Scrolling and Navigation
Use the up and down navigation arrows to scroll up or down through lists. A navigation icon appears
in the phone display to indicate that you can scroll to more options or information. When only one
up or down navigation arrow shows, it indicates you are at the top or bottom of the list and can only
move in the direction indicated by that arrow. Use the right and left navigation arrows to move
between the Phone screen and Features list, go to other screens when indicated by the Prompt
Line or to move the cursor right or left when entering text.
When you scroll to a line on the display, that line is selected. The selected line is highlighted in
black with white letters. The softkey labels will change according to the options available for the
highlighted line. The OK button is a shortcut for the default action. For example, when you select
an entry in your Contacts list, pressing OK places a call to that person.
You can also select a line or feature without scrolling by pressing the corresponding line button.
Avaya Menu
You can use the Avaya Menu to adjust and customize options and settings for your telephone,
access additional Web-based applications, get information about your phone and network settings,
and log out. When you press the Avaya Menu button, you see the following menus, depending on
how your administrator has set up your system and on the applications available to you:
• Options & Settings...
• Browser...
• Network Information...
• About Avaya one-X
• Log Out
Options & Settings lets you change your call settings, personalize button labels, adjust brightness
and contrast, select your ringing pattern, set up favorites, assign speed dial entries, and more.
The Browser menu contains additional web-based applications. (If no web applications are
available for your phone, the Browser menu is not shown.)
Network Information shows a summary of network-related parameters for your phone.
About Avaya one-X provides the release number of your telephone software.
Log Out lets you sign off the phone, to protect your settings or to allow another user to log in.
Making an emergency call
You do not have to be logged in to make an emergency call. When set up by your system
administrator, the Phone screen has an Emergency softkey to immediately connect you with a
preset emergency services number.
1. Press the Emerg softkey. If you do not see an Emerg softkey, pick up the handset or press
the Phone button.
2. If the telephone prompts "Do you want to make an emergency call?" press the Yes softkey.
3. Some phone systems will call back to confirm the emergency status. The phone
automatically answers the incoming call on the Speaker and displays "Emergency Call in
4. To end the emergency call, press the End Call softkey or press the Speaker button.
Speed dialing a person
On the Phone screen, press and briefly hold the dialpad key assigned to the person you want to
Putting a Call on Hold
Press Phone to view the main Phone screen, if necessary.
If you are not active on the line you want to put on hold, select that line.
Press Hold.
Press Resume to retrieve the call.
Transferring a Call
1. From the Phone screen, select the line you want to transfer.
2. Press Transfer or OK.
3. Dial the telephone number, or call the person from the Contacts list, or call the person from
the Call Log list.
4. Press Complete or OK to transfer the call.
Conference Calls
Setting up a conference call
1. From the Phone screen, select your active call.
2. Press Conf.
3. Dial the telephone number,or call the person from the Contacts list, or call the person from
the Call Log list.
4. When the person answers, press Join or OK to add the person to the existing call.
5. Press Add and repeat these steps to add another person to the conference call.
Adding a person on hold to a conference call
From the Phone screen, select your active call.
Press Conf.
Select the call on hold that you want to add to the conference.
Press Resume to take the call off hold.
Press Join or Conf to add the person to the conference call.
Dropping a person from a conference call
From the Phone screen, select your active call.
Press More then Details.
Select the person you want to drop.
Press Drop.
For more information about what features and options are available for your extension, contact your
system administrator.
Accessing the Features menu
From the Phone screen, scroll right to access the Features menu.
Send all Calls
1. Press Forward to access the main Forwarding menu.
2. Select SendAllCalls.
3. Press Select or OK to turn Send All Calls on or off.
You can save up to 250 names and up to 4 telephone numbers per name.
Searching for a contact
Press the Contacts button.
Press the More softkey.
Press the Search softkey.
Enter the person's full or partial first name if desired. To enter the last name only, skip this
step and Step 5 and scroll down to the Last Name field.
Press the OK softkey.
Enter the person's full or partial last name.
Press the Search softkey or the OK button to start searching the Contact list.
If more than one contact is found, scroll through the search results using the up or down
Press the Call softkey to call the person or press the +Contact softkey to edit contact
Calling a person from the Contacts list
1. Press the Contacts button.
2. Select the person or number you want to call.
3. Press Call or OK.
Adding a new contact
Press Contacts.
Press New.
Enter the name using the dialpad.
Select the next field.
Enter the telephone number and press Primary if applicable. The primary number is the one
that will always display without having to go into contact details.
6. Select the next field.
7. Select the type of number entered (work, mobile, home, handle) If you select handle, provide
a value that represents the extension number, an "at" @ symbol, and the company name,
for example, You can then determine the contact's presence based on
handle icons that appear next to this person's name/number.
8. If you have another number for this contact, scroll down and repeat Steps 5 - 7. You can add
up to five additional numbers for this contact, but you can designate only one number as
9. Press Save or OK.
Editing a contact
Press Contacts.
Search for and select the contact you want to edit.
Press More > Edit.
Choose the field you want to edit.
Use the dialpad and softkeys to make changes to the contact information.
Press Save or OK.
Avaya one-X™ Deskphone SIP
for 9630/9630G IP Telephone
Quick Reference
Call Log
Calling a person from the call log
1. Press the Call Log button.
2. Select the person or number you want to call.
3. Press the Call softkey or the OK button.
Adding an entry from the call log to your Contacts list
Press Call Log.
Select the number you want to add to your Contacts list.
Press +Contact.
Edit name and telephone number, if necessary.
Press Save.
Integrating other applications
If your administrator has set up this option, you can integrate Microsoft applications like Microsoft®
Exchange Server with your phone.
1. Press Avaya Menu.
2. Select Options & Settings...
3. Press Select or OK.
4. Select Advanced Options...
5. Press Select or OK.
6. Select Application Integration...
7. Press Select or OK.
8. Select Exchange Integration.
9. Press Select or OK.
10. Press Change or OK or use the Right/Leftarrows to set Use Exchange Calendar to Yes or
11. If Use Exchange Calendar is Yes, complete the remaining fields with exchange information
your administrator provides.
12. Press Save or OK.
Changing the language
Press Avaya Menu.
Select Options & Settings or Phone Settings.
Press Select or OK.
Select Screen & Sound Options.
Press Select or OK.
Select Language....
Select a display language.
Press Select or OK.
Press Yes to confirm the selected language.
For More Information
Go to for latest support information, including user guide, administrator guide,
installation and maintenance guide, interactive document, and software downloads.
Issue 2
December 2007