Robotics For Everyone! 90 PICAXE

8 Broadband Over Power Lines: A Flawed Technology
Broadband Over Power Lines could be coming to a pole near you. It's currently
on trial in Tasmania and not everyone's happy - by Ross Tester
12 Car Sound On The Cheap; Pt.1
You can put together a good in-car sound system for just $200-300. Here's
how to go about it - by Julian Edgar
18 Microbric: Robotics For Everyone!
Microbric is about to hit the Australian market with major press campaigns/
Here's a sneak preview- by Ross Tester
90 PICAXE In Schools; Pt.5
Final instalment shows you how to add IR remote control and voice recording
to your PICAXE - by dive Seager
26 Studio Series Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Looking for a top-class headphone amplifier? This superb unit is easy to build
and can drive both high and low-impedance 'phones to full power with very
low noise and distortion - by Peter Smith
36 Build A MIDI Drum Kit
This do-it-yourself MIDI drum kit can produce just about any musical sound
you can think of, either via a computer or a synthesiser - by John Clarke
70 Serial I/O Controller & Analog Sampler
it connects to your PC's serial port and can switch relays according to
voltage, resistance, temperature and digital inputs. It also includes system
timers and can be operated as a PLC-style controller - by Trent Jackson
80 Delta XL02 Tower Loudspeaker System
A high-power 2-way system that you build from a kit - by Leo Simpson
65 Serviceman's Log
The fountain of all knowledge - by the TV Serviceman
86 Circuit Notebook
(1)1W LED Driver Circuit; (2) Simple Cable RJ-45 Cable Tester; (3) Improved
LED Torch; (4) Load Sharing Multiple Supplies; (5) Paraphase Tone Control
96 Salvage It!
Scrounging and (gulp) buying the bits - by Julian Edgar
102 Vintage Radio
Vintage radio clubs: 15 years old and going strong - by Rodney Champness