ADARA Axis Switch
ADARA Axis 5800 Series
Product Highlights
Flexible high-performance switch for
SDN applications.
• 48 x RJ-45 Copper, supporting 10GBASE-T,
1000BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet on Cat
6, Cat 6 A and Cat 7 twisted-pair cable
• 48 x RJ-45 Copper, supporting 1000BASE-T
and 100BASE-TX on Cat 5e UTP, Cat 6, Cat 6A
and Cat 7 twisted-pair cable
• 6 x 40 QSFP switch ports, each supporting
The ADARA Axis 5800 Switch switch meets the high-performance, availability, and
network-scaling requirements of enterprise and cloud data centers. The AS5812-54T
provides full line-rate switching at Layer 2 or Layer 3 across 48 x 10GbE ports and 6 x
40GbE uplinks. The switch can be deployed either as a Top-of-Rack switch, or as part of
a 10GbE or 40GbE distributed spine, forming a non-blocking folded-CLOS data center
fabric. The switch is rack mountable in either a standard 19 inch rack, or with the Open
Rack Switch Adapter in the 21 inch Open Rack.
40GbE (DAC, 40GBASE-SR4/LR4) or 4 x 10GbE
(DAC or fiber breakout cable)
• Full line-rate Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding of
720 Gbps
Robust Hardware
• Hot-swappable, redundant PSUs
• Hot-swappable, redundant fans
The hardware provides the high-availability features required for data center operation,
including; redundant, hot-swappable AC power input, 4+1 redundant fan modules,
and port-to-power or power-to-port airflow options. The AXIS 5800 is an ideal Topof-Rack switch for virtualized data centers, with its support of VXLAN and NVGRE
tunneling functions in hardware, leveraging existing Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat 6A/Cat 7 cabling
infrastructure that saves further investment.
ADARA software running on this switch provides software solutions including OpenFlow
Controller, L2-L3 switching, and other SDN applications.
• Hot/Cold Aisle with port-to-power and portto-port airflow SKUs
• Management: Ethernet and console RJ-45
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ADARA Axis Switch
Software Features
L2 Features
• Auto-negotiation for port speed and
• Flow control: IEEE 802.3x & backpressure
• Switching mode: store-and-forward
• Spanning Tree Protocol:
- 802.1D, 802.1w, & 802.1s
- Spanning Tree Fast Forwarding
- Edge port
- Loop guard
- BPDU filter/guard
- Auto Edge
- TCN guard
- Root guard
- IEEE 802.1Q tagged based
- Port-based (up to 4094 VLANs)
- Private VLAN
- 802.1v protocol VLAN
- Voice VLAN
- MAC-based VLAN
- IP-subnet VLAN
- QinQ
• VTP v1/v2
• Storm control
- Broadcast
- Unknown multicast
- Unknown unicast
• IGMP snooping
- IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3
- IGMP v1/v2 querier
- IGMP immediate leave
• Link Aggregation
- 802.3ad with LACP
- Cisco EtherChannel Like
- Unicast/Multicast traffic balance over trunking port (dst-ip, dst-mac, src-dst-ip, src-dst-mac,
src-ip, src-mac)
• Multi-chassis LAG (MLAG)
• Link state
• Port backup
• Priority queues: 8 queues
• Scheduling for priority queue: WRR, Strict and hybrid (WRR+Strict)
• COS: 802.1p, IP Precedence, & DSCP
• DiffServ
• Port rate limit
• Auto VoIP
• iSCSI optimization
• Static and dynamic port security
• 802.1x: port-based, MAC-based, auto VLAN assignment, QoS assignment, guest VLAN, unauthenticated VLAN
• ACL: L2/L3/L4
• IPv6 ACL: L3/L4
• RADIUS: authentication and accounting (up to 32 servers)
• TACACS+: authentication
(up to 5 servers)
• HTTPS and SSL (AES 128-cbc, 3ES-cbc, Blowfish-cbc)
• SSH 1.5/v2.0 (AES 128-cbc, 3ES-cbc, Blowfish-cbc)
• User name and password: local authentication and remote authentication via RADIUS/TACACS+
• Denial of Service control
• Management IP filtering (SNMP/Web/
• MAC filtering
• IP Source Guard
• Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI)
• DHCP snooping
• Industrial command-line interface
• CLI filtering
• Telnet/SSH
• Software download/upload: TFTP/
• Configuration download/upload: TFTP/
• Dual image supported
• SNMP v1/v2c/v3
• RMON 1, 2, 3 & 9
• BOOTP: client/relay
• DHCP: client/relay/option 82
• Auto-Installation
• Event/error log: local flash and remote server via system log (RFC3164)
• DNS: client/relay
• LLDP (802.1ab, Link Layer
Discovery Protocol)
• CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) version 2
• Port mirroring: one to one & many to one
• sFlow (RFC 3176)
• IPv6 management:
- IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
- ICMPv6
- ICMPv6 redirect
- IPv6 Path MTU Discovery
- IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
- stateless auto-configuration
- manual configuration
- DHCPv6 (client)
- SNMP/HTTP/SSH/Telnet over IPv6
- IPv6 DNS resolver
- IPv6 RADIUS/TACACS+ support
- IPv6 Syslog support
- IPv6 Ping
Layer 3 Features
• IP Multinetting/CIDR
• /31 subnets
• ARP (static: 128, dynamic: 3968)
• Proxy ARP
• Local proxy ARP
• Static route
• Unicast Routing: RIP v1/v2, OSPF
• Multicast Routing: IGMP v1/v2/v3, DVMRP, PIM-DM/-SM
• Source IP Configuration
• Policy-based routing
IPv6 Layer 3 Features
• IPv6 Layer 3 features
• Static route
• Unicast Routing: RIPng & OSPFv3
• Multicast Routing: MLD v1/v2, PIM-DM6/-
• DHCPv6: relay
Datacenter Features
• Congestion Notification
• Enhanced Transmission Selection
• Priority-based Flow Control
• Datacenter Bridging Extension
• FIP snooping
VM Tracer Features
• VMware vSphere support
• VM Auto Discovery
• VM Adaptive Segmentation
• VM host view
Ethernet Virtual Bridge
• Ethernet Virtual Bridging (EVB, IEEE 802.1Qbg)
Hardware Specifications
Switch Silicon: Broadcom BCM56864
Trident2+ 720 Gbps
Physical Ports
• 48 x RJ-45 Copper each supporting 10GbE,
1GbE or 100 Mbps
• 6 x QSFP each supporting 40GbE or 4 x 10GbE
Management Ports on front panel:
• 1 x RJ-45 serial console
• 1 x RJ-45 100/1000BASE-T management
• Wire Speed Forwarding: L2 and L3
• Switching Capacity: 720 Gbps
• Forwarding Rate: 1 Bpps
• MAC Addresses: up to 288K
• VLAN IDs: 4K
• Jumbo Frames (9216 Bytes)
Physical and Environmental
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 47.3 x 44.25 x 4.39 cm
(18.6 x 17.4 x 1.71 in)
• Weight: 9.5 kg (20.94 lb), with two installed
PSU modules
• Fans: hot-swappable 4+1 redundant fans
• Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
• Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
• Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
• PSUs: 2 redundant, load-sharing, hotswappable AC or -48VDC. Input Voltage: 90 to
264 VAC at 50-60 Hz. -48 to -72 VDC.
• CE Mark (EN55022 Class A), FCC Part 15
Class A, VCCI Class A
• Temperature: IEC 68-2-14
• Shock: IEC 68-2-29
• Vibration: IEC 68-2-36, IEC 68-2-6
• Drop: ISTA 2A
• RoHS-6 Compliant
• CB, EN60950, UL/CUL
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ADARA Axis Switch
ADARA Management / Configuration Capabilities
Network Functions Virtualization Software
Software Defined Networking Software
Axis Switch
Auto Configuration
Auto Configuration
Auto Configuration
• Cloud Based
• Local
• Double Touch ICON
- (Full Keyboard/Mouse not required)
• Cloud Based
• Local
• Double Touch ICON
- (Full Keyboard/Mouse not required)
• From Bootup
Automated Management
Automated Management
Automated Management
• Policy Engine Automated CLI Management
• Policy Engine Automated CLI Management
• Software Defined Networking
• Policy Engine Automated CLI Management
• CLI Management
• GUI (drop down)
• CLI Management
• GUI (drop down)
• CLI Management
Auto Topology Discovery
• Link Layer Discovery Protocol
• Cisco Discovery Protocol
Virtual Machine Auto Discovery
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