disconnect the device from the mains again and contact Customer Service
or a repair shop.
Possible cause
Disc cover not closed
Close disc cover
player does
No disc inserted
Insert disc
not work
Disc inserted the wrong way
Insert disc with label facing up
Disc dirty or deformed
Clean disc, or insert other disc
Regional code of the player does
Purchase DVD with
not match the regional code of the
corresponding regional code
Moisture on lens
Remove disc and turn off DVD
player for at least two hours
No sound
Device not properly connected
Check connections and connect
device in the correct way
Headphones connected
Pull out the headphones
(loudspeaker off)
DVD sound settings incorrect
Check sound settings and set
sound correctly
No video
Disc dirty or deformed
Clean disc, or insert other disc
TV screen is off or in the incorrect
Turn on LCD screen and/or set
video mode
correct video mode
Device not properly connected
Check connections and connect
device in the correct way
Poor video
Disc dirty or deformed
Clean disc, or insert other disc
Loop mode is switched on
Exit the loop mode
playback of a
Disc dirty or deformed
Clean disc, or insert other disc
Obstacle between remote control
Remove obstacle
and DVD player
and/or audio
does not work
Remote control not pointed at DVD
Point remote control directly at
DVD player
Remote control battery inserted
the wrong way
if necessary, insert battery
Check the battery's polarity and,
Battery too low or completely
Insert new battery
Power adaptor
AC Adaptor input power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Output: DC 12V 1A (AC adaptor Terminal)
Power supply
DC 9V - 12V 1A
Play mode
Disc mode
USB/SD/MMC playback
Video S/N ratio
≥ 65dB.
AV out resolution
≥ 500 lines
Frequency response
fs 96KHz: 20Hz-20KHz:+/-1dB
Audio S/N ratio
≥ 90dB
Dynamic range
D/A Converter
Headphone jack
AV in/AV out jack
TV aspect ratio
4:3 /16:9
Display Device
Color TFT-LCD display, screen resolution is 1024*600 pixel
Screen Size
10” widescreen
NOTE: As a result of continual improvements, the design and specifications of this product are
subject to change without notice and may differ slightly from the unit illustrated on the packaging.
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