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Home Patch Panels
Features & Benefits
Designed to fit into the Connectix Home Cabinet
Allow phone or data to be routed around the house
Makes alterations simple as requirements change
Supports high speed networks including Gigabit
260mm (10”)
1U (44mm)
Fixing Centres244mm
Black powder coat to BS6496
Socket Labels
9mm numbered card
IDC Labels
Individual colour coded labels to T568C
(Enhanced Cat 5 panel only)
RJ45 vertical jacks
IDC Blocks
4 way industry standard IDC blocks
4 way 1.6mm double sided PTH boards
Conforms to
TIA/ANSI-568-C Enhanced Category 5 Specification
(Enhanced Cat 5 panel only)
Ordering Information
Product Description
Elite Category 6 12 Way Patch Panel Elite Category 5E 12 Way Patch Panel Category 5E 12 Way Through Coupler Panel 3 x 4 Way Phone Host Panel 2 x 4 Way Phone Host Panel 1 x 4 Way Phone Host Panel 1u Blank Panel 6 Pair Speaker Panel 8 Way Unloaded F-Connector Panel Part Number
Patch panels should be used to terminate the cabling
from each of the RJ45 outlets around the home, enabling
different services to be routed to any outlet.
The Connectix Enhanced Category 5 patch panels provide
exceptional performance for high speed LANs including
Gigabit Ethernet applications in an easy to use format.
The 12 way panel consists of industry standard IDC
connections and high quality RJ45 jacks, and they utilise
the specially designed individually labelled cable saddle
to facilitate easy installation and cable management. The
rear of the panel features hook and loop cable retainers
at either end for bundling cables, whilst on the front of
the panel each RJ45 port is numbered with a removable
identification label protected by an acetate strip.
The Connectix Voice Panel comprises of 3 separate units
that have a single input at the rear, which is distributed
to 4 outputs on the front. This allows up to 4 extensions
to share a single phone line within each of the units. They
can be connected together giving the option of 8 or 12
extensions from a single line.
The Blank Panel is ideal to fill any spaces not filled by the
other panels.
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