Power Supplies for a Smarter World

Power Supplies for a Smarter World
RECOM’s energy-efficient AC/DC and DC/DC converters live up
to the Industry 4.0 and IoT challenges and offer high efficiency
at both light load and full load at affordable prices.
The Internet of Things (IoT) covers many separate concepts, but they share the following common features: distributed
intelligence, multiple interconnected sensors/actuators and decentralized control. In practice, IoT means that certain
spaces, environments or objects can be made “smart” by incorporating sensors that can communicate to make them behave
intelligently. Not every power supply is suitable for an IoT application. They must be space-saving, reliable, highly efficient at
both low load and full load, and above all they must be affordable as they will be as common as the sensors, processors and
actuators that they supply.
For all these requirements, RECOM offers a variety of suitable products: Highly efficient, low standby consumption AC/DC
power supplies that can be used in a smart office with hundreds of intelligent sensor nodes, low cost isolated DC/DC power
supplies for multiple input channels and a very low input voltage boost converter to generate a reliable power supply from a
single battery cell.
Main features:
Low profile AC/DC and DC/DC converters
Smart office & smart building
Low cost
Home automation
Low standby power consumption
Single-cell powered IoT application
Wide input voltage range
Microprocessor power supply
Wide operating temperature range
WLAN/Bluetooth modules
Industrial and household certifications
LoRaWAN modules
3-year warranty
The RACxx-G series are low cost, compact, efficient low power supply modules ideally
suited to IoT installations and offer 1W, 2W, 3W or 4W. They have low standby power
requirements, yet can deliver up to 175% peak load and are household certified to EN60355-1
(GA-versions). The -GB versions come with a built-in Class B /FCC Part 15 EMC Filter.
RAC02-SE/277 (/W) & RAC03-SE/277 (/W): Low profile AC/DC converters (2-3W)
The RAC02-SE/277 (/W) & RAC03-SE/277 (/W) series have an extra wide input voltage
range to cover 85-305VAC supplies to enable intelligent lighting and smart office/ smart
building applications.
RAC03-SER/277: AC/DC converter in round shape
The regulated RAC03-SER/277 series power supplies were designed to fit inside standard
wall boxes and can be used in a variety of applications in building automation, security
systems and communication systems.
RAC05-K: 5W AC/DC converter in 1“ x 1“ case
The RAC05-K is a low cost 5W AC/DC converter in the tiny PCB size of 1“ x 1“, offering an
impressive power density of 7.7W per in³. They are specially designed to supply IoT and
factory automation applications featuring a low no-load power consumption of only 75mW
and excellent light load efficiency, ideal for “always-on” IoT systems.
RAC10-K: 10W AC/DC converter in 2“ x 1“ case
The RAC10-K low cost AC/DC converter series in a tiny 2“ x 1“ package was developed for
the requirements of the latest IoT systems. The excellent efficiency over a wide load range
makes them ideal for energy saving solutions in IoT. To guarantee a stable output voltage
and worldwide compatibility, they offer a wide input voltage range from 85 to 305VAC.
R1SX: Low profile & low cost DC/DC converters (1W)
The R1SX are thumb-nail sized SMD DC/DC converters that can be used to isolate 3.3V and
5V supplies to separate control functions so that any local faults, short-circuits or electrical
interference do not cause system-wide outages.
R-78S: Very low power switching regulators
RECOM‘s R-78S switching regulator has been specially designed for single-cell powered
IoT applications. Due to its wide input voltage range down to 0.65V, high efficiency and low
standby consumption, it extends the working lifetime of the cell.
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