3-CCD Color Video Camera
he Sony DXC-390/390P is a 1/3 type DSP 3-CCD color video camera which incorporates
Exwave™ HAD technology — a new Sony technology that greatly improves camera
sensitivity while reducing smear. Providing a resolution of 800 TV lines and high S/N ratio,
the DXC-390/390P is ideal for applications such as microscopy and machine vision, where
picture accuracy and detail are important. A user friendly on-screen menu allows for simple
control of various features including DynaLatitude™, Partial Enhance, and a wide selection of
Automatic Exposure (AE) modes. Moreover, the DXC-390/390P is very compact and light weight,
making it easy to install.
■ Several enhance controls: Detail, Linear
Matrix and Partial Enhance
■ 1/3 type IT 3-CCD
■ C mount
■ Shading compensation
■ Exwave HAD technology provides
excellent sensitivity and low smear levels
■ Wide selection of Automatic Exposure
(AE) modes, including User Defined
■ Compact and light weight
■ Hyper Gain (+30 dB)
■ Superior picture quality by using DSP
(Digital Signal Processor) technology:
High resolution of 800 TVL and S/N ratio
of 62 dB (NTSC), 61 dB (PAL)
■ RGB, Y/C and composite video outputs
■ Full control of functions accessible from
the side panel or the optional RM-C950
Remote Control Unit
■ High Sensitivity of F8 at 2000lx
■ Extended Genlock (VBS Genlock and
HD/VD in/out) and Synchronization
capabilities (Strobe, WEN)
■ Scene Files and User Files
■ Powerful picture contrast controls:
DynaLatitude, Dynamic Contrast Control
Plus (DCC+) and Black Stretch
■ RS-232C controllable
Optional Accessories
CMA-D2/D2CE Camera Adaptor
CMA-D3/D3CE Camera Adaptor (New) RM-C950 Remote Control Unit
■ Supplies DC power and transmits video/sync
signal between the adaptor and the
DXC-390/390P with CCMC 12-pin
multi-core cable
■ Supplies DC power and transmits video/sync
signal between the adaptor and the
DXC-390/390P with CCZ-A cable and
CCMC-3MZ cable
■ Dimensions: 210 (W) x 50 (H) x 200 (D) mm
■ Connects with optional RM-C950 remote
control unit
■ Full remote control of the DXC-390/P camera
functions and lens zoom/focus/iris functions
via RS-232C
■ Dimensions: 212 (W) x 41 (H) x 132 (D) mm
■ Composite, Y/C or RGB video signal output
■ Dimensions: 210(W) x 44(H) x 210(D) mm
VCL-610WEA C-mount lens (New)
(F1.4, 6.5 to 65 mm)
VCL-614WEA C-mount lens (New)
(F1.4, 5.5 to 77 mm)
DXC-390/P Specifications
Pick-up device
Effective picture elements
Sync system
Phase control
Horizontal resolution
Lens mount
Minimum illumination
S/N ratio
Output signal
Power requirements
Distributed by
1/3 type IT (Interline Transfer) CCD
768 (H) x 494 (V)
752 (H) x 582 (V)
Internal or External with VBS, HD/VD (Automatic Switching)
H/ SC phase control
800TV lines
C mount
F8.0 at 2000 lux
4 lux (F2, GAIN: HYPER)
62 dB
61 dB
DC 10.5 V to 15.0 V
Power consumption
Approx. 7.6 W
50 (W) x 56 (H) x 128 (D) mm (Excluding projecting parts)
Approx. 370 g
Lens (6 pin)
RGB/SYNC (9 pin D-sub)
DC IN/VBS (12 pin)
REMOTE (8 pin mini DIN)
Lens cap
Tripod adapter
Operation manual
(Additional panel sheet for RM-C950)
Supplied accessories
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All non-metric weights and measures are approximate.
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