Success Story
Italy’s Sogedim Chooses ZyXEL to Expand Wireless
Coverage for Its Logistics Operations
Customer Name
• Wireless LAN Controller
• Business Access Points
• Next Generation Unified Security
Gateway-Advanced Series
Customer Industry
• Consolidate and extend existing
network infrastructure
• Improve reliability and performance
of existing network
• Provide wired office network
• Create wireless network for warehouses
and remote sites
• Provide connectivity for both customers
and employees
• Maximized productivity
• Easy setup and configuration
• Streamlined management of separate
monitoring and access policies for
employees and customers
• Future-proof for easy expansion and
Founded in 1984, Sogedim is a national and international logistics
transport company operating throughout Europe. The structure
of its warehouses and offices in Italy’s Inveruno municipality, located
in the province of Milan, covers an area of 35,000 square meters.
Facilities at the site include 35 loading platforms; areas for transit,
sorting, and storage; and a customs warehouse. The company’s
goal is to ensure that all customer shipments go to the right place
at the right time, arrive in perfect condition and at a competitive cost.
Sogedim needed to consolidate its existing networking infrastructure,
extending it while widening coverage and improving reliability
and performance.
It was necessary to implement a wired network for the offices and
a wireless solution for the warehouses located on two different sites,
thereby offering connectivity to both employees and customers.
Solutions and Benefits
ZyXEL utilized the valuable collaboration of its Milan-based partner
ROASI Boffalora, a company specializing in the design and installation
of complex professional networks. Specifically, an infrastructure was
built with a Layer-3 switch at the star center and Layer-2 edge switches
to manage the several virtual VLAN business networks and the one
reserved for customers.
This structure supports 20 access points (APs) of the ZyXEL NWA3160-N
802.11 a/b/g/n Business Access Point and NWA5000 Series access
points depending on specific needs, which are capable of covering
large areas, even in the presence of shelving and other sources of
interference thanks to the external antennas and high-power radios.
As a result of the network overhaul, time spent by users reconfiguring
equipment was reduced significantly and future expansion in the
face of new demands was simplified. The separate networks allow
the adoption of different monitoring and access policies for staff
and customers. For example, access to certain applications on the
internal network can be limited to maximize productivity. It is also
possible to implement a network in the branch office to provide
service for both customers of the warehouse and allow for the
possibility of operating offices for foreign customers.
The APs are centrally managed by a NXC2500 Series wireless LAN
controller, which handles the daily maintenance and optimization
of the Wi-Fi network. To ensure the safety of the internal network,
a firewall from ZyXEL’s Next Generation Unified Security GatewayAdvanced Series range was used, providing maximum protection
from intrusion and attacks, and prevention of data loss.
Products Used
Wireless LAN Controller
• Centralized management for up to 64* APs
• ZyMesh mitigates complex, inconvenient cabling for
Wi-Fi deployments.
• Client steering enhances efficiency of wireless spectrum
• Auto healing maximizes Wi-Fi service availability.
• Seamless integration with external AD, LDAP, RADIUS
• Best investment protection with built-in RADIUS server
*Management of 64 APs is supported with firmware version V4.10 or above
802.11 a/b/g/n Business Access Point
• Higher bandwidth and superior performance with
802.11n 3-in-1 hybrid AP WLAN including AP controller
mode, managed AP mode and standalone AP mode
• Brand new centralized graphic management interface
for up to 24 WLAN APs
• Backup redundancy supported to provide reliable
connection services
• Secured tunnels for communication between controller
and managed AP to prevent leaking of configurations
• Enterprise-class AP functionalities with comprehensive
configuration interfaces.
• Built with Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSOH) materials
for plenum rating for UL 2043 support
Next Generation Unified Security
Gateway-Advanced Series
• High-performance, high-value Next Generation
Firewall (NGFW) for small and medium-sized businesses
• Anti-malware protection with firewall, anti-virus,
anti-spam, content filtering, IDP, next-generation
application intelligence and SSL inspection
• Robust SSL, IPSec and L2TP over IPSec VPN connectivity
and VPN high availability (HA)
• Built-in WLAN controller for centralized AP
management and effortless WLAN scalability of up to 18 APs
• Comprehensive mobile broadband USB modem
compatibility and multi-WAN load-balancing, failover
and fall back support
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