Ultra Slim Bluetooth keyboard User'

Ultra Slim Bluetooth keyboard
User ’s Manual
2、Hardware Installation
3、Software Setup
Microsoft Windows Mobile OS
Google Android OS
Symbian OS
Windows OS (with IVT Bluetooth Stack)
Windows OS (Broadcom Bluetooth Stack)
4、Product over view
5、Technical parameters
Thank you for purchasing the Ultra Slim Bluetooth
Keyboard! You can use it for emails, chat, or to enjoy
your favorite games. It is compatible with desktop
computers running Windows or Linux but also with
handhelds running Android, Windows Mobile Pocket
PCs or Symbian S60 Operating systems.
It also supports the Sony Playstation3. Use it with
your HTPC on your Sofa or browse the internet in the
most comfortable fashion.
Computer System Requirements
 Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
 Mac OS 10.2.8 or Later
Mobile System Requirements
 Google Android
 Apple IOS 4 or Later
 Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or Later
 Nokia Symbian S60 System
 Sony Playstation 3
Package Contents:
 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard
 Bluetooth USB Dongle(Optional)
 Driver CD(Optional)
 Charging Cable
 User Manual
2、Hardware Setup
Please Note: The batter y may be empty when you first unbox the
product.Make sure to charge the device before attempting to set it up
Paring Mode
1.Turn ON the power swith,the green LED will illuminate for 2 seconds.
2.Click on the “Bluetooth Pair/Connect”button.The green LED will
blink intermittently.
3.The Keyboard is now in paring mode and is ready to be paired with
your device.
Connect the mini Bluetooth keyboard to your computer by using the
included USB charging cable.When connected,the Red LED will
illuminate and get dimmer as the batter y charge level nears capacity.
3、Software Setup
Microsoft Windows Mobile OS
1.Connect your mobile device to your computer using the USB port.
2.On your PC,insert the Driver CD and access the drive by clicking on”
My Computer ”
3.Locate the “Mobile” folder and inside the “windowsmobile.cab”
(Bluetooth input driver) CAB file.
4.Open ActiveSync on your desktop and Click Explore
5.Copy the CAB file to your mobile device. You can do this by dragging
and dropping the file from the desktop folder to My Documents folder
on your device.
6.On the device,click on Start,Program,File Explorer,My Documents.
7.Run the windowsmobile.cab file by taping on it.
8.The Bluetooth keyboard drivers will install on your device.
9.After your device is reset,ensure the keyboard is in pairing mode.
10.On the device open”Bluetooth Devices”and click”Add New”.
11.After the keyboard is discovered,select it and then tap on”Next”.
12.When prompted for the passkey leave the field blank and click on”
Next”if the pairing fails,repeat this step and use”0000”as the
13.Ensure”Input Device”is checked and tap on”Finish”.
14.Go to the Software settings panel and tap on”Connect”
The software is not responding.You need to reinstall this softwareThis error is caused by a problem with the communication between
the software components.Check to ensure your Windows Mobile
Device is supported by the
keyboard(Version 5.0 or higher)and tr y to reinstall the software.
Bluetooth is turned off-Bluetooth needs to be enabled in ordr to use
this device.Make sure to turn it on in the settings menu.
No active input device found-Make sure the keyboard is properly
paired with your smartphone.
To open the setting menu,tap on Start,Settings,System and tap the
icon named”Bluetooth Input Driver ”.
Keyboard Page:
This page allows you to enable or disable the keyboard functionality
and sounds.
Status Page:
Allows you to view the status and autostart when windows mobile
Displays the software version and other useful info.
Google Android OS
1.On your PC,insert the Driver CD and access the drive by clicking on”
My Computer ”.
2.Open the”Android”folder and copy the file labeled”android.apk”
to your android’s memor y card.
3.On your device,open”Market”and install the”AppManager ”
4.Tap Install from SD option and run the” android.apk”file.
5.You will be presented with a screen requesting activation.Make sure
to click”OK” with an active internet connection.
6.Make sure your Bluetooth mini keyboard is in the pairing mode and
access the “Bluetooth Keyboard”icon under the main menu.
7.Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and tap on”Search and
Connect”.The software will automatically find the keyboard and
connect to it.
Keyboard Disconnected-If your device loses the connection with the
keyboard,you can reconnect by pressing the reconnect button.
Symbian OS:
1.On your PC,insert the Driver CD and access the drive by clicking on”
My Computer ”.
2.Open the “Nokia Wireless Keyboard Application” folder on the
CD and choose your device model by operating system version.
3.Copy the .sis file to your devices memor y card or directly to the
device via a USB cable.
4.On the device,find the .sis file and select it. Follow the onscreen
instructions for installation.
5.Run the installed application-Wireless Keyboard and search for
nearby Bluetooth devices.
6.After the device is paired and connected you may need to set the
keyboard layout.
Windows OS(IVT Bluetooth Stack)
1.Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your PC.
2.Double click on the Bluetooth icon and select”Bluetooth Device
Discover y”.
3.Right click on the Bluetooth keyboard found and click on”Refresh
Ser vices”.
4.Right click on the Bluetooth keyboard and select”ConnectBluetooth Input Ser vice”.
5.A popup dialog will appear with a code.Input this code to the
keyboard and press OK.The system will automatically install the
drivers for the keyboard.
Windows OS(Broadcom Bluetooth stack)
1.Make sure that the Bluetooth function is active on your PC. Double
click the Bluetooth icon, then click “View devices in range”
2.Click “Search devices in range” and wait until the Mini Bluetooth
keyboard is discovered.
3.Right clicking the detected keyboard brings a popup menu. Click
“Connect device”.
4.Press YES to connect to the “Human interface Device”
5.Using the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, type the number displayed on
the screen, then press enter :
1.Make sure that the Bluetooth function is active on your PC. Click the
Bluetooth icon and select “Setup new device”
2.A wizard window opens, read the text and press “For ward”
3.Wait until the keyboard is discovered, then select it and press
“For ward”
4.Type the code display on the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, then
press Enter
4、Product over view
Basic functions
(1)Primar y Key bits
The function printed at each key is defaulted by pressing the button
with one time.
Press the SHIFT key while using these keys, including :
(3)Deplicate keys
Press the FN key while using these keys,all these keys were printed in
Blue for easy recognize.
5.Technical parameters
 Measurements (L x W x H): 240mm x 93mm x 13.5mm
 Weight (grams): 210g
 Suitable temperature: -10 ℃ to +55 ℃
 Batter y Type: Built-in lithium-ion batter y
 Operation range: up to 8 meters
 Operating Voltage: 3.3V
 Operating Current: <30mA
 Charge voltage: 4.2V - 5.05V
 Charge current: <300mA
 Do not attempt to disassemble the device or replace rechargeable
batter y. Doing so will void the warranty.
 The batter y will discharge if stored for a long period of time without
 Use the specified charger. Disconnect the device after the batter y
has been fully charged. Overcharging the batter y will shorten the
life span of the batter y.
 Do not expose the device in extreme heat or cold. Extreme
temperatures will cause the life span of the batter y to shorten.
 Use only a damp cloth with mild soap to clean the device.
Solvents and other cleaning agents may cause damage to the device.
Since devices using Bluetooth technology communicate.The
connection can be subject to interference from obstructions,
such as walls,or other electronic devices
In line with the policy of continued development.The manufacturer
reser ves the right to amend The specifications without prior
notification,The pictures and date in the stylebook are consult
only.If there is fluctuation.According to the real object please.
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