Xerox® WorkCentre® 7500 Series Multifunction Printer

7525 / 7530 / 7535 / 7545 / 7556
Multifunction Printer
Xerox WorkCentre
7500 Series Multifunction Printer
Superior color.
Solid performance.
WorkCentre 7500 Series Multifunction Printer
The print quality you need to succeed. With the Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series
multifunction printer, you’ll achieve high-impact color documents that impress
customers and deliver results — while minimizing costs.
Take color to a whole new level
f a r a f e l INTERIORS
We source our products from
farafel INTERIORS is a partnership between
your destination for the
eco-friendly and sustainable
discerning interior aesthetist.
design houses, dealing in fair-
We specialize in highly
trade principles with all of our
in an abandoned industrial loft in Detroit,
refined modernist spaces and
developing nation vendors. We
they saw the inherent value of repurposing
the complexity of simplicity
use eco-friendly shipping and
industrial components to more domestic
therein. Mixing textures and
exportation techniques which
uses. As a byproduct, they are currently
natural and synthetic fabrics
has eared us a platinum eco
employing 130 Metro Detroiters in a down
over a worldly variety of mod-
certification for zero carbon
economy, ecologically dissassembling
ern vendors has established
footprint in collecting and
and shipping components of our grand
Farafel interiors as a design
sourcing our found wares.
industrial age to the far-flung reaches of
arbiter in the industry. Farafel
farafel INTERIORS collection
their design practice.
Interiors strives to create
and distribution centers are
exceptional staging and unique
entirely wind powered and
interior design inspiration
have earned the coveted LEED
to a new generation of purists.
platinum distinction as certi-
designers Alood Hoodti and Sambala
Rinchoud. Starting their fledgling group
fied green buildings.
The Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series, with
advanced Hi-Q LED technology, helps you
create professional-looking documents at
the touch of a button.
• High-resolution output, highly impactful
documents. With 1200 x 2400 dpi, photoquality color images and rich, crisp text, your
output always makes a huge impact.
• Always accurate image quality. The
WorkCentre 7500 series multifunction printer
employs advanced print heads with Digital
Image Registration Control Technology, which
ensures consistently outstanding image
• Impressive results. Print brilliant, attentiongrabbing images on a variety of stock as large
as 12.6 x 19 in. and on paper weights up to
300 gsm, and take advantage of impressive
finishing capabilities from saddle-stitch booklets to folded brochures.
It’s butterfly season, and for
once, you can capture the
whimsical beauty of a
butterfly chair for your space
without bringing out your net.
Farafel interiors has a wide
array of vibrant butterfly
chairs to choose from, and
WholeRoom ® Planning as
Get high-resolution color where
it counts. The WorkCentre 7500
series multifunction printer gives
your business documents the
competitive edge.
well as FixtureWizard ® if
you’re building your space
from scratch.
product catalog
• Harness the power of Fiery. Upgrading your
WorkCentre 7500 series with an EFI Fiery®
network server gives you a host of benefits
including easy-to-use color management
tools, enhanced productivity and security
features and flexible workflow tools.
Color By Words: Unique color control
Original photo not right? Use the Color
By Words drop-down list and choose
“yellow-green colors a lot more green,”
and “red colors a lot more saturated.”
Picture-perfect results.
Have you ever wanted to change the color of one
object or area in a printout without affecting the
rest of the page? With the Color By Words feature
there is no need to go back to square one and
manipulate source files. You simply select the
desired color modifications from a drop-down list,
and Color By Words will adjust your printout.
High-impact features, exceptional value. The WorkCentre 7500 series
multifunction printer delivers more of the functions and capabilities your office needs.
More standard features
• Print from and Scan to USB device
• Hard Disk Overwrite and 256 bit Encryption
• Scan to Email, Mailbox, Network
• Earth Smart Print Setting
• On-box Optical Character recognition,
searchable PDF
• True Adobe® PostScript®, PCL® and XPS
The convenient
front-panel USB port
makes it fast and easy
to print from or scan
to any standard USB
memory device.
Maximize your investment
The WorkCentre 7500 series multifunction
printer is engineered to give you the reliable
operation you demand, with a high-value
lineup of standard features and functions.
• Reduce outsourcing costs. Bring expensive
printshop operations in-house with powerful
finishing options that include everything from
folded brochures to saddle-stitched booklets,
on media up to 12 x 18 in.
WorkCentre 7556 shown with High Capacity
Tandem Tray configuration, optional Convenience
Stapler and Work Surface, optional High Capacity
Feeder, and optional Professional Finisher.
• Manage print costs. Use Xerox Standard
Accounting tools to control print quantities
and charge-back options. Plus, color authorization via MS Active Directory™ makes it easy
to integrate the WorkCentre 7500 series
with existing IT systems.
• Customize your print driver’s default
application settings. Now you can choose
default settings per application, such as
always printing MS Outlook emails in blackand-white, PowerPoint presentations in duplex
mode, and more.
The support you need,
right at the device
Xerox Online Support keeps you up and running
by providing instant access to searchable
online help right at the WorkCentre 7500
series multifunction printer’s front panel. You
get the same information our Product Support
Specialists use when resolving printer problems,
assisting with error codes, print quality, media
jams, software installation, and more.
Scale up your productivity. Work faster and more efficiently with industry-leading
performance and convenience features that simplify document management.
Get more work done in less time
The WorkCentre 7500 series backs up highquality color output with outstanding performance in every category.
• Get fast results. Experience high output
performance with print speeds up to 50 ppm
color and up to 55 ppm black and white, with
a first-page-out-time as fast as 5.8 seconds.
• Keep the busiest workgroups productive.
Robust concurrent processing and massive
2GB system memory and 1GB page memory
handle multiple complex jobs with ease.
• Networked to share. Gigabit Ethernet
is standard, and everyone, regardless of
environment – Microsoft Windows®, Apple
Macintosh® and Linux – can tap into the
power of the WorkCentre 7500 series.
• Print without delay. Our Smart RIP technology allows the first page to start printing while
subsequent pages are still processing.
• Maximize uptime. Generous, scalable paperhandling options support media capacities
up to 5,140 sheets in a wide variety of media
sizes, types and weights.
• Reduce network traffic. Access scanned documents faster with advanced file compression
techniques that dramatically shrink file sizes,
reduce storage space requirements and cut
down on document traffic on your network.
Streamline operations with
powerful convenience features
At the touch of a button, all users can print,
scan, copy and fax documents with ease, giving
them more time to focus on the tasks at hand.
• Walk-up simplicity. Print from and scan to
any USB memory device for faster document
delivery when you’re not at your computer.
• Your job, your priority. Our Print Around
feature lets your job move ahead of stalled
documents in the queue.
• Scan faster. The WorkCentre 7500 series
multifunction printer quickly scans your
documents at up to 70 images per minute.
• Easy document management. Index,
archive and retrieve scanned documents
right from the front panel.
• Xerox SMart Kit® technology. Easyto-change critical components of the
WorkCentre 7500 series are constantly
monitored to predict and prevent downtime.
• Advanced, paperless faxing. Your users can
send and receive faxes without leaving their
desks. LAN fax sends faxes directly from applications on your desktop. Plus, fax-forwarding
lets you forward incoming faxes to an email
address or a document repository as secure,
searchable PDFs.
Simplified user experience
Spend less time on support and more time getting
the job done with simple-to-use interfaces that
make it easy to find and manage features.
• The WorkCentre 7500 series features intuitive
commands and navigation that make it easy to
find the right function, fast.
• A simplified user interface for Web, PC and front
panel operations keeps learning to a minimum.
• On-board information pages give you flexibility
over hard copy documentation. Access and print
documentation about how to use particular
features and functions right from the device’s
front panel.
The innovative touch screen on the WorkCentre 7500 series front panel makes
walk-up operation simple as can be. It features bright icons and intuitive
navigation for optimal ease-of-use.
Strengthen the power of your enterprise. Add powerful network-device and
document management capabilities to your business, and you can exchange
and access information while producing fast output from any location, securely.
Powerful document management
Fleet device management
Total security — standard
Eliminate redundancies and maintain network
efficiency with easy-to-use network management tools that let you access, manage and
print documents anywhere on the network.
Powerful applications simplify device monitoring and administration.
The Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series helps you
protect vulnerable access points and comply with
the latest security standards.
• Full range of scanning solutions. Simply
scan your hard copy documents and get
searchable digital files that can be automatically shared via email or network folder, or
stored on the device or any USB memory
device for true portability. And it all comes
• Streamline document routing and
collaboration. With the powerful EIP platform, easily create personalized scan menus,
retrieve scanned files, and route documents
to pre-assigned destinations with one click
of a button.
• Single print driver works with all printers.
The Xerox Global Print Driver® supports Xerox
and non-Xerox devices on the network. Never
have to redeploy another print driver, saving
hours of downtime.
• Bi-Directional status. Xerox print drivers integrate powerful bi-directional tools that offer
real-time status and automatically detect and
install new device options such as paper trays
and finishers.
• Application defaults. Users can save print
feature defaults and automatically apply
those settings each time they print from that
application. For example, print all presentations in color and emails in black-and-white.
• Configure once, apply fleet wide. Xerox
multifunction device configurations can be
cloned and distributed to all similar multifunction devices on your network, eliminating the
need to configure and manage each device
Environmentally sound
The WorkCentre 7500 series delivers cutting-edge
reductions in energy consumption.
Energy saving performance
• Low energy consumption. The WorkCentre
7500 series consumes less power in standby, low
power and operating modes, resulting in greater
energy savings in the office.
• Fast warm up. Ready when you are, the
WorkCentre 7500 series recovers from sleep
mode in less than 10 seconds.
Responsible printing
• Earth-smart. Our innovative new Earth
Smart feature allows you to choose the most
environmentally sensitive options for your job.
• Print only what you need. When enabled,
the Hold All Jobs feature stores a user’s print
jobs at the device until released for printing
from that user’s “My Jobs” print queue. This
reduces paper usage by ensuring that users
print only the pages they need.
Cutting-edge technology
• EA Ultra Low-Melt toner. Our EA Ultra
Low-Melt toner achieves minimum fusing
temperature at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C)
lower temperature than conventional toner for
even more energy savings and brilliant glossy
output even on ordinary paper.
• Prevent unauthorized access. Powerful
authentication features such as network
authentication, smart cards, and role-based
and function-level login ensure only authorized
users can access the device.
• Keep your documents safe at all times.
With Secure Print, jobs are stored in a separate
queue until the appropriate user chooses which
jobs to release for printing. Plus, users can
enter their “User ID” when sending jobs to the
WorkCentre 7500 series via Secure Print, and
then release them upon authentication at the
• Maintain information integrity. Hard disk
encryption and overwrite uses the FIPS 140-2
standard to ensure your data stays secure.
• Proven security with closed-loop response.
Full system validation at EAL 3 CCC (pending
certification) ensures end-to-end protection.
And with our proactive response system we
keep devices and information secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing
quick updates.
• Induction heating. The newly developed, heatefficient IH fuser consumes substantially less
power in standby mode and achieves a start-up
time of less than 15 seconds.
• Hi-Q LED Print engine. Proven Hi-Q LED print
engine technology consumes less energy and
space and produces less noise, while printing
resolutions of 1200 x 2400 dpi.
Environmentally compliant
• The WorkCentre 7500 series meets stringent
environmental standards: ENERGY STAR®,
Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Directive, Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive (WEEE), Blue Angel and
ECO label.
Xerox® Workflow Solutions take your WorkCentre 7500 series multifunction printer
to a higher level of office optimization.
Xerox Workflow Solutions make
your office more productive.
The power of Xerox Workflow Solutions—an
added ingredient inside most Xerox MFPs—is
the technology’s ability to transform the way
your organization gets vital work done. When
people work efficiently, in less time and with
fewer steps, productivity goes up. Stress goes
down. So do errors. Whether you have only
a few people on your team or a very large
workgroup, Xerox offers a wide range of MFPs
that deliver flexibility and advanced features to
copy, print, scan and fax—all from one device.
It’s about streamlining your workflow and it
starts by using Xerox Workflow Solutions right
from your MFP.
Xerox Mobile Print Solution
With Xerox, being mobile has never been easier.
Xerox makes mobile printing simpler and more
convenient, while keeping your business secure.
That’s why we’re empowering today’s mobile
professionals with the freedom to send print jobs
from any e-mail-enabled device
Simple. There’s no software to load on the
mobile device, no searching for online printer
information, or time wasted looking for the right
application. This solution works with any e-mailenabled device. Plus, there’s no dependence on
administrative support staff for printing tasks.
Convenient. Whether they’re traveling or
working between offices, users will be able to
print MS Office documents, including MS Word,
Excel® and PowerPoint®, as well as PDFs.
Secure. Mobile workers can print directly from
their mobile devices and retrieve documents at
a Xerox-enabled MFP with a secure confirmation
code. Mobile professionals will no longer have to
rely on others to print sensitive documents or risk
leaving prints in the output tray.
Powerful cost control features
Set print restrictions
The WorkCentre 7500 series multifunction printer
provides multiple levels of cost-control capabilities,
giving you the control you need for limiting,
tracking and assigning costs.
Xerox user permissions provide the ability to restrict
access to print features by user, by group, by time
of day, and by application. Users and groups can
be set up with varying levels of access to print
features. For example, limits can be set that allow
color print jobs only during certain hours of the
day; PowerPoint presentations automatically print
in duplex mode; or Outlook e-mails always print in
black-and- white.
Limit and track usage
With Xerox Standard Accounting, administrators
can track copy, scan, print and fax jobs as well as
manage user’s access to color copies and prints.
Set limits for individual users on the number
of print, copy, scan, and fax jobs, and account
for device activity down to the user, group or
department level.
Personalized solutions you access right from the
touch screen interface.
Nuance eCopy ShareScan 5.0
eCopy® ShareScan® Suite 5, the new release of
the best-selling document scanning and workflow
solution for Xerox networked multifunction
printers (MFPs). eCopy ShareScan provides
organizations with everything needed to
automate their paper-to-digital workflows, letting
office workers scan paper documents easily and
securely using existing investments in network
MFPs and scanners.
Set color user permissions and other print
restrictions with intuitive graphical interfaces.
High-Capacity Feeder holds 2,000 sheets of paper.
Choose our 2,180-sheet capacity (3 Tray option) or
our 3,140-sheet capacity (High-Capacity Tandem Tray
option) model, then add our High Capacity Feeder to
bring maximum capacity to 5,140 sheets.
Print envelopes easily using our optional envelope
tray (replaces Tray 1).
2 Exceptional media flexibility. The WorkCentre
7500 series handles a wider range of media types
and weight from more trays than most devices in
its class. It supports up to 300 gsm and media sizes
up to 12.6 x 19 in.
5 Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)
(standard) enables easy creation of customized
workflows, letting you personalize scan menus, retrieve
scanned files, and route documents to pre-assigned
destinations at the push of a button.
4 Large work surface (included with Convenience
Stapler) gives you plenty of room to sort documents.
Office Finisher LX* (optional) gives you advanced
finishing functions at a great value.
Integrated Office Finisher (optional with
7525/7530/7535) provides 500-sheet stacking and 50sheet, single-position stapling.
Professional Finisher (optional) adds 50-sheet
multiposition stapling, hole punch, V-fold and
saddle-stitch booklet making.
* shown with optional booklet maker
WorkCentre® 7500 series Quick Facts
• P rint/copy up to 25/30/35/45/50 ppm color
and 25/30/35/45/55 ppm black-and-white
• P owerful scan features, including
scan to mailbox and network
• F ax solutions available, including
network integration
• Maximum paper capacity: 5,140 sheets
• Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)
Print / Copy / Scan / Fax / Email
12 x 18 in. / SRA3
WxDxH (base):
41.9 x 27 x 44.4 in.
1,064 x 685 x 1,127 mm
WorkCentre® 7525 / 7530 / 7535 / 7545 / 7556
Multifunction Printer
WorkCentre 7525
WorkCentre 7530
WorkCentre 7535
WorkCentre 7545
WorkCentre 7556
Up to 25 ppm color /
25 black-and-white
Up to 30 ppm color /
30 black-and-white
Up to 35 ppm color /
35 black-and-white
Up to 45 ppm color /
45 black-and-white
Up to 50 ppm color /
55 black-and-white
Duty Cycle
Up to 75,000 pages / month
Up to 90,000 pages / month
Up to 110,000 pages / month
Up to 200,000 pages / month
Up to 300,000 pages / month
Paper Handling
Paper input
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder: 110 sheets; Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in. to 11 x 17 in. / 148 x 210 mm to 297 x 420 mm
Bypass Tray: 100 sheets; Custom sizes: 3.5 x 3.9 in. to 12.6 x 19 in. / 89 x 98 mm to 320 x 483 mm
Tray 1: 520 sheets; Custom sizes: 5.5 x 7.5 in. to 11.7 x 17 in. / 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Choose one
1 Tray Option (Total 1,140 sheets): Adds one 520-sheet paper tray; Size: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 12 x 18 in. / 139.7 x 182 mm to SRA3
3 Tray Option (Total 2,180 sheets): Adds three 520-sheet paper trays; Size: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 12 x 18 in. / 139.7 x 182 mm to SRA3
High Capacity Tandem Tray Option (Total 3,140 sheets): Adds one 520-sheet paper tray, one 867-sheet paper tray and one 1,133-sheet paper tray;
Size: 8.5 x 11 in. / A4
High Capacity Feeder (HCF): 2,000 sheets; Size 8.5 x 11 in. / A4 long edge feed
Envelope Tray: Up to 60 envelopes: #10 commercial, Monarch, DL, C5, custom, Large U.S. Postcard, A6
Paper output/ finishing
Dual Offset Catch Tray: 250-sheets each
Face up Tray: 100 sheets
Office Finisher LX: 2,000-sheet stacker, 50 sheets stapled, 2-position stapling, optional hole-punch, optional booklet maker (score, saddle stitch)
Integrated Office Finisher (optional with 7525/7530/7535): 500-sheet stacker, 50 sheets stapled, single-position stapling
Professional Finisher: 1,500-sheet stacker and 500-sheet top tray, 50-sheet multiposition stapling and hole punch, saddle-stitch booklet maker, V-Fold
Convenience Stapler: staples 50-sheets (based on 20 lb. bond), includes Work Surface
First-page-out-time (as fast as)
13.2 seconds color /
11.1 seconds black-and-white
Copy output resolution
1200 x 2400 dpi
Copy features
Automatic two-sided, Automatic reduction/enlargement, Color touch screen interface, Electronic pre-collation, Automatic tray selection, Build Job, Negative/Mirror
image, Booklet creation, Multi-up, Covers and dividers insertion, Sample set, Book copying, Edge erase, Single color, Repeat image, Mixed size originals, Image shift,
Store and recall job programming, Annotation, Large job interrupt, Transparencies, Bates stamping, Color presets
10.9 seconds color /
8.7 seconds black-and-white
11.0 seconds color /
8.6 seconds black-and-white
7.8 seconds color /
6.6 seconds black-and-white
7.2 seconds color /
5.8 seconds black-and-white
Resolution (max)
Up to 1200 x 2400 image quality
1.5 GHz
Memory (std / max)
2GB system plus 1GB page memory
10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 direct print, Wireless Ethernet 802.11b (via third-party adapters)
Page description languages
Adobe® PostScript® 3™, PDF, XML Paper Specification (XPS), PCL® 5c / PCL 6 emulations, HP-GL2™
Hard drive
160 GB
Print features
Print from USB, Automatic two-sided, Secure Print, Delay print, Earth Smart, Job identification, Sample set, Booklet creation, Cover selection,
Inserts and exception pages, Paper selection by attribute, N-up, Watermarks, Banner sheets, Fit to new paper size, Transparency Separators,
Output tray selection, Image quality, Toner Saver, Store and recall driver settings, Reduce/enlarge, Mirror image, Bi-directional status, Scaling,
Overlays, Print to Fax (requires optional Fax kit), Rotate image, Job Monitoring
Internet Fax, Network Server Fax enablement, print on fax up to 11 x 17 in. / A3, Fax Build Job
Fax Forward to Email or SMB, Walk-up Fax (one-line and two-line options, includes LAN Fax), Various Xerox Business Innovation Partner Solutions
Scan to Network, Scan to Email, Scan to Folder, Scan to SMB or FTP, Text searchable PDF, PDF/A, XPS, Linearized PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Scan to USB memory device
Xerox Scan to PC Desktop®, Various Xerox Business Innovation Partner Solutions, SMARTsend®, Nuance eCopy® ShareScan® 5.0, Xerox SmartDocument Travel®
Xerox Standard Accounting (Copy, Print, Scan, Fax, Email), Additional Network Accounting options available, Various Xerox Business Innovation Partner Solutions
Secure Print, Authentication with NDS/LDAP/Kerberos/SMB, Hard disk overwrite security, Password Protected PDF, 256 bit Hard Disk Encryption,
FIPS 140-2 Encryption, Encrypted Email (only via CAC), IPsec, 802.1x, SNMP v3.0, Common Criteria Certified*
Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System®, USB card reader, Common Access Card Enablement Kit
Operating Systems
Windows XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/Vista/7; Mac OS 10.4-10.6; AIX 5; HP UX 11, 11i; Solaris 9,10; Linux Fedora Core 1-7; Red Hat ES4; SUSE 10.x
Other Options
EFI Fiery Network Controller, Work Surface (included with Convenience Stapler), Foreign Device Interface, Xerox Copier Assistant®, Unicode Font Kit,
Xerox Mobile Print Solution
* Certification pending
Multifunction Device
CCD – 035
For more information, call 1-800-ASK-XEROX or visit us at
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