IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM System Storage
IBM System Storage
N3000 Express
Advanced system designed to enable outstanding,
cost-effective deployment versatility
Allows continuous operations: takes
advantage of proven features, including a
high-performing and flexible operating
system, data management software and
redundancy features
Data protection and retention: designed
to support disk-based backup, with
file or application-level recovery with
SnapMirror, Snapshot and SnapRestore
software features through a simplified
replication, backup and recovery system
Management simplicity: self-diagnosing
systems designed to enable on-the-fly
Versatility: single, integrated architecture
designed to support concurrent file
and I/O block serving over Ethernet
and Fibre Channel storage area network
The promise of expanding a data center with small, low-cost servers has
led to an unintended consequence—“stranded storage” from internal
disks or directly attached storage (DAS) solutions. IT professionals today
are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have to manage. They are
challenged by the need to keep pace with their companies’ growing
business, to improve backup and restore effectiveness, and to implement
disaster recovery solutions without overwhelming IT staff—often on
a shoestring budget. This leads us to develop solutions that improve
storage efficiency and data protection considering assets that companies
currently have.
The IBM® System Storage® N3000 Express systems are designed
to provide primary and secondary storage for midsize enterprises,
consolidating all of their fragmented application-based storage and
unstructured data into one single-code system. Easily managed and
expandable, this platform can help IT generalists increase their effectiveness. N3000 Express systems offer integrated data access, intelligent
management software and data protection capabilities—such as those
found in higher-end IBM System Storage N series systems—all in a
cost-effective package. N3000 Express series innovations include internal
controller support for serial-attached SCSI (SAS) or serial advanced
technology attachment (SATA) drives, expandable I/O connectivity and
onboard remote management.
The N3000 Express series is compatible with the entire family of N series
storage systems, which feature a comprehensive line-up of hardware
and software designed to address a variety of possible deployment
IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM System Storage
The N3300 series squeezes 24 TB of internal raw capacity into
a 2U enclosure. Optional external expansion can increase total
system raw capacity to 68 TB. The new N3400 series can
expand up to 24 TB of internal raw capacity and increase total
raw capacity to 368 TB. Whether used for primary or secondary storage, the N3000 Express systems are intended to provide
outstanding deployment versatility and connectivity to help
satisfy your data protection and recovery needs at an affordable
cost, improving storage efficiency.
Easy to use
N3000 Express systems offer versatility through a single code
file storage—Common Internet File System (CIFS) and
Network File System (NFS)—that support block storage. The
Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) and Fibre
Channel protocol can be used as primary or secondary storage.
These systems are designed to address storage consolidation
challenges as well as application server virtualization projects in
an environment of continuous operations. With NetApp Data
ONTAP Snapshot technology, the N3000 Express systems
offer the ability to use storage efficiently by helping increase
utilization through thin provisioning (FlexVol and FlexClone)
and reduce storage space requirements.
drives and Fibre Channel disks for production applications that
leads to an improvement in storage efficiency. They also utilize
Data ONTAP Snapshot technology. The systems are truly
versatile products that can be deployed to address some of the
most demanding application environments. For further systems
administration time and cost advantages, the N3000 Express
systems come standard with remote onboard management
capabilities to help simplify remote system monitoring, cycle
power, execute firmware upgrades, enter console commands
and run diagnostics to help maintain the reliability of the
system and your business-critical data.
More business uptime
The N3000 Express systems support dual-controller configuration with automated active-active failover for continuous
operations. Using the N series SnapManager set of features,
multipath high availability for business continuity, and
intelligent data protection and disaster recovery software,
the N3000 Express systems are intended to help keep your
business running smoothly.
Highly flexible storage solution
The N3000 Express series is designed for a broad range of
deployment scenarios. The flexibility of the N3000 Express
allows it to address the storage needs of a wide range of organizations, including distributed enterprises and data centers for
Designed to help keep costs low
The N3000 Express systems are designed as the entry point to
the entire N series family. The systems provide multiple I/O
connectivity options, a small footprint to hold high-density SAS
or SATA drives, and external expansion using low-cost SATA
IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM System Storage
Support for low TCO and long-term
investment protection
midrange enterprises. The N3000 Express also supports sites
with compute- and data-intensive enterprise applications, such
as database, data warehousing, workgroup collaboration and
messaging. The N3000 Express system functions as an “integration engine,” which is designed to enable you to simultaneously serve both file- and block-level data across a single or
multiple networks—demanding procedures that for some
solutions require multiple, separately managed systems.
The N3000 Express supports Ethernet and Fibre Channel
environments, enabling economical NAS, Fibre Channel and
iSCSI deployments.
N3000 Express systems support a low total cost of ownership
(TCO) with an affordable price point, easy installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance. Standardization on the
N series storage architecture can help your organization reduce
complexity and take advantage of staff IT skills. The innovative
design of the N3000 Express results in a small form-factor
appliance that conserves scarce and valuable space in data
centers or remote office locations. In addition, the ability to
support a single-code storage networks enables you to make
the most of your current network investment while deploying
a long-term, highly expandable and easily upgradeable
storage solution.
Affordable data protection for distributed
N3000 Express storage systems can offer significant advantages
for distributed enterprises with remote and branch office sites.
These organizations and others can use the SnapVault and
SnapMirror software functions to implement a cost-effective
data protection strategy by mirroring data back to a corporate
data center. N3000 Express systems can help improve data
availability and simplify backup and restore operations by
implementing centralized backup through a single methodology. This helps reduce tape management requirements and
the need for remote systems administration. Recovering data
backed up on N3000 Express systems can be faster than
recovering from tape.
Automation, consolidation and
N3000 systems are empowered with OnCommand, a multiprotocol manager that delivers a single code experience to manage
physical and virtual storage environments using integrated
workflows and policy-driven automation. From a single interface, OnCommand enables the consolidation and simplification
of shared IT storage management, delivering greater flexibility
and efficiency.
Also, the capabilities of expandability, connectivity, data protection and retention, and copy recover availability, integrates with
leading IT management frameworks. The software provides
common management services, integration, security, and rolebased access controls. OnCommand offers data and storage
management tools that increase productivity Storage efficiency,
and agility for organizations of all sizes. It supports and
integrates with higher-level IT orchestration and management
frameworks, which helps you manage data from a business
perspective, enabling administrators to manage data across
applications, databases, servers and storage.
IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM System Storage
N3300 series
N3300 series
N3400 series
N3400 series
Machine type model
Controller configuration
Dual (active/active)
Dual (active/active)
Random access memory
1 GB
1 GB
4 GB
8 GB
Fibre Channel ports (speed)
2 (4 Gbps)
4 (4 Gbps)
2 (4 Gbps)
4 (4 Gbps)
Ethernet ports (speed)
2 (1 Gbps)
4 (1 Gbps)
4 (1 Gbps)
8 (1 Gbps)
Maximum raw capacity
68 TB
68 TB
368 TB
368 TB
Maximum number of
disk drives
Maximum volume size
8 TB
8 TB
16 TB
16 TB
Maximum size of
Disk drives supported in
controller (size, type, speed)
SAS: 300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB, 15,000 rpm
SAS: 300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB 15,000 rpm
SATA: 500 GB, 7,200 rpm; 1 TB
SATA: 500 GB, 7,200 rpm; 1 TB, 2 TB
EXN4000 - Fibre Channel Disk Storage Expansion
Unit: 4-Gbps Fibre Channel: 300 GB, 450 GB,
600 GB (15k RPM)
EXN4000 - Fibre Channel Disk Storage Expansion
Unit: 4-Gbps Fibre Channel: 300 GB, 450 GB,
600 GB (15k RPM)
EXN1000 - SATA Disk Storage Expansion Unit:
SATA: 1 TB, (7.2k RPM)
EXN3500 - SAS Disk Storage (SFF) Expansion Unit:
SAS: 450 GB, 600 GB (10k RPM)
Disk expansion units
EXN3000 - SAS Disk Storage Expansion Unit:
SAS: 300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB (15k RPM); SATA:
1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB (7.2k RPM),
EXN1000 - SATA Disk Storage Expansion Unit:
SATA: 1 TB, 2 TB (7.2k RPM)
3 years for hardware and licensed software, CRU and on-site service, next business day 9×5, service
upgrades available
IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM System Storage
Operating system
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Linux, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX®, HP-UX,
Apple Macintosh OS, VMware ESX
Software features
Integrated RAID manager, including RAID-DP
Fast Boot
Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)
Data Compression*
Clustered Failover
Single Mailbox Recovery
SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange
SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server
SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint (SMSP)
SnapManager for Oracle
SnapManager for SAP
SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure
SnapManager for Hyper-V
*Available only in Data ONTAP 8.1 or later.
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