Where Storage Begins
UltraStor ES3160 FS
High-availability & Active-active
Enterprise 4G Fibre Channel RAID Storage
Fault Tolerance RAID Storage
The UltraStor™ ES3160 FS is equipped with Active-Active Dual RAID
Enterprise Class Storage Solution
urcontrollers for maximum data protection and data high-availability. Featur-
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ing 2x 4G Fibre Channel per controller, users can attach ES3160 FS to
solutions by offering SATA/SAS hard disks populated and fully tested
multiple servers to ensure data accessibility with high-performance and
in an intensive environment on every ES3160 FS product, meaning
full Fibre Channel bandwidth. In addition to the ES3160 FS’s dual RAID
that you can easily integrate the system into your IT infrastructure right
controllers and I/O modules, the dual redundant power supplies and
out of the box. The preferred service plan----EnhacneCARE SSP
cooling modules are also hot-swappable and can be replaced easily on
ensures peace-of-mind for customers with support and service
the field, providing the ultimate redundancy and reliability for mission
options such as 1-Year Free Advance Replacement Program, and
critical and data intensive applications to meet the most demanding
On-site support* on top of the standard 3-Year depot repair warranty.
storage needs.
Expand as Your Grow
Professional Management
Utilizing sixteen (16) hot-swappable disk trays, the ES3160 FS can host up
Managing an ES3160 FS storage system is
to 32TB of capacity. However, the storage capabilities don’t stop there.
easy. With its cross platform user friendly GUI
Unlike many storage systems, the ES3160 FS can easily grow far beyond
management, it’s easy to configure and admin-
the “limitations” of its drive capacity. Each ES3160 FS system can also be
ister the ES3160 FS. Its web-based GUI
expanded with additional RAID protected data storage of up to 128TB
interface helps manage, monitor and control
(Raw) with 3 x ES3160 JS SAS interface JBOD storage systems.
the system via a standard web browser
anywhere at anytime. It also can be setup to
receive real-time system failure notification in
Email with no additional software is needed.
The ES3160 FS equips with 80-Plus 500W dual redundant power
supply to keep your workloads and critical applications running
without hardware failure interruption and ensure system reliability
and data availability. With the Energy-efficient power supply, the
ES3160 FS becomes an environmental friendly storage system that
helps user to reduce utility and cooling cost due to excess heat
generated by the power supply.
* The On-site support service can be purchased, please check with your dealer for availability in your location.
How ES3160 FS Can Work for You
Fault Tolerance Storage Solution
The UltraStor ES3160 FS can provide users for dual active RAID protection, high Fibre Channel bandwidth, high-availability, load-balancing and
superior performance. The ES3160 FS can connect to multiple target servers via ethernet network, meaning that accessing your data can be done
through multiple Fibre Channel connections. With the UltraStor ES3160 FS, businesses can benefit from its high availability, scalability, and sustainability for advance storage applications such as SQL/Exchange storage, high performance backup, or virtualization computing.
S3160 JS SAS JBOD Expander
2x 4G
SFP Connections
Mini SAS
Server with
Mini SAS
Fibre Channel HBA
60 FS
Mini SAS
2x 4G
Server with
SFP Connections
S3160 JS SAS JBOD Expande
Two servers with Fibre Channel HBA
connects to UltraStor ES3160 FS via SFP
Two servers have access to UltraStor
ES3160 FS simultaneously for fault
UltraStor ES3160 FS expands to another
three SAS/SATA JBOD enclosures through
Mini SAS SFF-8088.
Up to four full capacity storage systems.
Fibre Channel HBA
High-performance Fibre Channel SAN
Equipped with 2x 4G Fibre Channel per controller and compatible with the industry standard Fibre Channel switches, the ES3160 FS is the ideal
Fibre Channel SAN storage solution for disk-to-disk backup and shared SAN environments. Compatible with Microsoft Multipath I/O, ES3160 FS
minimized downtime with clustering and makes high capacity storage available shared by a numbers of servers. The ES3160 FS provides perfect
blends of performance, RAID protection, and manageability designed for centralized SAN environments.
Server with
Workstations on Network
Fibre Channel HBA
FC Switch
ES3160 FS
Mini SAS
Server with
Fibre Channel HBA
ES3160 JS
Mini SAS
ES3160 JS
Mini SAS
ES3160 JS
Server with
Fibre Channel HBA
UltraStor ES3160 FS connected to two servers
via Fibre Channel switch and attached to one
server via SFP connection.
Three servers have access to UltraStor ES3160 FS
at same time for fault tolerance.
Workstations on network share ES3160 P4 and
expansion storage capacity.
UltraStor ES3160 FS expands to another three
SAS/SATA JBOD enclosures through Mini SAS
Up to four full capacity storage systems.
Virtualization Storage Solution
Where economy meets flexibility with the UltraStor ES3160 FS; ES3160 FS is compatible with VMware ESX 3.5 and 4.0 servers for virtualization
storage applications. The ES3160 FS’s expandability allows users to add more storage capacity as their business grow while helping organizations
to lower IT cost, simplify operations and improve resource utilization.
Workstations on Network
2x 4G
S3160 JS SAS JBOD Expander
SFP Connections
Mini SAS
ESX 3.5/4.0 Server
Mini SAS
FC Switch
60 FS
Mini SAS
2x 4G
ESX 3.5/4.0 Server
SFP Connections
S3160 JS SAS JBOD Expand
Workstations on Network
UltraStor ES3160 FS connected to two VMware ESX 3.5 or ESX 4.0 servers via SFP connections for high bendwidth and fault tolerance.
UltraStor ES3160 FS expands to another three SAS/SATA JBOD enclosures through Mini SAS SFF-8088 that provides massive capacity of
storage for VMware ESX servers.
Workstations on network share and with asscess to the data on ES3160 FS and its expansion storage through VMware ESX servers that
connected through a Fibre Channel switch.
UltraStor ES3160FS
Package Included:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hard Disks
Number: 16
- ES3160FS 3U 16-Bay redundant controller storage system
RPM: 7200 RPM or 15K RPM
- Up to 4 pre-configured drive packs
Cache: 32MB per drive
(Each drive pack includes 4 HDDs)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rack mounting brackets
Host Interfaces
2-port Fibre Channel SFP + 1-port SAS expansion port per controller
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - User manual CD
- Accessory box
---------------------------------------------------Form Factor
3U low profile 19" Rackmount
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Two (2) US standard power cord
- Estimate Package Weight (w/ Drive Installed): 76 ~ 100 Lbs
Up to 1024 logical volumes in the system ;
- Package Dimension (H x W x D): 12” x 28” x 32”
---------------------------------------------------Up to 32 Physical Disks can be included in one RAID group;
Up to 512 Snap Shot;
Rollback mechanism ;
Microsoft VSS compliant ;
Global and dedicated hot spare disks ;
Supports multiple RAID array and volumes;
Online volume expansion;
Online disk roaming;
Flexible RAID group (RG) ownership management;
2 x SFP 4G Fibre Channel ports per controller;
1 x SAS Expansion port per controller;
---------------------------------------------------4GB DDRII 533 DIMM; Up to 8GB;
Serial console management and UPS;
Dedicated Fast Ethernet port For Web-UI;
Spare Drives:
LCM management panel;
- 4x 1TB Enterprise SATA HDD w/Mux Boards and Trays (ES-HDP-4TE)
Battery Backup Unit (Optional)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 4x 2TB Enterprise SATA HDD w/Mux Boards and Trays (ES-HDP-8TE)
Storage Expansion
Multiple SAS JBOD expansion supported;
- 4x 1TB 6G 7.2K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-4TS)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 4x 2TB 6G 7.2K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-8TS)
16 Hot-swappable drive trays;
- 4x 3TB 6G 7.2K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-12TS)
Dual hot-swappable power supplies;
---------------------------------------------------- 4x 300GB 6G 15K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-1.2TS)
Three hot-swappable fan modules;
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 4x 450GB 6G 15K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-1.8TS)
Management UI via: Serial console, SSH telnet, or HTTP Web UI;
- 4x 600GB 6G 15K SAS HDD with Trays (ES-HDP-2.4TS)
Event notification via: Email, SNMP trap, Browser, Syslog;
---------------------------------------------------Online system firmware upgrade mechanism;
Spare Controller Kit:
iSNS & DHCP support;
- ES3160FS Controller (ES3160CC-FS)
CHAP authentication mechanism support;
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Power Supply:
Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008
Supported OS
- Hot-swappable 500W 80+ PSU Module (PS1500G/ES)
Windows XP / Vista / 7; Mac OSX; Linux
---------------------------------------------------- Hot-swappable 600W 80+ PSU Module (PS1600G)
VMware ESX/vSPHERE 4.0/4.1; Microsoft Hyper-V; Citrix XenServer
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Battery Back Unit:
Physical & Environment
Operating Temperature 10°C ~ 35°C;
- Battery Backup Unit for ES3160 (ES3160-BBU)
---------------------------------------------------Non-Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C;
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spare Fan:
- Hot-swappable Cooling Fan Module (ES3160-F)
Power & Cooling
Dual redundant 500W 80 PLUS power supply;
---------------------------------------------------AC Input: 100-240V 8~5A 47/63 Hz;
SFP Transceiver
PSU failure indicate sensor;
3 x hot-swappable high-speed SMART fans;
- SFP 4G Fibre Channel Transceiver (SFP4GB/F)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dimension (H x W x D)
5.25" x 19" x 21.5"
Optical Cable:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - 5 meter optical cable (LC/5M)
Weight (w/o disks)
65 Lbs
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Safety Regulations
- 3-Year Standard Warranty
- 1-Year ARP (Advance Parts Replacement)
- 2-Year Standard Warranty Upgrade (Option)
- 2-Year ARP Upgrade (Option)
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