Dell PowerEdge R805
The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R805 delivers quick virtualization deployment with embedded
hypervisors saving valuable time.
The Dell PowerEdge R805 blends the correct processing
power, memory, and I/O for great virtualization
The virtualization-designed Dell PowerEdge R805
delivers on Dell’s promise to focus on the most relevant
challenges businesses face in their data centers: power
and cooling, virtualization, density, and performance.
Ultimate Design for Virtual Infrastructure
The PowerEdge R805 further simplifies the equation for
businesses seeking to leverage virtualization in their data
centers by embedding the latest virtualization software
from industry leading vendors such as VMware, Microsoft
and Citrix. When it comes to reducing the time to
productivity, the PowerEdge R805 simplifies deployment
in virtualized environments—providing the capability to
begin migrating live virtual machines within a few clicks of
a mouse.
Smarter Path to Virtualization
Dell helps you optimize virtualization efficiency, saving
you time, money, and resources. Dell’s approach to
virtualization is centered on providing a Smarter Path to
Virtualization with a complete end-to-end iSCSI solution.
Smart foundations deliver performance the competition
can’t beat. From initial design and deployment to ongoing
support, Dell is focused on eliminating unnecessary steps
in managing your virtual infrastructure. Dell’s fixed scope of
services deliver the expertise you need, when and where
you need it, to help you quickly and efficiently deploy an
optimized virtual infrastructure. Dell server and storage
platforms are engineered from the ground up to deliver the
optimal balance between performance and cost for virtual
Dell partners with the leading providers of virtualization
solutions to provide our customers with choice and
flexibility in their virtualization deployments. Deploying an
iSCSI SAN with the “storage direct” management method
can offer significant advantages in virtualized environments.
The Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6000S is a virtualized iSCSI
SAN that combines intelligence and automation with
fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid
deployment, enterprise performance and reliability,
and seamless scalability. With Solid State Drives (SSD)
the PS6000S array provides low-latency, high-IOPS
transactional performance.
The PS6000S is an intelligent storage array that provides
rapid installation, simple management, and seamless
expansion. All PS Series storage arrays include SAN
configuration features and capabilities that sense network
topology, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct
system health checks to help ensure that all components
are fully functional. A PS6000S can often be installed,
configured and serving storage in less than 1 hour.
An Energy-Efficient Virtualization Solution
For businesses that require the highest levels of
performance while maintaining a low energy footprint,
the PowerEdge R805 drives great energy economy for
standard 2U 2-socket systems in the industry. Leveraging
90% efficient power supplies, DDR2 SDRAM, AMD High
Efficiency (HE) Processors, and the option for diskless
operation, the PowerEdge R805 provides a holistic
approach to energy efficiency from server to storage.
The PowerEdge R805 and Dell EqualLogic PS5000 family
provides an energy-efficient virtualized iSCSI solution in the
The PowerEdge R805
delivers a streamlined,
end-to-end virtualized
solution that allows
the fast response to
changing business
needs customers desire.
Technical Specification
Form Factor
2U rack
Up to Six-Core AMD Opteron™ 2400 series processors
Processor Sockets
Front Side Bus or
HT1, HT3 available depending on processor selected
6x512k Dedicated L2 and up to 6MB, L3 Cache
NVIDIA® MCP55Pro + IO-55
Up to 128GB (16 DIMM slots): 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB ECC DDR2 SDRAM (single or dual-rank support)
I/O Slots
1x PCIE x8 slot, full length, full height2
2x PCIE x8 slots, half length, full height
1x PCIE x4 slot, half length, full height
RAID Controller
Integrated PERC 6/i or SAS 6/iR RAID controllers
Drive Bays
2 x 2.5” Hard Drive Option: up to 2 SAS HDs (10K/15K) or SATA II (7.2K)
Slim optical drive bay with choice of DVD-ROM or DVD/RW
Maximum Internal Storage1
Up to 600GB via 2.5” 300GB hot-plug SAS hard drives
Hard Drives1
2.5” 6Gbs SAS (10K): 300GB, 600GB
2.5” SAS (10K rpm): 73GB, 146GB, or 300GB
2.5” SAS (15K rpm): 36GB, 73GB and 146GB
Four embedded Broadcom® NetXtreme II™ 5708 Gigabit Ethernet NICs with failover and load balancing. TOE (TCPIP
Offload Engine) supported on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003, SP1 or higher with Scalable Networking Pack. iSCSI
Offload supported on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008, Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 SP1 or higher, Red Hat®
Enterprise Linux® 5, and Novell® SUSE® LINUX® Enterprise Server 10. Scalable Networking Pack for Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 is not required. Supports optional single-, dual-, or quad-port 1 GBe and single-port 10 GBe add-in NICs. Also
available 2 x 5708 + 2 x 5709 GBe LOMs, or 2 x 5708 GBe LOMs + 2 x 57710 10GBe LOMs.
Intel® Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adapter and Intel® Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter
Brocade® CNA (1020) Dual Port Server Adapter
Optional Add-in HBA’s:
Emulex® OCE10102-IX-D CNA iSCSI HBA stand-up adapter
Brocade® FC4 and 8 GB HBAs
Power Supply
Standard Redundant 700 watt hot-plug power supplies
Auto-switching universal 110/220 Volts
Uninteruptible Power Supplies:
2700W-5600W High Efficiency Online
Extended Battery Module (EBM)
Network Management Card
ECC DDR2-SDRAM memory, SDDC, Spare Bank; hot-plug hard drives; hot-plug redundant power supplies; four
embedded NICs with failover and load balancing support; optional PERC6/i integrated daughtercard controller with
battery-backed cache; hot-plug redundant cooling;
tool-less chassis; fibre and SCSI cluster support; validated for Dell/EMC SAN
Embedded ATI ES1000 with 16MB memory
Remote Management
Standard Baseboard Management Controller with IPMI 2.0 support
Systems Management
Dell™ OpenManage™
Rack Support
Combination RapidRails™/VersaRails™ sliding rail system & cable management arm
Operating Systems
2.5“ SATA II (7.2K rpm): 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 250GB
2.5“ SSD: 25GB, 50GB
Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2008
Microsoft® Windows® Essential Business Server 2008
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 SP2, x86/x64 (x64 includes Hyper-V™)
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2, x64 (includes Hyper-V™ v2)
Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008
Novell® SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
Sun® Solaris™
Optional Embedded Hypervisors:
Citrix® XenServer™
Microsoft® Hyper-V™ via Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008
VMware® vSphere™ 4.1 (including VMware ESX® 4.1 or VMware ESXi™ 4.1)
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Featured Database
Microsoft® SQL Server® solutions (see
Oracle® database solutions (see
B means 1 billion bytes and TB equals 1 trillion bytes; actual capacity varies with preloaded material and operating environment and will be less.
Full x8 performance is application dependent.
Dell Services
Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs, and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT
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