The best ever passbook and document printer from IBM
9068-A01/A03 Multi-Purpose Passbook Printer
Faster, quieter, smaller, and lighter
Provides easy-to-use interface and sophisticated paper handling
Application compatible with IBM finance printers and more
IBM offers the ultimate in passbook and document printer that provides high print
throughput, versatility, and high usability. The IBM 9068 models A01 and A03 are 24-wire
impact printers that attach to PCs and provide the following benefits.
Improves the productivity of the operator by providing
one of the highest print performance in the industry.
Prints on variety of print media including passbooks,
slips, checks, multi-part cutforms, and envelopes that
come in wide range of sizes and thicknesses commonly
used by financial institutions.
Sophisticated paper handling capability frees operators
from such things as aligning documents, adjusting for
paper thickness, and positioning the paper for print
Quiet operation (less than 54dB) will not interrupt
Allows more freedom in selecting software solution
through the support of both IBM and non-IBM
Long life ink ribbon cartridge (10 M characters) frees
operators from the need to replace ribbon cartridges up
to 6 months depending on the usage. This also helps
reduce the cost of ownership.
Allows more freedom in the selection of attachment
ports by having serial RS232, parallel, and USB ports
on each printer. This also provides the migration path
from one attachment to the other.
Optional REMS feature eliminates operation step for the
operator to swipe passbooks through magnetic stripe
reader by reading and encoding magnetic stripes on a
passbook automatically under program control.
Model A01 comes with one year warranty, model A03
comes with three year warranty.
Passbook Size
(cover open w/o mag)
Horizontal Fold:102mm-241mm(W)
×99mm-210mm(L) max 1.8mm thick
Vertical Fold :127mm-241mm(W)
×99mm-210mm(L) max 1.8mm thick
Cutform Size
×69mm-711mm(L) max 6 ply
Print Span
3mm to 238mm from left paper edge
Print Speed (10 cpi)*
330cps(fast draft) 275cps(standard) 146cps(quality)
Operating System
IBM DOS 5.0 or later, IBM OS/2® 2.0 or later, Windows NT ® 3.51 and 4.0,
Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000
IBM 4722, IBM ProPrinter X24, Olivetti PR2, others upon request
REMS (option)
F/2F, 210bpi, IBM 3600/4700, ISO, and DIN types
(supported for bi-directional serial and USB attachment)
Document Alignment
Paper Thickness Adjust
Dimension & Weight
, 8.5kg
(w/o REMS)9.5kg
*Print speed may vary depending on the font selected.
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