WeeClient Plus Applications for Deployment

WeeClient Plus
The WeeClient Plus is one of the smallest mini PCʼs/thin
clients on the market. It has a 1GHZ, x86 processor, and
512 MB SDRAM DDR2. The WeeClient is extremely energy
efficient, consuming only 4.6W of power, without
sacrificing its high performance. It is compatible with full
HD on VGA interface as well as Mini HDMI.
As a thin client terminal, the WeeClient Plus features an
outstanding MTBF of 144 thousand hours. Thatʼs over 16
years of continuous use! It supports all major GUIʼs such
as Windows 7 Embedded, Linux, Windows XP, DOS, etc. Itʼs
also capable of running the Wtware operating system,
creating a remote desktop environment for both Windows
and Linux (Linux requires XRDP).
Status LED:
The LED indicator light shows when the WeeClient Plus
device is on, and waiting for ethernet connectivity. When
operated in conjunction with the Useful interface, the LED
performs as a signal light, blinking to indicate which
device needs maintenance or assistance.
Applications for Deployment
The WeeClient Plus provides an excellent utility to easily
manage a multiterminal operating system for schools,
libraries, offices, and any other location with a need for
access to multiple desktops. One PC can be be used to
provide up to 30 individual workstations with a mixture of
Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Internet Browser access.
Remote Terminal:
Equipped to work both locally and remotely, the WeeClient
Plus is an excellent candidate for multiple industries.
Using an IP address, the WeeClient connects to a remote
server and uses the internet to communicate simultaneously with all other devices. Ideal for businesses with
multiple locations, POS stations, transport operations, and
so much more.
Operating Systems
•Userful Multiplatform 7
•Userful Multiplatform Network Video Wall 7
•MS-Windows 7
•MS-Windows 8
•MS-Windows Multipoint Server 2011
•MS-Windows Multipoint Server 2012
Embedded Solutions
Thin Client
Mini PC
POS (Point of Sale)
Multi-Purpose x86 Appliance
Telnet Terminal SSH
PuTTY Terminal
VNC Terminal
LTSP Terminal
Citrix Station ICA
VmWare Station
Weight 245g (0.54 lbs)
Pkg Total Weight 400g (0.88 lbs)
Dimensions 96 x 30 x 124 mm
Pkg Dimension 230 x 40 x 150 mm
Power Source Input: AC 100-240v ˜ 50-60Hz Output:DC 5V 2A
Electric Power Consumption 4.6W
Anamorphic Resolution 1920 x 1080 (full HD)
Full Screen Resolution 1920 x 1400
Processor x86
ChipSet C6037 Chipset
Local Storage (Optional) Micro SD card
No local storage
•Up to 32GB SD card
•SD card runs as IDE
Audio Microphone output green type PC 2001
Headphone/ speaker input pink type PC 2001
44kHz sample rate
DAC 16-Bit high performance
Digital Audio via Mini HDMI optional
Video 1 VGA HD15
1 Mini HDMI
HDMI compatible with DVI 1.0 (adaptor required)
HDMI as VI.3 spec.
Compatible with VESA Wall Mount
Supports Monitor Extension or Duplication
Up to 2048x1152 (QWXGA) with 32-bit
LAN 10/100/1000 Base T (Gigabit Ethernet)
Compatible with IEEE 802.3
RJ-45 Connection
Holds half/full Duplex
Case Material ABS high resistance plastic
Color Matte Black
Mounting VESA 75
Security Anti-theft Kensington security slot
USB Hi-Speed USB 2.0
2 Front USB ports
2 Rear USB ports
Accessories Power Adapter
VESA mounting screws
Optimal Operating Temperature Range 41ºF - 113ºF
Optimal Humidity up to 93% (non-condensing)
Warranty 2 years
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 144,000
PoE (Power over Ethernet) optional
*NEW PoUSB (Power over USB) optional cable
WeeClient Plus
Technical Interface
7. Power source connection
Power Button
8. Ethernet connection
Anti-theft Kensington security slot
9. VGA interface
Power LED
10. (2) x USB
Audio Output
Audio Input
(2) x USB
A. Mini HDMI port
B. VESA 75