> GH8400SN1E24Y-SB
Video Graphics Cards
PNY nVidia GeForce 8400GS Graphics Card 256MB PCI-E Dual
Part code: GH8400SN1E24Y-SB
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Technical Description: PNY Graphicscard/GF 8400GS/PCI-E 256MB 2xDVI-I HDTV-Out GH8400SN1E24Y-SB (Components Video Graphics Cards)
Value-priced NVIDIA GeForce 8400 graphics processors are essential for accelerating the Microsoft
Windows Vista experience, powering Microsoft DirectX 9 and DirectX10 games, and watching HD
movies on a PC.
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
z Superscalar GPU Architecture: Delivers up to 2x the shading power of previous generation products
for screaming gaming performance
z Video Scaling and Filtering: High-quality scaling and filtering technology improves video playback
quality at any window size, including full-screen HDTV resolutions
z Microsoft DirectX 10.0 Shader Model 4.0 support: Ensures top-notch compatibility and performance
for all DirectX 10.0 applications, including Shader Model 4.0 titles
z NVIDIA CineFX 4.0 engine: Powers the next generation of cinematic realism. Full support for
Microsoft DirectX 10.0 Shader Model 4.0 enables stunning and complex special effects. Next-generation
shader architecture delivers faster and smoother gameplay
z NVIDIA UltraShadow II technology: Enhances the performance of bleeding-edge games, like id
Software’s Doom III, that feature complex scenes with multiple light sources and objects. Secondgeneration technology delivers more than 4x the shadow processing p
z NVIDIA Intellisample 4.0 Technology: The industry’s fastest antialiasing delivers ultrarealistic visuals,
with no jagged edges, at lightningfast speeds. Visual quality is taken to new heights through a new
rotated grid sampling pattern, advanced 128 Tap s
Chip Clock:
HDTV Output:
nVidia GeForce 8400 GS
Memory (Maximum):
Memory Width:
Memory Bandwidth:
Video Card Bus Type:
VGA Port:
DVI Port:
TV Out:
PCI Express
1 x 15-pin D-Sub
2 x DVI-I
Fill Rate:
3.6 Billion texels/sec
Driver Support:
DirectX 9, 10
System Requirements
Operating Systems Supported:
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Intel Pentium 4 Prescott class processor or higher (LGA775
processor package) or AMD Sempron/Athlon • Minimum 400W
system power supply (current rating of 30A) • PCI Express
compliant Motherboard with a x16 lane bus compliant slot •
128MB System RAM (256MB recommended) • CD-ROM or
DVD-ROM drive • 50MB of available hard disk space for full
installation • VGA or DVI-I compatible monitor
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