Xerox® DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press Consistent quality

Xerox® DocuColor 8080
Digital Press
Xerox DocuColor 8080
Digital Press
Consistent quality, productivity
and value
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Consistently great color—print after print.
The Xerox® DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press with our “Low Gloss” dry ink
produces prints with a pleasing matte finish that looks great on every page.
With balanced neutrals, detailed shadows and highlights and excellent photo
rendering, DocuColor 8080 can delight your customers with a sought-after offset
look and feel at the speed and ease of digital. Our automated, inline color calibration
technology ensures that the DocuColor 8080 Digital Press gives you consistent,
repeatable colors for the highest quality output images.
To help you produce more jobs every day,
our DocuColor 8080 Digital Press runs all
weights of paper at a rated speed of
80 ppm. Print simple jobs on common stocks
or complex jobs on heavyweight stocks quickly
and reliably. With DocuColor 8080, more jobs
run smoothly through the press, adding up to
more billable pages at the end of the month
for you.
Reduce your costs by leveraging our
customized Productivity Applications—
allowing you to increase efficiency and
automate workflows. Automate your
personalized pieces with VI on the Fly apps.
Streamline job setup with Setup and Go
apps for business cards, postcards, calendars,
brochures and more. Remove additional
bottlenecks with One-Touch apps to take
time-consuming pre-press operations to touchless events that happen in seconds instead of
minutes or hours.
Grow your business with a suite of Business
Development Tools and help from our
business development experts. Whether
it’s training, applications design, marketing,
or even how to set your own value-based
pricing structure, we can help you every step
of the way.
Better color—faster
The DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press features our Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS)
with its inline spectrophotometer that lets you transform time into profit, increase quality
and consistency—and become an indispensable partner to your customers. It is designed with
built-in process automation to deliver color accuracy and repeatability from job to job, operator
to operator or across multiple devices quickly and easily while increasing productivity and
available press time.
Spot Color
Advanced Profiling
One Spectrophotometer, multiple productivity enhancements
At the heart of the DocuColor 8080 Digital Press—and our image quality enhancement tools—is
an internal, inline spectrophotometer. Our Automated Color Quality Suite—or ACQS—is a set
of color management tools that uses the data from the spectrophotometer to improve color
accuracy and repeatability. By placing the advanced spectrophotometer inside the paper path
and automating processes like calibration, spot color calibration and profiling, the DocuColor
8080 Digital Press dramatically streamlines workflow, increases total productivity and helps your
bottom line.
Spot Color—simple to set up
Leveraging the inline spectrophotometer
that is integrated into the paper path,
we can reduce time-consuming manual
color maintenance tasks and make
them one-button operator functions
that deliver exceptional image quality
consistently. By generating color patches
on target sheets, registering the sheets
so the patches are read accurately,
processing the data and taking the
appropriate actions, we reduce downtime
and automate labor-intensive color
maintenance tasks. By streamlining
calibration tasks, we help reduce nonproductive printer time and facilitate
quick, on-time job turnaround. The
FreeFlow Print Server delivers even more
productivity. By allowing for automated
scheduling, we shift operator time from
maintenance of color to production,
eliminating any potential human error
and allowing operators to focus on
running print jobs.
Customers running applications such as marketing collaterals and direct mail are sensitive to spot
color consistency for logos or corporate color standards and for many, repeatability is as critical
as or even more important than accuracy. The Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server performs Spot Color
Calibration to fine tune spot colors to official (PANTONE® licensed) reference aims, within a userspecified level of quality. It automatically reads print engine data and modifies the CMYK recipe
for each spot color to minimize the color difference with the reference value to deliver quality
output that is spot-on.
Advanced Profiling—all at the touch of a button
Advanced Profiling automatically creates a superior, custom ICC-compliant Destination Profile
for color critical applications such as photos that require a high degree of color accuracy and
detail as well as a pleasing appearance. It maps RGB and CMYK source images to a desired
press-like output—making it easier to emulate source color spaces and produce a more
accurate color. Advanced Profiling can render to industry color standards, such as Fogra and
GRACoL for outstanding color.
Advancing productivity from the inside out.
Built to produce more jobs. Based on a platform that has thousands of installations
worldwide that produce billions of pages every year, the DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press
has industry-leading, innovative imaging technology with proven performance your
business can count on.
Paper Feed Module
is comprised of two
2,000-sheet trays,
enabling you to run
lightweight and heavyweight stocks from
16 lb Bond to 110 lb
Cover (60 – 300 gsm).
A secondary feed
module can be
added to extend paper
capacities to a total of
8,000 sheets, allowing
for jobs with up to four
different types of stocks.
Custom Paper Setup
enables you to create,
store and retrieve unique
paper profiles based
on characteristics of
a paper that can be
utilized over and over.
Mode Programming
‡ All-Weights Mode
enables all stocks to
run at full rated speed
(70 ppm/80 ppm) on
8.5" x 11" or A4 pages,
regardless of media
weight and type.
‡ Mixed-Media Mode
optimizes throughput
speed for jobs with
mixed paper weights.
Gearless Motors
provide consistency in
overall image quality.
Customer Adjustable
Alignment with
electronic control over
skew, perpendicularity
and lead-edge
adjustments keeps
registration within a
tight tolerance.
Paper Path, including
the stainless-steel
inversion and duplex
paths, plays an important role in supporting
benchmark image
quality, reliability
and speed. Customeradjustable settings let
you fine-tune image
Load While Run “Low
Gloss” Dry Ink improves
productivity because
you don’t have to stop
the DocuColor 8080
when loading dry ink. A
reservoir holds enough
to produce up to 5,000
prints while you load new
dry ink cartridges.
Xerox Productivity Plus
This training instructs operators how to perform basic tasks to keep presses running and customer commitments on schedule. These basic
steps require no special skills. By learning and performing just a few routine maintenance activities, like sensor cleaning and filter replacement,
you can make sure for yourself that your equipment runs with maximum uptime.
High Resolution
Imaging with state-ofthe-art 32-beam laser
VCSEL technology writes
data quickly at 2400 x
2400 dpi resolution.
Corotron Cleaning
Assembly provides easy
cleaning of corotron wires
to enable consistently
high image quality.
automates press
calibration for more
accurate and stable
color, PANTONE
matching and
enhanced productivity.
Fully Automated
Output Decurler
provides consistent
and reliable output
quality. Programmable
settings let you define
parameters for specific
stocks, ensuring flat
output that is ready
for finishing.
High-Capacity Stacker
provides production
stacking capabilities by
supporting all media,
regardless of size and
weight. Maximum stack
weight for the cart is
99 lbs (45 kg).
Optional Stacker/
Stapler enhances
productivity with the
ability to staple up to
50 sheets (24 lb Text/
90 gsm).
Your choice of servers.
Find just what you need. The DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press gives you the
advantage of a choice of three networked print servers. Each combines outstanding
color management with a user-friendly interface to yield outstanding digital color and
integrates smoothly into your printing environment.
Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server
This extremely fast, powerful and easy-to-use
color server with ConfidentColor Technology
provides enhanced color management and ondemand digital production capabilities. Built-in
features such as page-exception programming,
job forwarding and customizable print queues
make job management easier.
Xerox® EX Print Server,
Powered by Fiery®
Xerox® CX Print Server, Powered
by Creo® Color Server Technology
The EX Print Server has new and enhanced
features, like Adobe PDF Print Engine support,
that enable complex and impactful imaging
on your press. Extensive ColorWise® color
management tools make it possible to produce
consistently brilliant output, regardless of the
user’s color management experience.
The CX Print Server goes well beyond providing
excellent color output. This color server
combines color management tools that yield
superb digital color with a workflow that
integrates seamlessly with the offset or
high-end digital color environment.
Workflow Solutions
Productivity Applications
Xerox delivers the solutions that will help you to
produce more jobs—with productivity apps that
streamline and automate your most common
workflows. Each of these optional apps is configured with the appropriate workflow software,
hardware and on-site support to ensure you are
reaching maximum productivity fast.
VI on the Fly
For personalized applications that delight your
customers and will grow your business:
to minutes with templates defined and delivered
to you
components to generate postcards, calendars,
business cards and posters
One Touch
For the fastest prepress without operator
intervention that will reduce your costs:
allow you to complete a handful of jobs per day
to hundreds of jobs per day
Setup and Go
For the easiest job ticketing in the industry that
will allow you to produce more jobs:
imposition settings and combining files
Express to Print booklets, brochures, postcards,
business cards, calendars and more
work with FreeFlow Process Manager ® for static or
personalized postcards, business cards, booklets,
brochures, calendars and posters
The optional Productivity Apps can be used
with any of the Color Server choices for the
DocuColor 8080 Digital Press.
Your choice of finishing.
Deliver professional results that are sure to grow your business. The
DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press is modular and scalable to meet your production
needs. With inline options from a lay-flat binder, high-capacity stacker and cover
binder to a basic and professional document finisher, you can strengthen your
bottom line by adding new applications.
GBC® eBinder 200™
Produce 360 wrap-around lay-flat booklets
with the GBC eBinder 200. It delivers stack,
punch and bind functionality, all in one inline
device. One size fits all, durable, self-adjusting
polyester bind elements (available in black,
navy blue, white and clear) let you create
professional flip presentations, calendars,
lay-flat documents and more from
2 to 100 8.5" x 11" or A4 sheets without
the traditional offline labor-intensive,
time-consuming steps associated with
manual punch and binding.
Xerox® DB120-D
Document Binder
The world’s first and only inline thermal
cover binder system for digital color presses,
the DB120-D Document Binder gives you
professionally bound, finished documents
in a variety of styles at the rated speed of
the DocuColor 8080. It binds up to
120 8.5" x 11" or A4 sheets in a variety of
eye-catching preformed or custom covers.
Standard Horizon ColorWorks
Document Finisher and
ColorWorks PRO
Document Finisher
Create impressive booklets with inline
folding, corner and top stitching, face trimming
and stacking capabilities quickly and easily
with the standard modular offering. Add
multi-line scoring and bleed trimming channel
with the ColorWorks Professional Document
Finisher. Bleed trims are crisp, clean and
accurate. This production grade finisher
combination produces professionally finished
documents without additional post processing.
GBC FusionPunch® II
Inline Printer Punch
Combining printing and punching into
one step without additional labor costs, the
FusionPunch II handles challenging applications
and a large variety of stocks, such as intermixed,
slick and lighter stocks—all with greater
reliability. The punched paper is offset-stacked
in the attached stacker, making color separator
sheets and manual sorting a thing of the past.
Specifications for Xerox® DocuColor® 8080 Digital Press
Paper Capacity and Handling
Automated Color Quality Suite
‡ 2400 x 2400 dpi (1-bit depth)
‡ Line Screens:
– 150 Clustered Dot
– 200 Clustered Dot
– 300 Clustered Dot
– 600 Clustered Dot
– 200 Rotated Line Screen
– Stochastic
‡ Paper trays—2,000 sheets each, 7.2" x 7.2"
(182 x 182 mm) to 12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 488 mm),
16 lb Bond to 110 lb Cover (60 to 300 gsm)
Note: Tray capacity is based on 24 lb
(90 gsm) substrate
‡ Automatic Tray Switching
‡ Offsetting Output Tray:
– 500 sheets with automatic offsetting sets
‡ Duplex:
– Automatic duplexing (4/4 impressions)
from all trays up to 110 lb Cover (300 gsm)
‡ Increases productivity and consistency by
automating calibration
‡ Ensures superior image quality and repeatability
‡ Inline spectrophotometer (standard) reads color
data at rated speed
‡ Features Spot Color to automatically adjust
PANTONE colors for ICC-compliant accuracy*
‡ Automatically creates destination profiles for color
critical applications*
Customizable Electronic Aligner Adjustments
Custom Paper Setup
Charge Corotron Cleaning Assembly
In-line Spectrophotometer to assist with operator
tasks around color calibration and profiling
‡ Enhanced Feeding and Finishing
‡ Floating Aligner Transport for tight
front-to-back registration of +/- 0.5 mm
DocuColor 8080 Productivity
(All Weights Mode)
‡ 80 ppm (8.5" x 11", A4), 60 – 300 gsm,
(16 lb Bond to 110 lb Cover)
‡ 4200/4800 full process color A4 (letter)
4/0 impressions per hour
‡ 2100/2400 SRA3 (tabloid)
4/0 impressions per hour
Paper Format/Sizes
‡ Maximum Sheet Size 12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 488 mm)
‡ Minimum Sheet Size 7.2" x 7.2" (182 x 182 mm)
‡ Maximum Imageable Area 12.4" x 18.9"
(315 x 480 mm)
Paper Flexibility/Weights
‡ Coated and uncoated papers, bright papers,
carbonless paper, DocuCard®, labels, business
cards, glossy brochures, window decals,
durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards,
polyesters and custom solutions
‡ Mixed-stock jobs supported
‡ 16 lb Bond/60 gsm up to 110 lb Cover/300 gsm
‡ Base Configuration: 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
30A (sole use)
‡ Additional electrical required for print server,
feeding/finishing devices, and scanner:
– 115 VAC 15 Amp for 60 Hz or 220 VAC 10 Amp
for 50 Hz (Western Hemisphere)
– 200 – 240 Volts, 10 Amp, 50 Hz (Europe)
‡ Base Printing System (without RIP and/or
feeding/finishing devices):
– 100" (W) x 44" (L) x 56" (H)
– 2,540 mm (W) x 1,105 mm (L) x 1,413 mm (H)
– Weight: 2,200 lb (1,000 kg)
Duty Cycle
DocuColor 8080
‡ 1.2 million
Choice of Color Servers
‡ Xerox® FreeFlow ® Print Server
‡ Xerox® EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery ®
‡ Xerox® CX Print Server, Powered by Creo®
4,000-sheet Secondary Feeder Module
3,750-sheet High-Capacity Stacker (HCS)
2,250-sheet Stacker Stapler
Xerox® DB120-D
GBC® FusionPunch® II
GBC® eBinder 200™
Standard Horizon ColorWorks
Standard Horizon ColorWorks PRO
Optional FreeFlow Collection
FreeFlow Print Manager
FreeFlow Process Manager ®
FreeFlow Output Manager ®
FreeFlow Express to Print
FreeFlow Web Services, powered by Press-sense™
FreeFlow VI Suite
FreeFlow Makeready ®
Xerox® Productivity Applications
‡ VI On The Fly
– FreeFlow VI Interpreter
– Freeflow VIPP® Pro Publisher
– 4 hours of Analyst support time
‡ Setup and Go
– FreeFlow Express to Print
– 2 hours of Analyst support time
‡ One Touch
– FreeFlow Process Manager
– Personal Computer (spec available if
– 4 hours of Analyst support time
Business Development
‡ ProfitAccelerator ®: a collection of over 100
tools, kits, guides, templates, financial modeling
software and more to help you get a quick start
to growing volume with your DocuColor 8080.
‡ Business Development Services: Training and
Professional services to support the Sales and
Marketing, Workflow and Operational and
Application Development areas of your business.
Provided worldwide by a team of Xerox and
External Network of Consultants focused on
growing your business.
*Available with FreeFlow Print Server only.
For more information, call 1-800 ASK XEROX or
visit us on the Web at
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