Adora DRi sets new standards for ergonomics, flexibility

One touch, stress-free DR
•Versatile, fast and
accurate digital DR
•Lateral examinations,
e.g. left and right axial
hip, without repositioning
the patient
•Minimize stress on staff
and maximize patient
•Easy and straightforward
to use, and state-of-theart ergonomics
NRT X-RAY A/S - Birkegaardsvej 16, DK-8361 - Hasselager, Denmark
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“Adora DRi sets
new standards for
ergonomics, flexibility,
comfort and care”
•Imagine any projection
and perform it - either
fully automated or
Unique versatility
• PositionAnywhere, i.e. imagine any projection and perform it,
and save it as an auto-position for future use
• 999 programmable APR’s and auto-positions
• Enables patella skyline examinations, straight and oblique projections without manual detector handling
• Motorized detector/tube positioning
• Single-side suspended table, max. 250 kg patient weight
• 340° rotating table for max. flexibility even in small rooms –
make space for wheel chairs and bedside examinations
• AccessAnywhere, provides easy patient access all around the
table and optimal cleaning conditions
State-of-the-art ergonomics
• Designed to minimize stress on staff and maximize patient
• One-touch, stress-free DR with minimum manual handling
• Automatic, smooth, low-noise motorized movements
• SmartHandle with inTouch technology for intuitive manual
control & adjustments
• 12” floating touch screen user interface remains horizontal to
the user regardless of tube rotation
• Configurable inLight in equipment ceiling dims when the collimator light is activated
Advanced Canon technology
• New generation Canon CXDI Flat Panel detectors
• Docked in Adora detector dock and/or wireless, portable; light
• High resolution; 125 µm pixel pitch
• Best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and
• Light weight and robust
• Wireless detectors can be shared across examination rooms
and modalities
Intuitive Canon CXDI Control software NE
• Intuitive GUI for optimized operation and workflows
• Prepack protocol operation: single click selection of predefined combination of protocols
• Easy to suspend exams and perform emergency studies
• Sophisticated image processing for premium diagnostic image
• Advanced image post-processing controls
• Three levels of user access relative to requirements
Configure to match requirements
• Automatic image stitching, standing & supine patients
• Advanced inOrbit ISO-centric tracking; circular movement to
allow easy positioning with anatomy in ISO-center
• System integrated patient lifting hoist
• Patient grip stand for thorax examinations
• Remote control, table side controls and a wide array of
foot switches
• Grids for both docked and wireless detectors
• Mattresses, grips, steps, cages and more…
NRT X-RAY A/S - Birkegaardsvej 16, DK-8361 - Hasselager, Denmark
T +45 8628 3500 - E – www.linkedin/company/nrt-x-ray