expello shop drain valve - Universal Power Conversion

Expello Air Products
The Expello Air Products Shop Valve automatically removes moisture and other contaminates from shop air
compressors. The valve replaces the manual drain petcock on the compressor’s storage tank, and can mount
horizontally or vertically. This valve is actuated by running a line from the valve to the compressor’s governor.
Each time the compressor reaches cut in and cut out the valve will purge.
This highly durable, proven technology is an inexpensive
method of extending service life and minimizing
maintenance costs of your shop’s air equipment.
• Automatically Drains Moisture From
Compressed Air Systems
• Provides Clean, Dry Air For The
Shop’s Air System
• Shop Drain Valve comes with a
one year warranty
• Actuation Line & Connectors
Maximum Operating Range:...................................200 PSI / 13.8 Bar
Maximum Operating Pressure of Unloader:.............55 PSI / 3.8 Bar
Weight:.......................................Approx. 1.2 Pounds / .55 Kilograms
Height and Diameter:................3.6 in. × 2.5 in. / 91.4 mm × 65.8 mm
Part Number
Description - Valves
Inlet Size
Pneumatic Valve, Non Heated, 6ft 1/4in Nylon
Tubing, Tee Connector, 90 Deg. Connector
¼" NPT
Part Number
Description - Repair Parts
Pneumatic Valve Rebuild Kit
Expello Air Products
1. With compressor off, depressurize the air system. This can be accomplished by slowly
opening the manual drain petcock on the air tank to have the Expello Drain Valve installed.
2. If the manual drain petcock is not on the bottom of the tank inspect the tank for the lowest
position possible to mount the Expello Drain Valve. After depressurization of system remove
the manual drain petcock valve or the plug in the lowest position and wipe the threaded
port clean.
3. Install the Expello Drain Valve in the port selected. The Expello Drain Valve
should be mounted on the very bottom of the tank either horizontally or vertically. Pipe tape or sealant may be used on the brass threads of the cover to assure
a tight seal. Be sure not to cover the inlet port of the Expello Drain Valve with
the tape or sealant.
4. Remove a plug from the Unload (UNL) port of the air system governor or
place a tee into an existing line (Actuation Line) connected to the unload port.
5. Run an Actuation Line (tube) from the Governor or existing line to the Expello
Pneumatic Drain Valve. Connect the line to the 3/8" NPT port identified by “ACT”
on the valve. NOTE: Keep tubing (line) away from hot items such as exhaust
pipes and the compressor discharge line.
6. Start compressor to build system pressure. Listen and feel for air leaks at the
tank and Expello Drain Valve connection.
7. The Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve will purge a blast of air out the exhaust (EXH) port
when the compressor reaches system pressure “cut out”. The valve will also purge a blast of
air when the compressor “cuts in”.
Probable Cause
Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve
does not operate. Follow steps
6 & 7 from above to assure
system pressure is established
Improper connection of actuation
line at the governor or valve
Check all air line connections to be sure they match the diagram
Expello Drain Valve may have ice
build up in the inlet port not allowing
air to pass through
Make sure the heater wires have the correct power and give the heater time
to thaw the unit. The valve should be warm to touch after start.
Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve
leaks air out the exhaust (EXH)
port or has faulty ejections.
Inlet Cover screen is plugged
Remove Expello Drain Valve and clean screen
Valve internals may be clogged or
stuck with debris.
Attempt to blowout debris by slowly turning the Manual Drain stem clockwise
until releasing air and turn counterclockwise to re-seat. If leakage continues
depressurization of system and valve removal and cleaning is required. Be
sure the screen is present in top of cover. Suggest Rebuild Kit 995214.
Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve
leaks air at other locations
O-Rings may be deteriorated or
unseated due to over pressurization.
Rebuild the Expello Drain Valve with Rebuild Kit 995214.
The compressor runs continuously
or cycles rapidly
Defective Governor or Compressor
Unload Valve
Leak in air system (most likely the
Sensing Line) or faulty Air Dryer
Check Valve
Repair or replace Governor or compressor
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Repair leaks or replace check valve