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hp designjet
copier cc800ps
hp designjet copier cc800ps
The HP Designjet Copier cc800ps offers you a new way of copying, scanning and printing
your large format colour documents at the touch of a button for less than the cost of digital
monochrome alternatives.
The HP Designjet Copier cc800ps is ideal for technical workgroups and GIS professionals who
want to easily reproduce and digitalise their large format documents when they need it for
further manipulation. Also for copy shops wanting to increase their business, the integrated
and easy-to-operate design of the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps adds large format colour
copying capabilities to their offering for less than ever before.
Now you can produce high quality colour copies of large format documents and scan
originals to file quickly without requiring an external PC. Easy to use and delivering great
results every time, the multifunctional capabilities of the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps
enable you to copy and scan from 1066 mm wide originals of rigid media up to 15 mm
thick. You can scan documents at 2400 dpi enhanced resolution and achieve high quality
printouts in colour at up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.
Copy, scan and print your large format colour documents at a breakthrough price.
• Get the results you want from the extensive range of colour copying functions: up to
99 multiple copies, enlargement and reduction, panelling, tiling and nesting features
give you full control over production of copies.
• Achieve high fidelity full colour scanning at 2400 dpi enhanced resolution from a
1066 mm wide original, with no length restrictions.
• Scan your original to a file, archive it on the system’s 6.5 GB hard disk or share it over
the network with your workgroup.
The integrated design provides fast and flexible performance with easy one-touch operation.
• Save time as the copier starts printing 20 seconds after loading the original and
copying an A1 drawing takes less than 2.5 minutes.
• Make it easy: one-touch operation through user-friendly touch screen front panel ensures
ease of use, with on line help button for quick resolution of problems.
• Save space in your office or copy shop as the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps has a small
footprint and does not need an external PC for standalone copying operations.
Produce high resolution, high quality colour copies on demand.
• Create high resolution colour printouts up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.
• Achieve continuous tones and smooth transitions for ultimate photo quality results with
HP Color Layering Technology.
• Handle all your large format jobs with robust colour scanning at up to 2400 dpi
enhanced resolution.
• The closed-loop colour calibration used by the system creates media colour profiles,
resulting in accurate colour reproduction.
hp designjet copier cc800ps
Technical specifications
print technology:
print speed:
HP Thermal Inkjet with colour layering technology
Dependent on type and print mode
line accuracy:
colour technology:
bit depth:
media thickness, maximum:
linear scan speed:
scan to print time:
scan resolution, enhanced:
scan resolution, optical:
copier, max number of copies:
scan quality, colour best/normal:
scan quality, colour draft:
copier reduce/enlarge:
copier settings:
econofast (draft)
7.9 sq m/hr
3.3 sq m/hr
best quality
2 sq m/hr
line drawings: (A1 Size): 60 secs (black), 90 secs (colour)
2400 x 1200 dpi on HP Premium Photo papers
+/-- 0.2%
ColorSync 3.0 (only Mac drivers)
Fast hardware digital imaging processing: dual 2D-adaptive
enhancement, ADL+ error diffusion halftoning, colour 2D adaptive
thresholding, 2D blur filter, 2D-sharpen and soften filters.
15 mm (originals up to 1066 mm wide, active scanning width
up to 1016 mm)
up to 5.6 cm/sec
20 sec (monochrome scanning at 400 dpi)
2400 x 2400 dpi
400 dpi
99 copies
300 x 300 dpi
150 x 150 dpi
1 to 10000%
Type of original, image crop and align preview, lightness, saturation
and RGB controls, sharpen/blur, mirror copy, enlarge/reduce,
paneling, tiling and nesting.
operating systems compatibility
Microsoft® Windows (95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP), Mac OS 8.1 or later (Mac OS X compatible),
ZEHRaster for UNIX®
compatible network operating systems
Novell NetWare V3.11, 3.12, 4.X, 5.0; NDS (IPX/SPX); NDPS (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX); Microsoft Windows 95,
98; (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX); Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, XP; (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DLC/LLC); Microsoft Windows
2000; IBM OS/2 WARP V3.0, 4.0; (TCP/IP, DLC/LLC; HP-UX V10.X, 11.X; Sun Solaris 2.5X, 2.6; IBM AIX
V3.2.5 and later; MPE-IX V5.5 (TCP/IP); line printer Daemon (LPD); Apple System 7.0 and later (EtherTalk);
Artisoft LANtastic V7.0 (DLC/LLC); Internet printing protocol
136 PostScript built-in Roman fonts
maintance recommendation
Assuming an average usage of 12 plots per day, no preventive maintenance is required for the printer before
5 years. For the scanner a preventive maintenance is advised after two years of use.
160 MB. Hard disk capacity: 6 GB for printed jobs and 6.5 GB for scanned jobs
printer languages
Adobe® PostScript® 3™, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, CALS G4
media sizes
Standard: ISO AO, ISO A1, ISO A2, ISO A3, ISO A4, JIS B4, JIS B3, JIS B2, JIS B1
Custom: 210 to 1066 mm wide sheets; 609, 914, and 1066 mm wide rolls
maximum length of Roll Media
45 m
maximum length of Sheet Media
1897 mm
media types
HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (bond), Translucent Bond, Natural Tracing Paper, Vellum, Clear Film, Matte Film,
Coated Paper, Heavyweight Coated Paper, High-Gloss Photo Paper, Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, Paper-Based
Semi-Gloss, Satin Poster Paper, Studio Canvas, Banners with Tyvek, Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl
media handling
Straight through scan paper path for cardboard originals up to 15mm (0.6 in.) thick, output paper single
sheet feed, roll feed, automatic cutter and standard bin
Lateral 5 mm (default); leading/trailing: 17mm (default)
power requirements
Line voltage 100 to 240 AC (+/- 10%) auto-ranging, 50 to 60 Hz, 8 amps maximum
power consumption
330 watts maximum
interface and connectivity
Centronics parallel, IEEE 1284-compliant (ECP), HP Jetdirect EIO Internal Print Server for Fast Ethernet
10/100Base-TX, additional Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX for scan to file features
software included
PostScript® drivers for Microsoft® Windows (95, 98, Me NT 4.0, 2000 and XP), Macintosh (OS 8.1 or later).
HPGL/2-RTL drivers for Microsoft Windows (95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP). Drivers for AutoCAD 2000
and R 13, 14 for Windows. For UNIX®, TIFF and JPEG files are accepted via ZEHRaster Plus software,
supplied with the printer. System recovery software for the scanning system.
dimensions (w x d x h)
Out of package: 2020 x 840 x 1500 mm
product weight
Out of package: 180 kg
operating environment
Environmental ranges: Operating temperature: 18 to 32° C. Operating humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Operating humidity recommended: 25 to 70% RH. Recommended operating temperature: 18 to 32° C.
Storage temperature: -20 to 55° C. Storage humidity: 20 to 80% RH. Noise level per ISO 9296: sound
power: LwAd 6.7 B(A), sound pressure: LpAm 52 dB(A), printing: LpAm 36 dB(A) idle.
Yes (printer only)
Compliant with the requirements for Class A ITE products: EU (EMC Directive), USA (FCC Rules), Canada
(DoC), Australia (ACA), New Zealand (MoC), Japan (VCCI), Taiwan (BSMII)
regulatory standards: Compliant with the requirements for ITE products: EU (Low Voltage Directive), USA and
Canada (UL listed for USA and Canada), Mexico (NOM-1-NYCE), Argentina (IRAM), Czech Republic (EZU),
Poland (PCBC), Russia (GOST)
One-year warranty with free on-site, next business-day service, backed by HP support centers around the
world. HP Supportpacks and service agreements allow you to extend your warranty to three years.
For more information, please call your local HP sales office or representative: Austria: 0810/006080 (local rate call), Algeria: (0)61 56 45 43,
Bahrain: 800 728, Belgium: (02) 778 34 00, Luxembourg: (+352) 263 160 34, Bulgaria: (+359) 2960 1940, Croatia and Slovenia: (+385 1) 60 60 200,
Czech republic: (00 420 2) 613 07 111 (Prague), Denmark: 45991700 or 70101125, Egypt: 532 5222, Estonia: (+372) 6505 263, Finland: (09) 88721,
France: (1) 69 82 6060, Germany: 0180 532 6222 (12 Cent/min), Greece: (01) 678 96 00, Hungary: (+36) 1 382-1111, Iceland: (354) 570 1000,
Ireland: + 353 1 6158200, Israel: (972) 9 8304848, Italy: (02) 92121, Kazakhstan: +7 (3272) 980 824, Latvia: (371) 800 80 12, Lithuania:
(370) 2 787 333, Middle East: 00971 4 883 4427, Morocco (African Region): +212 22 40 47 47, Netherlands: (020) 5476666, Norway: 22 735600,
Poland: infolinia 0-801 607 607 (0,29 zl + VAT/min), Portugal: (808) 206 001, Romania: (+401) 205 3300, RSA: (27)11 785 1000, Russia:
+7 (095) 797 35 00, Saudi Arabia: 800 124 4646, Slovakia: +421-2-50205611, Spain: (91) 6311600, Sweden: (08) 444 2000, Switzerland:
0848 88 44 66, Tunisia: 71 891 222, Turkey: +90 (216) 579 71 71, UAE: 8004910, UK: 08705 474747, Ukraine: +380 44 490 61 20,
Yugoslavia: +381 11 322 80 14.
ordering information
hp designjet copier cc800ps
hp spindle 1066 mm
hp 10 black ink cartridge
hp 82 cyan ink cartridge
hp 82 magenta ink cartridge
hp 82 yellow ink cartridge
hp 11 black printhead
hp 11 cyan printhead
hp 11 magenta printhead
hp 11 yellow printhead
IEEE 1284-compliant
bi-directional parallel cable, 3 m
For a complete list of printing material and
selection numbers, please refer to the HP
website at www.hp.com/go/designjet
and select 'Printing Materials'
hp jetdirect 600n EIO
(10Base2, 10Base-T, LocalTalk)
hp jetdirect 610n EIO
(Token Ring)
support pack and services
physical installation pack
physical installation pack,
with network configuration
hp supportpack, 3 year next
day on-site (printer and scanner)
hp supportpack,
1 year post warranty
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