Essential E3v5 Server Datasheet

Essential E3v5 Server
Essential Performance
Powerful, Efficient, Versatile and Affordable
The Essential E3v5 Server is part of Cogeco Peer 1 next generation server family line and is the perfect entry level server
designed to meet the performance, power, speed and reliability requirements for your website, cache or development
server. With great flexibility the Essential E3v5 server allows you to configure a solution to meet the performance needs of
your application both today and tomorrow.
Built on a single 3.5GHz quad-core processor, upgradable to 64GB of RAM and up to 24TB of storage, the server scales to
meet both your budget and application requirements now with the flexibility for the future.
Additonal features including monitoring, live backups, content distribution, security and networking are also available to
keep your applications online all the time, with industry leading SLA’s, and around the clock support.
Performance that makes a difference
Improve your user experience - With faster page loads for your webserver with a quad processor, up to 24TB storage
and 64GB of RAM.
Process content faster to your users - With faster clock speed, lower power consumption and reduced latency
resulting in better performance for running multiple tasks on your server.
Flexible Storage configurations - With 3.5” form factor ready hardrives - available in multiple sizes and speeds to
enable higher I/O and throughput performance, boosting greater capacity performance for development servers.
Value for your business
Enterprise grade server - Intel® Xeon® Processor
High performance enterprise grade server delivering
reliability, and security for your applicatios at a price
point that meets your budget.
Accelerate your application performance with up to 44%
more energy-efficient performance than the first
generation of Intel Xeon processors.
Faster data acccess with SATA 3.0
Gain fast data access, system startups, and application
load times with SATA 3.0 drives.
Increase your data throughput with the latest E3 family
of servers.
Increase Data Integrity and Reliabiity
Increase data integrity and system reliability with built in
error-correcting code (ECC) memory.
Built for the future
Accelerate application performance while scaling for the future with the latest Essential E3v5 Server. Built on the Intel®
Xeon® processor E3-1240 v5 core processor, DDR4 memory and PCIe Gen3 I/O to give your application the performance
boost it needs.
Drive greater memory performance with 4 x DIMM slots and DDR4 memory, which transfer data 20% faster than
previous-generation DDR3.
With an available PCIe Gen 3.0 slots the system is upgradable to 10Gbit ethernet as needed.
Better drive IOPS performance compared to our previous generation entry tier servers using the latest RAID technolgy.
About Cogeco Peer 1
Cogeco Peer 1 are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Cogeco Cable Inc. (TSX:CCA). They have
combined their operations to become a global provider of essential business-to-business
products and services, such as data transport, colocation, cloud and managed services,
and dedicated hosting, that allow customers across Canada, the United States and
Western Europe to focus on their core business. With 21 data centres, extensive FastFiber
Network™ and more than 50 points-of-presence in North America and Europe combined,
they are a trusted partner to businesses small, medium and large, providing the ability
to access, move, manage and store mission-critical data worldwide, backed by superior
customer support.
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