2440/24 & 2440/9 Dot Matrix Printers
High Performance, Reliable Document Printing
Print speeds up to 576 cps
Narrow (80 columns - 2440) and wide format versions
(136 columns – 2540) available
Tractor feed and Manual insertion; ideal for invoices,
reports, general office documents
Reliable and durable
USB and Parallel standard. Optional integrated
Ethernet (10/100BaseT) and RS232 Serial available
Quick change, long life ribbon
Fast, high-quality flexible printing optimized for your Demand Document environment.
Ideally suited for a wide range of printing applications using multipart forms, single sheets and labels.
Matching Your Needs
In single or multi-user environments, the narrow-carriage 2440 is ideal for use in a broad range of
industries, from banking, pharmacy, healthcare, education, customer service and retail transactions.
Getting Your Job Done On Time
At speeds of up to 576 characters per second in draft mode, the 2440 saves time in your printing operation.
Excellent Print Quality
The 24-wire print head produces clear, crisp text and graphics output, while the 9 pin print head provides
compatibility with existing emulations where required.
Compatible with IBM Proprinter, Epson ESC/P and Oki printer emulations. The wide variety of resident fonts
and bar codes in the 2440 are easily selectable to meet your application needs .
Available Configuration:
2440/24 - 24 pin version
2440/9 - 9 pin version
Features & Specifications
2440/24 & 2440/9 Dot Matrix Printers
Print Speed 9 wire printhead: At 10, 12 cpi; HS Draft: 533, 519 cps; Draft: 400, 396 cps; NLQ: 100, 100 cps; 24 wire
printhead: At 10, 12 cpi: HS Draft: 480, 576 cps; Draft: 400, 480 cps; LQ: 133, 160 cps
Resolution 9 pin: Up to 144 x 240 dpi; 24 pin: Up to 360 x 360 dpi
Character Density 10, 12, 15 (half height), 15 (full height), 17.1, 20 cpi
Line Density 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi
Printhead Life 400 M impacts/wire
Standard Connectivity Parallel (Bi-directional), USB 2.0
Optional Connectivity Internal Ethernet 10/100baseT; Serial RS232
Standard Emulation 9 pin: IBM Proprinter XL, Epson ESC/P (both with Oki superset commands), Oki ML; 24 pin: IBM Proprinter
XL24E, Epson ESC/P2 (both with Oki superset commands)
Fonts 9 pin: HS Draft, Draft, Courier, Quadrato, OCR-B, OCR-A; 24 pin: HS Draft, Draft, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige,
Script, Orator, Gothic, Souvenir, OCR-B, OCR-A, 10 barcodes for 9 + 24 pin machines
Consumables Black Ribbon: 8 million characters
STD Paper Handling Push or Pull tractor, friction for cut sheet
Number of Copies 1 + 5 copies
Paper Type Continuous forms and cut forms
Paper Size 3.0" to 10"wide, 76.2 to 254 mm wide
Physical Weight 14.2 lbs; 6.5 kg
PhysicalSize (HxWxD): 5.3” x 15.7” x 13.0”; 135 x 398 x 330mm
Power Voltage 110V, 230V
Reliability MTBF 15,000 hours
Drivers Windows 9x/ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista
Temperature 50°F to 104°F; +10°C to +40°C operating; -4° to 131° F;-20° to 55° C storage
Humidity 10% to 85% relative (non-condensing)
Acoustic Less than 52dBa Q mode, 55dB(A)
Warranty 2 years return to depot, including printhead
Note NB: For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested with print samples supplied by
TallyGenicom prior to purchase. Paper is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase.
The quoted consumable life is the average for the printer when used under normal operating conditions.
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names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner. Specifications are subject to
change without notice. Copyright © 2008 TallyGenicom, L.P.
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