e-STUDIO2550c Series Brochure

Up to 25 PPM
Color MFP
Small/Med. Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Eco Friendly
The color MFP you didn’t
know you could afford.
Many small businesses and home offices have been limited to color printers’ basic features,
until now. That’s because Toshiba technology, performance and quality are available as
entry-level MFPs. Introducing the e-STUDIO2550c series, only from Toshiba. We’ve taken
“entry-level” to a whole new level.
Think economy,
print luxury.
As companies continue to look for new
ways to cut costs while maintaining or
improving performance, Toshiba offers
the ideal solution. The e-STUDIO2550c
series makes MFPs available for
use by small businesses and home
offices. You can copy, print, scan and
fax while utilizing advanced Toshiba
technology and enjoying features and
benefits included in MFPs designed
for much larger companies. In fact, the
e-STUDIO2550c series includes the
newest e-BRIDGE controller with a user
interface that makes it easy to navigate
through even the most complex jobs.
Standard, optional
and extraordinary.
The e-STUDIO2550c series
balances functions and price so that
it’s adaptable to a variety of budgets
and needs. A standard model can
become a robust, full-featured color
MFP, or anything in between.
The series includes models that offer
20 and 25 color pages per minute at
up to 600 x 1200 dpi. With the latest
generation e-BRIDGE platform,
it’s easy to connect and manage
using a large 9” control panel. It
is compact, lightweight and
quiet, making it ideal even in
tight spaces. If you’re looking
for more than copy, print, and
scan, you can opt for a fax
feature as well as a document
feeder and duplexing, Secure
HDD, finishing, open platform
and various solutions
So many functions have
never been so accessible.
An MFP might seem like more than you ever thought you’d need. Just wait till you’ve used
the e-STUDIO2550c for a while and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
Beginning with the All in One, network ready architecture for color copying, printing and
scanning, Toshiba style.
Universal appeal.
The e-STUDIO2550c series offers a
new Universal Printer driver. So, if you
decide to add more e-STUDIO models,
you can print from any of them without
installing separate print drivers. The
settings can be imported and exported
as a file, making it simple to apply to
multiple PCs. Administration is less work
because the Universal Driver permits
switching between PCL6 and PS3 so
you can handle a variety of situations.
Administrators can control the use
of the function tabs, making specific
functions accessible or inaccessible by
designated users. Also, drivers can have
plug-ins so that new features can be
added just by plugging them in.
Multiple functions
with a single touch.
Walk up to the e-STUDIO2550c and
you’ll immediately notice how easy it is
to use. Adjust the large, tiltable 9” VGA
color control panel to avoid glare and
increase visibility. It utilizes large, easy
to read text and a dynamic, interactive
copier diagram that clearly illustrates
paper configurations and copier status.
Use the simple, one-touch access
keys for whatever MFP function you
want–copy, print, scan, fax or
e-FILING. It’s that simple,
and that versatile.
Easy Replaceable Units
Easy Manageability
Network Print/Scan
Remote Management
Gigabit Connectivity
Template Feature Keys
Security features designed to
meet your strict standards.
Businesses of all sizes are concerned about security these days. That’s why Toshiba packed
the e-STUDIO2550c series with heavy-duty, high-security features. These advanced features
can be accessed through easy-to-use controls and simple operations so you don’t have to
be a security expert in order to put them into action.
Self Encrypting Drive (optional)
IPSec Enabler (optional)
Common Criteria EAL 3+
IP Filtering
Network Port Control
Secure PDF
Private Print (optional)
Not only can you perform multiple functions with ease, everything you do is
protected with the most advanced security measures available.
Protocols, encryption,
you name it.
Toshiba’s e-STUDIO2550c series
includes many of the security features
required by the IEEE2600 standards
for security measures that cover
network and electronic text as well
as encryption for the optional hard
drive. Secure network connections are
ensured through a variety of security
features. The IEEE802.1X provides
safe network connections through
device authentication. The SNMPv3
protocol allows for enhanced security
administration and uses authentication
and encryption in order to protect
SNMP packets from spoofing, alteration,
and retransmission. You can prevent
illegal access to the MFP by limiting
the set of IP and MAC addresses. Role
Based Access Control lets you restrict
the rights of users without using an
LDAP Server. And, security based on
access control is easy to implement.
More security than you
knew you needed.
You may not be aware of all the ways
in which security can be breached.
Fortunately, here at Toshiba, we
are security experts. For instance,
Secure PDF encrypts scanned PDFs
using three levels of encryption up to
128-bit AES, and you select the PDF
compatibility and encryption levels.
An optional SED hard disk allows
you to use the AES method in order
to encrypt the hard disk drive. A
Data Overwrite feature automatically
overwrites unneeded data so you’re
protected against data leakage, even
if your hard disk drive is stolen.
Exceptional performance
that’s exceptionally green.
While using advanced technology to achieve exceptional performance, Toshiba has
continued to develop and implement many of the world’s leading solutions for conserving
energy and protecting the environment. We’ve dispelled the myth that environmental safety
has to come at the cost of performance. There are ways to enhance both at the same time.
Where quality and productivity go hand in hand.
Some of the greatest advantages of
the e-STUDIO2550c series, besides
the multiple functions themselves,
include the decrease in downtime and
increase in productivity. Now you can
perform high-volume print jobs in much
less time. The downtime is reduced,
thanks to easy replaceable units (ERUs)
that eliminate the need for extensive
maintenance. Instead of overhauling
the entire machine, certain features
can be restored with the replacement
of a single component. The use of
tandem printing with another e-STUDIO
on the network reduces print time.
And if a job is temporarily halted, job
skip allows others to print around it.
technology of
Long before it became a trend,
Toshiba started developing ways
to reduce the environmental
impact of manufacturing
processes as well as the
products that are made. The
e-STUDIO MFPs are a result
e-STUDIO2550c with
Saddle-Stitch Finisher.
with Inner Finisher.
e-STUDIO2050c with
Paper Feed Pedestal.
Base Model
of that. Hazardous substances
produced during manufacturing
have been greatly reduced and
comply with environmental
standards around the world.
The e-STUDIO2550c series
conforms to the latest test
criteria set forth by Energy Star.
Rest assured that the small,
compact e-STUDIO2550c has
From duplex printing to easy replaceable units to tandem printing, the
e-STUDIO2550c series is designed with the environment in mind.
a small carbon footprint, too.
Color MFP
Up to 25 PPM
Small/Medium Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Eco Friendly
Copying Process Indirect Electrostatic Photographic
Transfer System with Internal Transfer Belt
Copying Type LED Head Printing
Copy/Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi / 600 x 600 dpi, 600 x 1200 dpi (PS only)
Copy/Print Speed e-STUDIO2050C–20PPM Color / B&W
e-STUDIO2550C–25PPM Color / B&W
Warm-Up Time Approx. 35 Seconds
First Copy Out Time e-STUDIO2050C–10.3 Seconds Color / 8.2 Seconds B&W
e-STUDIO2550C–10.3 Seconds Color / 8.2 Seconds B&W
Duty Cycle 56K / 70K / Copies
Multiple Copying Up to 999 Copies
Acceptable Paper Size Cassette: ST-R to LD (16 lb Bond - 90 lb Index)
and Weight Bypass: 3.9” x 5.2” to LD (16 lb Bond - 110 lb Index)
PFP: ST-R to LD (16 lb Bond - 90 lb Index)
LCF: LT (17 lb - 28 lb Bond), Envelope (Bypass only)
Memory (Max) Main Memory: 2 GB, SSD: 8GB
Optional HD: 160GB (Security SED Drive)
Reduction/Enlargement 25% to 400%
Bypass 100-Sheet “Smart” Bypass (16 lb Bond - 110 lb Index)
Control Panel Color 9” LCD Touch Panel
Paper Supply Up to 2,900-Sheet Input Capacity
Standard 250-Sheet Cassettes, 100-Sheet Bypass
Optional 1 x 550-Sheet PFU (2nd Cassette)
1 x 550-Sheet PFP (3rd Cassette)
1 x 550-Sheet Cassette (4th Cassette) for PFP
Optional 1 x 2000-Sheet LCF
Duplex Standard Automatic Duplex Unit (16 lb Bond - 90 lb Index)
Dimensions Approx. 22.6” x 23.2” x 26.1” (W x D x H)
Weight Approx. 125.7 lb
CMYK Toner Yield 5% Coverage, CMY: 33.6K, BK: 38.4K
6% Coverage, CMY: 28K, BK: 32K
Power Supply 120 V, 12 Amps
Power Consumption Maximum 1.5 kW
Data Encryption Authentication Print Specifications
PDL Support PCL6 and PostScript 3, XPS
Operating Systems Netware 6.5, Windows XP, Vista, 7
Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
Citrix MetaFrame, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX, AS400, SAP
Protocol Support IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk
SNMP, Netware, Port 9100,
Drivers Server 2003/2008/2008R2, Windows XP, Vista, 7
Macintosh 10.2/10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
AS400, LPR & Port 9100, SAP R/3, Unix Filter
Connectivity 10/100/1000BaseTX Ethernet , 802.11b/g
Device Management TopAccess
Certification Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008, 2008R2) (WHQL) Novell
HPOS (Dazel), Citrix
Scan Specifications
Scan Resolution Scan Speed File Format 100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
50 SPM Color / 50 SPM B&W (@ 300 dpi)
TIFF, PDF, Secure PDF, JPEG, (XPS with HDD)
Facsimile Specifications
Compatibility Super G3
Data Compression MH / MR / MMR /JBIG
Transmission Speed Approx. 3 Seconds Per Page
Fax Modem Speed 33.6 Kbps
Memory Transmission 100 Jobs (with HDD), 2,000 Destinations Max.
400 Destinations /Job
Scan Speed .7 Seconds Per Page, Maximum 50 SPM
E-Filing Specifications (with HDD)
Operation Method Color Touch Screen Control Panel or Client PC
Number of Boxes 1 Public Box, 200 Private User Boxes
Capacity of Boxes 100 Folders Per Box, 400 Documents Per Folder
200 Pages Per Document
256 Bit AES (with optional security HDD)
LDAP, SMTP, Windows Server Domain, Local
Accessories (Options)
Additional Paper Options
Platen Cover RADF: 100 Sheets Paper Feed Unit: 550-Sheet Pedestal, Statement-R to Ledger Paper Feed Pedestal: 550-Sheet Pedestal, Statement-R to Ledger Paper Drawer: 550-Sheet Pedestal, Statement-R to Ledger Large Capacity Feeder (LCF): 2,000-Sheet Drawer, Letter Paper Feed Controller
Finishing Options
Saddle-Stitch Finisher: Tray 1 Stack Capacity: 1,000 Sheets (Lt)
Staple Capacity: 50 Sheets
60 Pages (15 Sheets) SS Booklets
Multi-Position Hole Punch Unit for Inner Finisher Inner Finisher 2 Tray: 600 Sheets (Lt)
Staple Capacity: 50 Sheets
Multi-Position Hole Punch Unit for Inner Finisher Connectivity/Security Options
Security HDD
Bridge Kit Required with MJ1037 Fax Board 2nd Line Fax Wireless Module Wireless Antenna External Interface Enabler Meta Scan Enabler for e-CONNECT IP SEC Enabler Advanced Scanning (ReRite) SharePoint Connector Exchange Connector Google Docs Connector MJ1037
Miscellaneous Options
Accessible Arm Handle Harness Kit for Coin Controller Corporate Office
East Coast
West Coast
Web Site
2 Musick, Irvine, CA 92618-1631
Tel: 949-462-6000
959 Route 46 East, 5th Floor, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Tel: 973-3136-2700
8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60631
Tel: 773-380-6000
2037 Bakers Mill Rd., Dacula, GA 30019
Tel: 678-546-9385
142 Technology, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949-462-6262
Designs and Specifications subject to change without notice. For best results and
reliable performance, always use supplies manufactured or designated by Toshiba.
Not all options and accessories may be available at the time of product launch. Please
contact a local Authorized Toshiba Dealership for availability. Toner yields are estimates
based on 6% coverage, letter-size page. Driver and connectivity feature support varies
by client/network operating system.
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