n PRIMERGY TX120 Manuals
Manuals for this server can be accessed from the section below of the PRIMERGY Document & Tool CD.
Manuals can be displayed using Acrobat ® Reader ® or Adobe ® Reader ®. If using Acrobat ® Reader ®, use version 5.0 or later.
Checking the items
Check the contents in the package using
the "Contents List".
If any items are missing, contact an office listed
in the "Contact Information".
Reading and understanding "Safety Precautions"
Before using this server, be sure to read and understand the attached "Safety Precautions".
Also check it when connecting, installing internal options
and setting up this server.
Installing internal options
If internal options have been purchased separately, install them before installing the Operating System.
In the following case, it is not required to install the internal options.
- Custom Made Service
n Point to note before installing internal
n Available internal options and
installation locations
When installing internal options, perform operations after
reading the following manuals.
"Chapter 7 Installing Hardware Options"
"PRIMERGY Server Books"/"Supplement"
Install the OS before installing the following options.
Installing the OS after options have been installed will
cause installation operations to end in an error.
- Non-system hard disks
After installing internal options, check that the order and
place of installation is correct and cables are correctly attached.
n Restriction of installation features
■ ������������������������������������������������������
■ ��������������
- In dusty areas, dust will stick to the front and backside of the server for a short period of time. Since it causes
failure, changing the installation place is recommended.
- When performing maintenance, the server is laid down and operated from above the side. Keep the spaces
(approx. 70cm x 90cm) to be able to operate it from above when deciding the installation place.
n How to set the foot stands
Follow the procedure below to fix the provided foot stands on the server.
Assemble the parts of the foot stands and
adjust the width to the server.
Assemble the parts not to be narrower than line positions.
Put the foot stands on the place where the server is installed, and install it onto the foot stands.
Place the foot stands inside the rubber feet on the side of the
����������� �����������
When the width of the foot stand is too narrow, insert
the foot opener supplied with the server into the latches
on the reverse side of the foot stand, and expand it while
holding down the opener as the figure below indicates.
Push the foot stands from both sides to adjust
the width to the server.
Confirm that the server is fixed tenaciously.
Connecting peripheral devices
Peripheral devices, such as the keyboard and mouse, etc., are connected to the server in the following
n Fixing the power cable
After connecting the power cable, pass the band through the clamp on the rear of the server to fix the power cable as the
figure below indicates. This prevents the power cable from being unexpectedly unplugged.
Note that unplug the connector at the server end when plugging off the cable.
Turning on the power and setting hardware
Normally, hardware settings are not required to be changed from the default.
However, when performing the remote installation or installing the optional devices, start up the BIOS
Setup Utility and check/change hardware settings.
"Chapter 8 Configuring Hardware and Utilities"
You can write down hardware configuration and setting values of the BIOS Setup Utility in the "Configuration
Sheets" that is available from Fujitsu PRIMERGY website (http://primergy.fujitsu.com).
Power on the peripheral devices, such
as the display.
Open the drive cover.
Turn on the power and insert the
ServerStart Disc 1 CD-ROM immediately.
1. Turn the drive cover key counterclockwise
to unlock the cover.
2. Tilt the drive cover downward.
Set the hardware.
If no hardware settings are performed, skip to the
next step when a message to insert the ServerStart
floppy disk is displayed.
●BIOS Setup Utility
1. When the "<F2> BIOS Setup / <F12>
Boot Menu" message appears at the server
start up (during POST), press the [F2]
2. Check/change the settings.
3. Select "Save Changes & Exit" from the
Exit menu and press the [Enter] key.
For the use of Linux distribution with this server, refer to Fujitsu PRIMERGY website
Installing the OS
This section explains the procedures to install the OS using ServerStart.
For details about OS installation procedures when not using ServerStart, refer to the "User's Guide".
"Chapter 4 Manual OS Installation"
Insert the ServerStart floppy disk
supplied with this server, and click
A network setup window for remote installation
Click [OK].
Click [OK].
Select your keyboard language from
the drop-down list and click [OK] .
Click [Build a ServerStart Floppy Disk].
The completion message appears.
The [Please Select your keyboard] window appears.
Click [Click here to prepare and/or initiate an operating system installation].
The [Select the operating system to be installed]
window appears.
Click [Special Hints on Operating System Installation] and read the contents.
The [Open ServerStart Configuration File] window
Select the configuration file and click
The wizard starts up automatically.
Set the server information.
Click the wizard sequentially, and enter the server
Clicking [help] under the wizard window displays
explanations of items and setting hints.
1. RAID and Disk wizard
Configure RAID, and create and format
hard disk partitions.
2. (OS) Install wizard
Set the computer information, user information, network protocol, etc.
3. Application wizard
It is recommended to install the application selected as default.
The subsequent start procedure may take several
minutes. The [Welcome to ServerStart] window appears.
Click [Start here to create a complete
configuration file].
Click [MS Windows Operating Systems].
Click the OS to be installed.
Click [Close and save Configuration
Click [Save As] and save the configuration file.
Click [Click here, to Start the Installation of (OS)].
The license window appears.
Follow the window instructions.
Click [Prepare & initiate an unattended
installation of (OS)].
Incorrect settings will cause errors to be displayed.
Enter correct values manually to continue the
The guided mode for the selected OS starts up.
When a message indicating installation
completion appears, press any key.
Restart the system.
Click [Start] - [Shutdown]. Select [Restart] and
click [OK].
When the system restarts, log on to
the server using the Administrators
account for the local computer.
Turning off the power and installing optional devices
Install optional devices, such as an UPS device, to be installed after the OS installation.
"Chapter 7 Installing Hardware Options"
- After optional devices are installed, set the BIOS
Setup Utility as required.For details about setting
procedures, refer to the "User's Guide Chapter 8
Configuring Hardware and Utilities".
- If an UPS device is installed, set the BIOS Setup
Utility as required. For details, refer to the "User’s
Guide 5.5.3 Notes on Advanced Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)".
Check that no medium is inserted in
the CD-ROM drive.
Exit the operating system (OS).
After the OS is exited, the server is automatically
turned off. When the server is not turned off after
the OS is exited, press the power switch on the front
of the server.
Turn off the power supply of the peripheral devices, such as the display.
When turning on the server again after turning it
off, wait for at least ten seconds and then press the
power switch.
If the server is turned on straight after being turned
off, error will occur that may be cause damage.
This operation is not required when operating from
the management PC by connecting to the Remote
Management Controller port.
Install the optional devices.
10 Support and Service
Hints for error handling
In preparation for a failure, set the following:
l PRIMERGY information
"Chapter 5 Operations after OS Installation"
The latest PRIMERGY, driver, and software information is
available at the address below.
- Set to collect memory dump
If the memory dump is set, debugging information is automatically saved when the STOP error occurs in the system.
This helps to analyze the cause of errors.
l Before requesting repairs
If an error occurs in this server, refer to "User's Guide
9.2 Troubleshooting". If problems can still not be solved,
contact an office listed in the "Contact Information".
When contacting the office listed in the "Contact Information", inform them of the product ID and manufactures
number that are detailed on labels at the upper-right corner
of the server.
- Create a system restoration disk
When the system file or system environments are damaged, the system can be reconstructed with the content
saved in the system restoration disk.
- Store system settings
By storing the BIOS setting information, the original information can be recovered with the stored informaion
in case of that the setting information is lost. The stored
information is also used for the system maintenance.
������� ��
When the settings are completed, make sure to
check notes before operation.
"5.5 Notes before Operating the Server"
For details about maintenance after operations have
started, refer to "User's Guide Chapter 9 Operation
and Maintenance".
Also read the points to note about requesting repairs beforehand in "User's Guide 9.8.1 Contacting Maintenance
Print the "Configuration Sheets"- "Accident sheet" that
is available from Fujitsu PRIMERGY website (http://
primergy.fujitsu.com) and enter the confirmed information.
Send this sheet and the stored BIOS setting information to
your maintenance engineer.
When disposing of this server, contact an office listed in the "Contact Information".
This server must be disposed of as industrial waste.
Data Backup
To protect data stored in this device (including basic software and application software), perform backup and other necessary operations. Note that data protection is
not guaranteed when repairs are performed. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain backup copies in advance.
In case of data loss, Fujitsu assumes no liability for data maintenance or restoration and damages that occur as a result of the data loss for any reason, except for items
covered under warranty.
High Safety
The Products are designed, developed and manufactured as contemplated or general use, including without limitation, general office use, personal use, household use,
and ordinary industrial use, but are not designed, developed and manufactured as contemplated for use accompanying fatal risks or dangers that, unless extremely high
safety is secured, could lead directly to death, personal injury, severe physical damage, or other loss (hereinafter "High Safety Required Use"), including without limitation, nuclear reaction control in nuclear facility, aircraft flight control, air traffic control, mass transport control, medical life support system, missile launch control
in weapon system. You shall not use this Product without securing the sufficient safety required for the High Safety Required Use. If you wish to use this Product for
High Safety Required Use, please consult with our sales representatives in charge before such use.
Problems may occur with this device in the event of an instantaneous voltage drop of the power supply due to lightning, etc. To prevent an instantaneous voltage drop
of the power supply, we recommend that you use an uninterruptible power supply system.
Software License Agreement
Please read the following terms and conditions before you use the software preinstalled in the server you purchased or the software attached to the server ( hereinafter
collectively "Software"). By using the Software, you are agreeing to be bound by all of the following terms and conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any software subject to any other terms and conditions than those of this agreement is preinstalled in or attached to the server as a part of Software, you shall comply with such
other terms and conditions.
I. License and Copyrights
Fujitsu Limited (hereinafter "Fujitsu") grants you a limited, non-exclusive, license to:
(i) use the Software solely on the server, which the Software is preinstalled in or is attached to.;
(ii) copy the Software for installation and backup purpose; and
(iii) embed the Software to other software, in whole or in part, in accordance with the procedure described in the applicable documentation.
For the avoidance of doubt, you are only granted the right to use this Software and all copyright, title and other ownership rights to this Software and any derivative
works thereof is retained by FUJITSU and/or its suppliers.
II. Copies
1. You may only copy the Software as set forth in Clause I (ii) and (iii) above. If you embed the Software in another software pursuant to Clause I (iii), you may not
make copies of such software as so embedded other than one (1) backup copy unless expressly otherwise licensed by Fujitsu. If, however, a copy protection mechanism
is implemented in the Software, you cannot and are prohibited from making any copies of the Software.
2. You shall include all copyright notices and proprietary legends on all copies of the Software and shall not modify, delete or conceal such notices and legends.
3. All terms and conditions contained herein shall apply to the copies of the Software.
III. Assignment
You may not assign the Software, except the case where you assign the Software with all materials related to the Software, including the media of the Software attached
to the server, the documentation, and the backup copy, together with the server. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not rent, lease, sublicense, create lien against
the Software.
IV. Modification
You may not modify or, except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law, reverse engineer (including, without limitation, decompile and disassemble) the
Software, and you may not permit any third party to do so.
V. Limited Warranty
1. You acknowledge that Fujitsu cannot guarantee that your use of the Software will be uninterrupted, that the Software will be error free or that all Software errors
will be corrected. However, (i) within ninety (90) days following your acquisition of the server you notify the reseller from whom you have acquired the server of nonconformance of the Software to the description in the documentation, or (ii) within one (1) month following your acquisition of the server you notify the reseller from
which you have acquired the server of physical defects of the media containing the Software, Fujitsu will, at its sole discretion, correct the non-conformance or provide
you with information necessary to correct the non-conformance, or replace the defective media with new media. Only if you inform such reseller of your problem with
the Software during the above mentioned warranty period and provide satisfactory evidence of the date you acquired the server Fujitsu will be obligated to honor this
2. Except for Clause V Section 1, Fujitsu disclaims all other warranty, express or implied, and expressly disclaims any implied, including without limitation, allwarranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third parties' rights. In no event will Fujitsu be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental
or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, interruption of business, loss of business information, and other pecuniary damages) resulting
from or arising out of the use or inability to use the Software even if Fujitsu has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
3. Even if a part of the Software has been developed by a third party, the warranty and remedy for such part of the Software are limited to those provided for in Clause
V Section1 and 2 above, and such third party shall have no liability for any claim arising out of the use, performance or non-conformance of the Software.
VI . Law
This Agreement and all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be governed by the laws of Japan without giving effect to any choice of law rule.
VII. High Safety
These Software are designed, developed and manufactured as contemplated for general use, including without limitation, general office use, personal use, household
use, and ordinary industrial use, but are not designed, developed and manufactured as contemplated for use accompanying fatal risks or dangers that, unless extremely
high safety is secured, could lead directly to death, personal injury, severe physical damage, or other loss (hereinafter "High Safety Required Use"), including without
limitation, nuclear reaction control in nuclear facility, aircraft flight control, air traffic control, mass transport control, medical life support system, missile launch control in weapon system. You shall not use this Software without securing the sufficient safety required for the High Safety Required Use.
VII Export
You shall comply fully with all relevant export laws and regulations with respect to this Software, including, but not limited to, the export laws and regulations of Japan. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, You will not export or transfer this Software, or any product thereof (including any your application program), to
any destinations prohibited by any such laws and regulations.
IV. Entire Agreement
The terms and conditions hereof represent the complete agreement concerning this license between the parties and supersede all prior or contemporaneous written
communications between them. In the event that any additional terms or conditions are provided in the accompanied documentation, you must also comply with such
terms and conditions.
Fujitsu Limited
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