iR C2105
corporate colour
Professional colour
quality for all your
business needs
Create your own fast and
affordable colour system
with the iR C2105
Your business environment is changing and at Canon we
The iR C2105 can provide copying only, printing only,
understand that to stay ahead of your competitors, effective
copying plus network print and scanning. This is combined
communication and cost reduction are high on your
with the extensive range of finishing accessories and not
only are your immediate needs met but your investment is
protected as your demands change.
The iR C2105 will help give you this competitive edge.
The ability to communicate in colour will mean your
documents have an instant and hard-hitting impact,
• Fast 21 pages per minute full-colour and 28ppm black
and white
attracting attention and ensuring long term recollection,
• Innovative and flexible modular system
while centralising colour output gives you full control of
• Automatic duplex copying
costs and productivity.
• High 600 x 1200 dpi print resolution
• Powerful finishing possibilities
As no two businesses have the same requirement for colour
documents we’ve also made the iR C2105 modular, so that
you can choose the right combination of features and
functions to match your business workflow needs.
• Intuitive operation and compact design
The iR C2105 delivers the high speed performance
As standard, the iR C2105 has 2 paper cassettes, each
a fast-moving business needs to keep ahead of the
holding 500 sheets with a manual feeder capable of
competition. And whether producing 21 A4 pages per
handling heavy stock paper of up to 220 g/m². Two
minute for full colour or 28ppm for black & white, the
additional paper cassettes will double the paper capacity.
iR C2105 delivers optimum performance. It can handle
Adding a paper deck takes the total paper capacity to
flexible paper formats, up to A3+ and is capable of
5,550 sheets.
printing full bleed (on A3+ stock). In addition, stackless
duplexing and a fast start time of under 10 seconds,
ensures your productivity.
The iR C2105 is extremely compact, due to Canon’s new
LED and transfer belt technologies. It’s also quiet, with an
Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) driving the drums and has virtually
The iR C2105 600 x 1200 dpi print resolution ensures high
no ozone emission. A ‘finger-touch’ clear control panel
quality colour output for all your corporate work – whether
facilitates intuitive operation for everyone.
for text, graphic images or photographs. The system utilises
Canon’s spherical toner particles for a fine, smooth finish,
resulting in a perfect, oil-less matt output.
A powerful, optional embedded controller ensures
complete networking capability, bringing colour productivity
to every connected desktop. The controller offers fast colour
The innovative modular design of the iR C2105 means you
processing speeds, thanks to a new Intel® Pentium® III
can configure the system to your exact requirements – or
700MHz CPU, 256MB RAM and a 10GB hard disk. The
even add on a module at a later date to meet changing
iR C2105’s functionality can be further extended to include
workflow demands.
black and white network scanning using Fiery remote Scan™
so now documents can be shared across your organistation.
The cost of colour is an all-important consideration in the
corporate office. Canon’s ‘all-in-one technology’ has an
The versatile iR C2105 lets you share departmental printing
integrated developing unit that includes the photo-sensitive
resources far more efficiently with optional solutions such
drum. Which means the iR C2105 can realise reduced
as clustering and redirection. So you can handle peak
running and print costs. It also offers automatic duplexing
workgroup printing demand smoothly, saving time and
copying, so you can cut down on paper costs and increase
increasing reliability, while full document accounting*
enables effective cost control and optimum allocation of all
* (Windows 2000 support follows shortly)
I R C 2 1 0 5 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S
iR C2105 Basic Copying Features
iR C2105 Printer
Copy Speed Colour A4/A3: 21 cpm/10.5 cpm
Print Speed Colour A4/A3: 21 ppm/10.5 ppm
Copy Speed Black/White A4/A3: 28cpm/14 cpm
Print Speed Black/White A4/A3: 28 ppm/14 ppm
First Copy Out Time A4: 9.9 sec. in full colour
Operating system: Linux
Resolution: black/white 600 x 1,200 dpi equivalent,
colour 600 x 600 dpi
Processor: Intel® Pentium III® 700MHz
Multiple Copies: 1-999
Hard Disk: 10GB
Preset RE ratio: 3R 3E
Magnification Zoom: yes (25-400%) (in 1% increments)
Quality Resolution: 600 x 1,200 dpi (equivalent black only);
600 x 600 dpi full-colour
Exposure Adjustment: manual: yes, AutoExposure cont.: yes
Grey Scales: 256 grey scales printing
B/W & Colour Mode Selection ACS: yes
Compression: yes
Full Colour Mode: yes
Transmit Once - Print Many: yes
Black Mode: yes
Automatic Duplexing Copying/Printing: standard
Original Type Selection: photo, printed image, text & maps & photo
Page Description Language
Auto Start: yes
PostScript 3: yes
Energy Saver: yes, (saving levels: -10, -25, -50%)
PCL5C: yes
Auto Energy Saving: yes, (energy saver on after designated time)
Parallel Centronics: yes
Auto Lower Power: yes
Network Interfaces: 10Base-T, 100Base-TX (RJ45), 10Base-5,
Ethernet™, Token Ring™
Memory RAM Standard: 256MB
Auto Sleep: yes
Paper Feeding: drawer 1: 500 sheets/A5R–A4/64–105 gsm and OHP;
drawer 2: 500 sheets/A5R–A3/64–105 gsm, and OHP; stack bypass:
50 sheets/A5R–A3+ (305–457 mm)/64–220 gsm, and OHP
Printer Drivers: Windows® 95/98/2000/NT 4.0, Macintosh, Linux
Optional Paper Feeding: paper deck: 3,500 sheets/A4/64–105 gsm;
2-cassette feeding unit: 2 x 500 sheets/A5R–A4 (upper) & A5R–A3
(lower)/64–105 gsm, and OHP
Electronic Collation: yes
Network Scanning: Fiery Remote Scan™ (black and white only)
Colour Balance: yes
downloader • Colorwise Pro • CWPT/calibrator • CWPT profile manager
• Fiery spooler (Mac only) • Fiery link • EFI unidriver (Windows® 9x)
• Netspot • font backup • font downloader • Remote scan (optional)
• Webscan (optional) • Freeform (optional)
Store settings: yes, 4 settings
Web Tools
Density Adjustment: yes, for each (Y, M, C, K), 17 steps of high,
medium & low
WebStatus • WebSpooler (Mac & PC) • Weblink
One Touch Colour: desired setting: yes, (vivid, tranquil, lighten,
darkening, highlight, old-fashion)
Intensity of Colour: red, yellow, blue
18-bin stapler/sorter • finisher/saddle finisher (Booklet maker)* • D-ADF
• paper deck • 2-cassette feeding unit • plain pedestal • image editing
unit • control card IV N • Token Ring • Fiery Remote scan and freeform
Single Colour C, M, Y, K, R, G, B: yes
* Finisher/saddle finisher functionality only available when printing
iR C2105 Image Adjustment Functions
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