Wincomm’s Medical Panel PC WMP-17 S & Plus for More Diversified Needs
Less-hole housing is best for clinic cart, robust serial communication is reliable for device control
Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 7, 2010 – Wincomm introduced 17” Core 2 Duo medical panel PC WMP-171/172 for
more than one year, this product is certified with UL/IEC 60601-1-1 (medical electrical system safety
requirements) and 60601-1-2 (electromagnetic compatibility) standards and is a medical grade all-in-one PC
for medical computing applications.
Base on the same design, Wincomm extends the product to “S” series for basic computing tasks and clinic cart
application, also the “Plus” series with robust isolated serial communications for external device control.
“S” series w/o WebCAM hole
“S” series w/o PCI expansion
“Plus” series w isolated RS-232
The WMP-17 S & Plus series
For simple computing tasks or clinic cart application, while the expansion & accessories are not so much
required, immediate plug-and-play and less-hole housing are more practical. For such applications, Wincomm
reconfigures the WMP-171 & 172 for the S series models. Below is the major difference -WMP-171 & 172
WMP-171S & 172S
PCI expansion slot (w/ internal riser card)
CF card reader
Serial port - RS-232
Serial port – RS-232/422/485
Front bezel w/ WebCAM hole
I/O connector cover
For some applications, WMP-17 is used to connect and control other medical device through serial RS-232,
the medical device is then used for patient diagnosis/treatment.
Most likely the PC and the connected device do not share a common power outlet and will occasionally be
exposed to common mode surges as current is dumped to ground due to system faults or lighting discharges,
the electrons will then take short-cut through RS-232 cable and such abnormal current will cause malfunction
or damage to both devices.
Wincomm modifies the WMP-17 serial communication ports design to add the Galvanic isolation circuitry to
break and isolate the grounding path between devices with air-gaps and optical devices thus eliminate all
grounding plus surge problems.
WMP-171 & 172
WMP-171Plus & 172Plus
Serial port – RS-232
x 2 isolated
Serial port – RS-232/422/485
The WMP-17 common features
For WMP-171 and 172 (of S & Plus series), both are based on the same mobile Intel GME965 plus ICH8M
chipset, the main difference is the CPU (computing power) and thermal solution (w/ fan or fanless).
WMP-171S & Plus
WMP-172S & Plus
CPU (standard): Intel Core 2 Duo
T7500 2.2 GHz
U7500 1.06 GHz (ultra low voltage)
CPU: Thermal Design Power (TDP) / lower is better
35 watts
10 watts
PCMark05: CPU / Graphics score / higher is better
5499 / 1409
2718 / 1006
Smart fan design (variable speed)
No need
The integrated 17” LCD is with 1280x1024 resolution and 380 nits brightness; front bezel mechanical design is
reserved to add resistive touch or protection filter.
Two 2W speakers are integrated; optional I/O cover can be integrated w/ microphone and together w/ the 2M
pixel Web camera, the audio/video communication is ready to go.
For networking, two gigabit Ethernet LAN is standard, optional 802.11 b/g/n mini PCI-e module with internal
antenna provides immediate wireless mobility.
The plastic housing is built w/ anti-bacteria coating and is very compact (only 83 mm depth); VESA 75/100
mounting is very convenient for simple pole mount or wall mounting arm; also available is a optional desktop
metal stand with anti-bacteria coating.
Wincomm’s all-in-one WMP-17 medical grade panel PC is an ideal solution for medical computing, the latest
“S” series is immediate ready for plug-and-play and clinic cart application, the “Plus” series is more reliable to
control other medical devices.
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