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Neopost is a global leader in tailor-made business solutions for the postal, parcel and related digital world of tomorrow.
Whether you run a small company or employ thousands of people around the world, you need fast, fluid solutions that
save time and money while helping you make the most of business opportunities.
Our solutions bring together our proven technologies with the latest high-tech and intuitive solutions, allowing you to
stay agile and competitive. Neopost is aware of the need for constant innovation and is strongly committed to the ethics
of sustainable development. For advice and support you can depend on our global commitment to supplying first-class
service, whether on the phone, onsite or online.
With a direct presence in 31 countries and partners in more than 90 countries worldwide, Neopost’s 6,000 employees are
skilled professionals who support their customers locally at every stage of their project.
Find out more at
At a local level, Neopost Australia has been supporting Australian businesses for over 60 years. Our specialists span the
country offering innovative market leading solutions. Find out more at
1800 422 349
Neopost provides state-of-the-art systems
that efficiently streamline postage processes,
accurately weigh mail pieces, quickly open
envelopes and efficiently sort and archive
business critical information.
Offering an extensive range of global
market brands in Print & Finishing
Solutions, we have a product or solution
to help you Print, Bind, Laminate, Fold,
Trim, Cut, Shred and more.
Our Mailing Solutions are driven by
proven technology, helping companies,
as well as enterprises, increase
productivity and customer satisfaction.
We cater for all customers including
individuals, schools, Government
bodies, small-medium businesses, large
corporations and production enterprises.
Our document management software and
data quality and analytics solutions ensure you
deliver the right message to the right person
through the right channel media.
You can also tailor content to your recipient’s
specific needs. This means you can control
the communication process, cut costs and
improve customer satisfaction.
We help you streamline your shipping process
and improve customer satisfaction. Our
tracking solutions update you on delivery
status, inventory and equipment, giving you
total supply chain visibility.
IS-280 Postage Meter
IS-420 Postage Meter
The Neopost IS-280 is the perfect postage meter
for up and coming businesses, offering sophisticated
features in a compact package. No more queuing
at the Post Office. No more guessing the correct
postage. No more running out of stamps.
The Neopost IS-280 can be re-credited online with
postage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Get the job done with accuracy and speed.
The Neopost IS-420 is ideal for dynamic business
environments, delivering fast and friendly operations,
which are reliable and very easy to use.
With state-of-the-art technology and online services
under your control, you’ll be sure to have the
best-in-class solution to meet your requirements.
» Up to 18 letters /minute
» Up to 65 letters /minute
IS-350 Postage Meter
Growing businesses count on smart
productivity tools to keep their offices
running smoothly. The Neopost
IS-350 is a desktop powerhouse that
makes it simple to weigh, rate, post
and track your mail with accuracy.
Easy to operate and convenient to
use, the highly capable IS-350 with
whisper-quiet oepration is designed
to intergrate smoothly into your
office environment and process
mail efficiently.
» Up to 40 letters /minute
IS-6000 Postage Meter
The Neopost IS-6000 has set a new standard for mailing system
productivity, operability and efficiency. Neopost observed high volume
mailing machine operators and listened to high volume mail customers
to help it design the next generation mailing system. The IS-6000
delivers simple ergonomic operations, investment protection, cost
savings, reliable production and maximum uptime. Coupled with the new
internet connection and powerful integrated software solutions for postal
management, the IS-6000 is the right choice if you are looking for a high
volume mail postage meter.
» Up to 300 letters /minute
MyNeopost is a unique online application that provides instant access to all of the services
and supplies you need to realise the full potential of you Mailing System. MyNeopost is suited for
any size mail room - from small offices to multi-site organisations.
MyNeopost delivers easy-to-use, cost effective iMeter™ Apps right from your browser, helping
you manage your mailing operations with confidence. Manage, report, diagnose, control and
purchase supplies through a single online tool - it’s all right at your fingertips.
1800 422 349
IS-440 Postage Meter
IS-480 Postage Meter
Thriving businesses count on reliable processes that
add value and streamline performance. The IS-440
delivers practical solutions that offer maximum
versatility to give the results you need.
Dynamic businesses count on smart productivity tools
to do more than simply move the mail. The IS-480
takes mail processing to a new level of intelligence and
delivers productivity at its smartest using advanced
accounting options.
Easy to operate and convenient to use, the highly
capable IS-440 with whisper-quiet operation is fast
and efficient. You'll appreciate the sleek ergonomic
design, saving you space and easily integrates into
your business environment.
» Up to 110 letters /minute
25 cm
35-45 cm
Built with a colour touch screen display for easy and
intuitive navigation, the IS-480 can hold up to 50
dfiferent accounts for departmental use.
» Up to 150 letters /minute
50 cm
I-Weigh Dynamic Scale
The IS-6000 has been designed with the operator in mind. At
first glance, you will notice all mailing operations are controlled
from the same area, creating the ideal ergonomic workspace.
This system's modular and flexible design allows operators to
adjust and place components within arms reach, minimizing the
range of motion, ensuring optimal workflow and comfort.
The Neopost I-Weigh makes mail
processing simple and accurate for every
business, whether your volumes are 100 or
1,000 a day. Checks weight while in motion
to calculate the correct postal rate. Simply
drop in the mixed weight envelopes and
press 'Start'. The scale can run up to 7,500
items per hour, making it one of the fastest
in the market.
IBI Lite
Enhance the professional look of your organization. You can easily customise your mail
message to include your company name, special greetings or marketing slogans to reinforce
your communication to your customers. Your imprint will be sharp and fully postal compliant,
printied in the latest technology, the smaller IBI Lite, 2-D barcode.
HF-200 Compact Paper Folder
Duplo DF-980 High Speed Paper Folder
Designed to suit the smaller office, the HF-200 is simply a
breeze to operate, flexible, quiet and compact.
For any organisation demanding a reliable, high-speed,
user-friendly automatic folder the Duplo DF-980 provides
an ideal solution. The fastest and quietest table-top folding
solution in the market today.
The HF-200 is for the smaller operation that has monthly
newsletters/statements or weekly invoices to fold. Virtually
maintenance free, patented roller cartridge system.
» Fold up to 140 sheets /minute
User-friendliness is key with functions such as automatic
plate setting to ensure fast setup and consistent folding
» Fold up to 260 sheets /minute
DS-65 Folder & Inserter
DS-75 Folder & Inserter
DS-85 Folder & Inserter
The DS-65 is a smart, compact and
easy to use inserter designed to
process your mail efficiently.
It offers high loading and unloading
capabilities, which match its great
performance. Combined with OMS
software, productivity is further
enhanced by allowing automatic
processing of any mail. Low noise
level & intuitive interface is a must for
multi-user environments.
Productivity made easy. Are you
working in an environment where
mail matters and response time is
key? With its compact footprint, large
loading and unloading capabilities
and many enhanced features, usually
available only on larger systems, the
DS-75 brings you the highest level
of convenience, productivity and
High productivity folding and
inserting machine. The DS-85 is just
right for your business. Whatever
the application your business comes
accross, the DS-85 handles them all.
From invoices and newsletters to
mail outs and other promotional or
marketing needs. The DS-85 is highly
flexible and can accomodate up to six
document feeders.
» Insert up to 2,400 envelopes /hr
» Insert up to 3,600 envelopes /hr
» Insert up to 4,000 envelopes /hr
MPPC Mail Piece Production Control
Assurance that jobs are accurate and complete.
Are you sure that your printed jobs are actually being mailed? Due to the fact that your business
depends on a secure mail process, Neopost has developed the perfect solution.
Mail Piece Production Control builds an audit trail for each production job. This provides you with
real-time quality control and detailed line-item reports.
1800 422 349
DS-35 Folder & Inserter
DS-63 Folder & Inserter
Did you know it costs about 10¢ to fill an envelope by
hand? This is costly, time consuming and negatively
affects your company.
The DS-63 saves you time and money by being able
to quickly and automatically process all standard mail
services, as well as, direct marketing applications.
The DS-35 is handy and compact, which can suit any
office environment to improve workplace efficiency,
making it an invaluable solution to help manage your
outgoing mail.
Combined with our mail management software
featuring grouping, sorting and splitting capabilities,
the DS-63 will not only optimise your mail flow but also
contribute to significant cost savings.
» Insert up to 1,350 envelopes /hr
» Insert up to 2,200 envelopes /hr
Ask abou
OMS soft t
DS-90i Folder & Inserter
DS-150/180 Folder & Inserter
DS-200 Folder & Inserter
When it comes to meeting the
demanding needs of your mail
center operations, the DS-90i folder
inserter offers versatility and the
ability to process the widest range of
business applications with ease. From
traditional business correspondence
to unique document combinations,
the DS-90i includes features to ensure
each recipient receives the correct
The DS-150/180 is a high volume folder
inserter enabling you to easily create
professional, top-quality mail pieces.
The system is modular and can be
easily configured to adapt and suit
your needs. Accomodates a wide range
of envelope sizes. The ability to handle
a superior document packet thickness
(6mm), allows you to process a wide
variety of mail items with ease.
Versatile, modular, productive, easy
to use. Introducing a new standard
in production mail, the DLX to C4
capable DS-200 letter folder and
inserter. It can handle a wide range of
applications, designed to run a variety
of jobs which can be configured
with ease, the DS-200 fits perfectly
into any mid-high level production
» Insert up to 4,300 envelopes /hr
» Up to 5,500 envelopes /hr (DS-180)
» Insert up to 4,800 envelopes /hr
DS-1200 Folder & Inserter
Intelligent, high-performance inserting system that streamlines your mail
processing. The DS-1200 is designed to operate at the highest practical speed
and efficiency - streamlining the entire mailing process, from input to throughput
to output, even during peak or rush times. The high-capacity sheet feeder and
vertical envelope reception stacker enables you to maintain the highest level of
operational productivity even for your more demanding mail processing jobs.
» Insert up to 12,000 envelopes /hr
AS-520C Colour Address Printer
Entry level, full process colour address printer. The AS-520C is a user friendly system that
prints full process photo quality colour, making it perfect for low volume mailing with
high impact.
» Print up to 4,000 DL envelopes /hour
AS-710 Monochrome Address Printer
The versatile address, barcode & graphics printing solution. The AS-710 addressing
system will make your mailings look more professional by giving you the ability to print
addresses, logos, barcodes and graphics almost anywhere on the mail piece.
» Print up to 14,000 DL envelopes /hour
AS-930 Monochrome Address Printer
Project a professional appearance with all of your mailing. The fixed head AS-930
addressing system prints 600x600 dots per inch patented HP printing technology giving
you sharp, crisp, more easily readable addresses.
» Print up to 27,000 DL envelopes /hour
AS-970C Colour Address Printer
Featuring the newest digital printing technology available, the AS-970C is a full process
colour printer that is powered by 1600 x 1600 dpi Memjet Technology and can print
materials up to 240mm wide by 430mm long at high speed. This incredible technology
can also print edge-to-edge on materials up to 215mm wide.
» Print up to 7,500 DL envelopes /hour
MAS Mail Accounting Software
FlexMail Address Management
Direct access to all your data, anytime,
anywhere. Neopost's MAS
(Mail Accounting Software) is designed
for businesses with more sophisticated
needs than those provided by a standard
postage meter. MAS will collect, maintain
and report on mail accounting data
helping you to track and better control
your business mail expenses.
FlexMail lets you connect to your data,
design any mail piece, merge/purge and
de-duplicate files, make changes to
a mailing list, clean and validate the
address and sort mailings to meet postal
OMS Output Management Software
DMS POSTman Address Validation
Gain total control over your company's
mailings. The OMS family software
solutions from Neopost are the smart
way to automate your document output
management process - controlling your
entire outbound document flow from
creation to distribution. Also, OMS
solutions can optimise each mailing to
give you the lowest postal rate possible.
Designed specifically with the needs of
small businesses in mind, POSTman is an
easy to use solution that saves valuable
time spent sending and processing
returned mail and ultimately reduces the
cost of your postage. POSTman accurately
validates records and appends Australia
Post-approved barcodes from its built in
database of over 12 million addresses.
1800 422 349
Flexmail greatly enhances and streamlines
your address printing process.
IM-16 Letter Opener
OPEX-2112 Letter Opener
OPEX Model 306 Letter Opener
The Neopost IM-16 letter opener
can operate at speeds of up to 300
letters per minute, so opened mail
is delivered faster. Easy to use and
ultra reliable, it can handle mixed mail
without pre-sorting, and opens a
wide range of envelope sizes.
Its efficiency gives your staff more
time to concentrate on more
productive work.
For medium-sized mail processing
operations. The Model 2112 offers
proven technology for both offices
and small mail-opening centres.
This tabletop unit provides mail
room automation for low volumes of
incoming mail, and it is equipped with
the same milling cutter technology as
the higher speed Model 306.
Equipped with Opex’s unique
high-speed milling cutter technology,
the model 306 offers durable
performace for small mail-opening
operations. Opex’s unique milling
cutter produces a soft, feathered
edge, providing content security.
The Model 306 is ideal for mixed
sizes of mail including large letters,
as well as, oversized and thicker than
normal envelopes.
» Open up to 300 envelopes /min
» Open up to 400 envelopes /min
» Open up to 670 envelopes /min
OPEX Falcon™ Mail Document Scanner
OPEX M-72 Rapid Extraction Desk
The all-new Falcon™ combines Opex’s innovative one step
drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity
production scanner, providing the only universal document
scanning workstation on the market. Regardless of your
document scanning needs, the Falcon is designed to meet
the most difficult and daunting workflow challenges.
Offering speed, efficiency and automatic adjustments
to handle a variety of intermixed mail. The advanced
design of the Opex Model 72 provides high-precision
control for semi-automatic mail extraction, including
fine adjustment settings for accurate cutting. Advanced
ergonomic features include workstation hydraulics to
adjust the work surface height, convenient desktop,
customized soft configurations and easy accessibility.
» Scan up to 110 pages /minute
» Extract up to 60 mail pieces /min
AS-7200i Mail Extraction & Scanner
The AS-7200i can scan mail as soon as it is opened - in a single pass.
Engineered as a high-speed colour scanner with a unique drop feeder
integrated into an Opex Rapid Extraction Desk. By combining mail
extraction with image capture it is no longer necessary to route paper
outside of the mail room to be processed. In just one step the AS-7200i
operator can open, extract, identify, scan, orient, sort, print an audit trail
and output mail contents.
» Open & Scan up to 120 pages /minute
Track incoming and outgoing mail items and packages,
and capture electronic proof of delivery.
From shipment booking to the retrieval of proof of
delivery over the internet, through parcel tracking,
management of returns, online archiving of shipping
documents and transportation monitoring.
Track Inside is a turnkey solution that gives you the
ability to track and control the flow of objects such as
mail pieces, parcels, packages, sensitive letters,
reusable mailing bags etc. as they enter and exit
your premises.
It is based on barcode technology, and makes it possible
to track objects within an organization in a closed loop,
during reception, shipping, transit and delivery phases,
whether it happens on a single site or on multiple sites
exchanging flows of objects.
You will be able to track objects already identified with
a barcode such as parcels, registered letters and tracked
mail, as well as objects without a barcode thanks to an
identification and labeling function.
In addition to tracking its journey, each item can be
tracked up to delivery to the final recipient with the
capture of an electronic proof of delivery with a
mobile terminal.
Our specialised Neopost ID teams located in Europe
and in the USA design, project manage and implement
for each customer a high-performance customised
solution based on a range of state-of-the-art products
and services.
Neopost ID offers a comprehensive range of shipping
stations. Online or Offline adapted to the different goods
transportation sectors - messenger services, express,
single parcel, etc. Whether you are a carrier or a shipper,
we offer the turnkey solution that fulfils your requirement
and enables you to manage all of your shipments
optimally, reliably, and professionally.
Automatic or manual shipment entry.
Generate parcel and shipment document labels in the
size specified by the carrier. Manage electronic data
exchanges between shippers and carriers, including
payment processing. Archiving and reporting
functionality, and direct access to tracing and proof
of delivery, roll-out, installation, training, and hotline
assistance, as well as onsite maintenance.
Neopost is a leader in RFID solutions, working with
major carriers like DHL, Kuhne&Nagel and STG, we have
provided integrated high performance RFID solutions in
asset, stock and pallet, and parcel management.
Independent RFID expertise:
• Technology optimisation
• Systems definition, development and deployment
• Solutions implementation
• Service hosting and online solutions
• Risk management
• Responsive and flexible partner
1800 422 349
Partnering with consumers to protect the environment
Neopost takes a very responsible view to
protect our environment and as such, we
adhere to strict manufacturing processes
to ensure eco-sustainability.
More than three quarters of a product’s environmental
impact is built into its design. That’s why the research
and development behind Neopost products has focused
on ways to bring value to consumers by significantly
improving product environmental performance.
A critical design objective in Neopost products is to cost
effectively minimize the carbon footprint from all stages
of product life.
Many Neopost products carry the Energy Star rating and
are manufactured at ISO-14001 certified sites as part of an
eco-conservation mindset.
A powerful commitment to environmental protection and
cost savings begin during the design process and makes
its way through the responsible use and reuse of Neopost
products and their materials
Neopost products protect the environment, while
generating cost savings. Our new eco-friendly mailing
systems have reduced their environmental footprint over
our previous line of mailing systems by up to 50%:
• Component structure...weight and volume reduced
by 44%
• Production process...materials usage cut by 10%
• Recyclable cardboard...reduced packaging by 29%
• Power usage...electrical consumption cut by 50%
• Recyclability...reusable material increased by 58%
• Clean transportation network...reduces air pollution
Neopost provides solutions that benefit you and the
environment by manufacturing new eco-friendly mailing
systems that:
• Last longer, run cooler and use up to 50% less energy
• Operate more efficiently, saving you time and money
• Save the Environment with innovative product and package designs
Our Service Promise
At Neopost, we believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment.
That’s why when you choose to work with Neopost you partner with a company that prides itself
on customer service and attitude to customer support. No matter what solution you choose
from Neopost, we guarantee that it will come with an exceptional level of service and support.
You see, we believe that if you are a happy customer, you’re a loyal customer. We know that
offering you the best service in the business is good for business. We know that our success
depends on keeping you satisfied. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with an
outstanding level of service each and every time.
This is how to guarantee to deliver on our promise to you:
Nationwide Account Managers
Wherever you are in Australia, we have an experienced, knowledgeable and professional account manager that will help
you find the products and solutions that are perfect for your business.
Local Service Engineers
Partner with Neopost and get access to a team of expert service technicians located throughout Australia, with the
skills, attitude and experience needed to ensure you get the most from your machine. When your service request requires
more than a phone call, one of our expert technicians can be with you quickly to make sure your Neopost machine is
running smoothly.
Regular Opening Hours
Our helpdesk is here when you need us. You can speak to a member of the team quickly, anytime from Monday to Friday,
8:00am - 5:30pm AEST.
1800 422 349
Our Finance Offer
We arrange funding solutions for many private and public organisations that span SME to global
enterprise, across a broad spectrum of industries. Our experience and capacity extends from
solutions costing from as little as $1,000 up to large intricate projects that involve Neopost’s
world class mailing, printing, presentation & software solutions.
The majority of Neopost customers choose Neopost financial solutions rather than
purchasing equipment for many reasons:
Cash Flow
Neopost financial solutions allow you to invest in the latest technology with no cash outlay requirement.
Convenience & Speed
Minimal paperwork, simple processes and flexible repayment options we tailor programs to suit our customers quickly
and easily, and most of the time a decision is made same day.
Full Service Solutions
When you use Neopost Finance programs all costs are included within the program. Service & maintenance, training,
installation and delivery charges are all included.
Tax & Accounting Benefits
Neopost Finance runs its programs on a rental (or operating lease) platform which ensures that all payments are 100%
tax deductible providing the technology is used for business purposes. Payments are fixed and normally appear as an
expense on the profit & loss statement only therefore no balance sheet depreciation of the equipment is required.
Equipment Life Cycle & Technology Management
All industries demand ongoing technology improvements. Neopost financial solutions are designed to allow for regular
upgrades to reduce obsolescence risk thus future proofing equipment investment you make in your business.
Fastback Innovative
Choose from three different strip widths to bind any document quickly and effectively.
Strips are available in black, white, dark blue, purple, maroon, red and dark green; in narrow,
medium and wide.
Capacity: 300+ sheets
CombBind Resilient & Affordable
Our most conventional and affordable binding option in a 20 and 21 ring format. The spine
lets pages lie flat, and you can easily make edits. CombBind spines are available in black,
white, clear, blue and red; in diameters from 6mm to 51mm.
Capacity: 400+ sheets
SpiralCoil Flexible & Stylish
For a professional appearance, this is your spine. SpiralCoil keeps its shape with bounceback flexibility. The spine lets pages lie flat for 360˚ rotation. Coil spines are available in
black, white, clear, navy and silver; in diameters from 6mm to 33mm.
Capacity: 275 sheets
WireBind Contemporary Look
This high-tech spine takes any presentation to the next level. It lets pages lie flat for 360˚
rotation. Wire bound spines are available in black, white, blue, red, bronze and silver; in
diameters from 6.3mm to 32mm.
Capacity: 210 sheets
ProClick Easily Editable
This spine is fast and easy to use, with an upscale look and feel. It opens and closes with a
special tool for quick edits, and lets pages lie flat for 360˚ rotation. Spines are available in
black, white, navy and frost; in diameters from 8mm to 16mm.
Capacity: 100 sheets
SureBind Sleek & Secure
Get a smooth, book-like finish with this binding option. Lock in place, and great for filing,
stacking and mailing. SureBind spines are available in black, white, navy and burgundy; in
diameters from 25mm to 75mm.
Capacity: 750 sheets
Opus Metal Channel Customised Presentation
An innovation in hard cover binding, Opus Metal Channel is a secure and fast binding
solution. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including increasingly popular
photobooks. Hardcover books can be customised with hot foil stamping. Metal Channels
are available in black, navy, blue and red; in portrait and landscape formats.
Capacity: 300 sheets
*Maximum sheet capacity based on 80gsm and largest binding diameter available.
1800 422 349
Fastback 20 Multi-Purpose Thermal Binding
Fastback 9 Compact Thermal Binding
The Fastback 20 is the ideal binding machine for anyone
needing a full-featured solution in medium to large
quantities. This multi-purpose machine handles tape
binding, perfect binding and hard cover book binding.
Binds up to 350 sheets in less than 20 secs.
The versatile Fastback 9 is the most compact and
affordable binding machine in its class. A powerful machine
despite its size, producing finished documents from 10 to
250 sheets. User-friendly interface makes choosing the
correct strip settings fast and easy.
Dual Comb & Wire Binder
Dual 2:1 & 3:1 Wire Binder
Spiral Coil Binder
A powerful, multi-functional dual
electric punch and bind system for
the complete solution of both plastic
comb and twin loop wire.
User-friendly edge guide for adjusting
the paper format easily. Manual
punch, CW-350 also available.
Practical and user-friendly interface,
with electrical power. Equipped with
two blades for both 2:1 and 3:1 twin
loop wire punching. Individual system
for punch and bind allows operating
separately. Manual punch, WR-200
also available.
The dual-action spiral coil punch and
bind system has a time saving electric
punch, plus an electric coil inserter.
Adjustable sliding margin guide, foot
pedal operation, coil size indicator,
and storage compartment for
MB 300
Metal Bind & Foil System
Heavy Duty Metal Binder
Surebind System 1/2/3
An innovation in hard cover binding
and hot foil stamping, specifically
designed for the creation of
personalised photobooks. Unique
Metalbind binding and Goldcover hot
stamping system in one, for stylish
presentation. Securely bind A5, A4 &
A3 books up to 300 pages and foil
stamp the book’s hardcover.
This heavy duty Metalbind machine
will easily bind and unbind documents
up to 300 pages, with no spoilage to
the document. Equipped with cover
guide for easy binding. With metal
housing, strong construction and
front positioned binding slot; machine
longevity and functionality are
prominent. Largest in the range.
Strip Binding
The ultimate desktop strip binding
system, with the ability to bind
documents of a few sheets to 500.
Available in System 1, System 2
(pictured) and System 3 models; to
suit various requirements of volume
and document thickness. Edge guides
ensure accurate paper alignment.
Utilises patented binding strip
technology for secure binding.
GBC Magnapunch 2.0 Heavy Duty Punch
GBC MP2500ix Interchangeable Die Punch
The higher capacity Magnapunch 2.0 sets the standard
in electric binding; featuring revolutionary edge detection
technology, eliminating mis-punches. Interchangeable
die sets for different punch patterns simply slide in and
automatically lock into place.
The GBC MP2500iX is designed for those needing high
volume punching with ease of use. Never has there been
a punch as versatile as the MP2500iX. Simply slide the die
sets in place - no tools or locking levers are required.
GBC PB2600
GBC TL2900
GBC CC2700
Plastic Comb Closer
Twin-Loop Wire Closer
Spiral Coil Closer
The PB2600 electric comb closer is
easy to operate with either the dual
foot pedal or table-top button to
activate the binding process.
User-friendly adjustable binding knob
and LED display help to easily set-up
your system for each binding job.
Twin-loop binding has never been
easier. The TL2900 presents a
revolutionary design, with hasslefree operation. Twin-loop wire bound
documents lie completely flat when
opened, and pages wrap all the way
around for easy handling.
Produce attractive spiral bound
documents with this versatile
production system. With its exclusive
“Spine Former”, adjustable roller
knobs and all metal construction,
the CC2700 ensures quick, easy and
reliable binding.
5500 EVA Perfect Binding Machine
The user-friendly automatic perfect binder, 5500 EVA brings
professional perfect binding to your pint room. Able to perfect bind
loose sheets with a cover wrapped around the spine, this machine is
ideal for medium to large volume binding.
Producing up to 320 books per hour, this compact machine features a
padding function, milling device and pneumatic clamp. Added safety
features make it an all-around ideal perfect binding machine.
1800 422 349
NeoLam 1500 Desktop Pouch Laminator
NeoLam 3256 Desktop Pouch Laminator
Sleek and modern, designed for reliability and ease of
use. This hot & cold laminator is capable of laminating
up to A3 sheet size and features a 4-roller system, which
provides a consistent, even speed to ensure high quality
lamination. Includes visual and audible indicators.
User-friendly and efficient A3 pouch laminator. This
6-roller machine can operate at a speed of up to
1,460mm/minute, and can handle pouch thickness of up
to 350mic. Minimal footprint and efficient warm-up time
of less than 5 minutes.
GBC Catena 35 Roll Laminator
GBC Docuseal 3100 Roll Laminator
The Catena 35 roll laminator has been designed to
give you the flexibility to laminate, encapsulate and
mount; using a variety of hot and pressure sensitive
(cold) lamination film. Features pre-set laminating
functions with manual override. The perfect finish for
your full colour digital output. Maximum laminating
width: 330mm.
Low cost, high performance hot shoe roll laminator up
to 800mm wide. Ideal for laminating posters, drawings,
charts, graphs, educational material, plans, pamphlets
and signs. Simple to operate, featuring silicon rollers for
easy clean up and durability. Easy replacement of film
using pre-slotted film shaft.
Laminating Film Supplies
Protect, enhance & preserve your printed materials.
Neopost supplies a variety of lamination films ranging
from laminating pouches in various sizes up to A3, roll
laminates, large format hot & cold laminating films,
as well as, celloglazing films for use by commercial
laminating services.
Pouch film 80-250 micron
Roll film 40-250 micron
Single-sided film
Gloss & matt finish
EBA 4300M Desktop Guillotine
EBA 4305M Manual Guillotine
EBA 5255 Electric Guillotine
Extremely safe, manual desktop office
guillotine with 430mm cutting length
and 20mm cutting height. Hinged,
transparent safety guard on the front
table. Fast flick action clamp provides
optimal clamp pressure. Side lay,
lockable back gauge and measuring
scale (mm/inches).
Solid all-metal construction, blade
from high quality steel. 430mm
cutting length for formats up to
A3, and 435mm insertion depth.
Backgauge and side lays allow for
precise alignment of the paper stack
for exact cutting. Safety guard locks
in position while cutting.
Convenient & powerful cutting with
electro-mechanical blade and clamp
drive. Designed with an emphasis
on safety and ergonomic use for
effortless and fatigue-free operation.
Optical cutting line with bright and
durable LEDs for accurate cuts.
Duplo DF-980
Max EH-70F
Manual Creaser
The PC-360 is easy to operate
and maintain, making it an ideal
component in the binding process.
Features durable steel upper and
lower creasing moulds, that do not
require replacement as often as
rubber moulds.
Maximum creasing width of 360mm,
and paper thickness of 450gsm.
Desktop Paper Folder
Electronic Stapler
The fastest and quietest table-top
folding solution in the market today,
with a top speed of 260 sheets per
minute. User-friendliness is key with
functions like automatic plate setting
to ensure fast setup and consistent
folding accuracy. The efficiency and
productivity of the DF-980 results in
huge time and cost savings.
Heavy duty electronic stapler provides
flat clinch stapling of 2 to 70 sheets
without changing the staple. Features
a super quiet motor and a high
capacity staple cartridge allowing you
to staple up to 5,000 times without
reloading. Flat clinch stapling allows
papers to stack neatly & evenly.
Duplo Ultra Cut 130/240
Card Cutter
The Duplo Ultra Cut 130 and 240 produces professionally cut
business cards and postcards, cutting and slitting at speeds of up to
130/240 business cards per minute. Ideal finishing solution, adding
efficiency to any operation. Handles a wide range of digitally printed
stock up to SRA3, 120 to 350gsm. Optional scoring & perforating
modules and 15” conveyor stacker available.
1800 422 349
Credit Cards
Neoshred Auto+ 750
Credit Cards
Neoshred 8730HS
High Volume, High Security
High Security, Combination Shredder
Stack 750 sheets in one go! Simply open the lid, fill
with paper, close and let the machine do the shredding
automatically for you. No need to remove paper clips
or staples. Dedicated slot for shredding credit cards
and CD’s. Large 115 litre pull-out bin.
High performance, high security, NSA approved
combination shredder. A perfect solution for the
destruction of highly classified paper and optical
media. Features all-metal cabinet, steel gearing, lifetime
guaranteed waste bins and automatic oiling system.
Neoshred ET-10HS
High Security Shredder
Exceptional Power & Speed
Capable of shredding paper into
particles 1x8mm in size. Also shreds
CDs, credit cards and staples. Easily
clear paper jams with Auto Reverse,
Manual Forward and Turbo Boost
functions. Quiet operation (55dB).
SCEC approved, Class A. Built-in blue
LED shred bin capacity indicator.
Innovative, centralised office shredder,
suitable for continuous operation.
Patented Electronic Capacity Control
indicates used sheet capacity during
shredding process. Sturdy steel
cutting mechanism swallows paper
clips. Convenient 260mm feed
opening. 100 litre waste capacity.
High Performance & High Volume
Suitable for shredding of CDs
and DVDs. Automatic oil injection
system lubricates the cutting shafts
when shredding and guarantees a
consistently high shred performance.
Large feed opening of 405mm for
convenient feeding of large paper
formats, with 165 litre shred bin.
FORDIGRAPH 5146C/6040C/7050-2C
High Capacity Shredders
5146C - Compact with total front access. Automatic reverse in case
of paper jam. Automatic cut-off when waste cart is full, capacity of
230 litres. High quality cutting-mechanism made of high grade steel.
Suitable for safe shredding of CDs.
6040C - Indestructible, all-steel construction. Clearly laid out
operator panel with push buttons, pilot lights, mains switch, safety
lock and emergency switch. Centralised oiling system for easy
lubrication of the cutting head guarantees a consistently high sheet
capacity. Material feed via conveyor belt. High shredded paper
volume of 300 litres.
7050-2C (pictured) - Large feeding table with conveyor belt.
Robust cutting mechanism made of high grade steel. “2-Speed”, two
automatic speed levels - automatic adaption of the shred speed to
the paper quantity fed. Electronic control prevents overfeeding.
300 litre capacity.
Canon iPF680/685/780/785 24/36” Plotters
Canon iPF815/825 44” Plotters
Built for speed, quality and ease of use, the 24” iPF680/685
and 36” iPF780/785 is an ideal large format printing solution
for all size workgroups in production or office environments.
Quickly and easily produce full-bleed posters, CAD/GIS
renders and line drawings.
Designed specifically for high volume technical document
printing environments, iPF815/825 effortlessly produce
detailed drawings, colour renderings and maps. iPF825
printer equipped with two media rolls that support
multiple media types and long print runs.
HP Designjet T920/1500
HP Designjet T3500
36” ePrinter
36” Production eMFP
Achieve sharp, true-color prints of your designs, maps,
photos and presentations at resolutions of up to 2400 dpi.
Web connectivity means you can place the printer where
it’s most convenient. Process complex files at high speeds;
D/A1 print in 21 seconds. Ensure accuracy with true print
previews, and monitor media rolls and printer status from
the touchscreen. Load rolls quickly, even when seated.
The most productive large format e-multifunction
printer in the market. The Designjet T3500 eMFP offers
low cost and high productivity for all large format
printing and scanning needs. High-speed printing up to
A1 size in just 21 seconds with vivid colours, rich blacks
and neutral greys. Engineered for high print volumes,
unattended printing, rigorous IT demands and top
security operation.
Exhibition Display Banner
Double-Sided A-Frame
Double-Sided A1 Poster Stand
Realise the full potential of large format prints with our full range of indoor/outdoor display accessories.
1800 422 349
Contex IQ/SD/HD Ultra Series 24”-54” Scanners
Nextimage Scanning & Copying Software
Contex flatbed and large format scanners deliver the
image quality, speed and reliability to accelerate workflows,
improve collaboration and boost overall efficiency. Built on
proven CCD technology, HD scanners deliver superior image
quality for fine art, maps & drawings.
Why just scan? Copy, print, e-mail, edit and scan with
Nextimage multi-function large format scanning software.
Bring all your imaging tasks into one user-friendly
interface. Create the perfect link between your scanner,
digital storage, existing applications, and printers.
Contex MFP Solutions Multi-Function Printers
A Contex MFP solution lets you add a Contex scanner to
any large format printer for more powerful features, better
image quality and unmatched versatility. An MFP solution
from Contex can turn any new or existing printer into a copier,
giving you the small footprint you need without compromising
on performance or versatility.
Copy, scan, print and share documents, drawings and ideas
right from your office desktop - fast and easy. Designed to
save space, time and cost; it provides intuitive touch-screen
colour copying and scanning.
Work better together. Communicate and share ideas,
blueprints, drawings, sketches - in large format. Share markups and drawing changes and revisions instantly with
scan-to-net or scan-to-email capabilities.
Mark-up, print, track changes and share digitally. Productive
copying-printing system is matched with full-featured image
enhancement control.
AEC, CAD & GIS INDUSTRIES - Solutions for architecture, engineering and construction.
RISO ComColor Series
High Speed, Full Colour Inkjet Printers
The perfect answer to the high speed, high volume printing
demands of busy offices. The RISO ComColor combines the
world’s fastest print speed with low running costs, increased
productivity and reliability, for superior performance.
Specifically designed to give you the ultimate in ease of
use, these advanced printers require virtually no operator
training. At up to 150 pages per minute, ComColor sets a
new standard in full colour print production.
The new RISO ComColor reduces power consumption to
an all-time low with the introduction of automatic power
shut-off. Truly eco-friendly, they consume a fraction of the
electricity required by other production printers.
90 Pages
120 Pages
150 Pages
Duplo Duprinters High Speed Duplicators
Duplo offer the most cost-effective print duplicating
method available today. Combining the convenience and
simplicity of a copier, with the economy and versatility of
offset printing. Users benefit from the age old ‘economies
of scale’ principle. Put simply, as the copy run increases,
the cost-per-copy rapidly decreases. Featured ink saving
mode allows a cartridge to last a great deal longer whilst
maintaining high quality prints - further reducing costper-copy. Ideal solution offering economy, versatility and
productivity to spot colour printing. Typical applications:
business stationery, forms, flyers etc.
90 Pages
120 Pages
150 Pages
150 Pages
(straight/offset stacker)
HiTi CS-200e ID Card Printer
The HiTi CS-200e features compact design, photo realistic
quality and versatile modules. The CS-200e blends HiTi's
high definition dye sublimation thermal transfer and worldleading colour technologies, resulting in continuous tone and
sophisticated photo quality on every print. Fully featured card
creation software included with the printer enabling database
linking and powerful batch printing management.
High speed printing engine
Intuitive user interface
Edge-to-edge printing
Print Technology: Dye sublimation (direct-to-card)
Print Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: Up to 180 cards/hour
1800 422 349
• ID Cards
• Lanyards
• Wristbands
Full HD
NeoPanel Interactive LED Display Panel
Utilising the latest in display technology, our range
of multi-touch interactive displays are ideal for both
corporate office and classroom learning environments.
The NeoPanel is plug-and-play and by simply attaching
the USB to your computer, you now have a teaching
Mounting Option tool to convey your lesson or conduct a presentation.
Mobile electric stand
Adjustable height
Your fingertip acts as a stylus to touch the LED.
Gesture Recognition
• Available in sizes 55” / 65” / 70” / 84”
• Fits anywhere in an office/classroom environment
• Control computer operation directly from the LED
Mimio Interactive Solutions
Interactive Technology & Software Applications
An effective interactive solution and a great teaching
tool. Mimio products are designed to not only engage,
but also motivate students through interaction and
collaboration. Mimio tools empower students and
educators, making learning much more enjoyable and
interesting, whilst also contributing to the development
of essential technological skills and knowledge.
Some Mimio products include: MimioStudio; a simple
yet powerful classroom software. MimioTeach; an
innovative tool using wireless technology to transform
any flat surface into an interactive white board.
MimioMobile; a mobile application that enables
collaboration between students and teachers. Other
tools include: MimioView, MimioCapture & MimioPad.
Interactive Whiteboards
Whiteboards & Projectors
Our whiteboards work in conjunction with your data
projector and your computer to create a touch-based
interactive whiteboard where you have full control of
your PC from the whiteboard.
No longer do you have to be stuck behind your
computer on a desk to teach a class. Take full control at
the front of the classroom (or boardroom), allowing you
to really engage with your students.
National Sales & Service
Monday - Friday (8:00am to 5:30pm AEST)
1800 422 349
1800 819 985
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