EXR6004 Mini Pure IP NVR
Key Features
4 Channel NVR
Embedded Linux
Award-Winning GUI
Support 2.3MP/channel
Dual LAN Ports
Comprehensive Remote
Don’t let
et the size fool you. The combination of efficiency, power and affordability w
with high quality MegaPixel video images,
makes the mini twice as powerful in half the size! Designed to manage four IP cameras,
the EXR6004 Mini is the NVR for everyectacular image quality
one looking for spectacular
quality, better bandwidth and robu
robust local/remote support at a fraction of the price of comparable NVRs.
MegaPixel Picture Quality - Really
Do We Need to Say More?
2.3 MegaPixel per channel support
makes video surveillance actually
effective. View live video in crystalclear detail. Zoom in without pixilation
on suspicious areas. And connect to
over 50 brands of IP cameras.
Analog Resolution Vs. IP MegaPixel
Usability Built into Product Design
A Linux OS to add stability. A userendorsed Graphical User Interface that
makes managing video much simpler.
A compact and lightweight profile that
tucks easily under check-out counters, in back offices and in small
bedroom closets. And finally an
eSATA interface that makes sure
you have plenty of storage.
Mobility - It Really Does Go the
iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile,
remote computers and laptops. You
got an internet connection - You got
video. One of the biggest advantages of the Mini is that it records
and replays simultaneously and can
be remotely viewed by a number of
independent authorized users.
Connectivity - Unlimits Bandwidth
orks, one for cameras and one for
f traffic
t ffi
The Mini is equipped with Dual LAN Ports that allow you to create two separate networks,
from remote access, helping alleviate bandwidth limitations. And to further reduce network traffic, the Mini offe
offers a local
monitor connection so you can view and control your NVR locally as well as remotely.
EXR6004 Mini Capabilities
• Embedded Linux system
• Compact and lightweight profile (6.3”L x 9.3”W x 2.1”H)
• Uncomplicated system and/or IP camera support updates
through USB drives
• Watchdog function
• 4 IP (video + audio) CHs - Up to 2.3 MegaPixel (1920x1200)
• IP video streams: H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG
• Supports 50+ IP camera brands (refer to camera support list)
For environments that depend on live video, the EXR6004 Mini
offers many features for fast and responsive event management:
• Offers a VGA output for a local monitor connection in
1024x768 resolution
• E-maps (8) showcasing camera, sensor and relay positions
Live Display
• Award winning Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Channel auto scan with 1 and 4 screen splits
• Easily capture .jpg images from live video
• Digital zoom incorporated for greater detail in live video
The EXR6004 Mini is ready for real-time incident response by:
• Starting video recording and enlarging triggered video
• Following sensor with EXR server relays
• Launching the triggered channel’s corresponding E-map
• Sending emails
• Playing warning sound
• Sending video to Central Management System
Manually or schedule DVR to record based on the below criteria:
• Continuous, Motion, Event or Smart (motion based escalation
of recording frame rates from low to high) recording
• NVR can be set to pre-record video up to 10 seconds before
motion activation is detected*
• System will auto recycle storage space when disk is full
• iEnhance - Enhance video quality such as Brightness, Contrast,
Hue, Saturation, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, Deinterlacing
and Gray Scale of recorded video
• iStable - One-click fix for shaky video caused by camera
movement (such as wind or vandalism)
• Up to 32 user accounts with individually assigned passwords
and user privileges
*How is pre-recording possible? Even when the DVR is set to motion only record, it
is still continuously recording. If you set a 10 second pre-motion buffer, then the
DVR will record 10 seconds of video and if there is no motion, it will begin to record
over the 10 seconds of video. When motion does occur, the DVR will include the 10
seconds before the motion is detected with the motion event.
For rapid retrieval/export of pertinent data:
• Defined parameter search by date, time, camera, event, and
event log file
• Advanced event log search by event, operation, system and
network activities
• Built-in playback controls for date and time
• Extremely sensitive playback controls to fast-forward or rewind
at 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 speeds
• Easily capture .jpg images from playback video
• Easily export/backup to CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW & external HDDs
• Supports 1 internal SATA HDD and 1 external HDD through
built-in eSATA interface
Dual LAN Ports
• Allows creation of two individual networks - one for cameras
and one for remote access traffic to help alleviate bandwidth
From laptops, cells phones, PDAs and more, you can track video
whenever and wherever
• Remote Access with DDNS function
- Web/Remote Computers:
Internet Explorer WebViewer (view Live video)
Remote Console (view Live/Recorded video and control PTZ,
recording, playback, sensors/relays)
- Windows mobile devices:
SmartViewer (view Live video)
PDAViewer (view Live/Recorded video, store multiple DVR
log-ins, control PTZ, zoom and take video snapshots)
- Blackberry mobile devices:
iBBViewer (view Live video)
- iPhone mobile devices:
iViewer (view Live video)
Multiple Systems
• With CM3000 central management software, you have total
remote command of up to 1000 systems
- Monitor with local CM3000 E-maps, record and playback
- Control sensors and relays
- Setup and modify DVR configurations
EXR6004 Mini Detailed Specifications
Front Panel Connections
Front panel controls
Graphical user Interface (world's first in Emb. Linux)
DVD writer
Optional USB DVD-RW Available
Account Administration
Up to 32 accounts with configurable user privileges
USB 2.0
PTZ Control
Zoom-in/Zoom-out, Focus-in/Focus-out, Direction,
Speed, Preset point, Autopan
Rear Panel Connections
Video Inputs (analog)
Video Inputs (IP)
4 video H.264/MPEG4/JPEG data streams
Video Output
1 - VGA out
Audio In/Output
1/1 -- In addition, IP Audio is supported (4 IP Audio)
Microphone Input
Alarm Inputs/Relay Outputs 4/1
2x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45
Playback while recording or setup
Play, rewind, fast-forward, frame-by-frame control
Playback Administration
Digitally zoom to specific regions on recorded video
Export single frame to .jpg, export video clip to .DVR
Motion Detection
Configurable to sense mass/motion
Event Recording
Schedule: Continuous, Smart, Motion, Alarm, Manual
Video Event Search
Date/time, camera, event & log files
Advanced Event Log
Full event, operation, system & network activities log
Alarm Notifications
Launch or send E-map, relay, CM3000 or E-mail
USB 2.0
1x - RS485
AC Power
Power Adapter, 12V DC
E-map Display
Positions of cameras, sensors, relays & event status
Operating system
Embedded Linux
Video Streaming Format
Enhance video quality such as Brightness/Contrast/
Hue/ Saturation/ Sharpness/ Noise Reduction/Deinterlace/ Gray Scale of recorded video
Video Format
Up to 1920X1200/CH, 4th CH up to 5 megapixel
One-click fix for shaky video caused by camera
movement (such as wind or vandalism)
Per Camera Specficiations
Remote Management
Recording Rates
Capacity Supports up to 1 Internal SATA HDD
1 eSATA connector, Support eSATA RAID
Communication RS 485
RS 232
1, Terminal block, Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-
2x - 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45
Central Management
CM3000 software - supports up to 1000 DVRs
Remote DVR connectivity
WebViewer (MS Internet Explorer only), Remote
Console, JavaViewer, PDAViewer, iPhone Viewer,
BlackBerry Viewer.
Dispatch Server
Balance NVR communication for added client access
and greater data transfer speeds
AXIS, Panasonic, SONY, Arecont, Mobotix,
Supported IP cameras
(support IP PTZ, IP IO, & IP BOSCH, IQinvision, JVC, TOSHIBA, VIVOTEK, ACTi,
audio if IP cameras built-in) D-Link, PiXORD, PELCO, Apron, Lilin and more
Operator Interface
USB mouse, USB PC keyboard
Browser/Remote Client
MS Internet Explorer 6+, Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1.97 x 9.25 x 6.3in
1.25 lbs (not including optional HDD)
Rack Mountable
Optional rack ears
Allow remote clients to search dynamic servers
without enquiring for server's IP address
Operating 32 ° to 104 °F
-22°F to 140 °F
Operating 50%-80%
2 Year Limited Parts and Labor
FCC: Part 15, Class A
EXR6004 Mini Application Diagram
4 IP Cameras
2.3 MegaPixel
4 Audio
1 Mike
Local Monitor Display
Embedded Linux
Compact Profile
(6.3”L x 9.3”W x 2.1”H)
VGA x 1
USB x 3
Sensors in x 4/ Relay out x 1
External USB
DVD Writer(s)
USB Drive(s)
Sensors x 4
Software Development Kit
Network Indicator
IR Sensor
HDD Indicator
Power Indicator
USB controls
USB Mouse
Relay x 1
key software
Graphic User
USB Keyboard
12V DC
external storage
LAN x 2
eSATA x 1
External HDDs
Up to 32
user accounts
remote command/access
Internet Explorer
Remote Console
Mobile Viewer
CM3000 Central Management Software
EXR6004 Mini Hardware Recommendations
PDA Phones
Notice: This feature is only available on AP versions 5.1 or above. For customers who are using
5.0 version of AP, please visit the Support/Download page to download and upgrade to the
latest version of AP
1. CPU: Arm architecture, for example, Intel Xscale.
2. OS: MS Window Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Mobile 5 and above.
3. GPRS or WLAN module is recommended.
Windows Mobile Smartphones
Notice: This feature is only available on AP versions 5.7 or above. For customers who are using
v.5.5, v5.1 or v5.0 version of AP please visit the Support/Download page to download and
upgrade to the latest version of AP
1. CPU: Arm architecture, for example, Intel Xscale.
2. OS: Windows-base, Windows Mobile 2002/2003 for Smart Phone Edition or Windows
Mobile version.
3. Network module such as WAP,GPRS,WLAN....etc is required .
Symbian Smartphones
Notice: This feature is only available on AP versions 7.1 or above. For customers who are using
v5.7, v.5.5, v5.1 or v5.0 version of AP please visit the Support/Download page to download
and upgrade to the latest version of AP
1. OS: Symbian Smartphone
2. The OS needs to support JAVA MIDP 2.0 (JAVA2 ME)
3. Network module such as WAP, GPRS, WLAN, etc is required.
*Hardware recommendations are the minimum required hardware specifications for running
our systems and not a guarantee to achieve the best performance of our DVR systems.
Hardware specifications required to achieve the best performance of our DVR systems are
subjected to different system settings and operation conditions.