Konig & Meyer
D.A.S. Expands Event Series
D.A.S. Audio expands its Event series with
the Event-212A powered line array and Event121A subwoofer. The Event-212A is a 3-way
system with two 12-inch drivers in a dual-band
configuration, teamed up with an M-75 compression driver and aluminum HF waveguide
with 90° and 120° format coverage. Also standard is the DAScontrol interface — offering
quick array setup and subwoofer alignment.
The Event-121A is a direct radiating, powered
single-21 subwoofer. Both are slated to be shipping now and MSRP is $4,845 (Event-212A) and
$4,631 (Event-121A).
DiGiCo 4REA4 Installed Audio Solution
DiGiCo’s 4REA4 installed audio solution
is designed for large performance centers,
houses of worship, theaters and shared stages at festivals. Control panels and external I/O
units work with the 4REA4 processing engine
and software to manage each performance
area’s mixing/routing needs. Controller options include the wall-mounted, single-rotary
ACONTROL1 with a TFT display for small area
management and the ACONTROL8 with eight
100mm faders for more complex control and
DiGiCo connectivity. With an available 128 input channels and 48-bus output processing
strips, you can independently allocate processing to whichever area as required
Small But Mighty!
The new monitor and speaker stand from
K&M has an adjustable tilted tray to achieve the
perfect position with a stop-angle feature built
in to ensure additional safety. A sleek modern silhouette paired with a flat tripod base allows this
stand to be used for a variety of occasions.
The height can be adjusted to 10 different positions ranging from 31” to 51” high. Fitted with
3 felt-covered studs to ensure noise filtration and
a max. load capacity of 77lbs.
The new standard for style and performance,
K&M stands are made in Germany with the highest quality materials & engineering - resulting in
maximum durability and functionality. 5 year Warranty. Eco-friendly manufacturing.
www.km-america.com • 800-644-5268
Outline Arena Series
Designed to complement its outdoor Stadia Series, the Arena Series offers a downscaled solution for smaller projects. All feature
elastoplastic weatherproof protection and are
designed for high-quality audio distribution in
outdoor areas, such as theme parks and public
spaces. The Arena Series has two models, the
215 CX and the 212 CX; the former with a 15”
LF transducer and a coaxial 15” mid-low driver. The 212 CX is similar but has a 12” LF driver
and 12” coaxial transducer, providing a smaller, lighter option. Both designs can be driven
by a single amplifier channel and offer performance approaching 3-way systems.
SAE Audio CT Series Amps
Sennheiser EM-XSW 1 DUAL Wireless
Available in eight stereo amplifier models from the CT 1000
(150 watts/ch, 4-ohms) to the CT
12000X (2,000W/ch) — with all
outputs doubled in mono bridged
mode — the CT Series from SAE
Audio are lightweight designs in
roadworthy 2-rackspace enclosures. Features include Class-D
power amplifier modules with
rugged toroidal transformer power supplies and a 9-inch chassis
depth. Front-panel LCD readouts display status and working states of the amplifier. Inputs are
XLR and TRS; outputs are SpeakON NL4s and binding posts.
Sennheiser expanded its XS
Wireless 1 series with the EM-XSW 1
DUAL. The receiver will be available
separately or as part of two XSW 1
DUAL Sets that combine it with two
wireless microphones with e 825 or
e 835 capsules. The 2-channel receiver features automatic frequency management with one-touch
sync, antenna switching diversity
and intuitive, icon-based controls.
Each receiver has up to 10 preset
channels in eight frequency banks, and has XLR and unbalanced ¼” outputs. XSW 1 DUAL
Sets are available in various (country dependent) UHF frequency ranges. Shipping begins next
TW Audio VERA20
TW Audio extends its
VERA (Vertical Array) offerings with the VERA20
line array designed for
install and touring applications. The 3-way
VERA20 (two 10” woofers, two 8” cone mids
and 1.4” compression
driver offer 80° or 120°
(10° V) from a 92-pound,
12 x 27.5 x 23 (HxWxD)
cabinet providing 141
dB max SPLs. Options include a VERA S32 compact, flyable cardioid subwoofer with 18” driver and rear-facing 14”
driver, as is a selection of rigging hardware for hanging up to 24 enclosures.
MARCH 2018 • fohonline.com
Whirlwind PLR-SKB Series Power Distro
The PLR-SKB series takes a Whirlwind Power Link distro and packs it into a 23”x18”x12”
SKB i-series case, with casters and easy, top
access connections. The 72-lb PLR-SKB01 has
one set of (5) 16-series Cam-type inlets (dual-gender G/N) and four sets of (7) 16-series
Cam-type outlets (dual-gender G/N) outputs.
The 47-lb PLR-SKB02 has one set of (5) 16-series Cam-type inlets, (12) 20A duplex and (3)
L2130 outlets, all with hydraulic/magnetic
circuit breakers, test points, and neon lamps.
Custom configurations are available as well.
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