new figures show that tv dominates video consumption

8 June, 2016
Watching broadcast TV accounts for 84.3% of Australians’ total screen viewing time
Global data reaffirms TV's enduring popularity and strength as an advertising platform
TV commands the vast majority of Australians’ screen viewing time, according to the
latest Australian Multi-Screen Report released today.
The report, published by OzTAM/RegionalTAM/Nielsen shows that TV continues to
dominate Australians’ video consumption, with 8 out of 10 total video minutes spent
watching the television set:
Watching broadcast TV on a TV accounts for 84.3% of our total screen viewing time
The TV is the main screen for all demographics
Australians spend more than 85 hours a month watching broadcast TV on their TVs
More than 91% of broadcast TV is watched live
There are also 2.31 million connected devices accessing catch-up TV every week.
The release of the Q1 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report coincides with the launch of a
Global Video Consumption Report, compiled by TV trade bodies from around the world
including Australia, the US, Canada and Europe. The report shows how TV dominates the
video landscape and puts video consumption, particularly YouTube viewing, in
Highlights from the Global Video Consumption Report include:
In Australia, Broadcast TV viewing accounts for vast majority of screen viewing time
(84.3%). TV dominates screen viewing time for all demos including 18-24s – spending
37 hours and 22 mins a month watching broadcast TV – more than any other screen.
In the UK, TV accounts for 76% of total average video consumption, whilst YouTube
accounts for 4.4% of video viewing. For 16-24s TV accounts for 57.5% of all video,
compared to 10.3% for YouTube.
In the USA, ad-supported TV maintains a substantial time spent advantage against
YouTube among millennials (18-34): 86% vs 14%. According to the VAB, a TV show's
monthly audience is on average 50% higher than the average YouTube channel's
video views (and its TV audience per episode is 6 times higher than an average
YouTube video).
In Canada, millennials (18-34) spend 19 hours watching TV each week, 6 times more
than the time spent watching YouTube.
In Germany, 90% of video usage can be attributed to TV (live +3 days, on the TV set),
whilst 3% can be attributed to alternative means of TV distribution (i.e. non-TV set
screens) and 5% is spent watching free online videos.
In France, 70% of 15-24s' video viewing is to live TV rising to 80% for 15+ population.
20% of 15-24s video consumption is to "other forms of video" (incl. YouTube and
IPTV) and only 6% for the 15+ population.
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In Italy, YouTube represents 5.4% of time spent watching video for 15-34s, whilst TV
represents 88.8%.
In Spain, TV accounts for the vast majority of 15-34s daily video consumption, (80%
linear TV + 17% time shifted/VOD). Online video only accounts for 3% of which
YouTube accounts for 1.1%.
(See attached for a copy of the Global Video Consumption Report.)
Think TV Chairman, Russel Howcroft said: "Australia has some of the highest viewership
of TV in the world and broadcast television remains a powerful and dominant medium
that delivers results for advertisers.
“Broadcast TV also accounts for the biggest proportion of viewing time on any single
device, further demonstrating its impact as an advertising medium. It’s time to challenge
the questionable measurement practices by some digital players and put their claims in
perspective, which is a key part of Think TV’s remit. Premium, long form content has
greater power, reach and accountability. Television is, and always has been, the main
Publishers of the Global Viewing Report, the Pan-European Platform for the Promotion of
Television (PEPPTV), said: "Video is a confusing world with lots of numbers flying
around. But despite the popularity and occasional hype around video services, this new
international data underlines TV's unmatched and continued popularity around the world.
It is the world's favourite video. We hope international marketers will base their decisions
about advertising investment on these facts and TV's proven effectiveness."
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