Up to 85 PPM
Black & White MFP
Large Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Eco Friendly
Take the lead.
As companies continue to cut back, Toshiba continues to move full speed ahead. The
e-STUDIO556/656/756/856 Series combines speed, power, functionality and image
quality to help businesses become more efficient and competitive. Busy departmental
offices can rely on the security, dependability and versatility of this impressive series. It
has the capability to manage, store, and produce documents and data in the various
forms required by today’s work environment.
Power packed and feature rich
Combining what we’ve learned from
the past 136 years with advanced
Toshiba technology, we have created
what is likely the most powerful family
of products in its class. An exceptional
warm up speed, first copy out time,
and fast colour scanning, in addition
to print speeds from 55 to 85 pages
per minute, illustrate that speed is an
impressive feature. So are power and
performance. This series will go the
distance, with a RADF that holds 100
originals and can be loaded multiple
times, and a base unit capacity of
3,600 sheets that more than doubles
to 7,600 sheets with an optional
external LCF. Also, when needed, the
toner can be changed on the fly.
Impress others with ease
Document storage, management and
production have never been simpler,
thanks to the e-STUDIO856 Series.
Start with its large, 9” full color touch
screen panel that can be easily read
and intuitively navigated. If you need
to know more, a context-sensitive
help button provides clear, concise
instructions that are taken straight from
the manual. You’ll find everything you
need to know in order to print with
unparalleled image quality—at 2,400
x 600 dpi, with smoothing. Need to
print on the go? A USB port has been
conveniently placed near the front so
you can print from or scan to USB
drives. Just plug in, print and go.
Up to 7,600 Capacity
9” Colour Touch Screen
USB Direct Scan & Print
Add Paper “On the Fly”
209 gm2 Index, Each Drawer
Tandem LCF 2,500 Sheets
Smart Feed Bypass
Universal Print Driver
Service Module Design
Adapt to a constantly
changing business
With the unpredictability of today’s business environment, it’s nice to know you can count
on Toshiba. Whether you need to print on tab paper and automatically insert each tab into
the job or you want to print on pre-printed, 209gm2 cover stock, the e-STUDIO856 Series
has the paper handling capacity needed to tackle any job. Also, with the next generation
e-BRIDGE technology, this impressive series enables third party integration with ease.
Advantage Toshiba
Advantages such as First Copy Out
Times under 3.5 seconds, a 30-second
warm-up time from standby, and
colour scanning speeds of 77 SPM are
impressive, to be sure. Not to mention
support of 209gm2 index from all
drawers—which can also be duplexed—
and a Smart Feed Bypass that is always
ready for those occasional odd jobs. A
powerful e-BRIDGE Fleet Management
System makes it easy to manage your
entire fleet while viewing all real-time
status in one window. Add to that a SelfEncrypting HDD, a Universal Print Driver,
Gigabit Ethernet Support, e-Filing, and a
Service Module design that streamlines
periodic maintenance. Advantages
that will give your business the edge.
Finishing touches
Three different finishers offer a 4,000
sheet capacity split between two
trays. A 50-sheet finisher with a saddle
stitch booklet mode lets you create
booklets of up to 60 pages from 15
sheets of paper. A 100-sheet finisher
with saddle stitch is also available.
Choose a modular two-three or four
hole punch or a Post Inserter that will
add pre-printed covers or inserts to
finish the job in style. Because people
frequently judge a company by their
cover and first impressions truly are
lasting, it’s important for presentations
to look professional—from start to finish.
3.5 Second First Copy Out
Superb Image Quality
Saddle Stitch Finisher
2 – 4 Hole Punch
Post Inserter
Where leading
technology can take you.
Today, more and more businesses want increased efficiency, productivity, security and
environmental responsibility. These may seem like impossible demands to some. At
Toshiba, we view them as product guidelines and if we can’t abide by them, we’ve missed
the mark. Our products are designed to adapt to the needs of today’s businesses, not the
other way around.
Eco friendly as well as user friendly
In addition to meeting the needs
of the work environment, the
e-STUDIO856 Series is also designed
to help protect the environment in
which we live. For instance, when
Super Sleep Mode is set, only one
watt of power is consumed. The
e-STUDIO 856 Series is RoHS
compliant (Reduction of Hazardous
Substances), meaning there’s no
chromium, lead or other hazardous
materials used in its production.
Toshiba also includes the toner
recycling with reduced waste system.
Security where it counts
Security is a major concern for most
businesses, and it’s a top priority at
Toshiba. That’s why the e-STUDIO856
Series utilizes Self Encrypting Drive
(SED) technology with 256 bit AES
Encryption and Automatic Drive
Invalidation (ADI) that renders the drive
useless if removed and an attempt
is made to read the data on the hard
disk drive. Data Overwrite is optional,
meeting the US Department of
Defense requirements by immediately
writing over any data stored on the
HDD during document processing. In
fact, these features have allowed the
e-STUDIO856 Series to achieve a
Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance
Level rating of three (EAL3).
The Managed Print Specialists
At Toshiba, we’ve moved far beyond the
box. Our people bring innovative, realworld solutions to all your document
management needs. We’ll help you
cut costs, secure your documents and
reduce your environmental footprint.
And if there’s one thing every business
and our planet can use right now,
it’s managing to do more with less.
So call or visit your nearest Toshiba
dealer. We’d be happy to show you
how the e-STUDIO856 Series can help
your document management, and your
bottom line, work more efficiently.
System configurations
Multi Staple Finisher
Tandem LCF Type
(500-sheet × 2 + 1250-sheet × 2)
Hole Punch Unit
A4 External LCF
Printer kit
Scanner kit
Printer/Scanner kit
Printer kit + Scanner kit
Fax Unit
Printer kit + Fax Unit
Scanner kit + Fax Unit
50-sheet staple Saddle Finisher
100-sheet Staple Saddle Finisher
Fax Unit + Printer/Scanner kit
Fax Unit + Printer kit + Scanner kit
Note: Print and Scan functions are optional.
Energy Star Rated
Super Sleep Mode
Self-Encrypting Drive
256 Bit AES Encryption
HDD Data Overwrite
e-Filing Specifications
Copying Process
Copying Type
Copy/Print Resolution
Indirect electrostatic photographic method
Laser beam printing (Memory copy standard)
Scanning: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Printing: 2,400 x 600 dpi with smoothing
e-STUDIO556: 55 cpm/ppm
e-STUDIO656: 65 cpm/ppm
e-STUDIO756: 75 cpm/ppm
e-STUDIO856: 85 cpm/ppm
7,600 sheets (80g/m2, with optional external LCF)
Drawer (500 sheets) x 2, Tandem LCF (2,500 sheets),
Stack Feed Bypass (100 sheets)
External LCF (4,000 sheets)
Tandem LCF:
Stack Feed Bypass: A3/A5-R
Optional external LCF: A4
64 - 209 g/m2
Tandem LCF:
64 - 209 g/m2
Stack Feed Bypass (Multi-feed):
64 - 209 g/m2
Optional external LCF:
64 - 209 g/m2
HDD: 160GB2) Self Encrypting Drive (SED)/1.512GB
Approx. 130 seconds
e-STUDIO556/656: approx. 4.0 seconds
e-STUDIO756/856: approx. 3.5 seconds
100 sheets (2000 sheets with continue mode)
25% to 400%, 25% to 200% (RADF)
Max. 2.0kW (220-240V), Super Sleep Mode less than 1W
W698 x D789 x H1,176mm
Approx. 203kg
Copy/Print Speed
Max. Paper Capacity
- Standard (3,600 sheets)
- Optional
Max./Min. Paper Size
Paper Weight
Hard Disk Drive/Memory
Warm-Up Time
First Copy Out Time
Power Consumption
Print Specifications
Ethernet (10/100/1000BASE-T), USB 2.0/Hi Speeed USB,
Wireless LAN (option)
PCL5e, PCL6, PostScript3, PDF (emulation), XPS
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, AppleTalk, EtherTalk, LPR/LPD, IPP,
Port 9100, WSPrint, FTP
Windows XP (32/64 bit), Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64 bit),
Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows OS
Terminal Edition, Citrix MetaFrame, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX,
MacOS10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11,10.5.7, 10.6.8 and 10.7
Printer Language
Scan Specifications
Scan Resolution
Scan Speed: Black & White:
Scan Speed: Colour:
File Format
100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
80 spm (300 dpi), 71 spm (400dpi), 66 spm (600 dpi)
77 spm (300dpi), 48 spm (400dpi), 23 spm (600dpi)
Fax Specifications
Modem Speed
Data Compression Method
Transmission Speed
Memory Transmission
Scan Speed
Desktop Fax
Fax Routing
Super G3, G3
Max. 33.6kbps
Approx. 3 seconds per page
Max. 100 jobs 2,000 destinations, 400 destinations/job,
Max. 1000 pages/file
0.7 seconds per page (A4)
Windows XP (32/64 bit), Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64 bit),
Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit),
MacOS0.4 or later
Network Folder, Email, Searchable*
* with option
Operation Method
Nunber of Boxes
Capacity of Boxes
Colour touch control panel or client PC
1 public box, 200 private user boxes
100 folders per box, 400 documents per folder,
200 pages per document
Finisher MJ-1027 (console type)
- Tray Capacity
- Staple Capacity
Finisher MJ-1028 (console type)
- Tray Capacity
- Staple Capacity
- Saddle stitch
-Paper size
-Staple capacity
-Stack capacity
Finisher MJ-1029 (console type)
- Tray Capacity
- Staple Capacity
- Saddle stitch
-Paper size
-Staple capacity
-Stack capacity
Hole Punch Unit MJ-6003
Inserter Unit MJ-7001
Large Capacity Feeder
Staple Cartridge
1st bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
2nd bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
50 sheets (A4/B5), 30 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
1st bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
2nd bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
50 sheets (A4/B5), 30 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
A3, B4, A4-R
15 sheets
11 - 15 sheets copy : 10 sets
6 - 10 sheets copy : 20 sets
less than 6 sheets : 25 sets
1st bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
2nd bin : Approx. 2,000 sheets (A4/B5), approx. 1,000 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
100 sheets, 50 sheets (A4-R/B4/A3)
A3, B4, A4-R
15 sheets
11 - 15 sheets copy : 10 sets
6 - 10 sheets copy : 20 sets
less than 6 sheets : 25 sets
for MJ-1027, MJ-1028, MJ-1029
100 sheets
4,000 sheets Drawer, A4
STAPLE-600, STAPLE-700, STAPLE-1700, STAPLE-1800,
Finisher Guide Rail KN-1017
Printer kit GM-1250
Scanner kit GM-4250
Printer/Scanner kit GM-2270
Fax Unit GD-1250
2nd Line for Fax Unit
Wireless LAN Module GN-1060
Antenna for Wireless LAN Module GN-3010
Data Overwrite Enabler GP-1070
Meta Scan Enabler GS-1010
External Interface Enabler GS-1020
IPsec Enabler GP-1080
Harness Kit for Coin Controller GQ-1040
e-BRIDGE ID Gate KP-2004 (HID), KP-2005 (Mifare)
e-BRIDGE Re-Rite GB-1280v8
Note: Standard or optional support for Print and Scan functions depends on region.
Microsoft and Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Adobe® PostScript® Level 3™ is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.
Mac OS® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
All other brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners.
All specifications relevant to paper capacity, productivity and others relating to paper refer to A4 size paper of 80g/m2
quality if not otherwise mentioned.
This brochure was compiled based on information that was accurate prior to product launch. Product design and
specifications are subject to change without notice. The colour(s) of the actual product may vary from the colour(s) shown
in this brochure. No part of this material may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission.
1GB = 1 billion bytes; the actual formatted capacity is less. Available capacity will also be less if software applications
are pre-installed. Days for function availability may differ by region.“e-filing” is an abbreviation of “electronic filing”.
Warm-up time and print speed may vary depending on the operating environment. ©2012 TOSHIBA TEC
CORPORATION All rights reserved.
As an ENERGY STAR Partner TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION has determined that this multifunctional
device model meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
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machine may be connected
to the Telecom Nework
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