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NetVanta 1534
Product Features
■ 28-port
Gigabit Ethernet switch
■ 24-Gigabit Ethernet ports and
four SFP optical ports
■ Two standard 1 Gbps SFP ports
and two enhanced 2.5 Gbps
SFP ports
■ Non-blocking, up to 62 Gbps
switching capacity
■ Line rate Layer 2 and
Layer 3 Lite capabilities
■ Static routes
■ 802.1Q VLANs, Private
VLANs and VLAN assignment
via 802.1x
■ Advanced QoS with support
for 802.1p and DiffServ prioritization with four queues per
egress port
■ Automate actions with Port
Scheduler and TCL scripting
■ VoIP ready with LLDP/
LLDP-MED and voice VLANS
■ Business-class security with
RADIUS, TACACS+, 802.1x and
port security
■ Wi-Fi access controller
for centralized management
of NetVanta® Wireless
Access Points (WAPs)
■ Cable and SFP diagnostics
provides easy to use troubleshooting tools for copper and
fiber cable
■ Familiar CLI and Web GUI
■ Limited
lifetime warranty
■ Next
business day
advance replacement
Smart Solutions for a
Connected World.
Layer 3 Lite Gigabit Ethernet Switch
NetVanta® 1534 is a managed, 28-port,
Layer 3 Lite, Gigabit Ethernet switch designed
as an access layer or network backbone
switch for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises
(SMEs). With the combination of the advanced
multi-layer switching fabric, high-bandwidth
capabilities, and enhanced Quality of Service
(QoS) features, the NetVanta 1534 is ideal in
Gigabit-to-the-desktop deployments, and
converged voice and data networks.
The NetVanta 1534 rackmountable switch
provides 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports, consisting
of 24 fixed 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports,
two 1.0 Gbps Small Form-factor Pluggable
(SFP) ports, and two 2.5 Gbps enhanced SFP
ports located on the back. Together the four
SFP ports can provide up to 14 Gbps of bandwidth between interconnected NetVanta 1534
switches. "Half-rack" in size, you can scale to
48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and eight SFP optical
ports utilizing two NetVanta 1543 switches sideby-side in a single 19-inch rack space.
Multi-layer Switching
The NetVanta 1534 supports advanced
multi-layer (Layer 2 and Layer 3 Lite) switching
with up to 16 static routes allowing it to easily
scale from SMBs to enterprise-size networks.
Standards Protocols
Based on the ADTRAN® Operating System
(AOS), this device supports Link Layer Discovery
Protocol (LLDP) which auto-discovers neighboring Ethernet devices, simplifying integration
into multi-vendor environments.
VoIP Ready
NetVanta 1534 has been designed specifically
for VoIP. The ability to automatically configure
IP phones using LLDP-MED, and the ability to
separate voice traffic onto voice VLANs, helps
ease the deployment of VoIP.
Quality of Service
NetVanta switches also support QoS to prioritize mission-critical traffic like VoIP and control
network congestion. NetVanta 1534 offers
802.1p and DiffServ Class of Service (CoS). It also
supports frame tagging, as well as enforcement
of tagged traffic received from trusted sources.
Four egress queues (per port) are available for
assigning traffic priorities using Weighted Round
Robin (WRR) and Strict Priority Scheduling.
Rest assured, with NetVanta 1534 your network
is protected. This product offers a variety of
data security features including DoS protection, MAC-based port security, multilevel user
passwords, Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Socket
Layer (SSL) for encrypted user login, and Access
Authentication and Authorization (AAA) for
authentication with RADIUS and TACACS+.
With features such as 802.1x and port security,
administrators can assure that only authorized
users are allowed access to the network.
AOS also features desktop auditing using
DHCP in conjunction with Microsoft Network
Access Protection (NAP) protocol to monitor the
health of client computers. The two protocols
work together to ensure that systems connected
to the network are using appropriate corporate policies, such as firewall settings, antivirus
settings and other client health information.
Port Scheduler
NetVanta 1534 allows ports to be enable or
disabled based on time of day. This ability to
schedule available ports allows for added security and can provide less power consumption
during off hours saving on utility cost.
AOS offers both a Command Line Interface (CLI)
that mimics the widely deployed, industry
de facto standard and an intuitive Web-based
Graphical User Interface (GUI) with step-by-step
configuration wizards. For automating setup
and configuration, NetVanta 1534 supports
Auto-Config which provides the ability to
automatically obtain the switch configuration
via DHCP.
AOS also offers network forensics to aid in
troubleshooting network problems by allowing
network administrators to easily locate devices
on the network by MAC or IP address.
Attn: Enterprise Networks
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806
P.O. Box 140000
Huntsville, AL 35814-4000
256 963-8000
256 963-8699 fax
General Information
Technical Support
800 615-1176 toll-free
Where to Buy
877 280-8416 toll-free
Technical Support
888 423-8726
ACES Installation &
Maintenance Service
888 874-ACES
International Inquiries
256 963 8000 voice
256 963-6300 fax
For the regional office
nearest you, visit:
NetVanta 1534
Layer 3 Lite Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Product Specifications
Physcial Interface
■CLI (Console/Telnet/SSH) Ethernet Ports
■Web-based GUI (HTTP/SSL) ■ SYSLOG
■2–Standard 1 Gbps SFP ports
■n-Command® support ■ Email Alerts
■2–Enhanced 1.0/2.5 Gbps SFP Ports
■Auto rate/duplex/MDI/MDI-X
■TCL Scripting
■ Auto Config
■Port Scheduler
■ DHCP Network Forensics
Console Port
■DB-9, RS-232
Switching Performance
■Port authentication (802.1x) ■ Port Security
Maximum Forwarding Bandwidth
■MicroSoft Desktop Auditing
■Non-blocking Layer 2/3 Switching
■62 Gbps
Layer 2 Support
■802.1D Spanning Tree
■DoS Protection
■ Hardware ACLs
Wi-Fi Controller
■Controls up to 24 NetVanta Wireless Access Points
■ 802.1w Rapid STP
■802.3ad Link Aggregation ■ 8,000 MAC Addresses
■Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
■Jumbo Frames (13K)
■Storage temperature: -20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F)
Layer 3 Support
■ IGMP Snooping
■Relative humidity: Up to 95%, non-condensing
■16 Static Routes
■ 8 Layer 3 Interfaces
■ UDP Relay
■ 225 ARP Entries
■Port Mirroring
■ LLDP (802.1AB)
■ Cable Diagnostics
■ SFP Diagnostics
■ Troubleshooting Page
Front Panel Status LEDs
■Power Status
■LAN: link, activity
Port Statistics
■Number of TX/RX Frames, Collisions, Errors
Quality of Service
■802.1p and DiffServ
■Four output queues per egress port
■Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
■Strict Priority Scheduling
■Port-based VLANs
■802.1Q tagged trunked VLANs
■Voice VLANs
■Private VLAN Edge
■Dynamic 802.1x assigned VLANs
■ SNMP v3
■24 –10/100/1000Base-T Physical
■Chassis: 1U, 19” Rackmountable Metal Enclosure
(Rackmount Brackets Included)
■Dimensions: H 1.72”, 8” W, 11” D
■Weight: 4 lbs.
■AC power: 100–250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
■Power: 30 Watts, 1 A Max
Agency Approvals
■FCC Part 15 Class A, UL 1950/CSA, CE Mark,
C-tick, RoHS
Ordering Information
NetVanta 1000BaseSX SFP Transceiver
NetVanta 1000BaseLX SFP Transceiver
NetVanta 2.5Gbps Multimode SFP Transceiver 1200482G1
NetVanta 2.5Gbps Singlemode SFP Transceiver 1200483G1
NetVanta 1 Meter SFP Interconnect Cable
NetVanta 3 Meter SFP Interconnect Cable
Dual Mounting Tray
Wall Mount Brackets
■Support for up to 255 active VLANs
Storm Control
■Broadcast, Unicast, and Multicast
ADTRAN is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
and a TL 9000 certified supplier.
61702590G1-8B April 2010
Copyright © 2010 ADTRAN, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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