4) Long press ON/OFF button of Speaker till the light flash
slowly in blue and release it.
5) Long press ON/OFF button again till hears two beeps and
releases it.
6) Wait a while till the light of the Speaker/Woofer turn into solid
blue. Now the two speakers are paired.
Magic Wave
Surf Your Music on the Magic Wave
In case of unsuccessful pairing, Press "ON/OFF" button to turn
off the device and restart them.
Thank you for purchasing this Merlin Product. Please read the instruction
manual carefully before using the product.
The documentation provided will allow you to fully enjoy all the features
this unit has to offer.
Please save this manual for future reference.
3. Getting Started
If you turn off the device, but the Bluetooth on your smart phone
remains open, when you restart the device, the Bluetooth will be
connected automatically. When your smartphone and this
speaker are apart beyond bluetooth receiving range, after 10
minutes, this speaker will disconnect with your smartphone and
turn into pairing mode. If within 10 minutes your smartphone is
back, will connect with this speaker automatically. If long press
"ON/OFF" button, the speaker will be disconnected and ready to
pair with other smartphones.
NFC Connection
General controls
NFC: Near Field Communication, is a set of standard
for Smartphone and this speaker to establish
Bluetooth radio communication with each other by
touching them together or bringing them into close
proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters.
Product Interface
Volume Down
Play / Pause; Answer / End a call
Volume Up
Volume up
Volume down
Next song
Previous song
Play/Pause/Answer/End Call
DC Adapter jack
AUX jack
USB port
LED Display Status
Red Light
Magic Wave has two ways of performance, see as follows:
1) Use both the Speaker and Subwoofer.
Blue Light
Fully Charged
Flash Quickly
Low battery
Ready to pair or disconnect
with Slave
Speaker Connected
Blue Light
Paired with Master
Flash slowly
Disconnect with Master
Flash quickly
2) Use the Speaker especially when you are outside.
Flash quickly
Microphone Usage
When a phone call comes in, press “pause” button, you can then
talk through the built-in microphone.
Bluetooth connection
Pair Magic Wave to your smart device (these should be away
from your speaker within 10 meters). Speaker and Subwoofer
are originally paired so they will connect automatically when you
use them for the first time.
The Magic Wave connects automatically, how to connect the
Speaker with your device:
1) Select "Set Up" Bluetooth or turn "on" Bluetooth on your
2) Select "search" or "Discover" devices
3) Select "Magic II"
4) If requested, type the password 0000.
5) Press the Enter key.
After completing the steps above, a message on your device will
appear to confirm that your device is now paired /connected. In
case of unsuccessful pairing, Press " I " to turn off the device
and restart them Disconnected connect the speaker with
Subwoofer first.
If Magic Wave is disconnected, please connect it as following:
1) Connect the Subwoofer via DC adapter.
2) Short press Subwoofer ON/OFF button till the light flash
slowly in blue and release it.
3) Short press ON/OFF button again till the light flash quickly in
blue and release it.
Speaker Battery Charging
The Speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that
can be charged by simply placing on top of the Subwoofer
(it will charge wirelessly) or via USB cable.
Merlin Products are covered by a limited one-year warranty
policy. If the product suffers from a manufacturing defect, the
customer will receive a replacement if claimed within 15 days
of the purchase date. Otherwise, the product will be inspected
for possible repair options. The product will either be repaired
and returned free of charge, or replaced. All repair services past
the one-year warranty period will be charged for any repairs
that need to be made.
If the client is located outside the UAE, or is otherwise unable to
personally deliver the defective product to our service center or
retail outlets, he/she may send it via post at his/her own cost.
The repaired/replaced product will then be returned to the client
via courier mail at Merlin’s cost, as long as the warranty period
is still active.
Important: This limited warranty DOES NOT COVER normal wear
and tear, accidents, damage during transit, misuse, abuse or
neglect. Attempting to disassemble the unit will render the
warranty null and void.
We hope you enjoy the quality of Merlin Digital product.
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