Fujica AX-l .... The Simplest Aperture

Fujica AX-l ....
The Simplest Aperture-priority AE Camera
Advanced Features And Extremely Simple Operati
In An All New SLR From Fuji Film
The compact, lightweight new Fujica AX-l is one
of the easiest-to-own and easiest-to-use aperturepriority AE cameras available today. For normal
photography, you merely set the shutter control
dial to "AE" and select the desired aperture. After
that, the camera selects the shutter speed. There's
also an exciting variety of advanced features that
increase photographic fun and potential. Like AE
control for close-ups with microscope or bellows.
And with the Fujica Auto Strobo 300X and AZ.
There's also a bayonet mount that accepts the
superb new X-Fujinon lenses. Plus full
compatibility with system accessories such as the
Fujica Auto Winder X and Fujica Photo Recorser
data back.
Aperture-priority AE System
The AX-l uses an aperture-priority AE
system to make operation as simple as
possible. For correct exposure all you
have to do is set the shutter control dial
to "AE" and select the desired aperture.
The electronic circuitry automatically
calculates and sets the required shutter
speed. This system enables full control of
depth-of-field because of the aperturepriority feature . Yet shutter speeds can
also be controlled by merely changing the
aperture as required.
Stopped-down and Electronic
Flash AE
Besides the aperture-priority AE mode for
normal photography, the AX-l also
features stopped-down AE for automatic
exposure control with close-up equipment
such as bellows and microscope. The
earlier screw-mount Fujinon lenses can
also be used with an adapter. And
electronic flash AE enables fully automatic
flash exposure control with the Fujica
Auto Strobo 300X and AZ.
Simple, Uncluttered Viewfinder
The viewfinder of the AX-1 is especially
easy to use because of the simple,
uncluttered layout. Yet the LED display
of shutter speed ranges, under- and overexposure warnings and battery checker
provide all the information necessary to
keep the situation under control. The
three-way focusing screen makes focusing
fast and accurate.
Fujica-X Bayonet Mount
Of special interest is the new Fujica-X
bayonet mount used on the AX-I. The
bayonet construction holds lenses securely
in place under even the hardest usage.
And the 1 / 6 (65 ° ) turn makes lens
changes fast and easy. A wide range of
new X-Fujinon interchangeable lenses are
available with this mount to handle
virtually any need.
Fractional Exposure Control
The Fractional Exposure Control function
of the AX-1 enables a plus or minus
variation of exposure of up to one full
f-stop. Convenient for compensating
backlighting or creating high- and low-key
Extras That Make a Difference
Light-acting Electromagnetic Shutter
Release 0
indicate that the film is moving properly .
It also resets automatically to zero when
the camera back is opened.
A light 100 grams of pressure is all that's
needed to operate the electromagnetic
shutter release of the AX-I. Operation is
so smooth that blurring due to camera
shake is practically eliminated.
Built-in Hotshoe 0
The built"in hotshoe of the AX-l provides
automatic flash control when the Fujica
Auto Strobo 300X or AZ is used.
Cordless operation is also possible with
other units.
Electronic Self-timer 8
Another convenient feature is the built-in
electronic self-timer. Count-down is a
precise 12 seconds. And an audible
electronic signal tells when the timer is
Reversing Type Exposure Counter
Film Check Window 0
This convenience feature tells at a glance
whether or not the camera is loaded with
film. Film type and number of exposures
are shown when Fuji films are used.
The exposure counter of the AX-l counts
backward as the film is being rewound to
Push-button Multiple Exposure
Multiple exposures are no problem with
the AX-I. Just take the first photograph,
operate the film advance lever while
pressing "R" rewind button and take
another shot. This can be repeated any
number of times with the film held in
perfect register. Skillful use of this
function will open the doors to new
o Battery Compartment Cover
Shutter Release
Rewind Button
Film Advance Lever
Shutter Speed Selector Lock
Auto- Winder Coupling
Tripod Socket
SelJ. timer Signal Unit
Auto- Winder Contact
Film Rewind Spindle
Sprocket Wheel
Take-up Spool
Pressure Plate
f) Preview Button
. , Aperture Control Lever
o Lens Lock
Fujica X-Mount
Quick-return Mirror
G Fractional Exposure Control
(;) Film Speed Selector
Film Rewind Crank / Knob
Film Speed Selector Lock
4D Self-timer Lever (Main Switch)
Film Speed Setting Mark
4J) Hotshoe (X-contact)
4J) Shutter Speed Selector
t1) Exposure Counter
fJ) Film Check Window
Fujica-X System Accessories That Add New Potential
... .... .. .. ... .......... ...... .... .. : ...................... .
Easily attached to the base of the AX-I,
the Fujica Auto Winder X delivers
continuous sequences at a rate of up to 2
frames per second to keep you on top of
the action. And single frame sequences for
effortless film advance. Either is available
instantly with the flip of a switch. A red
LED lights to indicate that the film is
advancing properly. And the winder stops
automatically when the end of the film is
This unique two-head automatic flash
clips onto the hotshoe of the AX-l to
provide real lighting variety with a single
unit. For normal photography, the main
flash head operates at Guide Number 30
(ASA 100 / meter ) for powerful overall
coverage. But, when bounce flash is
desired, the main flash head drops to
Guide Number 25 while the sub-head
provides soft, natural fill-in with a rating
of Guide Number 6. Operation requires
only setting the camera lens to one of the
three design,;lted apertures. After that,
• exposure is calculated automatically, even
for bounce flash.
This is a,new type of data back that fits
in the place of the regular back of the
AX-l to provide easy entry of any type of
data directly on the film, before or after
exposure. Since data entry is performed
with the built-in "light pen", any type of
numbers, letters, symbols and other marks
can be added as desired. Great for
remembering dates and places as well as
for recording pertinent data of all types.
Clipped to the hotshoe of the AX-I,
the Fujica Auto Strobo AZ provides
effortless flash operation. This
advanced unit automatically senses
film speed and adjusts flash output
accordingly. Operation is possible at
any aperture. Convenient for a variety
of purposes. The Guide Number 17
output rating handles most situations
easily for sharp, bright photos. Flash
photography was never easier.
Wide Range of X-Fujinon Interchangeable Lenses
To go with the new Fujica-X bayonet
mount, Fuji Film has developed the new
X-Fujinon series of interchangeable lenses.
Extending from 16mm fisheye to 400mm
super-telephoto, this series provides an
extremely wide range of photographic
EBC X-FUJINON·T 100mm f/28 DM
EBC X-F UJINONT 135mm f/35 DM
EBC X-FUJ INON T 200mm f/45 DM
EBC X-FUJINON·T 400mm f/45
X-FUJINONZ 29~47mm f/35~42 DM
X-FUJINONZ 43 ~ 75mm f/3.5~4.5 DM
EBC X-FUJINONZ 75 ~ 150mm f/45 DM
Note: Lenses deSignated EBC are Electron Beam Coated,
a special Fuj i process to virtually eliminate ghost and
Shutter Release Button: Electromagnetic shutter release;
35mm single-lens re/lex aperture-priority automatic exposure camera with
electronically controlled focal plane shutter.
Picture Size: 24 x 36mm.
E x posure M o d es: Aperture-priority AE , electronic flash AE, plus manual with "B" and
1160 sec.
Standard Lens es: X.Fujinon 55mm fI 2.2.
X ·Fujinon 55 mm f1 1.6 DM
Lens Mou nt : Fujica·X bayonet; 65 0 turning angle; flange back 43.5mm.
Fie ld of view:
Fixed eye-level pentaprism , silver-coated.
92% vertical and horizontal.
Magn ification: O.98x (with 55mm lens at infinity) .
3·way system (split image, microprism. ground glass),
Mirro r:
Quick-return mirror, surface-treated for increased light reflection.
Eyepiece shutter: By jitting eyepiece cap .
Viewfinder Inf ormation :
By LED display.
LED indication of speeds (with scale), over/ under-exposure warning, battery
A c t ivation of d isp la y: Viewfinder display activated by halfway pressure on shutter release
button, with main power switch on.
Auto. Expos ure S ystem : Electronically controlled.
Exp osure met er: Through·the·lens (TTL) center-weighted averaging meter, with silicon
photocells .
Me t e ring ran g e: EV 2 - 1B (112 sec. at fl 1.4
111000 sec. at f1 16, ASA 100121 DIN).
Film s p eeds:
ASA 25
3200 (15
36 DIN).
A E lo c k:
With control dial set for "AE ," pushing halfway down on shutter release
freezes meter reading, locks it In memory.
Exp osure co m pensati on: Up to ± 1 fstop steplessly (click· sloppe d in 1/ 3 steps); by film
speed dial.
Stop ~ do w n b utton: Lens diaphragm closed down while pressure is kept on the button .
Electronically controlled cloth focal plane shutter, oil-less metal used in critical
friction pOints.
S p eed range:
1/ 2 sec. to 1/ 1000 sec . plus "B" and 1/ 60 sec. manual speeds
M ult ip le exposu re: Working film aduance leuer while pushing on "R" (for Rewind) button
primes shutter for multiple exposure: process repeatable as often as wanted.
Se IJ· t i m er:
Electronically controlled, 12-sec. delay time: timer action signaled by electronic
In dicat o rs :
halfway dep ression actiuates
exposure meter and turns on viewfinder display; full dep ression makes
exposure; with cable release socket. .
Flash S ynchronization: X ·contact. 1160 sec . synch speed.
Flash fitt ings: Hot shoe on top of pentaprism, with contacts for auto operation with
accessory flash unit.
Auto /las h o peration: With accessory flash unit, camera automatically sets flash synch speed
and brings on 1/60 sec. LED display when flas h is re ady to fire; flas h unit
controls light output to s uit subject distance, aperture and film speed in use .
Camera Back: Back couer springs open when rewind cran k is pulled up; can be detached
and replaced with Fujica Photo Recorser data back.
Film Loading: Easy loading with m ulti·slit take· up spool.
Film Advance: Single· stroke lever, Winds also in multiple strokes; 144° winding angle, 25°
Frame Counter: Auto-reset additive type; counter reverses with /ilm rewind action ; no jraf"l)es
advanced during mUltiple exposure operation.
Film Rewind: By rewind button and crank; button resets itself when rewind is completed.
Power Source: One 6·volt silver oxide battery (JIS·4G13, Eveready No. 544, Mallory PX2B),
or alkaline-manganese battery (Eveready No . 537); half· year batte ry fife under
normal use .
Battery check: Red battery check LED prouided in viewfinder, next to shutter speed LEDs;
blinking LED means insufficient battery power.
Po w e r switch : Camera draws power when shutter speed dial is set for "A E, " "60X'""ond "8";
power t urned off at "OFF" ,position.
Dimensions: 135 xB4 .5x 48.5mm (5·5116x3·5116x 1·71B in .) (body alone!;
135xB4.5xB5mm (5·51 16x3·51 16x3·11132 in.) (wi th 55mm fI2.2 Iens).
500g (17.5 oz.) (body alone); 630g (22.1 oz.) (wit h 55mm fI2.2Iens).
Accessories: Hard case, strap, lens cap, Viewfinde r eyepiece cap.
Optional Accessories: Fujica Auto W inder X, Fujica Auto Strobo AZ, Fujica A uto S trobo
300X, Fujica Photo Recorser, Fujica Mount Adapter X·D, Fujica M o unt
Adapter X-S, Fujica Auto Extension T ube X25, Fujica Auto Extension Tube
X50, Fujica Auto Bellows X, Fujica Slide Copier X, Fujlca Microscope
Adapter X, Fujica Macrocinecopy X, Fujica Reverse A dap ter X, Fujica
Focusing Rail X, Fujica Right-Angle Finder,~ Fujica Eyesight Adjustment
Lenses, Fujica Eyecup, Fujlca Close· up Lens. Fujica Lens Hood 55.
W in di n g S p eed: Approx. 0.5 sec. (up to two frames
a second during continuous operation) .
O peration: By shutter release button on camera body,
with winder sWitch turned on .
C ouple d Shutter Speed Ran ge: 2 sec
1/ 1000 sec ..
plus B, for both continuous dnd single·frame modes.
Frame C o unte r: Camera frame counter coupled to winder
Win der A ction C h eck : By red LED above winder switch:
LED lights when film is being advanced properTy.
A utomatic S t o p Circuit: Winder stops automatically when
film is finished or when batteries lose working voltage.
Power Source: Four AA-size (penlight) batteries.
Minimum winding capacity: 20
36-exposure rolls at normal temperature (carbon-zinc
Attachm e n t t o Captero: By thumbscrew that fits in
camera's tripod socket.
Dim ensi ons: 137x36x37.5mm.
(5·3 I Bx 1·7116x 1·15132 in.)
W eigh t: 250g (B.B oz.) (without batteries) .
Type: Ele ctronic flash with series control auto flash operation
Camera Fitting: Clip·on in camera hot shoe; locking
pro uision
Guide Number; 30 (ASA 100·meter)
Two flash tubes are used in bounce flash. with these
gUide n umbers '
Mainflash unit, 25 (ASA 1001 meter)
Sub ·flash uniL 6 (ASA 100/ meter)
Light Coverage; Con-esponds to angTes of view of 35mm
lens with 35mm film format .
With Wide Adapter. illumination cov~ rs picture area of
28mm lens.
R ecycling Time: 7 sec. (with fresh set of alkaline· manganese
5 sec. (under similar conditions with nickel-cadmium
Light Q uality: Daylight type.
Numb e r of Flas h es: 150 flashes with AA·size (penlight)
alkaline m anganese batteries.
A perture Select ion: Three auto apertures, color coded. plus
With ASA 100 film (21DIN). color aperture setting work
with fol/owing lens apertures, Red, fI 2 .B. Green, f I 5.6 .
Yellow, fi ll
Flash Dist a n ce Range:
Red Mark, 1.5 - 1O.7m (5 - 36 ft .)
Green mark, 1.0 - 5.3m (33 - 1Bft.)
Yellow mork , O.B - 2. 7m (2. 7 - 9 ft.)
B o unce Flash: Flash head tilts from 0° to 90°; turning
flash head up automatically switches on sub- unit, with
boun ce flash always working as a two-tube system.
Power Source: FOtjr AA-size (penlight) batteries; compatible
with nickel-cadm ium batteries
Film Speeds : ASA 25 - ASA 400 (15 - 27 DIN);
film speed to be set manually on flash unit
Type: Electronic flash with series circuit for automatic light
Came ra FittIng: S pecial con tact for clip-on mounting wit~
provision for locking.
Gui d e Number: 17 (ASA 100· meter)
Light Angle: 42° vertically and 59° horizontally; p rouides
couerage for 3Smm for m at with 35mm lens.
Recyclin g Time: 7 sec. with AM·3 (alka fi-manganese)
Number of Flashes: 300 with AM·3 (alk ali· m anganese)
Light Quality: Daylight
Film Speed: ASA 25 - BOO; jilm speed is auto matically
sensed and flash output adjusted accordingly .
Powe r Source: Four penlight batteries,
Dimensions (H x D x Wi: 15x 49x 105m m.
(1 9132 x 1·59/64 x 4 ·9164 in.)
Memory Plate Area: 40x 14mm. (1·37164 x 35164 in.)
Film Recording Area; Bx2.Bmm (51 16xllB in.)
(115 oj memory plate are a).
Film R e cording PositIo n : Lower lefthand corne r
(approx. 3mm (liB in.) from frame lines} .
Memory Plate Type: Erasable memory plate (to be replaced
with new plate a t appropriate in tervals) .
Power Source: Two AAA-size (alkaline-manganese)
The above specifications and minor outward features are subject to alteration Without notice to permit improvements and modifications to be made, when called for, without delay or inconuenience,
Some people just aren't satisfied with a
camera and lens. They want a system that
allows unhampered potential. And that's
why the Fujica-X system was created.
Besides the accessories listed above, there
are the Fujica Mount Adapter X-S, Auto
Bellows X, Auto Extension Tubes X25
and X50, Reverse Adapter X, Microscope
Adapter X, Slide Copier X, Macrocinecopy X and others.
Also part of the system are the top-of-theline Fujica AX-5 with five different AE
modes : shutter-speed priority, aperturepriority, programmed, stopped-down and
electronic flash. Plus fully metered manual.
A camera that handles any situation with
ease. There's also the quality Fujica AX-3
with aperture-priority AE and fully
metered manual. Both feature a wide
range of other capabilities such as dual
exposure compensation, electronic selftimer and multiple exposure .
Trio of High Quality F
(for color prints)
(for color prints)
(for color slides)
ASA100l 21DIN
(Daylight type)
(Daylight type)
(Daylight type)
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'Billings, Montana 59102
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