VisionPlate™ Wireless Tablet
Practical applications of technology for industry
Increase productivity and reduce expenditures
with an easy-to-use, wireless appliance built to
integrate into your existing infrastructure and
support your evolving business needs. The
VisionPlate is designed to withstand hazardous
environmental conditions, while increasing
mobility and convenience for users in a wide
range of intensive production and service
businesses from heavy industry to government.
VisionPlate™ System Specifications and Features
Transmeta Crusoe™ TM3200 400MHz
64MB on-board, expandable to 192MB
64MB Compact Flash, expandable to 256MB
10.4 in. TFT 800 x 600
SMI SM712 with integrated 2MB VRAM
Sound Blaster Pro 3.01, 16-bit PCM sound source
Integrated wireless 802.11b
I/O Ports
USB (2), PCMCIA Type II (2), MiniPCI Type III
Operating System
Midori Linux, Microsoft Windows®
11.0 in. x 8.7 in. x 1.0 in. (280 mm x 220 mm x 27.8 mm)
2.6 lbs.
FCC class B, UL,VCCI, JATE, T-mark (AC adapter)
Wireless LAN ready, supports both thin and
thick client connectivity
High-performance rechargeable Lithium ion battery
Docking cradle, protective grip
Industry Standards
Intrinsically safe UL1604 compliant
Businesses like yours are
relying on the VisionPlate . . .
• Heavy industry
• Transportation
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Utilities
• Medical/healthcare
• Retail
• Education
• Government
Contact Hitachi to find
out how the VisionPlate
can work for you.
. . . to enable critical
business processes
• Data entry and processing
• Inventory and receiving
• Monitoring and tracking
• Internet
• E-mail
• Field data access
• Machinery control
• Inspection
• Reporting
• Estimating
• Purchasing
Put the VisionPlate to work for you
Powerful: Fast Transmeta processor
with low power consumption
Practical: Extended battery life,
solid construction, tablet form factor,
large, bright display, quiet fan-less design
Mobile: Wireless tablet with built-in
antenna, a lightweight 2.6 lbs.
Expandable: Two USB ports, two
type II PCMCIA slots, one mini-PCI slot
Flexible: Embedded mobile Linux®
or Windows® OS with wireless Internet
Proven: Hitachi quality and reliability
Intrinsically Safe: UL 1604 compliant for
special commercial and industrial applications
Corporate Headquarters
750 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95050
San Jose Headquarters
5402 Hellyer Avenue
San Jose, CA 95138
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Notice: This document is for informational
purposes only, and does not set forth any
warranty, express or implied, concerning any
equipment or service offered or to be offered
by Hitachi Data Systems. This document
describes some capabilities that are
conditioned on a maintenance contract with
Hitachi Data Systems being in effect, and that
may be configuration-dependent, and features
that may not be currently available. Contact
your local Hitachi Data Systems sales office for
information on feature and product availability.