Jet Glo Express™ Military
• Simple mix ratio.
• Qualified to the military aircraft
specification MIL-PRF85285E, Type I, Class H
approved by the U.S. Naval Air
Warfare Center (NAWC),
Patuxent River, MD.
• Fast dry times. (Improves shop
processing flow)
• Same proven performance as
Jet Glo®, but in a high solids
• Good buffing characteristics.
• Chemical resistant, including
Skydrol and other hydraulic
• Exhibits outstanding gloss,
and gloss retention upon
• Excellent flow and leveling.
• Excellent Distinctness of
Image (DOI).
• Contains less than 3.5 lbs/gal.
MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, Class H
840 and 843 Series (YM and ZM Colors)
Jet Glo Express™ is a high-performance, two-component polyester urethane,
designed for exterior use on high performance general aviation and commercial
aircraft. This coating is qualified to MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, Class H.
Approval letter is available upon request.
COATING PROPERTIES____________________________________
By weight
By volume
Sp. Gravity
Base Component
61.6 - 85.8%
52.4 - 72.6%
8.3 - 13.1 lbs.
0.996 – 1.572
57.9 - 68.7%
49.9 – 53.3%
8.2 – 10.3 lbs.
0.984 – 1.236
Gardner #2 Zahn Cup (Signature Series)
16-20 seconds
Admixed V.O.C. (Mixed 1:1)
U.S. Exempt Solvent
Non-Exempt Solvent
<3.5 lbs./gal (420 g/L)
<3.5 lbs./gal (420 g/L)
Useable Pot Life
at 77°F / 25°C
4 Hours
60 degree
20 degree
90+ units
80+ units
Theoretical Coverage
Per dry mil
Per 25 microns
800-960 ft. / gal.
19.6 - 23.6 m2 / L
Dry Film Weight
Per dry mil
Per 25 microns
0.0059 – 0.0083 lbs. / ft.
29 - 41 g / m2
SHELF LIFE____________________________________________
Shelf Life is applicable only for materials stored in unopened and undamaged original
factory filled containers.
Minimum Storage Temp: 40ºF / 4ºC
Maximum Storage Temp: 100ºF / 37ºC
CM0840XXX or CM0843XXX (YM or ZM-colors) Base Component:
1 year
3 years
4-Gallon and 1-Gallon Kits: 1 year
3 years
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SURFACE PREPARATION___________________
DRYING SCHEDULE________________________
Primed Surface
Dry times are based on the dry film thickness of 2-3 mils (50-75 microns).
Jet Glo Express™ should be applied to a surface that has been
coated with an approved, properly prepared and applied
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace primer system.
Refer to Sherwin-Williams Primer Product Data Sheets such as
CM0724933 - MIL-PRF-23377, Type I, Class C2.
Contact your Sherwin-Williams Representative for complete
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS______________________
Shake color component for 10-15 minutes before admixing.
Admix by Volume:
1 Part
Jet Glo Express™ Color
(840 and 843 series Factory Pack Colors and
YM-, YMS-, ZM- and ZMS- Color Numbers)
1 Part
1/2 Part
1/4 Part
Jet Glo Express™ Activated Hardener
Air Dry Times (75°F / 25°C and 50% RH)
Tack Free
3-4 Hours
To Tape
6-8 Hours
Force Dry Times (120°F / 50°C and 50% RH)
Flash off at ambient temperature for one 1/3rd of the chosen
To Tape
3-4 Hours
Recoat Time: (maximum)
24 Hours
NOTE: Lower temperatures, heavy film thickness, improper activator
range selection and poor air movement will extend the dry time.
For best adhesion of trim colors to the cured urethane base coat,
a thorough scuff sanding is recommended. Scuff sanding and
cleaning will assure long-term durability and adhesion of the
applied coating. Refer to Sherwin-Williams’ process and training
guides for cleaning.
YM and YMS Colors (90% or more white toner)
Jet Glo Express™ Activated Reducer - Medium
EQUIPMENT CLEANUP______________________
ZM and ZMS Colors (<90% white toner)
Jet Glo Express™ Activated Reducer - Medium
PRODUCT INFORMATION_____________________
This additional reduction may change the application VOC to
greater than 3.5 lbs./gal. (420 g/L).
Admixed product should be allowed a 30-minute induction time
for optimum application performance.
Use clean Ketone–type solvents such as CM0110308 MEK. Do
not allow material to cure inside equipment.
Product Data Sheets are periodically updated to reflect new information
relating to the product. It is important that the customer obtain the most
recent Product Data Sheet for the product being used. The information,
rating, and opinions stated here pertain to the material currently offered
and represent the results of tests believed to be reliable. However, due
to variations in customer handling and methods of application which are
not known or under our control, The Sherwin–Williams Company cannot
make any warranties as to the end result.
This product can be applied using conventional air spray
equipment, HVLP, air-spray / electrostatic, or air assisted airless /
electrostatic. Please consult your Sherwin-Williams
representative for specific equipment settings.
Best application results are obtained by applying two medium wet
coats, allowing a 30-45 minute “tack-off” period between coats.
Recommended dry film thickness is 2-3 mils (50-75 microns).
Some colors may require thicker films to achieve complete
NOTE: Application of these product systems requires recommended
temperature / humidity conditions and film thickness ranges. The
material, hangar, and aircraft skin temperature should be no lower than
55ºF / 13ºC before, during, and after application.
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JET GLO Express™
MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, Class H
840 Series (YM and ZM Colors )
Shake the CM0840XXX – Factory packed colors or YMXXXXX or
ZMXXXXX – Intermix colors for 10 - 15 minutes before admixing.
Add Activated Hardener into the color component. Stir as components
are added.
Order of Addition
1 Gal.
1 Qt.
3.8 L
946 ml
1 Part
1 Gal.
1 Qt.
3.8 L
946 ml
1/2 Part
2 Qt.
1 Pt.
1.9 L
473 ml
1/4 Part
1 Qt.
1/2 Pt.
1 Part
or ZMXXXXX Colors
Activated Hardener
Reducer (YM Colors)
Reducer (ZM Colors)
946 ml 235 ml
*Note – additional reduction may change application VOC to
greater than 3.5 lb./gal. (420 g/L).
Allow admix to induct 30 minutes.
Filter strain and apply.
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