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BIG 2862
All-In-One Business Access
L2 & L3 application,
ONE universal device
managed by ONE OSS
ONE device for GE fibre
and bonded DSL WAN
Business services
scalable from several
Mbps of up to 1 Gbps
Business customers today need a modern and efficient
communication infrastructure. They require extremely
versatile and high-performance network systems and terminal equipment. Special attention is hereby paid by the
carriers to meet:
 the business requests for highly available, symmetrical
broadband services in any location of their corporate
network and independent from the physical access
(fibre or copper) on those sites
 the demands for guaranteed service level agreements
(SLA) and service ubiquity at every site
 the requirements with respect to bandwidth management and separation of individual voice, video and different data services
 the guaranteed availability of certain services using
efficient prioritization algorithms
 the high variety of different L2 & L3 service
As fibre is still not everywhere available, one of the biggest
challenges for carriers is to provide a wide range L2 / L3
business services via a single & high-efficient platform
across all access technologies.
Based on one single hardware platform providing three
dedicated access technologies – namely SHDSL, VDSL2
and fibre – different scenarios and solutions can be
modeled depending on the customer’s requirements.
Comprehensive functions for bandwidth allocation and
prioritization of services and interfaces are implemented.
Also a wide range of VLAN configurations and manipulation
features for company connections are available. CE 2.0
compliant services like E-LINE, E-LAN and E-TREE are
certainly supported.
Local and remote management is performed through a
comprehensive CLI and SNMP, which guarantee that the
efforts for OAM and integration into existing management
and configuration software are kept to a minimum.
Features and benefits
 Flexible and highly available solutions for voice and
data communication over IP-based networks
 Connection of business and corporate customers
having high symmetrical bandwidth demands
 Support of Carrier Class Services with guaranteed
superior class of services
 Use of deployed copper cable infrastructure and futureproof fibre networks
 Range extension to reach customers in distant areas
 Based on one single hardware platform offering three
dedicated access technologies: SHDSL, VDSL2, fibre
The BIG 28 series is optimized for L3 data applications
such as: business internet access, cloud services, internetbased storage applications, connection of branch offices to
the headquarters using virtual networks, as well as
prioritized voice and data services within the L2 MetroEthernet Networks.
Data Sheet | BIG 2862
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BIG 2862
All-In-One Business Access
Distance approx. 1 km
Figure 1: Business Access Services
BIG 28
BIG 28
BIG 28
Figure 2: Carrier Ethernet E-LINE (leased line) service
Data Sheet | BIG 2862
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BIG 2862
All-In-One Business Access
Technical Data
Network Interface (NNI)
 2 x SFP 1000Base-X
o IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation (optional)
o LACP load balancing / link protection (optional)
 fault propagation to LAN interfaces
 frame size:
o GE fibre WAN up to 9600 Byte (Jumbo frames)
o Bonded xDSL WAN up to 2047 Byte (Jumbo
Quality of Service
 8 queues per port
 strict priority (SPQ) & weighted fair queuing (WFQ)
 definition of service classes (CoS)
o Port-based
o 802-1p
o application based
o Ethertype
o ToS
 shaping, policing and queuing per port, VLAN, CoS
 policing (CIR / CBS / EIR / EBS) with two-rate, threecolour marking
Ethernet-LAN (UNI)
 4 x RJ45 and 4 x SFP Gigabit Ethernet Combo Ports
 standard Ethernet protocol IEEE 802.3
L2 Bridging and VLAN
 VLAN acc. to 802.1Q-2005
 up to 500 VLANs
 VLAN tagging, stacking, filtering
 VLAN support for different user data
 VLAN double tagging (Q-in-Q) as per 802.1ad (provider
 PCP/DSCP remarking
 IEEE 802.3 clause 57
o passive & active mode
o remote loopback
o remote status indication
 ITU-T Y.1731
o Ethernet Continuity Check
o Ethernet Loopback
o Ethernet Link Trace
o Ethernet Alarm Indication Signal (optional)
o Ethernet Remote Defect Indication
o Frame Loss Measurement (LM/ SLM)
o Frame Delay Measurement
 dying gasp via SNMP/ xDSL overhead
 statistical transmission data and history (15 min / 24 h)
o per Port, VLAN and EVC
L2 Ethernet Services acc. to MEF6-1
 Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
 Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
 Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN)
 Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN)
 Ethernet Private Tree (EP-Tree)
 Ethernet Virtual Private Tree (EVP-Tree)
L3 Routing Services
 Static routing
 Dynamic routing (future option)
o Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4)
o Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPFv2)
 Virtual Routing & Forwarding (VRF)
 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRPv3)
 Bidirectional Forward Detection (BFD) (future option)
Data Sheet | BIG 2862
Clock Support
 clock source selection from NNI (or T3)
 clock output T4 (T12/E12)
 SyncE at all LAN ports for clock distribution acc. to
ITU-T G.8261/ G.8262/ G.8264/ G.823/ G.825
 phase synchronization acc. to IEEE1588v2 (future
option): Ordinary Slave Clock (OC), transparent Clock
(TC) or Boundary Clock (BC) functions, configurable
 Stratum 3 clock (optional)
 1pps output
 Time of Day (ToD) (optional)
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BIG 2862
All-In-One Business Access
Technical Data
Purchase Order Information
Management and Configuration
 LCT Port RS232 (optional 10/100Base-T)
 DHCP or static IP; IPv4/v6
 CLI (via LCT or ssh)
 auto configuration via config file / CLI script
 remote configuration and -management
 SNMP v2- / v3-Support
 RADIUS authentication
 syslog client
 alarm and event history
 remote / local SW upgrade
 password protection
 device temperature control
Power Supply
 internal power supply
o DC input: -40.5 V … -72 V DC
o AC input : 207 V … 253 V AC, 50 Hz … 60 Hz
 max. power consumption: 33 W
 use as table-top device or
rack mounting with 19” rack brackets
 dimensions (W × D × H):
315 mm × 192.5 mm × 43 mm
 weight: approx. 2.2 kg
Environmental Conditions
 operation:
-25 °C … +55 °C (optional +70 °C)
 storage:
-40 °C … +70 °C
 CE-marking
Order number
BIG 2862
(2 x GETH / SFP WAN,
4 x SHDSL / 4 x VDSL2 via module,
4 x GETH / SFP LAN Combo,
E-OAM, T3, T4, 1pps, ext. temperature
range, 1 x 48 V DC)
(4 links 192 … 5696 kbps
(64k increments), EFM, EFM-Bonding;
Line probing support (PMMS); Wetting
current sink (15k ohm); Dying Gasp
support (PS Bit per ITU-T G.991.2);
EOC support)
(Channels: up to 100 Mbps; Profiles:
up to 17a (30a); Vectoring, EFMBonding, PTM; Wetting current sink
(15k ohm); Dying Gasp support (lpr
indicator per ITU-T G.993.2); EOC
support; Galvanic signature acc.
1TR112 (U-RV))
*) Product features are subject to a detailed specification.
Please refer to your local sales representative for more
 EN 60950-1, EN 62368-1,
ETSI EN 300 386, ETSI ES 201 468,
EN 55022, EN 55032,
EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3,
ITU-T K.21, 1TR9
Product designation *)
BIG 2862
(2 x GETH / SFP WAN,
4 x SHDSL / 4 x VDSL2 via module,
4 x GETH / SFP LAN Combo,
E-OAM, T3, T4, 1pps, ext. temperature
range, 1 x 230 V AC)
All rights reserved. Subject to modifications
due to technical progress. Errors and printing mistakes may occur.
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Data Sheet | BIG 2862
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