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Issue number sixteen | Fall 2015
Issue number sixteen | Fall 2015
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A passion for amazing audio
A chat with Magnolia’s audio merchants.
4Building the ultimate audio system
A once-in-a-lifetime sound system.
Product spotlight
Oppo PM-1 headphones & HA-2 amplifier.
10 Transforming a legend
The all-new Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond.
14 How do you improve on perfection?
Taking one amazing two-channel system and making it better.
19 Product spotlight
Bluesound Gen 2 hi-res wireless multi-room audio.
20 More than just outstanding cables
AudioQuest goes beyond cables to “do no harm.”
22 The MartinLogan Neolith
A new sound statement.
25 Product spotlight
The Sonus faber Chameleon: What’s your mood?
26 The Senheisser HD 630 headphones
Audiophile sound you can take with you.
28 Taking two-channel audio for a spin A modern system with that vintage vinyl sound.
32 The Walkman® is back
Sony introduces two hi-res Walkman digital music players.
34 The choice of professionals
Magnolia brings on M&K speakers.
36 Integrating great sound with great design
Sonance’s solution to premium audio and premium design.
40 Top audio gear for men and women
The top 5 audio products no man or woman should be without.
42 Making sound invisible
Giving a family impressive sound without a speaker in sight.
48 Keeping it simple
System Designer Jason Ladnier removes the confusion.
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Premium audio:
it’s defined by decibels and hertz,
be influential on product design, how you use the product, and the
tubes and tweeters, the latest technologies and materials. But at
timing for the launch.
Magnolia, it’s also defined by the memories it stirs in your soul and
Karin: We also get feedback and input from our engineering
the emotions it brings to your heart. To help bring this emotion
teams. They work directly with our field teams as well as customers,
home, Magnolia has two dedicated audio merchants in Sara
so they see first-hand customer pain points with technology. Their
Klarstrom, Merchant for Magnolia’s Design Center locations; and
input helps vendors refine their products to make them easier to
Karin Grahn, Senior Merchant for Magnolia’s Home Theater stores.
install and easier to use for the customer. This is something the
Together, these two help take you from just listening to your audio,
vendors simply don’t have – they build the product, then all they
to experiencing it.
see is the sales results, so there’s that gap, and that’s where we
M Magazine sat down with Sara and Karin to get their
come into play.
insights into Magnolia and audio. Here’s what they had to say, in
you get more in return. For Magnolia that means you get a lot more
Music brings back memories
– it brings out emotions and
makes the whole listening and
watching experience real.
technology imbedded in the speakers, receivers and headphones
Sara Klarstrom, Magnolia Design Centers Audio Merchant
their own words.
M: What makes Magnolia’s product assortment so unique?
Sara: Like with most things, when you make a bigger investment,
we offer. There’s also a lot of time that’s put into research and
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
development. We’re not always pressed to hit deadlines to release
M: Why Magnolia for Premium Audio?
the latest thing; if it takes a little more time to make a product perfect,
Karin: Service, knowledge, technology and of course our amazing
our vendors will do that. You don’t always see that everywhere else.
assortment of brands. We’re here to help customers no matter the
All of this allows the products and brands we offer to give you
size or scale of their audio needs, whether it’s a single room or their
more of what the core purpose is when you’re reproducing audio:
entire house. Magnolia offers a complete solution that’s going to
to hear what the recording artist or recording studio intended you
help you no matter where you are in your audio journey.
to hear. That’s more depth, a broader soundstage, and a much
Sara: We’re also associated with a very strong brand in Best Buy®
more holistic listening experience.
stores. This gives us a great storefront, so now customers can come
Karin: We also offer the latest cutting-edge products and
in, demo products and make an informed decision. For many,
technologies in audio. For example, last year we introduced Dolby
the products Magnolia offers could only be researched online,
ATMOS, as a more immersive home theater experience. We also
with limited brick and mortar presence; now they can actually
expanded on our distributed audio category with HEOS by Denon
experience them, instead of just shopping online and hoping they
and Play-Fi with products from Definitive Technology and Polk.
made the right choice.
We continue to look for new and innovative options to meet the
Magnolia customers also have their guy or girl they can call
expanding needs of our customers as wireless streaming continues
when they need something. Our System Designers are dedicated
to increase in demand.
to being with you for the life of your product. And with stores
Sara: Magnolia Design Center locations have also recently launched
nationwide, even if you move, we’ve got somebody nearby to help
digital Hi-Res audio. So you can finally get audiophile quality sound
– you’re not going to find that with many other custom integrators.
from a digital source.
It’s who we are
M: What’s the relationship like with these vendors, do you give
Audio, it’s instrumental to the Magnolia brand, so much so that
input into these products?
we’ve dedicated this issue of M Magazine to it. With products,
Sara: At Magnolia, our vendor relationships are actually more like
services and our audio merchants all ensuring you get the most
partnerships, and in many cases, we’re their largest outlet. We’re
out of your sound, we’ll help you love audio as much as we do.
able to get feedback from our retail team and our customers so
Welcome to the audio issue.
we’re able to help them build a product that fits people’s needs. We
typically see these products before they come to market, so we can
find us online @ &
There’s an incredible difference between hearing and
listening. Hearing is a passive experience. We “hear”
muzak on an elevator or in a department store. Listening,
on the other hand, is an active, cognitive process. We
“listen” to a symphony in a music hall. True audio fans
have been able to make this transition. They are able to
listen in such a way that every note, every beat, every
nuance of sound enters their soul and fills them with an
otherworldly joy. It’s a gift we all can experience, we just
need to have that passion, that love and the discipline
to become engaged with the music around us. And for
those that are full-on audio aficionados, this passion and
love is often taken to another level, where no measure
is too grand to get them to achieve that perfect sound.
Building an audio system that takes them to this world
is their dream. Here’s how Magnolia helped one such
audio aficionado achieve that dream.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
find us online @ &
“Ultimately, the goal is to get to a place
It all starts with a relationship
Isaac added, ”It’s not every day that you get to build
he was impressed, but was looking for something else.
and while Dave had spent a significant amount of time
When you’re looking to build one of the finest two-
a time machine like this. This is my dream job. The reality
Based on Dave’s preferences and feedback, Isaac
searching for the perfect speakers, once he heard the Audio
channel audio systems anyone will ever hear, you can’t
is, in my entire career, I have three systems that are magic,
strongly suggested that he look at Sonus faber and,
Research Reference 750 amplifiers plugged into the Aidas,
go at it half way. It takes time, patience, passion and
and this is in a different league. It was just such a privilege
specifically, the Aidas. But there was an issue: Magnolia
he was sold. “When they plugged in those amps, that was it.
an incredible amount of knowledge. Nothing can be
to be able to build something so special, so unique and
doesn’t carry the Aidas in store, but they do carry the
It took all of 10 seconds to hear that natural, open voice and
overlooked. Finding someone to go on this journey with
so personal for somebody. If I could build one system,
Olympica IIIs. To ensure Sonus faber was the right brand
instruments and I knew that these were right.”
you is as important as finding the gear itself. For Houston
Dave already has it, he owns my dream system.”
for Dave, Corey gave him a demo. “These were much
Coming home from Minneapolis, Dave had his
resident and audio aficionado Dave, finding a company
It was a system built piece by piece, day by day,
more natural-sounding to me,” Dave told us. Yet he was
foundation, now he needed bass. They found that there
like Magnolia, along with two people as passionate
over a nearly two-year span of time. “We built a little and
still looking for a bit more, so Corey set up a meeting in
wasn’t enough control in the bass or bottom end, so they
about audio as he is in Magnolia System Designers Corey
listened, then built some more and listened. It’s been
Minneapolis for Dave to hear the Aidas for himself.
started building on a pair of RELs. “I remember talking to
Harrell and Isaac Markowitz, was imperative in getting his
a long relationship,” Dave noted. And it’s that step-by-
Dave and Corey, along with Magnolia Audio
John Hunter at REL,” Isaac told us. “He suggested using
dream system just right. Together, the three of them went
step process that got Dave the exact system he was
Merchant Sara Klarstrom, met at the Audio Research
6 of these subs, and I thought, wow, that seems like too
on a two-year journey to build an unmatched, once-in-a-
searching for.
facility in Minneapolis. Audio Research is part of the
much. So we came in with 4.” But the more they listened, the
Fine Sounds group, the parent company of Sonus faber,
more they realized 6 might be just right. With the sixth sub
lifetime system.
and at their headquarters they had a pair of Aidas ready
in place, the room had all the bass it needed. “With that sixth
Isaac and Magnolia have been wonderful,” Dave told
The perfect speakers
for demo. With a suitcase full of music, Dave sat down
sub, we only added about 50% more woofer in power, but
us. “Even the guys who deliver the stuff, they’ve all been
Inside Magnolia’s flagship Design Centers, you can demo
and quickly fell in love. His long journey for the perfect
the difference is way more than 50%,” Isaac told us.
great. They’ve become almost part of our family. I know
some of the finest speakers the industry has to offer. It’s
speaker was over, but the search for the perfect sound
that may sound weird, but that says something to me
the listening that makes the difference. Specs, photos and
had just begun.
about how Magnolia selects and develops its people.
reviews are great, but for a speaker, you have to hear it to
That’s part of my business, so I’m sensitive to that. It’s
know if it’s right for you. So when Corey Harrell showed
The right amps and subs
been an enjoyable experience doing this.”
Dave one of Magnolia’s premier floorstanding speakers,
These speakers needed power, the right power,
“The advice and counsel I’ve gotten from Corey,
where the stereo disappears...”
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
“Once I heard it, there was no question,” Dave
added. “The speaker is the right speaker, the tonality is the
right tonality, the amplification is the right amplification.”
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This microphone is used to
find the perfect spot to sit
in a room. By calculating
the amplitude of different
positions in the room, you
can adjust your speakers
and your seating so you’re
confident you’re in the
“magic spot.”
Cables, the unsung hero
Often an afterthought, Isaac has always put great importance on
cabling in completing audio systems. “Cabling was a huge part of
this job,” Isaac told us. “We demo’d power cables right in Dave’s
home. Dave and his wife, Nancy, sat in the listening position and we
had them listen to AudioQuest’s WEL Signature Series power cables.
I’m not exaggerating: it wasn’t 3 seconds into that demo and Nancy
said, ‘This makes all the difference.’ It’s that difference that takes a
system like this from almost right to absolutely spectacular. It was
now like nothing I’d ever heard before.”
“My engineer’s brain couldn’t come to grips with the fact
that the power cable could make such a difference,” Dave told us.
“But it’s extremely obvious. The cabling for this system is substantial
and Isaac advocated a careful and critical evaluation of the cables.
Because of our relationship, I never looked at him as the sales guy
pushing something and that let me trust it was worth my time and
effort to hear these differences. In a system that is able to resolve as
well as this one does, you hear these differences, so we ultimately
went full on WEL everywhere, from power, to every interconnect.”
So what does it sound like?
“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to articulate the sound of this system
in words,” Isaac told us. “This is what I settled on: Would you ask a
grain of sand what it’s like to be washed over by the gestalt of the
ocean – to have the whole ocean’s pressure over you? That’s what
it’s like to listen to this system. To be overwhelmed by space and air
and presence in a way that you’re not even part of. You’re just in awe
of this experience. That’s the only way I know how to describe music
from a system of this caliber. It’s so effortless, lifelike and natural. It
does it a disservice to call it a stereo.”
Isaac went on to say, “Ultimately, the goal is to get to a
place where the stereo disappears, where you are not listening to
speakers with drivers firing in a particular orientation. Where you
Above: AudioQuest’s WEL
Signature cables are used
throughout this system.
Named for AQ founder
William E. Low, they are a
culmination of 30+ years
of AQ’s best materials and
techniques, allowing you
to get as close to the actual
sound as possible.
Right: Magnolia System
Designer and audio
aficionado Isaac Markowitz.
have a semblance of space that exists in front of you, and people
just populate that space.”
And for Dave? “It sounds hokey to say, but it’s different than
listening to a system; it’s not listening to a stereo, you just don’t hear
the speakers. It’s music, it’s performance, and it doesn’t matter the
genre: it’s just existing there. I’ve never had a system that did it so
well. It’s pure enjoyment.”
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
The team at OPPO spent years perfecting both the sound and comfort of the PM-1
Planar Magnetic headphones to deliver high-resolution performance with minimal
distortion. With its transparent and highly dynamic characteristics, the listening
experience is both free of fatigue and capable of communicating every nuance of your
favorite music. Luxurious in both design and finish, the PM-1s feature lambskin leather
ear pads, metal trim and a wooden storage box. And when you add the HA-2 portable
headphone amplifier, your playback reaches new levels of precision, taking the sound
from outstanding to phenomenal.
find us online @ &
The All-New Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond
Already known as the industry standard for accurate
M: How do you improve on an already legendary speaker?
Andy: It’s easy: you just try. More specifically, what you do is start a project cycle going,
sound, Bowers & Wilkins took their iconic 800 Series
Diamond and tweaked, changed and upgraded
then stand back to observe the fireworks that ensue. At Steyning we have the concept
of ‘improvement’ hard-wired into our DNA. In loudspeaker design everything makes a
difference; from the behavior of large and apparently critical components such as drive
nearly every aspect of it. Why? Because as Andy Kerr,
Senior Product Manager for Bowers & Wilkins at their
Steyning Research & Development Facility in England
units and cabinets, to tiny and outwardly invisible elements such as resistors.
We’re all about better: we take the view that even if something is only 0.1%
better, it’s still better – and as a result, we’re still interested in utilizing it. True, sometimes
you come across a giant, quantum leap in loudspeaker design, such as the shift from
aluminum-dome tweeters to diamond-dome tweeters. But, more often than not, what
Andy Kerr,
Senior Product
Manager for
Bowers & Wilkins
told us, “we’re obsessive in our pursuit of a better
loudspeaker.” As someone involved with the new
you’re talking about is those small 0.1% improvements. The key is to put together 10 or
20 or 200 of those minor changes in one hit – then, suddenly, your overall increment in
capability becomes a big deal.
800 Series Diamond project from day one, we were
fortunate to have the opportunity to ask Andy a few
questions about these amazing new speakers.
What’s special about the new 800 Series Diamond is that we can talk about
change both big and small in the same story. We’ve got giant leaps like Continuum and
Aerofoil to shout about, but we’ve made hundreds of smaller performance-enhancing
changes too.
M: Kevlar® has been the iconic standard of the 800 Series for such a long time.
How does the new Continuum cone improve upon Kevlar?
Andy: Kevlar isn’t just iconic to the 800 Series: it’s iconic to Bowers & Wilkins full
stop. But let’s be clear: Kevlar is DuPont’s technology (which means others can use it).
Continuum is all ours. We designed it, we have a patent application under way for it and
we do not intend to share it with anyone.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
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Its concept is based on the knowledge we have gleaned from all those years of using Kevlar so
successfully. But with Continuum, we wanted to move from simply controlling break-up behavior, to making it
barely discernible.
So what is Continuum made from? Sorry, we can’t say – not until that patent is approved, anyway. But
the essence is this: it’s a woven composite material, like Kevlar. Its design is based on the concept of optimized
and controlled flexibility. And the resultant cone is immensely better-sounding than Kevlar in every regard,
with much lower noise, quicker response and superior resolution. Admittedly it did take us over eight years of
research to get it right, but no doubt the wait (and all the work) was worth it.
M: The shape of the 800 Series seems to have done a complete 180 with the reverse wrap cabinet, can
you comment on how this influences the sound?
Andy: We’re always trying to make our enclosures as stiff and as resistant to resonance as possible. In the case
of the reverse wrap design, the major portion of the cabinet is now a single piece of curved wood composed
of multiple layers of laminated beech wood. The drive units are coupled into the cabinet at its strongest point –
across the front of the curvature. This curvature is further reinforced behind the wood by an additional bracing
structure – a massive aluminum plate – and on our larger models, this structure is further reinforced by 10mm
thick steel plates that link the aluminum directly into our new, thicker and stiffer internal Matrix bracing system.
Finally, our low-frequency drive units are housed in discrete aluminum bass pods: these are then coupled
directly into the wood and aluminum of the front of the cabinet itself.
Why go to all that trouble? Because as a result of all that effort our new cabinet is much more inert than
Opposite Page:
From the 803 and
804 D3 floorstanding
speakers (top row) to
the 805 bookshelfs,
the entire 800 Series
Diamond line has
gone through a
host of amazing
improvements 868 to be exact.
before, which means acoustically the energy from the drive units themselves is utilized far more efficiently.
Now you hear bass as it was meant to be rather than bass that is being colored by the acoustic impact of the
low-frequency enclosure. As one key additional benefit, we also have less cabinet diffraction thanks to the new
design, because there’s less visible baffle ‘edge’ to impair the effective acoustic propagation of each drive unit.
M: Can you talk about the Aerofoil cone and its influence on these speakers?
Andy: Aerofoil is a triumph of computer-based simulation. We wanted our new generation of bass units to
offer significant improvements over the highly successful Rohacell-carbon composite cone. Its low mass and
high bending stiffness are ideal for a bass cone, where drive unit sizes are often considerable and pistonic cone
behavior is always desirable.
So, we decided to stay with the same approach for the new Aerofoil cone, but we set ourselves higher
targets for performance. We worked on finding a way to change the geometry of the cone to deliver superior
stiffness where it was needed most (so as to avoid adding mass to the system). The upshot is Aerofoil, which
refers not to a material property but to a geometry: cut a section through the cone and you’ll see that its form
follows that of an aircraft’s wing, in that its profile varies in thickness – and thus in strength – along its diameter.
Aerofoil cones behave even better than our Rohacell designs. They’re stiffer but no heavier and, as a
result, they extend the pistonic behavior of the drive unit further up the audible range.
Some things never change
Bowers & Wilkins made a total of 868 changes to the new 800 Series Diamond – each well thought out and
each improving, if even slightly, the acoustics of this speaker line. The one thing that didn’t change is the
element that gave this range its name, the diamond tweeter domes. Bowers & Wilkins is yet to find a material
that can deliver the acoustic detail, naturalness and spaciousness of the diamond, but that doesn’t mean they’re
not trying.
To experience the next evolution of the 800 Series Diamond, visit your nearest Magnolia Design Center
where you can examine these amazing changes, one-by-one, for yourself.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
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Final 9.28.15
Three years ago, California resident Hal Owen walked into a Magnolia Design Center
As amazing as this system is, there’s always that lingering question, “can it be better?” So
and walked out with one of the finest audio systems anyone will ever hear. This dream
when Hal met Magnolia System Designer Peter Colato and recognized his passion for audio,
setup includes Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamonds, 1200-watt mono-blocks and a full
he invited him to his house to experience his audio system, but also to find out if he could
McIntosh stack, all aimed toward a single chair in the center of the room. Perhaps even
make it better. A near impossible task perhaps, but one Peter had the solution to with some
more impressive, there isn’t a TV in sight—a pure audio room that Hal calls his sanctuary.
help from a few friends in the audio industry. Here’s that amazing story.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
Nearly every inch of this room has
been designed to place the ideal
sound of all of this amazing gear
right at the nose of anyone sitting
in the chair in the center of this
room. It’s a system where inches
truly do make all the difference.
find us online @ &
For cables, Hal chose
AudioQuest Wild Blue
interconnects, a set of
Redwood speaker cables,
and an new set of Water
interconnects for his left
and right Diamonds.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
this room is
my sanctuary
Bringing in the big guns
positions slightly, widening his left and right speakers
“When I started calling on Hal, his system was the
by about 8 inches outward for a better soundstage.
most impressive home system I had ever heard,” Peter
Although this sounds both small and simple, it takes an
told us. “I have been to Bowers & Wilkins International
incredible knowledge and authority to make this kind of
Headquarters in England. I’ve seen their corporate office
recommendation. How much could this actually change
showcase. This was better. It was so good that it was
the sound in a room of this magnitude? As Marc told us,
intimidating.” Yet Hal wanted to improve on his system,
“These little moves can make a night and day difference.
which for many would seem insane, but for the true audio
It’s really quite amazing when you can set up a speaker
aficionado, there is always a way to make improvements,
properly; there’s actually a bit of an art form to it. If you
even in a system as complete and amazing as this. So
really take the time to pull the speakers off the wall a
Andrew concluded, “It is difficult to describe
how do you do it? If you work for Magnolia, you call in
few inches this way or that way, move them forward or
the pure joy on Hal’s face and demeanor as we
your manufacturers’ reps. They are the secret weapon of
backward a few inches, it can really change the staging of
swapped in and out better and better levels of
Magnolia’s Design Centers, with unparalleled knowledge
how the music sounds. It’s the difference between sitting
cabling and interconnects. Hal thought he knew the
of their products and performance.
in the back row of a concert or being in the fifth row.”
peak performance levels of his gear; we showed him
that I use every day.”
Hal Owen
something new and delightful that day.”
To start, Peter invited Marc Schnoll from Bowers &
The next vendor Magnolia brought to Hal’s home
Wilkins to visit the home. In the Los Angeles market, there
was from McIntosh Labs. John Mezzano is the Regional
Being surrounded by great people
is possibly no one else who could listen to, diagnose
Sales Manager for McIntosh/Fine Sounds in the Los
From bringing in experts in every field, to making slight
and make recommendations at this level of the speaker
Angeles market. If you have questions about current
tweaks and upgrades, it’s the relationships Magnolia
game. Marc recommended Hal move his speaker
or upcoming gear from McIntosh, John is your man.
has with its vendors that makes it the place to shop for
John was able to make some small suggestions as to
audio, video and home automation. “The Magnolia sales
connectivity and configuration that had been bothering
people know that we are a resource and a tool to be
Hal since the initial install. As Peter told us, “Not that it
used,” Marc told us. “Being that we’re so close with the
was done wrong, but with AV gear, there are oftentimes
sales staff of every store, whenever there is a sale like this
several ways of configuring it, as we all know, and John’s
we like to get actively involved. Let’s face it, it’s not every
insight into McIntosh equipment and how it works
day somebody is going to buy a $24,000 set of speakers,
together is unparalleled.”
so when they do, they want to feel a little special about
Finally, Peter brought over Andrew Kissinger, the
it. I think that’s what we provide, it allows us to get out
Regional Sales Manager from AudioQuest. He came up
there and give these customers that little extra personal
from their headquarters in Irvine to Hal’s house with what
touch.” Peter called “a big box of goodness.”
It takes a special knowledge,
passion and ear to create
this level of audio system.
Lower right: The team that
helped bring it all together
(from left to right) Andrew
Kissinger, Regional Sales
Manager from AudioQuest;
Peter Colato, Magnolia System
Designer; and Marc Schnoll,
Regional Sales Manager
from Bowers & Wilkins.
“Superman has his
fortress of solitude,
Andrew added, “Marc and I have the pleasure of
“I brought with me an assortment of various high-
working for companies that allow and encourage us to
end speaker cables, power cords and interconnects;
build relationships like this where we can go and help
and we went through what AudioQuest calls a ‘shared
out customers directly. Being able to work one-on-one
listening evaluation,’” Andrew said. “We actively listened
with Magnolia Design Center stores, and work directly
and discussed the difference each cable made in each
with their clients whenever it’s called for, ultimately yields
category. It was a very organic process where the
fantastic results – elevating the level of performance in
client got a chance to hear the benefits and technical
these systems, and ultimately elevating the joy in these
attributes of the products. In the end, the process was
customers’ faces.”
very refreshing, it was Hal telling us what he wanted in
his system.”
find us online @ &
Hear Everything.
Nothing brings you closer to the quality of a music performance than
Hi-Res Audio. It delivers the original, full range of sound from the
master recording offering a studio-quality listening experience you
have to hear to believe.
Hear the future of sound at a Best Buy Magnolia Design Center near you.
For more details visit
© 2015 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Sony is a registered trademark of Sony.
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
NWZ-A17 & MDR-1A
Hi-Res Wireless Multi-Room Audio
Wireless digital multi-room audio and high-resolution audio are quickly
becoming the belles of the audio world ball. While there are a number of
brands that offer you one or the other, Bluesound is the first to offer a system
with both. With a passion for musical detail, texture and volume, Bluesound
has painstakingly designed a cutting-edge, pure digital platform that delivers
unmatched wireless multi-room sound. Gen2 features a totally new, streamlined
design, plus a host of new features including a TV Connect feature and an
integrated headphone jack with dedicated amp. It’s a system you don’t need to
be an audiophile to appreciate, but you might just become one once you do.
Bluesound’s second-generation speaker line is on display at 25 of our stores,
but available for order at all Magnolia Design Center locations.
find us online @ &
Final 10.8
For decades, AudioQuest has been known for one
thing – exceptional audio and video cables. The
choice of both audio and videophiles, AudioQuest
has also been Magnolia’s first choice when installing
the finest home entertainment and two-channel
DragonFly 1.2 Digital-to-Analog Converter
That’s not all folks
Now in its second generation, the DragonFly DAC Version 1.2 is a simple to use
AudioQuest is reaching new stratospheres
device that delivers superior sound from your desktop or laptop by bypassing the
of sound with cables, headphones and
poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. The size of a flash drive,
headphone accessories—many with animal
it connects to the USB jack on your Mac® or Windows® PC, turning them into a
and insect names just for fun. But AudioQuest
true high-fidelity music source. Simply plug your headphones, desktop speakers
isn’t stopping there. Still to come is the Beetle,
or stereo system into the DragonFly and experience every nuance of your favorite
an optical-Bluetooth-USB digital-to-analog
music. It’s the easiest way get incredible sound out of your personal computer.
converter, and perhaps even more exciting,
systems into customers’ homes. As AudioQuest
AudioQuest’s first power conditioner, the
Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation
continues their mission to “Do No Harm” to the
audio and video signals you encounter every
day, they’ve found even more ways to reduce this
“harm.” These solutions have brought AudioQuest
beyond just cables into a world where audio
perfection is closer than ever. Here’s a quick look at
what’s new from AudioQuest, and a little peek into
what’s on the horizon.
JitterBug USB Data & Power Noise Filter
System. If the goal is to make audio as pure as
All computing devices inherently generate a significant amount of noise and
it can be and “Do No Harm” to whatever it is
parasitic resonances that can easily find their way onto your USB cables and into your
you’re listening to, AudioQuest is working on
audio system. This noise and interference has many negative effects, like increasing
a solution. Check out their latest innovations,
jitter and packet errors, resulting in distortion that causes a comparatively flat and
with even more coming soon to your nearest
irritating sound. Noise-compromised analog circuitry also damages the sound’s
Magnolia Design Center.
depth, warmth and resolution. Enter the JitterBug. The JitterBug measurably
reduces unwanted noise currents and parasitic resonances. It also reduces jitter and
packet errors (in some cases, packet errors are completely eliminated), for clearer
and more compelling sound, music and dialog. Pair it with the DragonFly for an
unmatched computer-audio experience.
AudioQuest’s first foray into the headphone game, NightHawk is the result of over two years of development. Using sustainable
engineering, high-quality materials and creative thinking, NightHawk takes everything you thought you knew about headphones to
another level, minimizing waste while maximizing performance and value.
NightHawk’s materials are revolutionary. Starting with “Liquid Wood,” a combination of actual wood and reclaimed
plant fiber, it is heated and liquefied then shaped into whatever you wish – in the case of NightHawk, an earcup that better
resembles the human ear. This Liquid Wood also has far superior acoustic properties, giving these headphones better
sound from a more sustainable source. Next, these semi-open headphones use a 3D-printed part (the first completely
original headphone to do so) in the biomimetic grille. This grille diffuses sound and defeats the resonances that
ultimately distort and damage your music. For fit, the flexible headband efficiently distributes the headphone’s
weight, while the patent-pending suspension system allows the earcups to move freely for a fit you’ll enjoy all
day. And the cables? They’re all AudioQuest, purposefully designed to minimize distortion, promote intense user
satisfaction, and provide a deep emotional connection to the music.
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MartinLogan has never been
afraid to push the boundaries
of what a floorstanding speaker can be. In
fact, they’re one of the only major speaker
manufacturers to even attempt to make an
electrostatic speaker, much less develop a brand
around this technology. (For those who don’t know, the
electrostat is, simply put, that large, cheese-grater-looking
component that gives MartinLogan its unique look and
sound.) It’s this unique feature that MartinLogan takes to
a whole new (and perhaps extreme) level every decade
or so. It all began with the giant Monolith speaker that got
the brand off the ground in 1983. Fifteen years later, they
shocked the audio world with the $120,000 Statement
E2. Then, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they brought out
If you want to nerd-out over the technology in these
the CLX. And now, more than 30 years after the Monolith made
speakers, the Neolith doesn’t disappoint there either. The
its debut, MartinLogan is shocking the audio world again with a
exclusive advanced-topology Vojtko Crossover uses hand-
speaker that measures 6 feet tall, 2.5 feet wide and almost 3 feet
selected components for optimum power handling. The
deep. That speaker is the Neolith, the speaker MartinLogan is
passive speaker design of the Neolith gives you more control,
touting as the heart and soul of their brand, delivering a limitless
allowing single-wire or bi-amp connections with silver
sound experience.
filigree WBT Binding Posts, plus a unique system of audio
adjustment jumpers. The incredible Neolith frame is made
Not for the faint of heart
of non-resonant Phenolic Resin Polymer, smoothly finished
Neolith is a giant, but one with a voice and heart of pure gold (not
in a premium automotive gloss and available in a handful of
literally). It features MartinLogan’s largest electrostatic radiating
colors. To compliment this design, its handcrafted woofer
surfaces to produce a detailed, ultrarealistic soundstage.
cabinet is wrapped in elegant soft leather. Now that’s one heck
The Neolith’s proprietary curvilinear electrostatic transducer
of a speaker!
delivers nearly the entire mid-range and high-frequency audio
The Neolith is available in
seven amazing colors, from
Rosso Fuoco (pictured) to a
more subtle Basalt Black.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
spectrum. Smoothly blended low frequencies are provided
It all comes down to sound
by a 15" rear-firing ported woofer and 12" front-firing sealed
Specs, size, accolades: all of this means nothing if you don’t love
mid-bass woofer. Combined, they deliver powerful, extremely
the sound. That’s why we’ve commandeered a pair of Neolith
accurate bass. But, perhaps most amazingly, the Neolith is
speakers for demonstration at our Galleria Magnolia Design
completely uninhibited by room limitations—so nearly any
Center in Texas. Now you can experience these amazing
space big enough to house these speakers can experience the
speakers for yourself, as you relish in this massive, no-holds-
awe-inspiring sound of the Neolith.
barred experience of breathtakingly articulate sound.
find us online @ &
MAGNOLIA_ADZ_JULY_2015_FullPage_ALL.pdf 1 9/3/2015 4:30:19 PM
Yes, it’s unfair that no other headphones in this price range have our technology, nor
our stunning sound quality. Our special planar magnetic driver gives you that “you are
there” listening experience with an extended frequency response that opens up a new
world of sound for you. Our unfair advantage goes even farther – industrial design by
BMW’s DesignWorks, and aluminum construction for lifelong pride of ownership.
The new EL-8. Unfairly priced as well.
What’s your mood?
When you think of Sonus faber, power, performance, precision
and musicality probably come to mind. And when you think of
a chameleon, you most likely picture those little reptiles that
change colors with their surroundings. Fittingly enough, these
two definitions clearly define the Sonus faber Chameleon. These
speakers deliver incredible performance to both stereo and multichannel systems with a sound that’s all Sonus faber. Like most
Sonus faber speakers, they’re covered in leather
with drivers embellished with aluminum trim. But
it’s the interchangeable side panels that make
these speakers really stand out. Choose your
mood, décor or personal style with colors that
range from white, black and metal grey, to red,
orange and blue. It’s all the serious sound you’ve
come to expect from Sonus faber, with a totally
new, fun and funky style.
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HD 630VB
Most headphones are a one-sound-fits-all proposition.
You get what you get no matter what you’re listening to. But with the Senheisser
around-the-ear audiophile headphones, you can adjust the bass while on the
move, toggle easily between control of Android and IOS operating systems,
even fold them up to fit neatly in the included carry bag for a
truely portable audiophile experience. Finally, you get what
you want, and so much more than you ever imagined.
Audiophile quality, portable design
The terms audiophile and portable typically don’t go
hand in hand. Whether it’s the size of most audiophile
headphones, the delicate nature of the materials or the
price, most of these headphones aren’t built for portability.
Until now. Optimized for portable devices, the HD 630VBs
have an impedance of 32ohm, so volume is never an issue.
Audiophile in every aural and technical way, they feature cuttingedge transducers for clear, powerful reproduction. With a frequency
response of 10 to 42,000Hz, they will drive all your favorite tunes, including
high-resolution audio files. Collapsible in design and crafted with strong,
lightweight aluminum ear cups, yokes and sliders, the fear of damage is placed
at a minimum. And with their well-cushioned ear pads and adjustable headband,
they are amazingly wearable. Now you finally have a true audiophile headphone
that’s also truly portable.
Choose your bass
Most of us listen to a number of different genres of music: jazz, classical, rock,
R&B, country. Because the bass you desire in each of these styles of music is
unique, the HD 630VBs feature an easy-to-use, variable bass controller on the
right ear cup. Working at 52Hz, it hits the very low frequency of a kick drum.
Simply turn the dial to adjust the deep end of your music, then re-adjust it, if you
wish, with each new track.
Beyond controlling the bass, this ear cup controller lets you adjust the
volume, select a track, or make and take calls via the inline microphone. So now
you can leave your smartphone or music player in your pocket, purse or bag and
still have complete control.
The all-in-one
With most headphones, you are left choosing between one of the following:
portability, sound quality or value. With Senheisser’s HD 630VB you get all
three. And not just a bit of each; they are all magnificently present, giving you
a pair of headphones that will keep you listening longer, better and anywhere
you wish.
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It’s the common denominator for anyone seeking the ultimate
two-channel system. The same was true for California resident
Arthur who set out to duplicate the opera music he’s enjoyed
since he was a child. To bring this experience to life, Magnolia
helped this fan of vinyl build a system with the finest speakers
for his ear and his space, the right components to drive them,
and a turntable uniquely installed into a rack for accessibility.
The result: Arthur is sent to his favorite music hall, fifth row
center, with the drop of a needle on his favorite record.
Even though this room houses
a giant flat-panel TV, it’s the
two-channel sound system that
brings this room to life with two
Bowers & Wilkins 802s powered
by an incredible McIntosh stack.
Interior design by Elaine Biser, A.S.I.D.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
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Getting the right sound
There’s an interesting thing that happens when you go to demo a loudspeaker in
most places; the sales person will put on his favorite record or CD and say, “Listen to
this; doesn’t it sound wonderful?” The problem is, if it’s not your kind of music; your
genre, your style, or something you’ve heard before; you really can’t make a proper
critique of the speaker. That’s why at Magnolia, we encourage you to bring in your
favorite record or CD, and give our speakers the once-over with the sounds you know
best. Arthur knew this fact all too well, so when he stepped into Magnolia, he had his
favorite vinyl in hand. “I remember bringing in my record to try out. I couldn’t believe
the quality of sound in the audio room, and when I heard the Bowers & Wilkins 802s,
I was sold.”
Now all he needed was power. So System Designers John North and Brian
Chan worked closely with Arthur to make sure his every need was met. “We wanted
to make sure that if he’s making this kind of investment on Bowers & Wilkins flagship
speakers, we also gave him everything he needed to get the most out of them,” Brian
told us. “We’re in the business of making customers happy. So we aimed to build
Arthur the type of system he really desired, and we wanted to make sure everything
was tidy and spot on.”
That meant bringing together a system that includes McIntosh 601s,
AudioQuest cables, a Furman power conditioner and the incredible McIntosh MT10
turntable, all into a single rack. Oh yes, Magnolia integrated a turntable into his rack.
“I talked to Mid Atlantic and learned they had a shelf that pulls in and out of their rack,
and it could accommodate this 50-pound turntable. It worked out great – because
there was really nowhere else to put it. It looks amazing,” Brian said with a smile.
Going for two
The term two-channel means very little to the average audio fan, but as Brian put it,
it takes a special kind of client to want this kind of system. “You really have to be an
audio connoisseur to have the appreciation and dedication to have just two speakers.
It’s kind of a lost art. The same is true with turntables – while they’ve made a bit of a
comeback, people are just starting to realize that, if you want to replicate a studio
master, you simply must have a turntable. You can’t get that from CDs. Sure, CDs
are great, but no comparison to turntables. Digital hi-res can get you there, but a
turntable gives you that full lossless audio that’s unbeatable.”
An investment in enjoyment
Any system is only as valuable as the amount of joy one gets out of it. For Arthur, the
use outweighed the expense. “One of the things I like to do on Saturdays is stay at
home, turn on this system, read a book and drink some wine. It’s very relaxing to me.
So for me, this has all been a great investment.”
Working with Magnolia made that feeling even more worthwhile. “I think the
people at Magnolia are great. I understand problems will come up with an install
like this, where several different brands are brought together in a custom setting,
This Page: The McIntosh stack
is housed in a very special rack
that allows the turntable to
slide out when needed.
Opposite Page: The team that
brought this system together,
(from left to right)
Trevor MacMillan, Installer;
Henry Wong, Project Manager;
Brian Chan, Senior System
Designer; David Espitia,
but Magnolia did a great job resolving those issues. I always knew I would be taken
care of, and because this level of service was part of the job, it really made it great
for me.”
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Portability, Power, Performance
even videos in rich, clear brilliance, while their interfaces
Sony jumps into the future of digital audio with two
make searching for the right song a breeze. Now you
hi-res Walkman music players that are capable of
can spend more time listening, and less time fumbling
handling a variety of digital audio formats, ranging
through your music.
from standard CD-ripped tunes, to 192kHz/24-bit highresolution audio, delivering sound that is up to 6-times
Take them for a spin
the resolution when compared to a standard CD. You can
With the Sony high-res Walkman, it’s like going from
enter this audiophile quality world with Sony’s A17 hi-
a standard definition TV to ultra-high definition, and
res music player that delivers 64 GB of built-in memory,
Magnolia is primed to be the perfect place to experience
with a microSD memory card slot so you can store even
it. Beyond your ability to try out these high-res audio
more music. Battery life is impressive as well, offering up
players right in our stores, our selection of premium
to 50 hours of music playback on a single charge. Or you
headphones allows you to experience this amazing audio
can upgrade to the flagship ZX2 and double that memory
to its full potential. The future of audio is here, it’s high-res
to 128 GB with 60 hours of MP3 playback and up to 33
and it fits in your pocket. We’re ready, are you?
hours of hi-res audio playback. Whichever you choose,
get ready for studio-quality sound that you can take with
you anywhere.
To bring you this incredible sound in such a
technologies: the S-Master® HX digital amplifier and the
DSEE HX. The S-Master® HX digital amplifier delivers
faithful, detailed, wide-frequency audio reproduction.
While the DSEE HX restores the high frequency signals
stripped by the audio compression process, accurately
expanding the audio signal bit-depth, in real time,
to hi-resolution sound quality to deliver natural,
spacious sound.
With anti-reflective LCD displays, these
players reveal album artwork, photos, and
strapped to the waist of the hippest kids, teens and adults at that time. While its portability delighted
music fans, its playback ability left audiophiles desperately seeking more. Over the next three decades,
audio quality never reached the superior sound of vinyl. While CDs took music quality a few steps forward
over cassette tapes, the digital music era took sound quality a few steps back when their convenience
replaced CDs. It wasn’t until that digital sound finally moved into a high-resolution format that vinyl
had a worthy adversary, and true music lovers had something to rival the original recordings. The only
problem—you needed a player that took up as much space as those large round discs to hold and play
this hi-res sound. But now, we have Sony’s new hi-res digital music players, and they are bringing the
Magnolia is offering two
models of the new Sony
Walkman digital hi-res music
player: the flagship ZX2 (left)
with 128 GB of memory with
a 4.0 inch touch-sensitive
screen, and the A17 with
64 GB of built-in memory.
Walkman brand we know and love from the ‘80s back and into the future, with two new players that
encapsulate everything we loved about the original, while catapulting them into another stratosphere
when it comes to sound quality.
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Just Like the Original
Whether it’s the same brand of golf clubs as your favorite golfer to duff up your local
M&K speakers create a sound that they simply describe as “right.”
course, or playing the same brand of piano as your favorite musician to struggle
M&K believes that “the only truly worthwhile listening experience is
through Chopsticks. We like having what the pros have, even if we can’t play like
one that transports you to the site of the original
they do. Thankfully, when it comes to audio, you don’t need any special skills to get
acoustic event with absolutely minimal
the full enjoyment out of the same brand of speakers that the film, music and
loss, addition or distortion.” This is
broadcast studios use. Introducing M&K Sound, the speaker of
why M&K speakers are designed to
choice for Hollywood, now available at select Magnolia Design
allow you to hear exactly what the
Center locations. Now you too can experience the sound just as
performers and recording engineers
those who created it intended.
heard: no more, no less. It’s this
dedication to accurately deliver the
Rock star beginnings
original signal that has given M&K a
“The choice of professionals” is a very apropos slogan for M&K
fiercely loyal following among both
Sound, not only because of who uses these speakers today, but
professional users and music and
also because of how the company got its start. In 1973, a world
home cinema enthusiasts. Now, with
famous L.A. rock band commissioned M&K Sound to design
a line of speakers inside the family
a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for their
room setting of select Magnolia
mixing sessions. The result: the world’s first balanced dual-
drive subwoofer, and a sound that started to get a
lot of attention.
speakers in a true-to-
Studios began to ask M&K Sound to create
life setting, realizing the
systems for their professional use, while producers,
true essence of every
directors, actors and recording artists wanted M&K
speakers for their home installations. M&K Sound’s
professional monitoring systems rapidly became
the standard for both music and film sound, and
today can be found at Universal, Paramount, Lucas
Films, Sony and Dolby studios. Yes, the studios that
mix and master some of the top movies and audio
soundtracks we enjoy every day rely on M&K
speakers to ultimately bring this sound to you.
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the architect has a vision, the interior designer has a vision,
and design consultants all have a vision. If you’ve ever been to
a model home showcase you can see this vision; clean lines,
clean spaces, everything placed perfectly where it should be
without a chair, window treatment, plant or coffeetable book out
of place. But where’s the technology?
You see, what Sonance found is designers and architects
typically hate technology. It’s clutter. They keep as much of it
out of these model homes as they can because it takes their
perfect design and adds chaos. It’s that very chaos that takes
these buildings and turns them into homes. So what do you do
if you want high design, but still want premium audio in your
home? Sonance has the solution, and it’s not just a solution that
meets the needs of the designers: it’s a solution that also meets
the demands of those that crave quality audio.
Eliminating the clutter & the compromise
When you look at the layout of a home created by a designer
or architect, you’ll rarely see rooms with two large floorstanding
speakers, rear surrounds and a giant sub in the corner. It’s not
part of their plan, it’s not on their radar. But if you’re an audio
fan, these are necessary elements to have in your home. That’s
where Sonance comes into play, by incorporating Sonance inwall and in-ceiling speakers, these elements disappear into the
room, allowing the room to be the focus, while still allowing
great sound in the space. And with Sonance, when they say
great sound, they mean it.
While other architectural speakers may lose sound
quality to be able to squeeze a speaker into your wall or ceiling,
Sonance, the inventors of the in-wall speaker, have never
compromised on sound. In fact, for this brand, the emphasis
on premium sound has always come first, with research and
innovations to ensure their in-wall speakers compete on an
equal playing field as any giant floorstanding speaker. So even
though you may barely notice Sonance speakers on your wall or
in your ceiling, you’ll definitely notice the amazing sound when
the system is turned on.
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Lighting’s influence on audio dispersion and design
For Sonance, the relationship between how you provide light in a
room resonated strongly with how they wanted to provide audio for those
same rooms. To accomplish this task, Sonance went about this idea of lights
influencing sound in two ways: design of the speaker unit and the dispersion
of sound.
When looking at lighting design, Sonance was quick to discover that there are many
different sizes and shapes of in-ceiling lighting. To incorporate speakers into this world, Sonance
found it essential to have speakers that matched, with a host of sizes and shapes, so when you look
up you’re not seeing large round speakers with tiny square lighting units. Now the design of the speakers
matches the lighting design of the room, helping the speakers disappear even further into the architecture.
For dispersion of sound, Sonance looked at how in-ceiling lighting was being used to light different
rooms. One needs only look at their own home to realize how rare it is to have a single light used to
illuminate an entire room. Kitchens, for example, have lighting over the island, under-lighting for the
cabinets, and in-ceiling lights that scatter the space to properly light the entire room. Bigger lights in
certain areas, smaller in others, but enough lighting to create scenes and groupings to fill the space with
the appropriate amount of light from edge to edge. Looking at how this light filled the room, Sonance
discovered audio should work in the same way. A single speaker couldn’t provide the proper amount of
sound for an entire room. You needed multiple speakers properly placed to bring exquisite sound to the
Top and bottom: By
using multiple speakers
surrounding your room or
outdoor area, you get clean,
even sound no matter where
you are in the space.
Above: A good example of
matching the size and shape
of the speaker with the size
and shape of the lighting
fixtures to help the audio
blend in.
entire room. And like that lighting — more in some areas, less in others — allowed for “audio scenes.” Now
sound permeates every corner of your house without loud areas here, and quiet areas over there. Instead,
you have clean, even sound everywhere. This doesn’t just make for a more design-friendly space, it makes
for a more well-balanced audio space. No longer do you have to be in the perfect seat in your living room
to truly enjoy your home audio system, you can be anywhere.
Sonance has also incorporated this thinking into their outdoor speaker line. Where once the only
solution was to mount speakers on your house and blast the sound to your yard, Sonance’s Sonarray
Hear it, don’t see it.
That’s Sonance’s influence
on design.
systems look at the yard as a whole. The Sonarray system uses eight smaller speakers to surround your
yard with sound, pushing the audio in. Now, you can have even sound throughout your yard without
blasting those near the house, or your neighbors. The Sonarray system also includes a sub for highquality bass. And if you have a larger yard, multiple Sonarray systems can be connected together, so
no area is without superior quality sound.
The dream solution for design and sound
Magnolia Design Centers work very closely with Sonance to ensure solutions like
these can be incorporated whenever Magnolia enters a home. While some will
still want the latest floorstanding speakers and surrounds on display, those
who want a more discrete solution will also have a great choice. Design
and acoustic brilliance, together without any compromise: that’s the
solution Magnolia and Sonance can bring to your home.
Be Mas
dr te
oo r
Ro inin
om g
Ba Ma
th ste
ro r
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1. Headphones: Exceptional sound
for one – designed, tuned, just for your
ears. That’s what the right pair of headphones
1. Audeze EL-8 Open-Back Headphones 2. Sonus faber Olympica III Floorstanding Speakers 3.Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable
4. Sonance SONARRAY SR1 Outdoor Speaker System 5. Rotel RSX-1562 Home Theater Receiver
can do. From a statement of your audio prowess, to
the ultimate fashion statement – rich leathers, high-end
materials, sophisticated style – every man should have a pair
of headphones that shows off his individuality.
2. Tower Speakers: The right tower speakers not only deliver
1. Wireless Speakers: Small and
portable, just like the perfect purse, the right
wireless speakers are something no woman would
want to be without. From waterproof models you can
take to the pool or the beach, to models you can place
throughout your home for wireless whole-home audio, wireless
speakers are a great accessory to any day’s plan.
2. Earbuds: When your shoes match your nail polish, being fashionably
audiophile quality sound you can share with your friends, they’re also
synchronized is not an option, it’s a necessity. The same should be true
a monument of style and design. Big box speakers are no longer in
with your portable audio. Premium earbuds not only deliver amazing
vogue; a sophisticated man needs speakers that are equally stylish and
sound, but they also offer a sense of style and fashion. And let’s be honest
– the fact they don’t mess up your hair is a big plus.
3. Turntable: It’s the refined gentleman who spins the large round platter.
3. Soundbar: For many women, bulky speakers just aren’t their style, but
Audiophile or not, a turntable is not only a sign of being progressive while
getting the right audio from their ultra-thin TVs is still vital. The right soundbar
peeking at the past, it makes a nice conversation piece next to those ultra-
can not only deliver amazing sound to your movies and TV shows, but many
modern speakers. Premium sound never looked so intriguing.
can now be used as Bluetooth or networked speakers for your digital music.
4. Outdoor Speakers: You don’t have to be a flannel-wearing
4. Architectural Speakers: You love audio, and you’d like it in every room
outdoorsman to crave proper outdoor sound. Whether you’re having
of your house. You’ve also spent countless dollars designing your home
a party, playing with the kids in the yard, or just relaxing, having great
sound outside is essential for any man who loves music and loves
the great outdoors.
to look just the way you want it. Architectural speakers hide themselves
in your ceiling or walls without taking from your décor. The perfect
compromise without compromising on sound quality.
5. Premium Receiver: Speakers may be the beauty of any
system, but the receiver is the brawn – and without the
right one, your sights and sounds won’t live up to their
promised billing. The right receiver really lets
you show off your muscle.
5. Hi-Res Audio Player: If you’re a woman on the go, who
always wants audiophile music with you, then look no
further than a Hi-Res Audio Player. Small enough to fit
in a pocket or clutch purse, or strap to your arm for
exercise, it’s the best way to bring incredible
sound with you no matter where you
may go.
| Bringing inspiration to your space for over 60 years™
1. Polk Omni S2 Network Wireless Speaker 2. Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 In-Ear Headphones
3. MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar 4. Sonance VP62R In-Ceiling Speaker 5. Sony ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman®
Top Audio
Gear For
While audio products aren’t
gender specific, there are
certain products no man, or
woman, should be without.
Here are our Top 5:
find us online @ &
A 6.1-channel speaker
system without a boxy
speaker in sight. Why 6.1 and
not 7.1? Because Magnolia
created a phantom center
using the right and left
speakers to produce that
center channel sound.
When working with modern homes, clean sight lines and
uncluttered spaces are of utmost importance. In this Southern
California home, the family wanted great sound, while keeping
their home’s décor as pristine as possible. Magnolia Senior
System Designer Brian Chan had a few tricks up his sleeve to
give this family the impressive sound they wanted, with a nearly
invisible look the homeowner found equally as impressive.
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A great room to entertain
By choosing the correct two side speakers, and placing
With high ceilings, incredible art and
them correctly on the wall, they would fool the ear into
a giant couch fit for all, the only thing
thinking a center channel existed. And the sound? Let’s
this great room needed was – well,
just say you’d spend days looking for a center speaker if
entertainment. But as important as it was
you didn’t know Magnolia had performed this little trick.
to bring in the finest audio and video,
Then Magnolia made the sub disappear by installing a
it was equally important that the room
Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer into the wall that uses only a
be the focal point, not the technology.
small port to deliver the bass.
To help look at this space and discover
One last amazing aspect to this space is that it’s
what might be possible, Brian Chan,
Dolby Atmos® enabled. By choosing a Marantz Dolby
along with Project Manager Shawn Reed,
Atmos receiver, when the family wants to watch Dolby
did an onsite walkthrough of the home,
Atmos compatible movies, the receiver will automatically
designing and engineering a system that
adjust the sound to the 360º all-around-you sound
was big and robust on audio and video,
of Atmos. The fronts, sub and ceiling-mounted rear
yet subtle in design.
speakers provide the surround sound, while the two
But subtly has its challenges,
especially when you’re dealing with such a
“We wanted our
music by the pool
without bothering
our neighbors.
This system really
accomplishes that.”
ceiling-mounted mid speakers delivering the above-you
sound of Dolby Atmos.
large room with existing features that were
equally as large. “The biggest hurdle,”
Outdoor sound you have to not see to believe
Brian told us, “was the fireplace. It puts out
Located on a high-end golf course, outdoor speakers
50,000 BTUs, so the manufacturer recommended 6 feet
might seem like an impossible option as silence is key
of non-combustible space above it.” With an 85" TV to be
when players tee off just 100 feet away. To solve this,
mounted over it, six feet would leave your neck craning to
Magnolia installed Sonance Sonarray outdoor speakers
the sky. To fix this issue, the homeowner put in a custom
that dot the outside of the property and push the sound
deflector that pushes the heat away from the TV, allowing
in toward the house. Not only do these speakers not
Magnolia to mount the TV in the perfect spot.
disturb the golfers on the course, but, like the speakers
For sound, big bulky speakers were never an
option, as it didn’t fit the home’s, or the homeowners’,
Above and right: Audio
outside was a must, seeing it
was not. Magnolia used rock
speakers to hide the speakers
by the spa, and hid the
Sonance Sonarray speakers
by the golf course
in the shrubs.
inside the house, they’re nearly invisible hiding among
the shrubs.
design needs. So it was important to find the right
For the front spa area, the noise volume isn’t as big
architectural speakers to deliver the big amazing sound
of a concern, but creating invisibility still is. So Magnolia
the family wanted. Looking at the space, in-wall speakers
brought in two rock speakers, which were placed into the
would go on either side of the fireplace while four in-
landscape, providing incredible sound without making
ceiling speakers would be used for the sides and rears.
a huge visual impact.
But one issue still remained: where to put the center
“We enjoy our music and we like to entertain
channel speaker? With the fireplace and heat deflector
outside,” the homeowner told us. “We wanted our music
taking up the ideal spot for a center, Brian turned to a
by the pool without bothering our neighbors or anyone
bit of audio magic to bring the center channel sound to
on the golf course. This system really accomplishes that.”
life. “I talked to David Baker, my connection at Bowers
& Wilkins, and he suggested we do a phantom center.”
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Above: The magicians
behind this project,
Magnolia Project Manager
Shawn Reed and
Senior System Designer
Brian Chan.
Not pictured: Installer
Napoleon Jackson
Personal space, personal sound
As the homeowner told us, “We are a very social family, yet we all want our chill time.”
So Magnolia helped family and guests relax in their own space by installing Samsung
TVs with Sonos PlayBars in the two guest bedrooms. Now they can have their own
individual entertainment – whether it’s music or Satellite or Apple TV. They can close
the door and do what they want. Magnolia also installed this setup in the kitchen so the
family can enjoy music and sound when gathering-time moves into the kitchen – which
with Brian
and Shawn we
got the right
balance of
the quality we
wanted in the
equipment and
the subtlety we
wanted in the
it often does.
For control, Brian chose a Control4 home automation system. Because this is the
couple’s vacation home, having a home automation system that was easy enough for
any of their guests to use was important. Control4 gives them that while also allowing
them to monitor the house while away.
A system with the right personality
As understated as this system may be, it fits perfectly with the personality of this house
and the homeowners within. Less of a big screaming shout, more of a reserved golf
clap, this house is ready to deliver the big roar when called upon.
“The uniqueness of this job is that everything has been integrated in such a
modern fashion,” Shawn told us. “We tried to keep things as hidden as possible. A lot
of people are more in your face with their electronics, but this house is much more
subdued. You don’t see the pop and the flash, but it’s all there, it’s just understated.
That’s the homeowner to a tee, he’s sophisticated yet understated; it emulates his style
and personality perfectly.”
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In the world of high-end home entertainment, things can get
pretty complicated. The gear, the specs, the connections, the
installation: it can leave even passionate audio and video
enthusiasts baffled. But for Magnolia System Designer Jason
Ladnier, taking away that confusion is the key to creating the
perfect system. Here’s how he keeps things simple, in his
own words.
Jargon free
“My clients are very busy with their families and their jobs.
So when I start working with them, I never try to explain the
technical side of things, because they don’t have time for
it. Instead, I try to paint them a picture. Because that’s what
they really want. They want to be able to see this amazing
stuff working in their homes. I’m able to take all the confusing
acronyms and technical terms, and convert them into a system
they’re going to love.
“What I’ve noticed is that people look at TVs and
speakers as objects, but what they really want to see is how
it’s all going to come together. It’s got to be simple. So what
I focus on is the benefit of customization and control through
systems like Control4 and Savant. Everyone is on their phones,
on their tablets, so to be able to control everything from that
single device is the way to go, and it’s the easiest way for them
to do it.”
Breaking it down
“What drives me in this business is helping people, showing
them what’s possible. To get that call, text or e-mail that
says ‘this system is fantastic, you did a great job,’ that’s what
I look forward to. I love being able to show the client that
this does not have to be complicated, and preventing them
from making it so complicated. I just break it down; what’s
“I want to know that I made a difference
in people’s lives by making it easier for
them to use their audio/video equipment.
important to them, what are the things they want to get out of
That makes this job worth it.”
their system, then we start working on it. I focus on what they
Jason Ladnier, Magnolia System Designer
need and what their family needs. It’s that simple.”
“The Galleria” Store Houston, TX
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