Database Monitoring and Event Management
When There’s No Time For Downtime
Surveillance IP
The NORAD monitoring and management solution for
Lucent’s QIP address management software
Key Benefits
Surveillance IP alerts you when
any DHCP or DNS server is
down or if there is a problem
communicating with it.
Alerts network administrators
if any QIP services/daemons
fail, and can automatically
restart them if desired.
Monitors DHCP scope
utilization and alerts when a
scope exceeds a user-defined
threshold. Monitor for the
scopes filling up, or identify
underutilized scopes as well.
Searches through BIND logs for
errors such as Rejected Zones,
and reports the information in
real-time monitoring windows.
Searches through any ASCII
file or log for key phrases
desired, parses out data, and
analyzes the data to generate
alerts, perform automated
corrective actions, and store
the information in a repository.
Allows users to specify scripts
to execute, and then parse
the output looking for error
codes. For example, you can
execute nslookup to verify that
DNS is providing proper name
The NORAD family of products provides IT departments with real-time feedback and
automatic corrective actions to ensure application and system uptime with the goal of
maximizing application performance, availability and reliability. The mission of NORAD is to
protect the IT systems and business processes that are vital to today’s business economy.
QIP address management software from Lucent Technologies is the leading IP address
management product. It automates the management of IP name and address services
across intranet and global Internet systems in medium and large enterprises. With QIP,
network administrators can comprehensively manage IP services and addresses in a
network environment with scalable, secure and high-performance Domain Name Server
(DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers. Some of the world’s most
demanding networks successfully employ this solution in their high volume/high availability,
mission-critical environments. Now with the NORAD Surveillance IP from Bradmark,
network administrators can monitor and manage the QIP solution.
Efficient diagnostics and effective problem identification with a real-time perspective
Product Summary
Increase availability... By monitoring
the QIP application and system
resources, you can virtually eliminate IP
service outages.
Related Products
Enterprise Monitoring
and Event Management
Monitor the QIP enterprise
database... NORAD will monitor the
Oracle or Sybase database at the heart
of the QIP solution which helps your
organization to meet its goals for
the issuance and management of IP
addresses and DNS domain names.
Create historical records for
reporting and trending...
All data collected by NORAD can be
viewed in real-time. This data can
also be stored in a local repository or
automatically forwarded to a
centralized database for subsequent
viewing, reporting, and trend analysis.
NORAD Surveillance DB
A real-time monitoring tool capable of overseeing your
entire database environment. A DBA can view real-time
performance data without writing scripts, reducing the
need for a large, skilled staff to trace problems.
NORAD Surveillance OS
Adds operating system monitoring capabilities to
Surveillance DB’s outstanding database monitoring ability.
NORAD Surveillance DB
for Sybase Replication Server
Allows you to monitor the overall health, performance and
configuration of the Sybase Replication Server environment.
Database Administration
and Performance Tuning
NORAD DBControl Online
Provides uninterrupted 24 x 7 data availability of Oracle
databases while performing reorgs, structural changes
and partition management. DBAs are able to perform
critical maintenance during regular hours that saves your
holidays, evenings and weekends.
NORAD DBControl for DB2 UDB
The latest addition to the NORAD family, DBControl makes
it easy to manipulate the structure of large DB2 tables.
For enterprises where sites are dispersed around the
world, DBControl contains an enhanced schema evolution
functionality that allows users to propagate schema
changes on multiple objects to many different databases.
Verify that all QIP daemons and
services are serving clients...
DHCP and DNS client requests can be
impersonated on a user-defined interval
to verify that the those daemons are
providing the service desired.
System Requirements
About Bradmark
Console Requirements:
For more than 20 years, Bradmark has provided a business advantage by ensuring
that the databases, which are vital to the organization’s competitive advantage,
meet or exceed health and availability requirements.
Windows 95/98 or NT/2000/XP/2003
Pentium Processor
32 MB of RAM
16 MB free hard disk space
Bradmark is committed to providing data management solutions in
support of our customers’ business challenges.
Agent Requirements:
In addition to a direct sales force, Bradmark has an established worldwide network
of channel partners.
To order or for more information on other Bradmark products:
Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Solaris, HP-UX, Linux Kernel
25 MB free hard disk space,
more for repositories (Windows)
300 MB free hard disk space (UNIX)
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NORAD Surveillance IP Data Sheet
Print Date: 2/04