Product Overview
Sugar Enterprise
The Most Demanding CRM
Applications Require the
Power, Scale, and Flexibility
of Sugar Enterprise
Powerfully Intuitive
Sugar Enterprise includes all the capability and functionality expected in the most
sophisticated customer-facing applications. Add the ease of use that’s a result
of the industry’s most intuitive user experience and you’ll see why people simply
love using Sugar. No compromises, just great CRM.
Open and Flexible, Just Like Your Organization
Use the CRM solution that fits your business processes today and in the future.
Sugar’s open platform provides unlimited flexibility and control over your CRM
deployment. Make unrestricted customizations, integrate with any third-party
or legacy system using Web Services or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions,
or build completely new modules with easy-to-use administration tools.
Make Your Business Stand Out with Sugar’s Power and Value
Give your customers a differentiated experience and separate your business from
your competition with Sugar’s powerful tools. Take advantage of Sugar’s exceptional
value and build a completely unique customer experience at a cost that’s right for you.
Key Features that Make Sugar the Best Choice for
Enterprise Applications:
The most flexible, intuitive
and open CRM platform—
CRM without limits
Complete sales,
support, marketing, and
collaboration features
Advanced customization
and integration to support
end-to-end business
Portal capabilities extend
Sugar to both customers
and partners
Deploy on enterprise
infrastructure for the
most scalable and robust
Social CRM
Advanced Reporting
Sugar includes pre-built integrations
to the most popular collaboration
and social media applications.
Turn data into insight with Sugar
Enterprise’s real-time reports.
Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn,
Collaboration: IBM SmartCloud
Engage, Google Docs,
Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting
Plug-ins: Microsoft Outlook,
Word, Excel, IBM SmartCloud
for Social Business
Sales insight: InsideView
and Hoovers
Gmail, IMAP, Google and LinkedIn
contacts import, email archiving
Customizable reports, charts,
and dashboards
Multiple homepage dashboards
Pre-configured dashboards
including: sales pipeline, lead
source, monthly pipeline by
outcome, opportunities by
lead source
SQL reporting integrates data
from various sources into
a single report
Sales Forecasting
Reliable and predictable forecasts
At-a-glance pipeline and quota
achievement status
Sugar’s extensive language support
accelerates the localization process.
Draft function for “what-if”
26 languages
Inline editing for faster updates
Right-to-left (RTL) language
Database and Cloud
Ready for Global
Mobile CRM Support
Mobile applications are a business
necessity, so Sugar Enterprise works
with a broad range of devices:
Mobile apps for iOS, Android,
and BlackBerry
iPad-optimized HTML 5 charts
Mobile browser access for most
smartphones and tablets
Offline client: Sugar Mobile Plus
User interface optimized for
mobile devices
Industry-standard database support
for high performance and flexible
Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2,
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
Cloud integration: IBM
WebSphere Cast Iron, Talend
Sugar Enterprise
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Modern User Interface
Our new design makes working with
Sugar quicker and easier.
Enhanced calendar (recurring
events, email reminders,
iCal integration)
Remote Database
Receive database backups, via FTP,
on a weekly basis.
Direct access to your valuable
business data
Full text search
Additional data redundancy
Convenient single navigation bar
Performance and caching
improvements for faster response
Offline reports at your
Customer Self-service
For customer support applications,
the Sugar Portal enables your
customers to open, edit, and access
their own trouble tickets.
Enterprise-class Premium
Sugar Enterprise support reflects
the mission-critical nature of CRM
Live phone support
2 hour or less response time
for critical issues
Increased customer satisfaction
Reduced support costs
Regular account reviews
Control over the data available
to your customers
Unlimited number of cases
24x7x365 customer
support available
Sugar Enterprise delivers the
throughput and sub-second
response time required by the most
demanding CRM applications.
Read our technical white paper:
“SugarCRM Scalability and
Performance Benchmarks”
Sugar Enterprise
has become
the mature,
application that
we hoped it
would become,
and we’re only
just getting
Lee Vinton
Mgr. of Business Engineering
Bright House Networks
Cloud Options to
Simplify Implementation
Sugar’s flexible deployment lets
you host your application where
it most benefits your business:
Sugar On-Demand
Public clouds (IBM SmartCloud
Enterprise, Amazon EC2,
Microsoft Azure, Rackspace)
Sugar Private Cloud
Private clouds (IBM, VMWare)
Sugar On-Site behind your firewall
OpenSesame CRM
Our goal is to enable you to get personal with your leads, prospects and customers above
your imagination. By utilizing both SugarCRM and Marketing Automation it becomes possible
for you to have fully grip on the Customer Life Cycle of your organization; from website visitor
to loyal customer.
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