Video | EX27N All-Weather Cameras
EX27N All-Weather Cameras
The EX27N is an all-weather day/night camera that
incorporates MFP Technology for exceptional day/
night performance. Using mechanical filter technology,
the EX27N delivers brilliant color during the day and
outstanding IR sensitivity at night.
The EX27N CCD provides outstanding spectral
response in both visible and near‑infrared regions. The
high-resolution sensor produces an amazing 540 TVL
in monochrome and color. As with all EX27N sensors,
the video signal is characterized by low-smear, lowstreak and excellent anti-blooming characteristics.
An IR-Cut filter eliminates IR bleed during the day to
ensure accurate color video. At night, a photocellcontrolled IR-Pass filter optimizes night vision
performance. Together with a high-efficiency 18-LED
infrared illuminator, the EX27N delivers 40 feet of
evenly-distributed night vision.
The EX27N features an all-weather housing, fieldproven for successful application in extreme
environments. The cast and extruded aluminum
housing accommodates a 4-9 mm VF, auto-iris lens for
extra installation versatility.
Rugged, compact, power protected and extreme
weather-sealed, the EX27N is an ideal day/night
camera for a wide variety of technical surveillance
Compact, weather-sealed housing for performance
in extreme environments
MX4 Extended Day/Night CCD for excellent IR
sensitivity, low smear, low streak and excellent
antiblooming characteristics
Easy access lens and camera OSD adjustments
Integrated day/night design with 18 LEDs at 840 nm
for zero lux effectiveness
Optimized LED Array for 12 meters (40 feet) of
evenly-distributed active infrared night vision
Commercial security
Critical infrastructure
Homeland security
Public area surveillance
Industrial sites
Ports and harbors
Schools, colleges and universities
Outdoor surveillance
Extreme weather environments
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Installation/Configuration Notes
91 (3.60)
89 (3.50)
35 (1.38)
222 (8.74)
540 TVL color / 540 TVL
Effective Pixels NTSC (H x V)
768 x 494
Effective Pixels PAL (H x V)
752 x 582
Daytime Sensitivity
0.02 lx with F1.4 lens
Night-Time Sensitivity
0 lx with infrared (B/W)
S/N Ratio
Greater than 48 dB (AGC off)
Output Signal
1 Vpp composite video, 75 Ohm
Gain Control
Electronics Iris
1/60 to 1/100,000 (NTSC)
1/50 to 1/100,000 (PAL)
LED Type
High-efficiency 850 nm or
940 nm, even distribution IR
Number of LEDs
4-9 mm IR Corrected
Robust aluminum casting / extrusion
1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)
Overall Dimension
(H x W x D)
89 x 91 x 222 mm (3.5 x 3.6 x 8.7 in.)
31 (1.22)
12 to 24 AC/DC
4.5 W or less
2.0 m (6.5 ft) composite cable for power
and video
mm (in)
1/4-20 UNC
Operational Range
-50ºC to 50ºC (-58ºF to +122ºF)
IP66/NEMA 4X compliant
Ordering Information
EX27MNX8V0409B‑N All-Weather Camera
Technical Specifications
All weather cam, 1/3 in. extended day/night, 4-9 mm
lens, 850 nm IR, NTSC, black
Order number EX27MNX8V0409B-N
MX4 Hi-Res Extended Day/Night
EX27MNX8V0409B‑P All-Weather Camera
Dual-window mechanical type, IR
Pass / IR Cut
Order number EX27MNX8V0409B-P
Day/Night Switching
Photocell-controlled, automatic
Automatic, sensitivity adjustable
OSD with joystick operation
All weather cam, 1/3 in. extended day/night, 4-9 mm
lens, 850 nm IR, PAL, black
3 | EX27N All-Weather Cameras
EX27MNX9V0409B‑N All-Weather Camera
All weather cam, 1/3 in. extended day/night, 4-9 mm
lens, 940 nm IR, NTSC, black
Order number EX27MNX9V0409B-N
EX27MNX9V0409B‑P All-Weather Camera
All weather cam, 1/3 in. extended day/night, 4-9 mm
lens, 940 nm IR, PAL, black
Order number EX27MNX9V0409B-P
EXPS.008 VAC Power Supply
Power supply 120 VAC/ 24 VAC 1500 mA
Order number EXPS.008
EXSH.27B Sun Hood
Sun Hood, Black
Order number EXSH.27B
EXMB.015B Pole Mount Adapter Bracket
Pole Mount Adapter, black
Order number EXMB.015B
EXMB.023B Wall Bracket
Wall Bracket, Black
Order number EXMB.023B
EXMB.017B Wall Mount Adapter Bracket
Wall Mount Adapter, Black
Order number EXMB.017B
PSU-230‑24 Power Supply
Power Supply, 230 VAC / 24 VAC, 50 W
Order number PSU-230-24
EXMB.020B L-bracket
L-Bracket Only, Heavy Duty, black
Order number EXMB.020B
MBE-27B Black Bracket Arm Mount
Black mounting bracket for use with an EX27 Series
All-Weather Camera
Order number MBE-27B
MBE-15B Black Pole Mount Adapter Plate
Black adapter plate used to attach an MBE-27 or
MBE-28 along with an EXMB.020B Heavy Duty L
Bracket to a pole.
Order number MBE-15B
MBE-17B Black Wall Mount Adapter Plate
Black adapter plate used to attach an MBE-27 or
MBE-28 along with an EXMB.020B Heavy Duty L
Bracket to a wall.
Order number MBE-17B
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