Product Specification
This product "WUT-012" is a development kit including Codec IC. It is used with
software for development, and the development of the application software is
supported. As for the power supply, it is fed power to DC by the AC adaptor or
the Battery.
Environmental usage
Temperature: 10 – 35 degree Celsius
Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (non-condensing)
2. Power Rating
Input Current: 1.6A
Input Voltage: 4.75V DC (type)
3. Dimensions and Weight
255.4 (w) x 133.4 (d) x 40.9 (h)
Approx. 500g
Enclosure: PC+ ABS
4. Wireless Function
This product contains 802.11an module, “MIC-A2” and NFC module, “MIC-001”.
System Components
(1) L Stick
(2) +Control Pad
(3) Sensor Bar
(4) Camera
(5) A/B/X/Y Buttons
(6) R Stick
(7) + Button/START
(8) — Button/SELECT
(9) Speakers
POWER Button
TV Control Button
Battery LED
HOME Button
Touch Screen
NFC (near-field communication) location
L & ZL Buttons
R & ZR Buttons
Stylus Holder
Infrared Transceiver
Audio Jack
AC Adapter Connector
GamePad Support
Hand Grips
Battery Cover
SYNC Button
Charging Terminals
Accessory Connector
Power for WUT-012
WUT-012 requires connecting the Wii U GamePad AC adaptor (WUP-011) to
charge the battery. WUT-012 can operate without the AC adaptor once the
battery is charged.
The accessory kit includes an AC power adaptor. Connect the power supply to
WUT-012 through the power connector found on the top left side of WUT-012.
NOTE Do not remove the battery. WUT-012 does not operate without the