DNV3000 IP Video NVR Management Software

DNV3000 IP Video
NVR Management Software
Enterprise System
The DNV3000 Series is a Windows OS based,
Enterprise IP Video Management and Network
Video Recording (NVR) Software for unlimited
number of Cameras. Compatible with Dante
Security H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP Cameras,
multiple simultaneous users may access,
view and control system. Features include
Video Recorder and Management with
outstanding performance to cost benefits
ratio, Electronic Mapping, Audio, Alarm
interfaces, Video Motion Detection and PTZ
Data Controls. Available with both PC Client
and Web Browser Client, the DNV3000 Series
are advanced solutions for commercial and
industrial, IP video surveillance installations.
* Windows OS Enterprise IP Video NVR
Management with Client DVR like GUI
* Ability to manage multiple, Dante H.264 /
MPEG4 / MJPEG fixed and/or PTZ IP cameras
* IP Server, Client Station, Web Client, Health
System Monitor and Long Term Storage
* Automated Camera Discovery
* Unlimited number of Users may view Live or
Recorded Video images simultaneously
* Customized Layouts: Camera sequencing
from multiple Servers on same Display
* Integrated, Multi-layered Facility Maps
* Network Video Recorder with searchable
Database and advanced playback functions
* RS-485 PTZ Controls; Unlimited # of Presets
* Supports USB Joystick PTZ Controls
* Digital Zoom-in Function; Privacy Zones
* Duplex Audio and Alarm Settings
* 5 Level Password Admin/User Configuration
* LAN/WAN Network Setting Capability
* View Images, Control via PC or IE Browser
* Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Variable Bit Rate
(VBR) and Mixed Rate Mode Video Settings
* Video Authentication Watermark Technology
* Homeland Security
* Correctional Centers
* Petrochemical Industry
* Corporate and Banking
* Casinos and Hospitality
* Health Care Centers
* Schools and Universities
* Government and Military
* Power Generating Plants
* Traffic Surveillance (ITS)
Enterprise IP Video Management and Network Video Recording (NVR) Software,
per camera license
Also available in packages of 8, 16, 32 and 64 camera license packs.
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