From user to listener
Perfect partners With a sleek design aesthetic
to suit any modern workstation, MM-1 speakers
will turn your computer into a powerful audio
system that sounds as good as it looks.
The MM-1 isn’t a normal computer speaker,
it’s a true hi-fi speaker, shrunk to fit on your
desktop. So they don’t just look great – they
sound incredible, transforming your computer
into a superb stereo sound system. But then
you’d expect nothing less from the makers
of the award-winning Zeppelin™ iPod® speaker,
not to mention some of the most advanced
studio speakers in the world.
Digital Signal Processing There’s an art
to producing a big sound from small speakers.
And we’ve mastered it, thanks to a clever
piece of electronic fine-tuning called Digital
Signal Processing. By adjusting the sound
balance depending on the signal, DSP keeps
music sounding rich and detailed, no matter
how loud you play it.
High-end technology Some of our most
pioneering technology has found its way
into the MM-1. The tweeters, for example,
incorporate our famous tube-loaded design,
which dampens resonance and produces purer
high frequency sounds. You’ll find the same
technology in our studio-standard speakers,
used by the likes of Abbey Road Studios.
Two-way speaker MM-1 is a true twoway speaker, and with both the tweeter and
midrange drivers drawing on all our years of
experience. The midrange driver is a longthrow design, with high-power handling and a
neodymium motor. All this is contained within a
vented chassis. There’s a reason MM-1 sounds
as accurate as a true hi-fi speaker – that’s
exactly what it is.
Build and finish Think computer speakers and
you think unsightly plastic boxes. The MM-1
is different. Elegantly designed and robustly
constructed, everything about it – from the
brushed steel finish to the reassuring weight
– says quality. You’ll be proud to have the
MM-1 beside any laptop or computer monitor.
‘Nautlius’ and ‘Zeppelin’ are
trademarks of B&W Group Ltd.
iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.
registered in the US and
other countries.
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Technical features
2-way speaker
Fully active
Nautilus™ tube tweeters
Digital amplifier
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Switch mode power supply
USB streaming from PC/Mac
Remote control
Fully active 2.0 Multimedia speaker system
Drive units
2x ø75mm (3.0 in) woofers
2x ø25mm (1.0 in) tweeter
Frequency range
38Hz and 22kHz
Amplifier power output
Power input voltage
100V - 240V ac 50/60Hz on external
power supply
16V DC on product
Rated power consumption
Standby power consumption
3.5mm mini jack analogue
USB 2.0 for PC connection:
Streaming & software upgrades
3.5mm mini jack headphone output
170mm (6.6in) free standing
100mm (3.9in)
100mm (3.9in) free standing
Net weight
0.85kg (1.8lb) per speaker
01/10 PU22136
MM-1 specifications
ABS with spun aluminium top plate
Black cloth