LifeSize UVC Video Center Datasheet English A4

Be Everywhere.
Live or On Demand.
LifeSize® UVC Video Center™
LifeSize UVC Video Center is the world’s
most powerful one-button HD streaming,
recording and auto-publishing solution.
With the simple push of a button, users
can record and share executive updates,
business presentations, sales meetings and training sessions
as well as share data, charts and images.*
Live and on-demand videos are automatically optimized for every
viewer—desktop, laptop, tablet or phone—thus ensuring a quality
viewing experience with minimal delays or buffering.
Frustration-Free Streaming and Recording
LifeSize UVC Video Center makes life easier for IT administrators,
who can allow authors to auto-publish video content. It supports
an unrivaled number of concurrent recordings, on-demand video
streams and simultaneous live streams, up to 720p30 HD video.
Thanks to features such as multicasting and federation, users
can not only broadcast and record videos at the press of one
button but can also reach even broader audiences in more places
without stressing the organization’s network or budget.
Collaboration Made Simple
Integration with Active Directory simplifies user and group
management, and a built-in reporting feature gives insight into
user viewing patterns. Users can also add chapters and closed
captions to their videos or embed them in websites and social
media tools. In addition, LifeSize UVC Video Center offers API
support for integration with third-party applications and a plug-in
for Blackboard Learn™, the leading learning management system
in higher education.
LifeSize® UVC Platform™
LifeSize UVC Video Center is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform,
the simplest, most flexible way to get your video infrastructure up
and running. For a free 30-day trial of LifeSize UVC Video Center
or any LifeSize UVC application, visit the LifeSize website.
*Applicable with LifeSize® Icon™ and LifeSize® 220s™.
LifeSize UVC Video Center Enterprise
Edition At-a-Glance
Streams to More
View from any computer
(Mac® or PC), iPhone® or iPad®
SIP Dial-in
Record up to 720p30 HD from
any SIP device
Streaming across
LifeSize UVC
Video Centers
Add scale and conserve
bandwidth by federating
multiple LifeSize UVC Video
Share information via live chat
or comments
Highly Scalable
Utilize multicasting to expand
streaming capacity and save
bandwidth costs
Easily switch between layouts
during playback
User Interface (UI)
Add branding elements to UI
Active Directory, reporting
features, NAS, REST API
Closed Captions
Create or upload subtitles
Flexible Licensing
Scale as your needs grow
Product Specifications
LifeSize® UVC Video Center™
System Components
API (Application Programming Interface)
Content Management
Seamlessly integrate LifeSize UVC Video Center with
external systems using REST APIs
Multilingual web user interface (10 languages)
• LifeSize UVC virtual machine software
(VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V®)
Authentication support and highly scalable
Edit thumbnails and attach files to video page
Based on security-hardened Linux® OS
Advanced search
IPv6 support
Access reports to track viewing patterns
Download raw CSV data per video to build
custom reports
Delivered via LifeSize UVC Platform:
• Rack-mountable LifeSize UVC hardware options
Add chapters to video timeline
Record video and data from: LifeSize Icon Series,
LifeSize 220 Series with 4.6 or newer software,
and non-LifeSize video systems using SIP*
Schedule reports
Playback on Windows®-based, Linux-based and Mac
computers, iOS devices
Large internal storage for HD videos (1 TB in
UVC appliance)
Major web browsers supported
Flexible Licensing
Further extend storage available for videos using
network attached storage (NAS)—NFS and CIFS/SMB
Ability to increase recording and streaming capacity
Supports up to 2,000 HD live streams (through
NIC bonding)
Automatically attaches titles and tags recordings,
files them to the proper channel, assigns access
privileges and publishes videos to the web
Free trial: Enterprise Edition, up to 5 simultaneous HD
recordings, 250 HD live streams
Streaming Capabilities
Supported Uses
Record/stream outside of a call, point-to-point or
multipoint calls
Stream to mobile devices
Enables predictable bandwidth planning and
scalable WAN streaming
Seamless to remote viewers
Monitor videos streamed to subscriber nodes
Supports large-scale live streaming,
one-time configuration
User Access Control
Streams up to 1080p30
Security-based profiles and permissions
Supports up to 350 on-demand 720p30 HD viewers
Users see only videos they have privileges to access
Live streaming—unicast and multicast
Recording key prevents unauthorized recordings
System Management
Supports RTMP tunneling over port 80—RTMPT
On-the-fly transcoding to lower bitrate for live streaming
Easily share content across multiple distributed
LifeSize UVC Video Centers
Supports up to 2,000 live 720p30 HD viewers
Secure streaming support—RTMPS
Single-button recording
Admin-selected multicast layout option
On-demand streaming (unicast)
Capture call participants with primary and
secondary video
Supports fixed URLs
Minimizes bandwidth utilization between sites
for live videos
Supports up to 20 HD recordings (LifeSize 220 Series
and LifeSize Icon Series)
Supports video metadata, comments and downloads
Incremental FTP/NAS backup
Instantly available on-demand videos
Supports static NAT deployment under section
“System Management”
Stream videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod devices
Registers to SIP registrars to enable click-to-record
Embed videos into web pages
Fixed layouts while streaming video and data to
mobile devices
Allows admin to monitor or terminate ongoing recording
and streaming session
Recording Capabilities
Static-streaming URLs
Record audio, video and data
Dynamic user-controlled playback layout on PC and Mac:
side-by-side, picture-in-picture, video focus, data focus
Supports local and corporate LDAP directory
Archive, import up to 1080p30 HD videos
Dynamically capture video and data; no preconfiguration
Supports offline transcodes
Recording bitrate dynamically adjusts to network traffic
Automatic adaptive bitrate streaming for best
user experience
Capture near-end video, far-end video or both (applies
to LifeSize Icon Series and LifeSize 220 Series endpoints)
Scalable streaming through NIC bonding
Auto-publishing support with a recording key
Video & Audio Format
Recording indicator is visible only during the live call,
not in recording (available for LifeSize Icon Series and
LifeSize 220 Series endpoints)
High Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio
Integration with Blackboard Learn
H.264 video, AAC-LC and G.711 audio
Integration with Blackboard Learn ver 9.1 or later
Recording key-based authorization
Allows viewing of live or on-demand videos from the
Blackboard Learn web UI
IVR for PIN entry during SIP-based recording
Supports BFCP for presentation streams in SIPbased recordings
Closed Captions (CC)
Supports lost packet recovery for video streams
PC, Mac and iOS players support CC text display
Create or upload subtitles in multiple languages
Search through subtitles
Viewers † †
Hours of Storage
(on 1 TB disk)
768 Kbps
384 Kbps
270 Kbps
Each of the above concurrent recordings/live viewers/ondemand viewers are independent numbers. Presentation
stream was not part of the recorded stream. Data is based on
LifeSize internal testing, using LifeSize 220s.
Austin, Texas, USA
+1 512 347 9300
Toll Free US
+1 877 543 3749
Adheres to permissions defined on Blackboard Learn
Integration with VBrick®
Integration with VBrick Enterprise Media System
(VEMS) v5.4 or later
LifeSize UVC Virtual Machine, Capacity,
Hardware Configuration, Storage &
Environmental Data
Performance & Capacity (Using LifeSize UVC Hardware Appliance)
Recordings †
Full and partial restore facility
Management support—LifeSize® Control™
and LifeSize® UVC Manager™
Real-time text chat, scales up to 1,000+ participants
Supports audio- and data-only streaming
Factory reset
Please refer to the LifeSize UVC applications datasheet
for details.
* Refer to the latest software release notes for a list of
non-LifeSize devices supported.
Data presented requires 20 recording licenses or more.
Under 20 licenses, concurrent recording and viewers are fixed
at any bitrate. † † Through NIC bonding on LifeSize UVC
hardware and VMware
EMEA Regional Office
Munich, Germany
+49 89 20 70 76 0
Toll Free Europe
+00 8000 999 09 799
APAC Regional Office
Singapore +65 6303 8370
Virtualization Support
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