X64- CL iProTM
• Simultaneous acquisition from
two Base or one Medium
Camera Link cameras
• FPGA based processing
including Bayer decoding and
shading correction
Fast, flexible, highly reliable image acquisition
• Supports acquisition for
a wide range of cameras
and formats
The X64-CL iPro is a highly versatile PCI frame grabber capable of acquiring images from two
• Trigger-to-Image Reliability
ensures secure image
independent Base or one Medium Camera Link™ cameras and performing image transfers at
rates up to 528MB/s. Its low cost, combined with its ability to support multiple tap
configurations from both area and linescan cameras simultaneously; in addition to its on-board
• On-board Quadrature shaftencoder input
• Acquisition pixel clock rates
up to 85MHz
• Low-Cost/High Performance
FPGA based processing (including Bayer decoding and real-time shading correction) makes the
X64-CL iPro an ideal solution to a wide variety cost-sensitive applications where flexibility,
performance and reliability cannot be compromised.
X64-CL iPro Functional Block Diagram
Trigger-to-Image Reliability
Dual Camera Interface
The X64-CL iPro has been built within
The X64-CL iPro is able to acquire images from two
Coreco Imaging's Trigger-to-Image
independent Base Camera Link cameras or one Medium
Reliability technology framework.
camera; capturing images from both area and linescan
High-speed in-line machine vision
cameras (monochrome and RGB) simultaneously. Capable of
applications require tight integration
acquisition rates up to 255MB/s per channel (510MB total),
between the trigger, strobe, camera
the X64-CL iPro makes image acquisition from the new
exposure and frame grabber
generation of CMOS and multi-tap CCD cameras more efficient
acquisition to ensure data integrity. Trigger-to-Image Reliability
leverages Coreco Imaging's hardware and software
innovations to control, monitor and correct the image
acquisition process from the time that an external trigger
event occurs to the moment the data is sent to the PCI bus,
providing traceability when errors do occur and permitting
recovery from those errors.
and cost effective.
The X64-CL iPro supports fixed and variable size frames
ranging up to 256KB horizontal pixels per line and up to
16 million vertical lines per frame for area scan cameras.
One feature of particular interest to OEMs developing webscanning applications is the X64-CL iPro's ability to support
both infinite and variable frame lengths from linescan
cameras, enabling 100 percent line capture as well as
repeatable accuracy and faster execution times.
On-Board Processing Engine
Input Lookup Tables (iLUTs)
The X64-CL iPro features input lookup tables for Base and
As a part of its standard features set, the X64-CL iPro offers
Medium monochrome and RGB cameras. Available for
an FPGA based image processor called the Re-loadable
8, 10 and 12-bit area and linescan cameras, the iLUTs are
Processing Engine (RPE). Fast and efficient, the RPE frees up
dynamically loadable and are fully user programmable. The input
the host CPU from performing tasks such as shading
lookup tables can be used for image thresholding, gamma
correction and Bayer decoding while delivering images that can
correction or basic pixel format conversion, simplifying
be readily used by demanding vision applications without
subsequent image processing steps.
further pre-processing.
Hardware Bayer Decoding
Optimized Data-Transfer
Configured to decode Bayer Mosaic Filter images, the RPE
Delivering fast and secure data transfers with zero CPU
supports Base and Medium cameras in a multitude of tap
usage, the X64-CL iPro's Data Transfer Engine (DTE) features
configurations. Designed with flexibility in mind, the X64-CL iPro
a high speed memory inter face, multiple independent Direct
can handle various Bayer patterns and provides control for
Memory Access (DMA) controllers, and on-board tap
gamma correction and white balance to produce accurate RGB
images. To further facilitate the needs of high performance color
applications, the X64-CL iPro can capture and convert images
The DTE also per forms real-time input tap adjustments for
from 8, 10, and 12-bit Bayer cameras.
direction (tap reversal/inversion), pixel overlap and under lap.
This enables the DTE to deliver images that are ready for
processing and liberating the host CPU for image analysis
tasks. In addition, the DTE per forms autonomous and robust
image transfers to ensure data integrity during continuous
image acquisition in non-real-time operating systems, such
as Windows® XP and Windows® 2000.
Simplified Set-up and Operation
Visual Status LED
Real-Time Shading Correction
The X64-CL iPro further facilitates ease-of-use by utilizing
visual status LEDs, mounted on the card's bracket, to simplify
To overcome the image artifacts caused by non-uniform
system installation and setup. A status indicator LED provides
illumination, non-uniform sensor response, dark current, and
visual feedback when the correct camera connection is made
defective pixel elements, the X64-CL iPro can be configured to
and when a grab is in progress. These visual indicators allow
perform real-time shading correction. Capable of supporting
developers to instantly recognize if cabling has been correctly
Base and Medium configurations, the shading correction
set up greatly facilitating the diagnostic process.
engine is user configurable and comes bundled with a
calibration utility to generate gain and offset maps.
Trigger Input/Strobe Output
The X64-CL iPro features two trigger inputs along with two
strobe control output signals, to synchronize image captures
with external events.
Shaft Encoder
The Quadrature shaft-encoder input, enables the X64-CL iPro
Software Support
Image Acquisition and Control
to acquire images from linescan cameras synchronously to
the speed of the web. Higher quality images make processing
The X64-iPro is supported by
more accurate and tolerant to motion artifacts.
Coreco Imaging's Sapera™ LT
software libraries for image
General Purpose I/Os
acquisition and control.
The X64-CL iPro offers optional opto-coupled input modules
Compatible with Microsoft
for demanding industrial environments. These interrupt-driven,
Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET
general-purpose input and output controls allow X64-CL iPro
development environments,
boards to react to external inputs more rapidly and
Sapera LT applications can
be developed using C++
predictably to increase the quality of acquired images.
classes or ActiveX controls under Windows® 2000, and
Serial Communications Ports
Windows® XP platforms. An integral part of Coreco Imaging's
The X64-CL iPro features two independent on-board serial
stringent Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework,
communication ports that provide integrated support for
Sapera LT is hardware independent and supports Coreco
camera control and setup for machine vision applications.
Imaging's full range of imaging boards. In addition, the Sapera LT
PC-independent in nature, this communication port can be
includes powerful diagnostics and setup utilities for
used with off-the-shelf communication utilities such as
application development, custom camera configurations and
HyperTerminal to control and configure Camera Link cameras
system deployment.
with ease and without requiring additional external cabling.
Image Processing and Analysis
For image processing and analysis Coreco Imaging offers
Sapera™ Processing. Sapera Processing software library
is a set of high performance C++ classes specifically designed
for machine vision applications. Sapera Processing library
includes over 300 image processing functions and offers
powerful pattern matching, optical character recognition,
bar code and blob analysis tools.
Specifications X64-CL iPro*
• Camera Link Specifications Rev 1.10 compliant
• Half length 64-bit PCI-X 66MHz compatible
• 5V and 3.3V slot ready
• Supports two independent Base or one Medium Camera Link area or line scan cameras
• Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
• Horizontal Size (min/max): 8 byte/256K bytes
• Vertical Size (min/max):
1 line/infinite lines for line-scan cameras
1 line/16million lines/frame for area-scan cameras
• Variable length frame size from 1 to 16 million lines for area-scan cameras
• 32MB onboard frame buffer memory
• Integrated advanced tap reversal engine allows independent tap formatting
Pixel Format
and Tap configurations
• Supports Camera Link tap configurations for 8, 10, or 12-bit mono, RGB and Bayer cameras:
For one Medium or two Base cameras in any of the following combinations:
3x8-bit/tap, 2x10-bit/tap, 2x12-bit/tap, 1x14-bit/tap, 1x16-bit/tap, & 1x24-bit/RGB
For Medium camera - 4x8-bit/tap, 4x10-bit/tap, 4x12-bit/tap, 1x30-bit/RGB, & 1x36-bit/tap
• Real-time transfers to system memory:
PCI-X bus: 64 bits @ 66MHz
PCI-64 bus: 64 bits @ 66MHz
PCI-32 bus: 32 bits @ 33MHz
• Intelligent Data-Transfer-Engine automatically loads scatter-gather and tap description tables from
the host memory without CPU intervention
On-board Processing
Bayer Mosaic Filter
Shading Correction
Input Lookup Tables
• Hardware Bayer Engine supports one 8, 10 or 12-bit Bayer camera input
• Bayer output format supports 8 or 10-bit RGB/pixel
• Zero host CPU utilization for Bayer conversion
• On the fly Flat-line and Flat-field correction with dead-pixel replacement
• Supports two independent monochrome cameras concurrently
• User programmable calibration gain/offset maps
• For each camera input one 256x8-bit, 1024x10-bit, 1024x8-bit, 4096x12-bit, 4096x10-bit or
4096x8-bit iLUTs/tap
• 3x256x8-bit for Base Camera Link and 3x1024x10-bit or 3x4096x12-bit for Medium Camera Link RGB cameras
Comprehensive event notification includes end/start-of-field/frame/transfer
Independent timing control logic for up to two Camera Link cameras
Two independent TTL/LVDS trigger inputs programmable as active high or low (edge or level trigger)
Two independent TTL Strobes outputs
Two PC independent serial communications ports provide seamless interface to MS Windows applications
Quadrature (AB) shaft-encoder inputs for external web synchronization
• General purpose input/output module provides two opto-isolated TTL/ LVTTL inputs and two TTL/LVTTL outputs
Power Output
• Power-on-reset fused +12V/+5V DC output at 1.5A
• Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000 compliant
• Full support of Coreco Imaging's Sapera programming package
• Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET compatible C/C++ DLLs and ActiveX controls
System Requirements
• PCI-X or PCI-32 compliant system and 64MB system memory
• 8.27” (21 cm) Length X 4.20” (10.7 cm) Height
• 0 ˚C (32 ˚F) to 55 ˚C (131 ˚F)
• Relative Humidity: up to 95% (non-condensing)
• FCC Class B- Approved
• CE - Approved
* Last updated October 2004
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