Univox® PLS-300
Up to 900m² area coverage
This compact loop amplifier has been designed to be installed as a table top unit,
wall mounted or rack mounted. It delivers, for its size an impressive 14Amps at
31Vpp to provide standard compliant area coverage up to 900m2 with the enviable,
but essential clarity of sound for intelligibility that you expect from our products.
Housed in a rugged, convection cooled housing, the robust short circuit proof
electronics provide quiet, reliable operation backed by our 5 year warranty. As all
PLS’s, the PLS-300 is designed for long lasting performance and simple installation.
• High output current to provide standard
compliant coverage up to 900m2
• 5 year full warranty for piece of mind
and low cost of ownership
• Rugged mechanical housing and robust
short circuit proof electronics for
extended reliability
• Two balanced programmable XLR inputs
for installation flexibility and high
common mode noise rejection
• Proprietary Dual Action AGC for
unsurpassed sound quality
• Easy to read LED indicators to overview
system performance
• Engineered for simplicity making
standard compliant system design and
installation easy
Maximum Area Coverage
With 4 parallel multi-loops
With a perimeter loop 1:1 room ratio
With a perimeter loop 1:3 room ratio
The high output current of the PLS-300 facilitates the use of different loop
configurations enabling greater flexibility in loop design to provide coverage
of large areas up to 900m2 or compensation for signal losses caused by
construction metal. The most suitable and practical configurations are single
turn perimeter loops, 2 turn perimeter loops and multi-loops.
Engineering Simplicity
Engineering Simplicity is a Univox tradition; the PLS range is no exception
and has been designed to simplify the amplifier selection, loop design and
installation processes. All amplifiers in the range are specified to operate with
single and 2 turn loops using 2.5mm² cable. By installing a twin core multistrand cable, the installer does not need to calculate cable impedance and he
always has the flexibility to modify the performance of the system by:
Common Applications
up to 900m²
up to 420m²
up to 550m²
Houses of worship
Conference centres
Exhibition halls
Schools/Lecture halls
Office meeting rooms
Concert halls
Sport arenas
• Amplifier selection (defines the basic power available to the system)
• Connecting only one core - (standard connection method)
• Connecting 2 cores in parallel (is equivalent to using a 5mm2 cable halving
the impedance)
• Connecting 2 cores in series (forms a 2 turn loop approximately doubling the
impedance )
• Connecting 2 amplifiers (doubles the power of the system)
With this flexibility built in and assuming no fundamental laws of physics have
been broken, the installer can be confident that the perimeter loop installation
will perform to standard without spending hours on measurements and
Other cable types can be used, consult our loop design guide for information.
PLS-300 amplifiers were used at 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza.
Hearing excellence since 1965
Univox® PLS-300
Common Accessories
Technical data
Loop output
Loop Connection
Loop Drive Current
Loop Drive Voltage
Line outputs
Line Out
Frequency Response
Automatic gain
Output AGC
controls Dual action AGC Controls
Loop Current
Treble/Metal loss correction
Input level
Programmable inputs
Mains power
Input level
Loop current
Physical data
Dimensions, Weight
Order data
Part No
230-240V AC
150VA Torroid
2 XLR jacks on rear panel. Programmable for microphone/line sensitivity, level, phantom voltage on/off, balanced/unbalanced and priority operation.
1 RCA phono socket, 50mV-10V/10kOhm
Screw terminals on rear panel.
14Arms, 125ms 1 kHz sine wave
0dBv phono jacks (without AGC function)
0dBv phono jacks (with AGC function)
100Hz-5kHz (±3dB)
Output protection – limits continuous signals e.g.
self oscillation or sine wave to -10dB after 0.6-1s. Short pulses and normal program signals are not affected. Can be dissabled on PCB.
Dynamic Range: >50-70dB
Attack time: 2-5 ms
Release time:
0-14A rms (recessed potentiometer on rear panel), 125ms
0- +9dB (recessed potentiometer on rear panel)
3 independent controls next to each input (recessed potentiometers on rear panel)
Set by adjusting jumpers on PCB
LED on front panel
LED on front panel
LED on front panel
295x62x188mm(WxHxD), 3.4Kg
Convection cooled
IP20, 10°C to 40°C
214300/214310 (120V)
Univox Listener
This easy to use loop listener indicates field
strength levels of 400mA/m and 200mA/m
in accordance with IEC 60118-4. It is an
essential tool for the facility manager as
well as an alternative assistive listening
device for the Hard of Hearing.
Univox FSM 2.0
Engineered for simplicity, the
Univox FSM 2.0 is a microprocessor
controlled field strength meter
featuring a simple 5 step programme
for commissioning loop systems to the
performance standard IEC 60118-4.
Copper foil
This insulated 25mm wide copper foil is
only 0.25mm thick and is easily concealed
under most floor finishes. It is ideal for
multi loop and Super loop installations.
Univox offer a range of wireless
microphones and receivers which can be
used in conjunction with any loop system
or independently as an assistive listening
system where an induction loop system is
not practical.
Copyright © Bo Edin AB
Wireless microphone system
For additional information, please refer to User Guide/Installation Guide and CE Certificate which can be downloaded from
www.univox.eu. If required, spare part list or other technical documents can be ordered at support@edin.se.
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