SFP CWDM Module 155Mbps 1310~1450nm - 80km

SFP CWDM Module 155Mbps
1310~1450nm - 80km
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Features of SFP CWDM Module
About the SFP CWDM Module
The Fibertronics This 155Mbps SFP-CWDM pluggable transceiver module is a high performance integrated duplex data link for
bi-directional communication . It is designed are designed for
operation in Metro Access Rings and Point-to-Point networks
using SONET,SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel networking equipment. They are available in eight different CWDM
wavelengths. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a two
wire serial bus.
Compliant with SFP Transceiver SFF-8472 MSA specification with internal calibration
Compliant with proposed specifications for IEEE
802.3z/Gigabit Ethernet
Up to 155Mbps bi-directional data link
Single 3.3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface
Uncooled DFB laser transmitter
8 channels can be selected from 1470nm to 1610nm in
High sensitivity APD receiver
Clasp Color code for different wavelengths
Duplex LC Connector Interface
Hot Pluggable
Industry standard small for pluggable (SFP) package
Operating Case Temperature Standard: 0~+70 Industrial: -40~+85
Metal enclosure, Low EMI
Digital diagnostic monitor interface
Class 1 laser product compliant with the requirements
SFP Transceiver Module Options
SFP-CWDM-SM-01-1310-1450 SFP CWDM Module 155Mbps 1310~1450nm 80km
SFP-CWDM-SM-01-1470-1610 SFP CWDM Module 155Mbps 1470~1610nm 80km
SFP-CWDM-SM-02-1310-1450 SFP CWDM Module 1.25Gbps 1310~1450nm 80km
SFP-CWDM-SM-02-1470-1610 SFP CWDM Module 1.25Gbps 1470~1610nm 80km
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SFP-CWDM-SM-03-1310-1450 SFP CWDM Module 2.5Gbps 1310~1450nm 80km
SFP-CWDM-SM-03-1470-1610 SFP CWDM Module 2.5Gbps 1470~1610nm 80km
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