3 Seconds
A4 Color
• 3 seconds per A4 color scanning
• No warm-up time with LED light source
• Auto-Deskew, Auto-Crop, Zero Boundary
• 3 hot keys to easily access for Scan,
Copy, OCR functions
• Auto Document Rotation, Color Dropout
such as Removing Punch Hole Image
• Barcode Separator, Save multiple
images as a single file
Hi-Speed DICOM Scanner
Easy for E.M.R.
• Supports DICOM 3.0 and telemedicine
with MiPAX
Microtek hi-speed scanner, the Medi-1000, provides a fast and reliable document imaging. It is a special designed converter solution
for combining texts and images that can create DICOM-format medical reports. Moreover, it not only can scan any A4 printed medical
document in 3 seconds but also can covert it into DICOM format simultaneously. With advanced technology of LED light source, the
Medi-1000 can reach full brightness and operate on/off immediately. The energy-saving Medi-1000 is perfect to archive amounts of
medical records efficiently and to improve the E.M.R. (Electronic Medical Records) effectively.
With a specially designed flatbed scanner, the Medi-1000 has many impressive features. The three smart touch buttons perform the
functions of scanning, text OCR (Optical Character Recognition), printing as connecting with a printer, or printing to DICOM format.
The Medi-1000 can easily scan any paper documents, such as doctor’s handwritings,
hard copies, endoscopic images, diagnostic and test report, directly into digital files
for archive, retrieve, back-up, etc. The built-in OCR engine instantly converts a
scanned text document that can be edited in any word processing application. Those
powerful features support the medical professional easily make the medical reports
and insurance claim report by duplicate or re-copy any scanned medical records.
Besides, boundling with DocWizard software, an user-friendly scanning application,
is ideal for imaging and forms processing, workflow applications, and working as a
standalone application. Batches can be easily exported to many popular
applications. DocWizard allows user to fully utilize the Medi-1000 capabilities for
maximum productivity. In addition, applying with Microtek's MiDICOM software
together, the Medi-1000 can provide a convenient solution to convert any e-files (i.e.,
PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG, etc.) into DICOM format which can be uploaded directly to PACS
for further use from any medical department.
Fast scan speed and no warm-up time with LED
light source
3 Smart Touch Buttons – Scan, OCR, and Print
With advanced technology of LED light source, Medi-1000 can scan A4 document
in 3 seconds without warm-up time.
Three programmable function buttons on the scanner panel provide you an intuitive
and easy way to access defined functions.
Scan directly to e-file
Capture any printing document and directly save it as an e-file
for archived, retrieved, back-up, etc.
Scan for Copy / Print to DICOM format
Capture any printing document and send it to the connected
printer, or print to DICOM format and upload to PACS.
Scan for OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
The built-in OCR engine instantly converts a scanned document
into text that can be edited in any word processing application.
Zero Boundary design
Supports HIS/PACS with powerful PACS, MiPAX
The user-friendly design eliminates the problem of scanning bound pages with text
and pictures close to the inner margin of a book or magazine, and gets easy-to-read
text and clear images across the entire page.
Through the MiPAX systems with DICOM ready function, you can easily and quickly
make medical records archived with many powerful features, including retrieve, report,
printing, CD-burning, database backup, and send DICOM files to any PACS system.
No more distortions, no more blurs
PACS Server
Conventional scanner
Medi-1000 with Zero
Boundry design
DICOM Conversion Workstation
Model Type
Scanning Area
Scanning Speed
Bit Depth
Optical Resolution
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Net Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
System requirement and compatibles
Flatbed Document Scanner
8.5" x 11.7" / 215.9mm x 297.18mm
3 sec. @ 200 dpi
16-bit per color
1200 dpi (default 200 dpi)
Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)
440 × 275 × 75 mm
3 kg
AC 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
38 Watts (Max.)
• CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
• Color display with 24-bit color output capability
• 512 MB RAM or above
• Pentium IV PC or higher with Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) port
• Windows XP , Vista, or 7
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Scanwizard DI
Invented and owned by Microtek, ScanWizard DI has several handily
functions for users to choose. Refer to the followings for the details.
Auto Document Rotation
Remove Punch Hole
The Auto Document Rotation function enables the
scanner to rotate each saved image into a readable
direction automatically based on specified OCR
language. Users do not need to rotate the
document manually when scanning, saving time
and energy.
Some businessmen do not like scanned images,
such as invoices or tickets, with numerous
punch holes. The exquisite Remove Punch Hole
function provided by the ScanWizard DI can
handle and release these concerns easily.
Auto-crop and Auto-deskew
Color Dropout
In order to save people's vigor, the Auto-crop and
Auto-deskew function enables Microtek's scanners
automatically detect the size of the image and then
crop the frame to fit the image. At the same time,
they can also remove the unwanted black borders.
In most cases, users are pursuing clearer and
more accurate appearance for scanned materials.
Therefore, the color dropout function can help
users to remove red, green and blue colors from
the original documents and hence able to
improve the readability of them.
Remove Blank Page
Barcode Separator
The Barcode Separator function can recognize the
barcode number on an invoice or a receipt and
then lets the scanned image saved in a file or
directory using the barcode number. It helps office
and factory users to save time on categorizing
piles of invoices or receipts.
The Remove Blank Page function can remove
the blank pages, helping users to avoid
examining a pile of documents manually after
the scanning is done. Therefore, users can scan
documents in more comfortable and satisfactory
ways, no matter how massive of documents are.
Smart Threshold
The Descreen function can eliminate the moire
patterns when you scan a screened original,
such as pictures from the newspapers or
magazines. Hence, users can get pristine and
clear scanned images.
The Smart Threshold function enables Microtek's
scanners to define the best level of a threshold
used in high-contrast and black-and-white images
automatically, improving the clearance and
readability of black-and-white documents.
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